Jaune Arc: Tales of a Casanova of Remnant

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Jaune Arc: Tales of a Casanova of Remnant


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Summary - An erotic anthology of shameless smut featuring Jaune Arc the Casanova of Remnant being an Alpha Male Chad seducing and charming left and right women from human to even divine beings who can't get enough of the big fat Arc'D and his assertive and dominant presence. Each chapter is set in its own AU.

Chapter Summary

Madeline Arc meet her own son after seven-long years of him disappearing when he was eleven years old, she saw how he was a change man both in mentally and physically sense. He wants to show his own worth as a Arc and man in one way he knew off. By using his manhood to dominate her body and mind, to prove himself to her...that he’s REAL ARC

Chapter Theme

Dubcon-to-Consensual, Mother/Son Incest, Maledom/Femsub, Master/Slave, Breeding, Fucked Silly, Mind-Break, Rough Sex, Degradation, Humiliation, Dirty Talk

Jaune Arc: Tales of a Casanova of Remnant

Chapter One - Proving His Worth As An Arc (Madeline Arc)


It has been six years. Seven long years since her flesh and blood son Jaune Luna Arc had left and disappeared and never been heard off again, where he took the family ancestral sword that been in the family for over many generation - Crocea Mors


And it all of her fault.


She should’ve been gentler and sympathetic with her words or should’ve watch him closely and check his room on that lone night where he gone up and left in the middle of night, taking a handful of cash. But instead she’d been motivated by her own petty fear of losing another family member, so she give him a absolutely cruel assessment of his skills and coldly told him that’ll never be a hero and should give on his dreams and ambition.


Her sweet and beautiful son was deeply hurt at her words, argue hotly, and passionately back to her saying he can and will be a hero just like his father and his ancestor. And she did something that she’ll forever regret with her life.


She slapped him. She had slapped her own son with her own hand, something she had never done to any of her own children’s and she regrets that shameful act. And to make it worse, she send him to his own room without comforting her hurt son and convincing herself that she made the right choice of denying his dreams and hope that he’ll give up on and be farmer and marry a nice girl.


But instead the next morning when he check up on her son and found him not on his bed, the sword missing, and a dreading letter telling him that he’s leaving on his self-imposed exile to learn how to be huntsmen and be the hero proving her wrong.


She’d immediately called her daughters, nieces, sister and sisters-in-law to search her missing wayward son and bring him home before he get himself killed by either Grimm or a rogue huntsmen/huntress.


However, no matter how much they have searched or how much they pay the huntsman/huntress. They couldn’t found Jaune Arc and had been declared missing - presumably deceased, which has broke her own heart and soul with intense grief and guilt.  


And she was at the blame of it and she into guilt ridden depression as she drinks her own guilt with the family wine cellar and wallow out her misery, lamenting on her pass action and thought about her words.


“Jaune, please come back home sound and safely wherever you are.’ Madeline thought sadly as the mature woman finger the rims of her wine glass with an air of melancholy.


“Hello Mom...I’m home.”


Her desolations mood was disparate from one voice that sounded very similar to her husband voice yet it was younger and less gruffier and her light blue eyes turn in shock and hope as the mother of eight-muttered one word from her lips.


“Jaune!?” As she turns her head letting her long, curtain of flaxen, curling hair flowing behind her to see the face that she thought she would never see again.


Her sweet and kind-hearted son - Jaune Arc has returned back to her. He had returned home and she could tell he was change from the optimistic and hopeful young boy that she saw when he was twelve year of age.


Now her sweet, darling son Jaune Arc was a man now — he’s a very tall, athletic and well-built young adult man with powerful air of self-assuredness and self-confidence; he has set of strong-&-broad shoulders, huge arms with rippling muscles and very large biceps, thick sculpted chest, and long, muscular legs. Fair-skinned and blonde-haired, his hair is slightly longer to be tied into a small ponytail and was slicked back in rough fashion. Jaune had all the hallmarks of the Arc family - He has strong, masculine and sharp features, with sharp, imposing dark-blue eyes and strong, firm jawline with neither beard nor mustache in sight.


