A Request

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A Request


            There was no time to spare; this much Luffy knew.  He had just received news of his brother’s scheduled execution – a mere week away – and went to implore the princess of the island to take him to the prison that contained Ace.  However, when he came upon Hancock, the beautiful princess was bedridden, heavily flushed and gasping for breath.  Much to his dissatisfaction, he was forced to wait outside by Elder Nyon’s command; for now, she must be alone to place a name to Hancock’s odd disease.  It didn’t take long for the withered hag to identify the sickness with a few effective, albeit odd tests involving single syllable sounds – the most noticeable reaction coming when she uttered ‘Lu-’.

            “Am I going to die?” the snake princess – Hebihime – asked breathlessly.  Much to the shock of her sisters, she was assured that death would claim her in a matter of time if this ‘virus’ was not attended to.  She knew that such a fate was in store for her, trying to concentrate on breathing rather than the fear that was clutching at her pounding heart.  What was wrong with her?  Why was she so hot, so tingly?  Her thighs shifted together uncomfortably; the heat at her crotch was near unbearable.  Why was it becoming so wet?  She had never felt like this before!

            “I have brought Monkey D. Luffy with me, Hebihime.  It appears he wants to ask you something,” Elder Nyon said to the distressed empress.  “Will you hear him out?”

            “With our big sister in such a state?!” snapped Sandersonia, backed up with a reprimand from Marigold.  Yet, in that instant, Boa Hancock was on her feet as though as good as new.  She lifted her head, cheeks still blushing, but there was now resolve and adoration twinkling in her gaze.

            She stared determinately at the door.  “I do not mind.  I will hear his request,” she said, “if he will hear mine.”  Leaving behind a gathering of confused women, she marched to the door and made her exit, briefly telling them not to come outside with her.  The door slammed shut behind her.

            Outside, Luffy busied himself by walking backwards along the pathway, contemplating how he would go about saving Ace from the executioner’s blade.  When the doors to the princess’s room opened, he perked up excitedly upon hearing Hancock’s voice, asking him if he needed something.

            “I’ve a favor to ask,” he explained as she walked smoothly to him.  His expression became bemused.  “Uh, you feeling better now?”

            She didn’t stop coming to him, her face still crimson but aglow with passion.  “I cannot be stopped so easily by such an illness,” she told him boldly.  Her pace slowed when she was very near the boy, near enough to set him on alert – or to notice, at least – that this was the closest they had ever stood together.  The melons of her chest – as he chose to describe breasts, being one to think of everything as food – were heaving still, a generous portion shown between the parted front of her red dressing.

            The two of them ignored the fact that Hancock’s sisters and Elder Nyon were eavesdropping at the window.  Turning her head away from Luffy, Hancock gestated awkwardly.  The smile on her face was slight and coy beneath her beautiful, chocolate eyes that shimmered in the starlight.  “I will heed your request, Luffy.  But first…”  She squirmed quite girlishly, making Luffy cock his head to one side while Elder Nyon fawned over the cuteness of the empress.  “I feel all… tingly.  I’d like… I’d like for you…”  She peered at the rubber-man from behind a few strands of jet-black hair; again, Nyon commented on how adorable she could be.  She suddenly presented Luffy with her ample chest, blushing furiously now.  “I would like for you… to touch my breasts.”

            Such a sudden and forward request; Marigold and Sandersonia bumped each other out of the way trying to open the window.  Luffy, however, was not taken aback by Hancock’s statement, just going with it.  He glanced down at her large bust.  “Your boobs?”  Hancock nodded to confirm.  Shrugging, Luffy reached his right hand out and pressed it firmly against her left tit.  His touch alone set her afire, making her cry out softly.  The protests the onlookers had were momentarily stopped when all of the women fell back with bloody noses, shouting ‘How cu~te!’ in unison, referring to the sound of Hancock’s moan.

            Luffy made his usual noise whenever he was in awe of something.  “Amazing!  They’re so big and soft!” he proclaimed, snapping his other hand up to grope the second breast.  He pawed greedily at them, but not out of perverted pleasure.

            “Ahh~!”  Hancock turned her head away, her hair billowing from the swift movement.  Though she was looking away, she truly loved how he was doting on her bosom.  “Do… do you like them, Luffy?”

