Ass' Pokemon Adventure and crap

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Ass Ketchup ran over to Professor Oats house as fast as he could.....he needed to get his first pokemon. He enters Oat's house and finds the Professor studying a pokemon's ass.

Ass: Professor Oats?

Oats looks up and pulls his finger out of the Peek-At-You's anus.

Oats: Ass Ketchup! Welcome, my boy. I have the perfect pokemon for you.

Ass: Is it Carsander?

Oats: Nope

Ass: Buttsore?

Oats shakes his head.

Ass: Squirt-Too-Much?

Oats: Even better

Oats points to Peek-At-You.

Oats: I saved this pokemon especially for you.

Ass: It's a yellow rat! If I wanted a yellow rat I would have simply pulled one out from under my bed.

Oats: Alright then, since you don't want the pokemon get the hell out of my house.

Ass: Fine! I'll take the damn pokemon.

Ass grabs a poke ball.

Ass: Jump in!

Peek-At-You: Pi Pi Pika Pika Chu Chu Pika

Ass: What do you mean "no!"?

Oats looks at Ass, surprised.

Oats: You understand him?

Ass nods: Ye, I told you yellow rats live under my bed. You don't live with rats for ten years without learning their language.

Oats: Anyways, this particular Peek-At-You has a gigantic metal rod up it's ass causing it to be very defiant and, yet very strong in the field of electrical attacks.

Ass scratches his head: So, how do I get him into the pokeball?

Oats: You don't! You must earn his love in order to get him to follow you and do as you command.

Ass: How do I earn his love?

Oaks: Just cram a whole bunch of pokemon food down his throat.

Ass: OK.

Oats hands Ass 2 poke apples and one poke bananna. Ass shoves them into Peek-At-You's mouth. Peek-At-You chews and swallows them in seconds then looks up at Ass.

Peek-At-You: Pi...........ka

Ass smiles.

Oats: well what did he say

Ass: He says he likes me a whole lot and will follow me almost anywhere and do some of the things I tell him to do.

Oats: I think this is a start of a beautiful relationship, now you two run along and try to catch 'em all.

Ass: You bet your ass I will. I'm going to catch every single pokemon and become a pokemon master.

Peek-At-You: Pika Pika Pi Pika Chu Chu Chu Pika Pika

Ass: See even Peek-At-You agrees, so long Professor Oats.

Ass runs out with Peek-At-You and goes off into the sunset. Here ends Day 1 of Ass's crappy adventure.

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