Jealousy & Pride

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Jealousy and Pride


            Nami and Robin…?   Nami and Robin?   Nami and Robin?!  Nami and Robin!!

            Boa Hancock didn’t know who these two women were, but she already despised them.  Sulking in a corner with Salome hovering around her with his silent, goofy smile, she feared Luffy’s intentions with the girls of his crew.  Her eyes were glossy with tears when she looked over at the one man that moved her heart.  As usual, he was gorging himself on the massive meal that was intended for her by the marines escorting her to the Great Prison, Impel Down.  He spoke of a cook named Sanji, comparing this feast to his cooking and said that Sanji’s was much better.  And though Luffy mostly talked about Sanji – simply to relate to his favorite subject of eating – Hancock could not easily forget the two names mentioned when he listed off the members of his crew.

            Nami and Robin; two tramps, the snake princess thought spitefully, unworthy of dear Luffy’s love.  Of course, she didn’t know a thing about his relationship with them and was hitting way off the mark, but her mind was running away with her, and she let it.  She had to get to the bottom of this, but could she flat-out ask Luffy about how he felt about his crewmates?  Would he try to cover up his real feelings to try not to hurt hers?

            At last, she plucked up the courage to turn around – still with her legs folded underneath her – and faced Luffy, cheeks burning red.  He grunted when she meekly addressed him, his cheeks bulging with foodstuffs and teeth tearing into a hunk of meat.  “Tell me more about those girls,” Hancock said, eyebrows knitting hatefully together as she looked off to the side and said the names: Nami and Robin.  Not even a bushmaster or mamba contained as much venom as her voice had when she gave the names.

            Gulping down his mouthful, he looked up thoughtfully, but did not let go of the drumstick.  “Well, Nami likes money; everything she does, we have to pay for it,” he explained, which was misinterpreted by Hancock; she covered her shocked mouth at the misconception, believing Nami to be the crew’s prostitute.  “She has orange hair, is curvy, and smells like oranges.”  He even noticed her smell?!  Hancock could faint.

            “Robin’s really quiet,” Luffy went on before taking a quick bite of his food.  He talked out of the corner of his mouth as he chewed, “She has hands that can go anywhere, and she can even see into places!  It’s really cool!”  He was speaking of her Devil’s Fruit powers, but Hancock did not know this and feared that now, not only did she have to contend with a prostitute, she had to prove herself kinkier than a woman who was all hands and would please Luffy with her greedy touches.  Just imagining him with the two made Hancock’s soul burn with jealous rage.  She was a princess, Hebihime of Amazon Lily!  She could not lose the heart of the man she loved above all else, even above herself – which was believed to be impossible.

            Shuffling shyly, almost crying from how she was feeling, she asked as the rubber-man began to gorge himself again, “Luffy, do you like those girls more than you like me?”  She hid her face behind her clasping hands; she actually asked him, she mentally exclaimed.  Would this be a good thing or a bad thing?

            Luffy, of course, put serious thought into the question.  “Well, I’ve known them longer than I’ve known you,” he murmured, also adding in the fact that they were a part of his crew.  It couldn’t have hurt more if he had taken the steak knife from the cleaned plate and run Hancock through the stomach.  But then he went on, his smile bright as he faced her.  “But you’re a lot nicer than Nami!  She hits me a lot and doesn’t share her things!  And Robin is quiet and doesn’t like to do fun stuff, like make robots!  Shishishi!  You’re a lot of fun, Hammock!”

            Hancock gasped sharply and clutched at her left breast when her heart stopped.  He said she was… fun?!  It wasn’t possible!  Was this a… proposal?!  She felt like she had transcended her physical form to drift through the clouds on wings of love.  Heat was flowing from her chest, pumping from her racing heart.  Fantasies too many to count flooded through her head, overloading her senses.  She gazed adoringly at Luffy, seeing him as a Greek god instead of a teenager stuffing his face with various meats.

            She wanted his affection; she craved it!  Sensually, she bit her lower lip, trying to quell the powerful emotions rushing through her, making her feel so tingly and good.  “Oh, Luffy, thank you,” she swooned, hands clasping on the sides of her face.  He didn’t know why she was thanking him, but accepted it all the same, giving his gratitude to her for getting him such a bountiful feast.