            “Yeah!  They feel really good,” he laughed.  He reached beneath the chest to bounce the heavy globes in his palms.  Just like big ‘jiggly’ balls, he mused.  Still, he found it tiresome to play with them while her clothes restricted what he could touch.  Well, he saw her naked before; surely she wouldn’t mind it if he undressed her now.  He yanked down her silk top, the sleeves catching on her arms, containing them behind her.

            “Luffy?!  What are you doing?” gasped the princess once her bouncing tits were bared to Luffy’s gaze.  She could not bring herself to strike him for such insolence – particularly because she was not against him admiring her body.  Again, she wondered why she felt like this.  The hotness between her legs was remembered.

            “Your clothes were getting in my way,” Luffy bluntly stated with a slight pout, not taking his eyes away from her gorgeous breasts; even he, for all his dimwittedness, knew that these were breasts to be admired.  “Besides, it’s more fun to play without clothes, isn’t it?”  He gave her that wide smile as he chuckled behind bared teeth.

            Hancock could not refuse him.  “I suppose so,” she murmured, a curled index finger pressing beneath her full lower lip.  She whimpered when Luffy pressed his face in between her bosom, saying something unintelligible about how much he like her breasts.  Before she could say anything, she felt his teeth nip at the inside of her left tit.  Rather than kiss, he bit his way up to the tip.  He gawked briefly at her pink nipple, erect from arousal and the cool night air.  It looked like a sweet bit of candy, and that made him curious as to what it tasted like.  “Oh, Luffy!”  She clutched at the pirate captain’s head when his tongue rolled over her sensitive nipple.  A sweet flavor, but not like candy, Luffy pondered as he retracted his tongue, pursing his lips in deep thought as he eyed the peak of Hancock’s tit.  Even so, it seemed that Hancock enjoyed him licking that spot, and he didn’t not like it, so he latched his mouth around the bud and suckled hungrily.  Again, the princess cried out in pleasure, her fingers fisting in his wild, black locks.  It urged him to continue to play with her bosom; his hand slipped over to continue caressing her other breast, bumping his fingertips against her hardened nipple.

            Hancock had been touched in these spots before by the horrid men that bought her, but unlike those wretched times that she would rather forget, Luffy was actually generating pleasure that she vocalized.  Due to the fact that she had never actually been pleasured before, she had never had true arousal.  A hand untangled from Luffy’s hair, distractedly brushing across her thighs, near her heat.  The shifting of her red skirt caused the scent of her arousal to drift through the air and to Luffy’s ultrasensitive nostrils.

            He picked up the aroma, ceasing the suction of his mouth to take in a deep inhale through the nose.  The tit fell from his mouth, bouncing subtly with its center glistening with his saliva.  He sniffed the air like a dog, searching for the source of the tantalizing smell.  “L-Luffy, is something wrong?” Hancock asked shakily.  At the window, her sisters had reconvened with Nyon, though they kept silent since their empress seemed to be enjoying herself, though her siblings murmured sometimes about Luffy’s audacity, so boldly latching his mouth onto Hancock’s sacred breasts.

            “Do you smell that?”  He looked around, still smelling the air.  Finally, he bent down, causing Hancock to recoil when he neared her crotch, exclaiming his name.  He looked seriously at her.  “The smell’s coming from underneath your clothes,” he stated with a pointing finger.  He eyes went back down to her lower half.  “It smells good; can I have a look?”  There was no jest in his voice.

            Hancock shifted, toiling with the notion to willingly let a man glance at her nether regions.  She was so hot down there, though; would he take offense to it?  Again, she rubbed her thighs together.  “You want to see… down there?”  She fumbled with the hem of her short dress.