His entire attire is casual but rough consists of a black-grey hoodie jacket with a red inner lining, a weathered and tattered aqua-blue shirt with three button and military style cargo pants with military-style combat boots that has steel shin guards and knee pads. On his left hip was the family heirloom Crocea Mors which look little different from it simple and plain manner,


‘Did Jaune modify or rather did someone else did it?’ Madeline Arc thought as she look at the blade that was sheathed, but her thought was taken away from it as she felt a rough palm on her shoulder as she look up to see her son sending her placid half-smile yet there was something else in his eyes. Something...strong...intense...and vigorous as if he was looking through her very soul and manipulated it. She never felt this way before. Not even her husband made her feel so...passive and meek just from staying at her with simple gaze


Well her son is indeed very handsome and perfectly matches the description of a "young and handsome warrior" in the archaic fashion...


‘What on the name of the Two Brothers and Oum! He’s my own flesh and blood for Oum sake!’ She shouted in her mind, as she can’t believe where that illicit thought had come from.


Sure her son has become quite the young handsome man with his youth-yet-rugged good-looks and his tall athletic and well-built that was overflowing with ruggedly masculine charm and he exudes a strong and masculine presence that made her heart quicken with illicit, forbidden emotions that no mother shouldn’t feel toward their son.


The logical part of her mind telling her that want she’s feeling is wrong, shameful, and sin in the eyes of sociality and religions…


...But, the primal side of her mind telling her she was standing front of a strong, apex alpha male who was imposing his will and it telling her to submit to his masculine authority.


“I’ve been thinking about you quite some time,” His low voice was musically soft and alluring to her ears as he trace his rough fingers on her smooth shoulder which send shiver on her spine, wishing that she wore a modest white sundress that cover her shoulders from his fleeting touch,“At first my thought were full of anger and bitter and how I want to make you pay for denying my dreams,” There were trace of bitterness and anger in his still soft voice,“However, my own teacher told me to let go of my bitterness and rage at you as his finger gone from her shoulder to her dainty swan-like neck. He told me that you were only concern about my life and safety, which was understandable as a mother of seven and widow who lost her husband to Grimm...” He play with her throat with spidery softness and he the young man lean forward his rough-masculine nose touching her feminine-soft nose and his breath that smell of mint.


“J-Jaune...I-I...Can…exp-” Madeline stutter and stumble over her words as she was mesmerized by his deep, strong, and smoldering stare full of passionate and strength and power of his might.


He interrupted her stuttering words.“ However I’m bit miffed at your harsh treatment of me. S~o prepare yourself...My sweet Madeline…,” He grasp her chin with soft but firm manner...


It he going to do what he going to do? She need to stop him before he do something that he’ll surely regret, even when her treacherous body and mind yelling at her to accepted it and SUBMIT


“J-Jaune wai-Umf!”


Her own son kissed her, wasting no time to listen her words or reason. All Jaune Arc care about it kissing the soft, supple lips of his own very gorgeous M.I.L.F-y near-ageless mother who hurt him with her slap that struck him in his face and her own well-meaning but deeply cruel words.


Now, he going to make his mother-no his Madeline pay for the emotional pain that she’d put him thought and at the same time gorging his own sinful desire on her M.I.L.F-y buxom figure that was squirming and wiggling trying to escape this sick, horrid session that was offending the eyes of the two brothers.


She tried to force him out of her mouth by pushing his rough slightly long tongue out of her mind, unintentionally tasting his saliva and drool. Her two dainty hands pressed against his big, well-toned and muscular chest feeling all of the ruggedness and roughness of his chest showing he was no mere boy but a real man; the kind of man who confidence and assertive with all the imposing power, cunningness, and intelligent under his name.


Her blue eye water out of unrecognized emotion as she feebly resist him, which was token effort as her own body and soul was betraying her for a cost that grant it soul and physical form pleasure that she’d been neglecting to have out of respect for her husband and her own grief of losing her son who been presumed dead.