            Satisfying his belly wasn’t enough for the snake princess, though.  She wanted to show him just how strongly she felt about him, prove to him that she was better suited for him than those two harlots that shared a ship with him.  They must’ve worked some witchcraft to have snared him into their beds.  Hancock, fortifying her nerve, donned an appearance of determination.  She would have him.

            Salome tilted his head, watching his mistress stand up to sit on the sofa with the Straw Hat captain.  She settled down a few inches from him, knees tucked tightly together and hands clasped on her lap.  Luffy regarded her with a stare.  Was she planning to partake in his meal?  Slowly, anxiously, she scooted inch by inch closer to him until their bodies bumped.  “Mmm, Hammock?  What’s wrong?  You want food?”  He picked up a bit of food – much smaller than the portions he squirreled away for himself – and offered it to her.

            “N-no,” Hancock politely declined.  She gently pushed away the drumstick – Luffy took the opportunity to devour it before she could change her mind.  After he gulped down his mouthful, Hancock leaned into him, her dainty hand slipping across his strong chest.  The contact made him arch an eyebrow.  She was coming so close, dark-blue eyes shutting when she attempted to push her puckered mouth against his.

            “What are you doing?” he asked.  Absently, blindly, his hand roamed over to search for another slab of steak.

            Hancock’s eyes opened partially.  She heard her heart pounding in her ears.  “I… I want to give you a kiss,” she admitted shyly.  She drew away ever so slightly, giving Luffy a look that was so uncertain and cute that the entirety of the Marine force – as well as the women of the Kujo tribe – would have a wonderful heart-attack from seeing.  “Is it… alright?”

            “A kiss?”  Luffy chewed.  “But I’m eating.”

            So concerned for her, Hancock thought with a smile.  The hand on his chest started to descend, tracing his defined abs until they moved along the line of his jeans.  With a curious grunt, he looked down at what she was doing; he was still eating.  “I want to make you feel good,” Hancock whispered in his ear.  Her lips brushed against him, and he suddenly snickered, tilting his head toward her to tuck his ear away from her mouth; he told her that she was tickling him.

            Others would kill just to have her look at them; Luffy barely reacted when her very lips touched him.  She fawned over him, finding his resistance to her ultimate beauty to add to his appeal.  The button of his jeans was suddenly flipped open, drawing Luffy’s attention.  Again, he questioned her motive, and she repeated her desire to please him.  “I will make you forget about Nami and Robin,” Hancock whispered to him.  She slipped off of the sofa, nudging away the cart of food – much to Luffy’s protest – and situated herself in front of him.  He found his knees suddenly pushed apart so that she could wedge in between them, discovering that Hancock was almost eyelevel with him even though she was kneeling off the sofa.

            A strange feeling shot up Luffy’s spine when the empress’s hands caressed his thighs; it was akin to the sensation he received when Sanji promised a huge feast, but different at the same time.  He was still, watching Hancock intently as she deliberately moved down the zipper, loosening his pants’ waistline so that it could descend.  With his usual curious cluelessness, he studied her actions.  Why would she want to see his ‘swinging mushroom’?  She wasn’t planning on trying to steal his golden balls, was she?  He prepared to leap if any sort of sharp object was flashed to cut open the tender sac.  A tremor of terror made his skin curl, but Hancock’s intentions were innocent – harmful-wise, at least.

            The prize could be taken with a quick yank on his bottoms, but Hancock hesitated.  She was to see her beloved naked.  This should be saved for their wedding night, a sensible, traditional part of her mind thought, but she thought of the passion between them!  It could not be controlled and suppressed until a set time.  She was an empress, and she would act on her feelings.  Any and all would forgive her; after all, she was beautiful.

            Coyly, she met his eyes, requesting permission to expose him for her to marvel at.  “Why?” Luffy asked, genuinely confused.  Normally, when he was naked in front of girls – other than the naïve girls of Amazon Lily – he was scolded and usually dealt a hard hit on the head from Nami’s ‘Clima-Tact’.

            Taking his question as playful permission – as she believed that he had done such things before – Boa Hancock began to shrug down his pants; he allowed it since she didn’t seem bothered by his nudity, and went back to gnawing on a slab of meat while watching her intently.  She had let him see her naked, so he figured it was only fair.