            “Yeah,” Luffy said with a jerky nod.  Not waiting for her response, he threw his hands out to grab onto her hips, lifting her effortlessly.  She gasped and grasped his wrists, her tits swaying as she was held over Luffy’s head as he carried her over to the edge of the castle, setting her in between two parapets of the protective railing.  “Here, you can sit here while I look,” he told her before pushing apart her legs.  As nervous as she was, Hancock allowed it, watching with bated breath as Luffy knelt down and pushed up her skirt.  Thank goodness he wasn’t trying to take off her clothes; with her back facing her city, she didn’t want to risk anyone seeing her terrible mark signifying her past of slavery.  Now that she was in front of the window, she could clearly see the three women watching her and Luffy, noticing the scowls on her siblings’ faces.  She would ignore them, more intent on focusing on Luffy as he hiked up her flowing hem, exposing the fact that she was not wearing any undergarments, thus explaining the potency of her arousal.  Once again, he made a sound of awe.

            “Your other ‘mouth’ is watering,” he ignorantly observed, pressing the pad of his forefinger against her dripping pussy.  She objected his casualness at exploring her body.  He hadn’t shown any discomfort, being bold every step of the way.  He ignored her since she wasn’t screaming at him and pushed open her snatch, gazing into her curiously and hungrily.  “I think it wants something to eat.”  He tested his theory by pushing his finger into her.  She cried out his name, throwing her head back as her vaginal walls clenched around the digit; he confirmed that her nether ‘mouth’ was hungry, trying to chew his finger.  Worriedly, he pulled away, afraid that his finger might’ve been snapped off inside her.

            Pleadingly, Hancock gazed down at him.  “No, don’t stop,” she beseeched him, reaching down to bring his hand back to her pussy.  Deciding to trust that this orifice would not try to bite off his fingers with its nonexistent teeth, Luffy began to explore that personal region of the busty empress.  He tugged a little on the strip of fine hair settled above her pussy before trailing down, paying attention to the odd, hooded pearl above the flowering lips.  Touching it seemed to be very appreciated by Hancock as she screamed aloud and bucked viciously.  Concerned, he stopped to ask if it hurt her.  She could slap him for being so dense.  She shook her head and begged him not to stop.  The throbbing ache in her groin that had been pestering her was being soothed as Luffy tended to her.  Nice, bubbling-hot pleasure was swirling in a storm in the core of her being, building with each swath of Luffy’s touch.

            Since it was safe enough, the rubber-man became bolder.  The smell emanated from the snake princess’s crotch was enticing, and he couldn’t keep himself from tasting it any longer.  He burrowed his face in close, inhaled the invigorating scent deeply, and finally pressed his mouth against the quivering snatch.  Hancock’s pungent taste flowed over his lips as he started to eat her out.  Finding the most abundant source to be within the folds, his eager tongue pierced her to lap up her fluids.

            “Oh, that’s wonderful!  Keep going, Luffy!  Just like that!”  Boa Hancock gripped the edges of the posts on either side of her to keep from losing her balance.  Her thighs squished Luffy’s head, compressing his rubbery structure slightly and giving his face an elongated appearance.  Yet that did not stop him from enjoying his treat, moaning gratefully as he used his Devil’s Fruit power to stretch his tongue just a bit more to reach in deeper.  With how closely he was pressing against her, his nose was nuzzling firmly against her clitoris, adding extra jolts of pleasure to bring her closer to release.  Without much warning – at least to Luffy’s naïve mind – a sudden flood rushed over his tongue from Hancock’s depths, soaking the lower half of his face.  Pulling away, Luffy made a pleased sound as he swirled his tongue out to collect the saturation.  He hungrily returned his mouth to her pussy to clean up all the traces of her orgasmic nectar.  As he licked up her juices, he felt her shudder and moan softly.

            After he was done, Luffy stood up, a look of concern crossing his features when he saw how Hancock now draped over the stone, flushed and weak.  He brought her close to him, pressing a hand to her forehead.  “Oi, Hammock!  Are you alright?!  You look sick!”

            Hancock, not having the sense to explain an orgasm and its aftermath to him, pulled on him, yanking him into a startling kiss.  She tasted herself on his lips when her oral muscle went out to meet with his.  Being his first kiss, he didn’t know how to respond.  “Onee-sama, that boy, he does not deserve a kiss from you!” shouted Marigold and Sandersonia while throwing open the window.