There forbidden makeout session has gone few more minutes with Jaune dominating her mouth - her strong soul - and her mature body with forcefulness and vehemence of a powerful alpha male showing the buxom slutty M.I.L.F who was in charge of their illicit relationship and how he’ll be in charge of her desire and when he want to make her heavy with his child she’ll agree, no if, why, or give him pathetic excuses or questions, just simply follow his domineering orders to letter.


Until young and sexually aggressive Jaune pulled from her softly bruised lips with trail of saliva only connecting them like a red string of fate bonding their soul and body together as the Arc lad send her iniquitous leer and darkly smirk at her dazed and flustered with atomic blush, half-lidded dazed eyes and parted lips.


“...Ja~une…? Whah...are...this...is…’She panted slightly but heavy as her lidded eyes stare at her tall and masculine son...Her own sweet, kind, and warm-hearted...son treat her so rudely and chauvinistically…roughly...and...domineeringly...And the question in her addled mind...Why did it made her so hot and wet from his rough, dominating, and incestuous kiss that made her feel like a woman that she hadn’t felt in long time, not before her husband or her carefree and wild youth...


“This my fair Maddie...” He mockingly said to her as his hand and cupped her soaked panties and he casually rubbed the panties in a languorous manner. “...Is me...doing my duty as a alpha man and a proud Arc of old times doing what they do best. Conquering and spreading their unmatched superiority and virility. And you my dearest Maddie choose you to be part of something grand and magnificent - being part of my harem and bare my child,” Jaune state all of his in calm and casual tone as if he talking about the weather and not saying he going to make his own mother part of his harem and carrying his child.


Her eyes widen in appalled at his words and his intent of impregnating and making her carrying his inbreed child and part of his harem.


“JAUNE LUNA ARC!! Have you gone mad!,” She yelled at her own son who was looking at her with amusement and mirth in his bright eyes and darkly mirthful smirk.


“Not at all Maddy.” He cheekily said to her. “I’m 100% sound of mind and I don’t like that tone that you using right now.” His cheeky voice turn deep, dark, guttural, and commanding.




He sharply interrupted with his voice dark and commanding with unimpeachable power and unquestionable authority“,Here what going to happen Madeline. One - as once now I’m not your son. I’m your master as sole. Two - You’ll never use that tone on me ever or there’ll major consequences. And finally Three - You’ll be part of my harem no question ask and will submit to me. Got it”


There were a silent pause as her own son eyes burn into her…


…Another long pause of silent


Until finally the beautiful matron of the Arc Family said…


“Y-yes...I’ll submit to you...Master” She meekly said to her extraordinarily controlling and very dominating son who made her submit to him with nothing but his words and action, showing he was the perfect alpha male.


The highest pinnacle of alphas around and the kind of alpha male that even other alpha male submit to his superiority of power and supremacy of masculinity. The primal side of her womanhood and femininity


Jaune smile at her submissive voice and how body act in sign of total submissions. ‘Perfect’, He thought pridely of dominating her with his bold action and gruff words. “Now onto business. Take me to your bedroom where we begin our...fun” Jaune grin had a dark edge, his eyes darken and his glitter with sensual emotion.


Her answer was submissive nod and a meek answer of submission. “Yes my Master.” As she stood up to her full height as the M.I.L.F-y lead her own son to her room...which will become a den of debauchery & incestuous lust...


Ten minutes later, the blonde mother and son duo were inside the room, where it once the shared bedroom of Nicholas Arc and Madeline Arc were they made love and where the first of their child, twin’s girls - Nina & Lilac Arc were born.


Now it going to be den of debauchery & incestuous lust where mother and son going to discard those terms and become lovers or in this case master/slave were going to be born.