            She yanked his jean shorts down to his knees.  It was supposed to be the part where she met a cock hard with arousal, yet she found herself eyeing a flaccid cock; oddly enough, she found it to be more exciting that he wasn’t interested.  He was proving himself to be more and more of a find than all those lustful men who lost their heads at the mere sight of her.  Also, she liked a challenge.  She would never consider – and never had­ – that she wasn’t someone’s type, for she was far too beautiful to be ignored or put aside for someone else.

            It was big, she mused while moving a hand up to fondle his un-aroused genitals.  She caressed his sac, rolling its testicles tenderly.  Tearing his mouth away from the steak, Luffy made a pleased sound.  “Wow, that feels pretty good,” he admitted with a mouthful, a few crumbs rolling down his lips.  She simply smiled up at him and continued to work the shaft that was gradually rising; to aid its ascent, she flicked her tongue delicately over the tip before kissing it.  His small grunt of pleasure almost made her recoil from embarrassment, but she pulled through and contained her rapture.

            Luffy could not bring his appetite down and began to chew again on his servings, but he also could not pull his eyes away from the woman whose mouth and hands were touching a place that he did not believe would feel so good when fondled.  Maybe it was her Devil’s Fruit’s ability?  Maybe the Noro-Noro fruit – what he incorrectly believed Hancock to have consumed instead of the Mero-Mero fruit – had the power to slow down and amplify the terrific feeling of taking a piss after holding it in for so long.

            No, this felt different, much nicer than something like that.  Whatever the power was, it was too good of a feeling to argue it.  He grunted, involuntarily pushing up his hips when Hancock’s lips wrapped around his swollen head.  Steeling herself, she brushed her raven locks behind her ear and adjusted her jaw.  The descent over his impressive girth began, causing her to whimper fearfully when she barely fit more than half into her mouth.  To take more than that was impossible for her since she could not suppress her gag reflex.  However, it seemed that Luffy was more than satisfied with what she could handle; he even temporarily forgot about the piece of food in his hand.

            She began to slurp up his erection, bobbing enthusiastically when his moans began to string together, long serpentine earrings swaying in time.  She wished he could stop sneaking quick nibbles of food, but if it made him happy, so be it.  Her tongue worked around the sensitive head and poked at the small slit that had begun to bead a semi-sweet fluid.  Luffy’s essence, Hancock pondered dreamily, eyes half-lidded and unfocused above flushed cheeks.  Happily, she would swallow every drop he could offer her and still be hungry for more.  Maybe someday, after their marriage that she was already planning, he would give her a child.  She flushed even redder – which seemed impossible – and worked her mouth harder to bring him to a climax.

            Luffy, of course, had the endurance to last quite a while, despite that he had never experienced such a sensation before.  He moaned softly, gaining volume as the pleasure increased with the strain in his sac.  It felt like his ‘golden balls’ were about to explode, yet in a good way, a great way!  However, he was left pining when Hancock was forced to draw her mouth up from his lap, taking a deep gasp for air.  “What are you doing?!” he complained in need.  His hand grasped the back of her head, having no manners, and started to force her down to his crotch again.  “It feels really good!  Don’t stop now!”

            “Wait, Luffy!  I need a break to… mmph!”  Her mouth was stuffed with the column of rubber flesh again, causing her to cringe when the tip bumped roughly against the back of her throat.  Her gag reflex was forcibly ignored, though it was uncomfortable and brought tears to the corners of her eyes.  Fingers tightened on his thighs, sinking into the resilient skin and muscles.  Luffy was now really into it, which was unfortunate for Hancock at the moment since he started to thrust into her mouth and threaten to slip down her throat.  He was too set when his mind was made up, and it was a difficult struggle to break away from his persistent hand.

            In a desperate effort, Hancock – mouth still stuffed with Luffy’s large erection – pulled apart her shirt until her incredible breasts were freed.  When those massive globes were shoved against his crotch, Luffy’s hand went slack as he reeled from the surprisingly good feeling from the touch.  Immediately, the snake empress brought herself away from his groin, panting and wiping at her wet lips.  As she collected herself, she found it fortunate that Luffy was not dissatisfied from the feeling of having his prick pressing against her breasts.