            Hancock quickly removed her mouth from Luffy’s, tucking his face into her cleavage possessively, smothering him with her supple breasts.  Her unyielding scowl flashed over her face from her siblings trying to interfere with her pleasures shared with this incredible man.  “Sisters, Elder Nyon, stay out of this,” she warned.  Though she was glaring daggers at them, she stroked Luffy soothingly.  The rubber-man turned his head enough to be able to glance back at the sisters.  Fortunately, they were backing off.

            “Do not let him take advantage of you, Onee-sama,” Sandersonia grumbled.  “You are still not feeling well.  He could worsen your condition.”  They could see, however, that Hancock was willing to take that chance.

            Elder Nyon did not say anything at first, but then chose to correct Sandersonia’s suspicions.  “Actually, byeing with Monkey D. Luffy in such a way; perhaps it could help you, Hebihime.  Gyo ahead.  Sandersonia, Marigold, dyo not intyerfere.  This is for the princess.”  Begrudgingly, the two large sisters obeyed and held their forked tongues.

            Glad that she was to have the former empress of the isle’s blessing – to some degree – Hancock held out Luffy, her hands squeezing his flexible head, making him have a ‘fish-face’.  Despite the goofiness of his appearance, and over a decade separating their ages, Hancock said with all tenderness, “I wish for you to make love to me, Luffy-sama.  Please, present your penis.”  Biting her lower lip anxiously, she was more than happy to help the teenager push down his jean shorts.

            “Ah, that’s a good idea,” Luffy murmured.  “I was starting to feel kinda stuffy.”  He undid the button and let Hancock wriggle down the hem until it loosely dropped down around his ankles.  She had expected a throbbing erection to spring out to meet her, but what she saw made her suddenly take pause.  Her pulse quickened.  It was…  It was…

            “So tiny,” she said the words without thinking, dumbstruck by the miniscule size of Luffy’s dick.  It was as thin as her pinky finger and half the length.  Was it even possible to be that tiny?  His sac was correctly sized, heavy with large testicles, but what good was that when his cock could barely reach inside of her?  “Why?  Why’s it so small?”  It was like being in a horror movie.

            Luffy quirked an eyebrow, and then glanced down at himself.  For him, he didn’t see a problem.  But then a light bulb went on in his head, and he snapped his fingers.  “Ah, I forgot that I had it deflated,” he explained brightly.  “Since I ate the Gomu-Gomu Fruit, I found that I can extend or shrink any part of my body.”  He flashed a grin at the confused Hancock.  “Fighting with my penis at full size is sometimes distracting, so I retract it; it helps me move better.  But I guess you want me to return it to its original state.”  He brought his thumb to his mouth; he did not bite his flesh, as he was not using Gear Third.  Hancock watched in fascination to see what he was planning to do.  “Gomu-Gomu no…!”  He took a deep breath.  “Staff!”  He blew hard with his thumb blocking the wind passage.  Air pressure condensed his insides, forcing out whatever was compacted: in this case, his cock.  Like a balloon, the nub of a cock suddenly expanded, making Hancock gasp in sheer shock; at his true size, he was huge, much larger than what she believed he would be.  Almost reaching past nine inches and being very thick, she was suddenly afraid that he wouldn’t be able to fit in her.  Taking his thumb from his lips, Luffy laughed cockily, asking if she was impressed.

            She could not form words, only nod dumbly.  Luffy, with cockhead beading pre-cum, inched closer to her, directing his erection to her sex.  “Let’s see.  I just put it in here, right?  That’s what your other mouth likes to suck on, right?”  He looked at her for guidance.

            A childish way to describe it, but so be it.  Hancock said yes, hooking her legs around his waist to pull him to her.  She shuddered when she felt his blunt cock poke her pussy, and she once again asked herself if it would actually fit.  Surely, it would, but it might cause some discomfort at first.  “Please, go slow,” she requested of him.

            He grunted his approval, and then looked down.  His hand directed his cock appropriately, brushing it briefly through her pubic hair and dragging it down, now searching for her entrance.  Upon her instruction, he pierced her wet folds, spreading her tight vagina around his thick girth.  She inhaled sharply and clutched him with fingernails digging into his elastic flesh.  She grunted and practically squealed as he dug deeper into her snatch.  Halfway in, he proclaimed, “Wow, Hammock!  This feels a lot better than my hand!”  He snickered as he plunged even deeper into her.