Both of them still were clothes of their clothing, which will soon be discarding in throne of lust. Her beastly alpha stud-son were going undress her with his rough, dominating manner and-


Her son rich manly voice spoke to her cut off her thought of her barbarian hunky son undressing. “A’lright Fairest Maddy, I’m not going to undress you…”


It her son changing his mind of mind of this incestuous madness of this immoral union? Was he getting cold feet at the thought of having sex with he-


You’re going to undress yourself. Showing deep down, how you nothing but a filthy son-fucking M.I.L.F slut who need a REAL man in her home and life.” Jaune sneerly said his voice dark, gruff, and tantalizingly commanding. His entire strong masculine body stood tall unyielding, with his sharp, masculine face showing intense expression that made her heart throb and her pussy nearly flooded with her womanly fluid, and he effortlessly exert a large powerful and authoritative presence with air of confidence and self-assertive showing he was perfect alpha, the strong stud, the domineering bull, and virile man.


Since when did her boyishly shy and cute-looking son who couldn’t talk to girls in his life become such strong and authoritative rugged-looking hunk of a man with all of machismo, ruggedness, manliness, savagery, masculinity and sexual aggressiveness.


 The inner womanhood of her soul obediently follow her strong and commanding alpha-orders as she pulled the straps of her casual sundress off of her dainty shoulders and let it pool around and leaving her in her underwear which she proceed to take off.


It was very empowering moment for Jaune Arc. He alway love seeing mature M.I.L.F ladies taking off their own clothing front of him, showing that they’ve half-way submitting to him and be another of his slutty M.I.L.F-slut. And the young studly-knight enjoy making his sexy-as-fuck M.I.L.F-y mom sucking him off, throwing words of praise and her sultry voice begging him to breed her like a stallion-bull to his horny broodmare slut-in-heat.


Soon, his cute little Maddy laid bare front of his domineering, wolfish and discerning gaze that ravenously drank in her beautiful nude form. She may be older then and his own flesh and blood mother, an mother of eight children, and semi-retired huntress turn housewife, yet Madeline Arc’s body still’s extremely exquisite. Her tall voluptuous and shapely figure was a welcome sight and envy of the envy of most women half of her age with her wide birthing hips, thick thighs, prominent glutes, and huge mammaries giving her the silhouette of a fertility goddess.


A fertility goddess that’s going to fucked and tamed by a big strong alpha-breeder bull that was him who’d the power and ability to breed horny fertile sluts with the nothing but the power of his unmatched fertility and virility.


His own MILF-y yet young-aged mother hourglass figure is fairly youthful with smooth flawless creamy skin soft like feathers yet it also mature at the same time with all the hallmark of textbook example of a M.I.L.F with her extremely voluptuous and curvaceous body, with very large breasts matched by similarly large hips, endowing her with a virtually perfect shapely hourglass figure.


He leered at her as he sank in her bashful submissive expression that was far from her usual motherly stern-but-sweet visage which was sheer drug-like ecstasy for the lusty alpha Arc-stud who’d a thing for making mature cougar/M.I.L.F who thought just because he’s young and that they’ve all of their sexual experience mean they could play and control him to their feminine wiles.


Oh, how he remember and enjoy the memories of mature women’s expression of shock mixed with fucked-silly arousal and their words of how he superior lover and how they praise him like a living primordial sex-god who can fucked and conquered the minds of his conquest and easily induce them into endless state of pleasure and ecstasy until their feeble minds and willpowers was utterly wrecked by his big, long and massive schlong.


The blonde buxom matron MILF of the Arc Family shiver at seeing his dark, seductive and imposing gaze and his cocky leering smirk showing he’s going to making her his own mother mewl out of shameless lust and her body wiggle with pure, unadulterated pleasure that’s beyond the power of human limitations and capabilities.




“Huh” The confused blonde MILF look at him with puzzlement.


The large herculean blonde hunk snort at her puzzle expression, it all the same for mature MILF-y age sluts who don’t know their place yet. She was no different from them, except she was his own flesh and blood


“Silly stupid slut. Did I fucking stutter? I said kneel like the needy whore that you’ll become after I’m done with you cunt, mouth, and ass using all of them for my amusement and enjoyment.”


The mature women was appalled at her son vulgar words and the fact he call her slut and whore and how he going to use her for his personal amusement.