            They were rather magnificent, she often mused – usually when she bathed.  Now they would prove most useful as a plan to avoid another assault against her throat.  If he liked the mere contact with them, he would love to have more.  Smirking rather confidently – the most confident she had been when around Luffy – she pushed forward, thrusting her ample bust out and using a hand to help guide the penis in her cleavage.  As expected, Luffy cried out loudly, arms slamming down and hands latching tightly onto the sofa to keep control of himself.  He knew he was supposed to be silent while aboard this marine vessel, but that was impossible when his sensitive organ was encased by soft and warm surroundings.

            Hancock moaned, feeling her own heat increase when Luffy’s arousal was nestled neatly in between her tits.  She locked the mounds together, shivering slightly when her arm crossed over and brushed against her pert and sensitive nipples. Luffy gurgled in delight from having his dick smothered with such softness and impulsively bucked his hips.  Hancock was more than happy to oblige him, moving her chest up and down on him.

            “Is that what those melons are for?” Luffy gasped out from the feeling, once again likening body parts to food.

            Hancock accepted his naïveté.  Beads of sweat started to roll from her brow to trickle between her tits, making her skin slippery and the passage of his cock easier.  She kept her navy-blue eyes locked with his childlike gaze.  Though she didn’t want to bring them up while pleasing her ‘someday husband’, she had to ask.  “Has Nami or Robin ever done this for you, Luffy?”

            Almost instantly, Luffy shook his head.  “No, they’ve never done anything to make me feel this good before!”  He threw his head back and moaned loudly.

            “Oh, Luffy!”  Hancock started to work harder, wanting to make sure those two shipmate whores could never contend with her for Luffy’s affections.  At the cost of a little discomfort to her neck, she dipped her head down to press her mouth against his cockhead, licking and kissing the swollen tip.

            It was too good for the inexperienced captain of the Straw Hat pirates.  Hunger completely forgotten – for the moment – he watched lustfully as his penis was massaged.  He had never cared much for the attributes of women other than a few curious glances, but now, he was absolutely mesmerized by the breasts drowning his cock.  Some uncontrollable force was drawing his testicles up, and the exploding feeling had never been stronger.  He tried to fight it down, but the pent-up pressure was too much.  “Something’s happening,” he warned, uncertain of what was about to happen.  “Hancock!”

            Hancock was blown away, frozen in time and space.  With cock still snuggled between her tits, her mind almost overloaded while she experienced a lovesick heart attack.  He said her name, her actual name!  She was on the verge of an orgasm just from the sound of it leaving his lips.  With one arm cradling her bosom, she reached down to the apex of her thighs, pushing aside the front of her gown to reach for the crotch of her panties.  It had become so wet.  The damp cloth was bypassed so that her eager fingers could dance along the blossoming lips of her soaked vagina.  She moaned loudly, hot air flowing over the tip of Luffy’s cock.  She moved her fingertips to vigorously rub her clit, and she found herself cumming even before her Luffy.  “Ah, Luffy!” she cried out in rapture as her juices spilled over the floor.  The arm supporting her tits tightened in response to her orgasm, which brought Luffy to cringe as his precious sac of gold clenched.

            “It’s exploding!” he warned when his clenching testicles tightened to their limit and released.  A warm rush ran up through his cock, taking with it all the tension that had built up in his balls.  It sent a tingling sensation throughout the entirety of his rubber body.  He watched in absolute fascination, all sounds trapped in his throat as he experienced his first ejaculation.

            A long, hot string of his seed leapt into the air to splatter on Hancock’s cheek and drip down to her huge knockers.  When she felt that thick spunk stain her face and bust, she greedily locked her lips around the cockhead, groaning loudly as she gulped down his large load, whimpered as some overflowed from her now-bulging cheeks.  Just how much cum was he going to offer her?  He was discharging more than she could swallow at a time.  Finally, she just gave up and pulled away to gasp for breath, content with having her face showered by his hot jizz.  She panted, eyes shut as the final bursts gushed over her cheeks and chin.  Her tongue lazily moved out to clean away the cum drizzling around her gaping mouth, swallowing it down gratefully.  Jeez, he wasn’t kidding when he said it’s exploding.  When all that was left were streams heading down from the slit, Hancock made sure to clean him thoroughly and prove that she was eager to please, gazing alluringly up at him while tracing the underside of his cock.

            Luffy, wiping his perspiring brow, gawked at her, his huge smile slowly crept back onto his face.  “Wow, Hancock, that was… cool!” he blurted out, snickering afterward when his cock – hardly wilting even after such an eruption – was extracted from Hancock’s cleavage.  “Where’d you learn to do that?  Sorry that I made such a mess, but I don’t think that’s pee.  That’s never happened before.”