            “P-please,” she grunted out, eyes screwing shut, “call me ‘Hancock’.”  She yelped when Luffy impatiently shoved the rest of his length into her pussy.  Her hips were grasped in his strong hands as he lost control of himself.  She almost fell back when he began to ruthlessly pound into her.  He was not being merciless, but it was a bit much for her to handle all at once.  Even so, she became accustomed to it and grabbed onto Luffy’s shoulder with one hand while the other braced herself from behind.  Lost in rapture, she let her head fall back, long hair cascading over the edge of the castle.

            She had on her face a delighted smile as Luffy pounded into her.  Her tits swayed in time with his tempo, creating a hypnotic display for him.  He couldn’t resist bending forward to suckle on her nipples, alternating between them with licks and nips.

            “Ahh~!  It’s Hebihime-sama!  Look at her leaning over the castle walls!  Aie~, she’s so beautiful!”  Though she was up on high, her distinguished beauty could be recognized even from far below to the late-night strollers and sentries.  All stopped to admire their princess, not knowing what was causing her to shudder and wrack so violently, but enthralled nonetheless by the outstanding beauty of her smile.

            Hancock loved it, having her subjects bear witness to the passion she was sharing with the man who came unexplainably from a foreign land.  She tried bucking against him to meet his thrusts and help him to move deeper into her.  Gushes of her juices splashed over Luffy’s lap, causing the joining slaps of their hips to be wet and juicy.  Her muscles clenched around him, ready to milk him of his seed.  Oh, she wanted it, yearned for his precious essence to swim within her so that they may be connected spiritually as well as bodily.

            It was not long before she was cumming with immense force.  Yanking herself up, she forced her lips against Luffy’s in a deep kiss.  The suddenness of it caused his thrusts to be clumsy and sloppy for a moment, but he eventually made it work.  Though he was a virgin up until a few minutes ago, he had reasonable control over his release and proved to be well-adept at keeping the rhythmic movement of his hips.  He pulled back, grunting when he felt his ‘bag of golden balls’ contracted.  “Ughn, Hammock, my penis is gonna spit!”

            “Inside me, Luffy!” Hancock begged, forcing her crotch against his to aid his orgasm.  “Let your seed flow into me!”

            Elder Nyon had to intervene in that moment, for it seemed like Luffy was going to listen to her.  “Nyo, Luffy!  Dyo not ejacu… ‘spyit’ inside of Hebihime!  ‘Spit’ on her stomach or leg!” she shouted urgently.  She met Hancock’s lust-ladled gaze.  “If he dyoes, your ‘virus’ will worsen!  Trust me!”  Though she would not explain it, Nyon knew that a pregnant empress of the island would suffer most unpleasantly when her man took off to sea again.  It was better to keep the two youngsters – in her eyes – from making hasty decisions.

            “I don’t wanna get you sicker,” Luffy grunted out, giving Hancock a few more pronounced thrusts before he felt his semen shooting up his cock.  At the last second, he withdrew, both lovers watching intently as the head fired an abundance of his white seed.  It landed on the inside of Hancock’s right breast, dribbling down her body.  Luffy apologized quickly, remembering that he was told to cum on her stomach or leg; the leg was closer, and he aimed at the inside of her thigh, stroking himself vigorously to expel the rest of his load in strong, heavy bursts that completely coated the inside of her leg in gooiness.

            Both pirate captains embraced wearily, and Luffy pulled Hancock with him as he dropped to the floor with a heavy sigh.  They leaned against the cold wall, basking in the afterglow of sex.  Luffy hadn’t expected it to leave him so drained, and so hungry.  He asked if Hancock would be willing to set up a banquet right now – a secluded banquet where he could eat in peace and not have women pulling at his face.

            “Luffy,” giggled Hancock as she cuddled against her teenage lover, “didn’t you have a favor to ask?  You’ve fulfilled my request.  It’d be shameful of an empress like myself to ignore it.”

            Snickering, he nodded.  “Yeah, I need your help getting somewhere.”  He held her close, satisfied with her head resting on his chest.  “But…”  His stomach growled…  “How about we talk about it over food?  With lots of meat!”


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