...And how it very much arouse at the blonde MILF. How her very largely tall, extremely musclebound, and hunkly-handsome son dark, vulgar, and misogynistic words. How it demean and humiliate her with nothing but his words and his sinisterly gorgeous, and sneering visage made her feel oh-so god and that aching throbbing feeling between her thick thighs and her own cunt moisten.

“As you wish my Master” She humbly follow her son orders who was her master and the man of the house just like her husband and her dead father-in-law god bless their soul and beg for their eternal forgiveness.


The stunningly gorgeous blonde PAWG-MILF kneel, squatting between her son large trunk-like legs with her beautiful flushed face right front of the very noticeable bulge that her own son seem to be packing...


‘There’s no way....is my sweet boy...can be packing such a monster in his pants...’ She tried to reason herself that the ungodly monstrous bulge her son seem to packing in his cargo pants and that’s nothing more than an optical illusion that her own addled mind had come up and that own son were packing some kind of sock to appear bigger.


There’s absolutely no way her son could be pack such huge, monstrous-






Her eyes were widen to almost comical degree and had a expression that most women of her age and younger had when they saw the dreadfully magnificent and awe-inspiring sight of his cock; in psychological terms for this state it had been (un)officially been called ‘Cock-Shocked Syndrome’ dub by professional stud-doctor: symptoms including – stupor state, dilated pupils, uncontrollable drooling, shortage of breath and dizziness, harden of nipples and secrete honey-like arousal fluid and the intense to swallow a long thick sausage like item in mouth.


The matron MILF shows all of these perfectly as her shocked blue-eyed stare at the enormously long, ungodly massive and exquisitely brutal-looking bitch-breaking & pussy-wrecking cock of unadulterated specimen of raw masculinity.


His cock is flaccid and hung deeply between his well-muscled trunk-like thighs. His ungodly gargantuan monstercock is absolutely without question is thicker than her entire fucking arm!!! With thick fist-sized balls that were, deeply brimming and packing of fertile seed and it appear to have few hairs on it give it raw, primal and bestially appearance akin to bull or horse Faunus.


‘H-He’s so...fuck! What the actual fuck I-I’m actually seeing right now!’ Her mind tried to come up with reasonable explanation on her son huge, raw and mouthwatering cock that exudes pure, unadulterated and heavy male musk that compel women like her to feel sense of unashamed and shameless arousal.


How did her own son developed a natural alpha musk and how can her son be bigger than her husband who near 40cm long and his musk more potent and powerful than very powerful and healthy stallion-stud who was at peak of horse fitness and health.


He smirks at her cock-dazed and shocked expression, it never to please the tall, strong, domineering and aggressive fair-haired hunk of a studly alpha man.


“It’s impressive, am I right or am I right~?” He swaggering said, with a handsome and charmingly cocky smirk as grasp his big, beefy and fat cock and slap her face playfully with ‘slap-slap’ sound smearing her free with his musky fluid and letting her nose smelling the strong, raw, attractive and masculine musk that his semi-hard cock oozing with pure manly ease.


And he saw her own mother reacted at his playful-but-dominating manner as she pant hard and heavily like a bitch-in-heat and how he could smell the strong, feminine pheromones that his bitch-mother were flooding the bedroom floor with her excessive womanly fluid.


‘This’s the most beautiful, erotic sight I’ve ever seen’ He thought lustfully as he stroke his cock letting it harden until it reach his full mast, and how it make a bull look absolutely small in compensation of godly-level 50cm almost 60 and half long with thick, grotesque veins across his fuck-breeding tool that was the ultimate weapon to utterly wrecked and derelict the body and mind of the women he’d fucked and destroyed with his bull-like cock.


“As much I enjoy seeing you looking so cute. I want you use that pretty little mouth and fat tits of your and show my not-so-little friend down here the proper respect” He said to her, snapping her out of her cock-shocked state and leaving bit of anxious and apprehensive show it bit.


“I-I...don’t think it could fit-“ She tried to reason the domineeringly gorgeous, bestially oppressing hunk that was son and telling it was physically impossible for her to fit it in her mout but....