            Hancock managed to smile sweetly at him, looking very sexy with globs of cum running down her face, though it was an attractiveness that naïve Luffy was oblivious to.  She was proud to make him feel like he never had before with Robin and Nami, still ignorant to the fact that she was handling a virgin at the moment.  She shyly thanked him for his kind words, bowing her head slightly to break eye contact; with her shyness, it was hard to believe she had just given a blowjob and a titty-fuck to this young pirate and let him cum all over her face.

            Suddenly, while she was still getting over the fact that she had seduced her beloved Luffy, snakelike arms stretched out at wound around her.  She yelped out, wondering just what was happening in a sudden blur of her surroundings until she found herself with positions switched with Luffy; the Straw Hat captain was now kneeling before her, sniggering and settled between her legs.  When had he gotten so near to her crotch?  She felt embarrassed, fearing that he might find the scent of her overwhelming arousal offensive and a bit too strong; she couldn’t help it if just his mere voice set her aflame with passion.  She tried to wriggle her way out of her bondage, but Luffy’s binding arms proved to be just as firm as stretchy.  When frantically asked what he was doing, he just continued his laughter.

            “Returning the favor,” he announced before his curious eyes fell to her thighs, the gown covering up the part of her that dripped with need for him.  “I don’t have melons on my chest like you, but I think I can still make you feel good with my mouth.”

            Did he really just say that?!  Hancock could’ve been shot, yet still not think of anything else.  Her struggling ended when she was seized with shock.  Luffy was going to venture there!  But they hadn’t even kissed yet!  Was this allowed?

            Luffy pursed his lips, sucking on his top lip as he tried to figure out how to do this.  He tried to brush away the dress by nudging his forehead against it, but that proved useless.  Well, since Hancock had stopped struggling, he found it safe to free her.  His arms unwound from her and came to his aid.  Hancock yelped when her legs were suddenly pushed up into the air, causing her to slip a bit in her seat until her back was curled.  Luffy already took care of her dress and used a stretchy thumb to bring the crotch of her panties to one side, revealing for him to marvel at her bare, flowering pussy.  He leaned in close and was surprised by the appearance of it.  He had never seen this part of a woman close-up before, for the first time he had seen a naked woman was when Nami used her ultimate attack: Happiness Punch, in the bathing chamber after helping Vivi save her kingdom.

            With thighs pressing up her tits, Hancock shivered.  “Luffy, don’t stare!  I’m so embarrassed!”  She clasped her hands on either side of her face, unable to find the strength to watch him.

            Staring at the glistening folds, Luffy found the aroma wafting from her sex to be enticing.  And there was no better way to explore such a smell than to taste it, he reasoned; she did, after all, put her mouth on his genitals.  He swiped his tongue across her folds, causing her to jerk with a deep whine.  It didn’t seem like he was hurting her, so his exploration became more vigorous, latching his mouth over her snatch so that his wandering tongue had all the room to move.  He found the taste of her flowing juices intoxicating and endeavored to slurp every bit of it up.

            She cried out, biting into her lower lip to try to keep herself from making too much of a racket; too bad they weren’t alone on this vessel and not watched over by dozens of horny marines hoping to catch the slightest glimpse of her beauty.  Already, there was a growing pile of stone statues at the side of her door.  Now, for all her beauty and poise, she was left a quivering mess with legs held up high in a ‘V’ with the boy of her dreams eagerly eating out her sensitive pussy.  It was wonderful and embarrassing at the same time, especially when his tongue slipped further down to gather up her dripping secretions, accidently brushing across the puckered hole of her anus.

            “I’m cumming!” she managed to eek out while still keeping her senses of secrecy.  Her vaginal muscles contracted violently.

            Perking up, ignoring the powerful spasms of her cunt, the lower half of his face soiled with her fluids, Luffy arched an eyebrow at her.  “But you’re already here,” he pointed out, his head cocking curiously to one side.  He meant to go back down to continue his feasting, but Hancock’s hands struck out like cobras and snatched his ears, tugging him up to connect their lips so that she may taste herself on him.  His eyes remained wide with shock as the snake princess ravaged his mouth, making his first kiss a passionate and messy one.  Her tongue thrust through his flexible lips to scour the entire cavity and provoke his lazy tongue to dance.

            It was when she pulled away that she found out that Luffy’s body had yet to catch up with his head, his neck stretched thin.  It was almost frustrating, for Hancock wanted him inside her now!  Wedding night be damned, she couldn’t wait any longer to be speared by the magnificent tool jutting from his crotch.  “Luffy, please put it inside me!  I want your long, hard cock in me!” she beseeched him in a manner unsuited of a woman of her title.

            Luffy, moving slothfully like a inquisitive animal, lifted his body until the underside of the object of Hancock’s desire slid up her slit, making her cry and arch her back.  Her legs were pushed up until they were dangling over her head, causing her crotch to jut out.  Why couldn’t he just put it in her already?!  “Hmm, where’s it supposed to go?  Back in your mouth?”  He made a move to push his hips back up to her face, his gleaming pillar of flesh throbbing as it neared her mouth.

            “No, no!  My pussy!”  Taking matters into her own hands – literally – she grabbed for his prick and adjusted it to line up with the hungry opening of her vagina.  It didn’t hurt to have his elastic penis bent and twisted, but it did cause some concern.  He looked down and watched with his usual naïve fascination as Hancock moved the blunt tip against the area that he could only describe as a blossoming flower.  There seemed to be an opening, and Hancock was determined to have his penis embedded there.  When the insertion finally happened, a blast of new sensations shot through his entire being as surely as the blood flow of his Gear Second.  He couldn’t help the howl of pleasure that erupted from his throat as Hancock – with hands grasping at the back of his waist – eased him into her; he was too big to just shove into her all at once, but that didn’t matter to him.  When he gained some control, he lost it right again, gripping Hancock’s shoulders and shoving the rest of himself into her, pushing the final inches into her heated depths.

            “Ow!”  Hancock tossed her head back, fingernails digging deep into Luffy’s backside from the pain of being stretched past her limit; she felt that she might tear from his girth.  “Luffy, please, not so hard!  Control yourself!”  Ironic that she could say such a thing even now…

            “But it feels so good,” proclaimed Luffy, smiling ear to ear.  Though he hadn’t a clue about how sex was actually done, his body had its animalistic instincts, and he never ignored those.  Against Hancock’s pleas for him to give her some time to adjust to his size, he pulled his hips back until he almost left her completely, and then drove back in, causing her entire body to buck from the thrust’s force.  She whined and thrashed underneath him, trying to bear the pounding of her youthful lover.

            Luffy was having a ball fucking the Shichibaki, her long slender legs hooking over his shoulders with feet flopping almost lifelessly every time he shoved right back into her.  Although he hardly believed it was possible, this felt much better than being in her mouth – mostly because he could fit all of himself, with some effort, into her slippery and tight channel.  Her muscles clenched around him, and she understood the meaning of ‘multiple orgasms’ within the first minute, yet Luffy’s stamina allowed him to hold out.

            “You’re so deep,” Hancock gasped as she was plowed into the sofa.  She grunted, screwing her eyes shut and latching her fingers onto whatever she could for support.  “You’re so deep in me!  Keep fucking me, just like that!”  Her eyes opened to watch with blind lust as his cock moved furiously in and out of her cunt.

            Luffy wasn’t familiar with what she was talking about, but it seemed like she loved whatever it was that he was doing; he wouldn’t stop now to try to have her explain in detail.  But then, a thought occurred to him.  Being one to like trying out new things with his rubber powers, he lifted his bare feet onto the couch, ceasing his thrusting for the moment as he got prepared.  Hancock made a confused sound as Luffy adjusted her to be lying on her back with her ass up above her, legs held up by his hands.

            “Wh-what are you doing?” Hancock asked rather nervously.

            “Shishishi, I wanna try out a new move,” he snickered.  He angled his cock to slip inside her, then stretched his legs so that he appeared a bit taller.  Boa Hancock’s eyes widened in realization.  Was he going to…?  “Gomu-Gomu no…!”  Hancock made a quick shout of protest, stating that she wasn’t prepared for something like that, but Luffy was deaf to it all, too excited to complete his technique.  “Jackhammer!”  The elasticity of his legs gave out, and he snapped downward like a rubber band, inserting himself fully into her.  She screamed when he delved to even greater depths than he had before.  His rubbery body recoiled from the impact like a bouncing ball, and he found himself beating against Hancock’s pussy, pounding it raw; the term ‘jackhammer’ in this case was very appropriate, for Hancock – though never knowing such feelings of delight and exhaustion at the same time – felt that she was being ruined by the fierce, rapid pounding.

            A normal man would’ve cringed already and fallen off, weeping over his pulverized testicles after the second bounce, but Luffy hardly even felt anything since… he’s made out of rubber!  How did that happen?  Yo-ho-ho, he took a bite of Gum-Gum.  The balls just crunched up, then sprung back, aiding in his constant bouncing.  Hancock’s snake, Salome, watched with his unwavering goofy smile.  His head followed Luffy’s thrusts until he got a headache and passed out.

            Juices squirted nonstop from Hancock’s plugged pussy.  Her voice had grown hoarse from screaming so much, but she didn’t care; she just concentrated on the pleasure being fed to her by Luffy’s cock.  At some point, Luffy had reached down to her tits to grope them.  Surprisingly, it felt very good to him just to touch their marshmallow-like softness, and he told Hancock that he really like them, thus incurring another powerful orgasm on her part.  She helped him explore her huge bust by having him toy with her hard, sensitive nipples.  Eventually, he stretched his neck out like a giraffe’s to take one of the nipples into his mouth and suckle earnestly on it.

            It was not much longer that Luffy’s pounding came to a sudden halt.  He flinched as if wounded.  “That explosion is coming again,” he wheezed through clenched teeth.  Impulsively, he made a few strong, haphazard thrusts until that feeling froze him in place.

            Hancock arched her back as much as she could with a deep moan as she felt heavy spurts of warmth fill her insides.  Luffy started to pump himself into her again at a much more controlled pace than before, aiding in the discharge of semen.  They became slack as he continued to dump his essence into her womb until she was overflowing with it all.  He gave a heavy sigh and slumped forward, keeping himself from falling over the worn-out Hancock.  He shifted his hips and plucked himself from her sperm-flooded pussy, unleashing a flow that dribbled down in all directions until her stretched-out panties – that had been pushed to the side the entire time – soaked up the mess as best as it could.  Good thing she brought an extra set of clothes… just in case.

            To her shock, however, Luffy’s semi-hard cock was expelling more bursts of cum that splattered over her exposed stomach and chest.  Jeez, was he storing gallons of sperm in his balls?  She whimpered and turned away when one weak shot splashed on her cheek.  “Wow, that was a lot!  Shishishi!”  Luffy stroked out the last drops onto her thighs before falling off her like a boneless fish.  He crumbled altogether in a satisfied heap on the floor.  “I’ve never felt that good before.  You really are a lot more fun than Nami and Robin.  More fun that anyone on my crew!  Shishishi!”

            Hancock, trying to sit dignified even when dowsed in cum, put her hand to her open mouth.  He had accepted her as the best he had ever met!  She swooned and threw a forearm over her brow, dropping back with a great smile.  “Oh, Luffy, thank you so much!”  She peered down to look at her beloved, but he was already on the move, ready to replenish his strength by devouring the rest of the large meal that had been brought to him.  Seems that although she had beat Nami and Robin – and unexpectedly the rest of the Straw Hat crew in ways of feeling good – she still had some ways to go before she could stand on par with his love for food.

            Before she could move to get cleaned up, she heard whisperings outside the door.  Pesky marines, she thought hatefully.  Time for her to swallow her pride one more time for Luffy’s sake…


            Outside the door, two marines were pressing their ears against the wall to try to eavesdrop.  They were certain that they were hearing suspicious noises, as well as another person’s voice.  “We should report it,” said one.  “She couldn’t have made all those sounds by herself.  What else could she be doing?”  The two flushed with a perverted smile.

            “Yeah, maybe we should have a look?” suggested the other.  They made to make a peek under the door until they heard the beautiful lady within make a declaration.

            “Whew, that was really good!” she proclaimed in a forced voice.  “I masturbated a lot!  Now I’m satisfied!”  She tried her best to make her voice to sound like Luffy’s…

            “WHA~?!!!”  The two marines flew back out of shock, hearts forming in their eyes as they received a mental image that turned them to solid stone without even being hit by the Mero-Mero beam…


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