But her son order her with the most darkest, sharpest and oppressing voice; the voice of alpha who can make women like her follow without question only complete submission and obedience with one single word that carry power and dominance




The fair-headed curvaceous MILF obey him due to the power of his strong, deep and manly voice and undercurrent of aggressiveness and ferociousness of high-status yet bestially hunk of intimidatingly fine male specimen.


The older woman swallows deeply before asserting herself to shakily grab the huge, turgid cock and feeling the rugged manly texture of the cock and feel the pulsing and throbbing with her dainty hand, which barely wrapped around the arm-thick cock that was attached itself to her tall strong and good-looking son who was both a alpha male and domineering bull.


‘Oh my Oum! I can feel the blood and the vein of his cock’ She thought with lusty astonishment and sultry amazement as she absently stroke the cock with one hand try to get a good long feel of the long, herculean and scrumptious beefy shlong. Soon, she has to use both of her hands to stroke him off as one hand can’t handle the thickness of the cock as the mature women jerk off the cock coating her handle with the musky scent of turgid dick. Jaune has woven his thick fingers though her nearly white, platinum blonde hair and he watch with intense focused gaze that stare at her working on his masculine member.


When Madeline look up into her son eyes, Jaune only stare at her with imposingness and power with little of annoyance. She don’t need to hear his word as she instinctively understand his unspoken command that struck her very soul and mind. Swiftly, the blonde buxom M.I.L.F lean forward and place her soft, plump lips kissing the bulbous cocktip and the thick piss-hole that secrete yummy-yet-salty precum that send shiver of shameful-yet-delicious pleasure down her spine from the forbidden sensation of kissing the thick, bulbous cockhead.


The young bull grunted with a deep bull-like snort, this was an old and primalistic sigh of arousal, as the tyrannous blonde-haired hunk pet the submissive woman head with his large masculine hands.


Maddy had little-to-no fellatio experience, this steem from her husband unenthusiastic dislike of it and her never fully understand why on the name of Remnant would women would willingly to degrade themselves on their knees and take in the man appendage and drink their seminal milk, from the few women that she heard from that it taste bitter and sour that they usually spit it out and wash their mouth with mouthwash.


Yet, here she’s on her kneels and sucking off her own son big, massive burly cock...and it feel right like it was natural of her to be in her kneels slobbering and kissing and sucking the masculine juices like a demure concubine who was worshipping her barbarian warlord master.


She eagerly bobbed her up and down on his cock, muffled wanton moans escaping from her lips as she did so, her tongue licking around his member eagerly as she stuffed as much of it in her mouth as she could. Where on the names of the Two Brothers and Dust is all of this came from? She should’ve stop this madness long time and try harder to reason with her son.


However, she for some unseen reason can’t refuse his sharp order, as if there’s a part of her recognized him as strong and powerful alpha-man and that the instinctive, primal side of her womanhood submit to him and the primal side of her telling her to kneel between the alpha and show it the proper respect by kneeling between him sucking his dick and when he’s done with that carry his progeny.

She thought of that as the mature and buxom MILF sucked her suck cock with vigor and sultry delight as she messily drool letting the saliva hitting her huge, busty 42GG tits and she unconsciously finger her wet twat to sate off the wet, burning ache that only need one thing and it was in her own mouth.


By Oum this’s so wrong but so right in many ways as she use her hands to stroke of the rest of the long cock which she couldn’t swallow with unhinging her jawline and she rapidly bob her head like a piston or a woodpecker to a tree. She never felt so fulfilled in all of her life and-


Jaune unexpectedly stop her by pulling her mouth away from his fat massive cock leaving thick trails of her drool and saliva and a wet ‘pop’ of her softly bruise lips that was smear with precum. This unexpected act cause her discomfort and confusion. Why did he stop her? What had she done wrong? She needed to suck his dick, didn’t he understand! She need her milk from his glorious cock.


She found out a moment later exactly why he’d pulled out of her mouth when he used his grip on her hair to throw her onto the bed. She landed with a bounce of the body and her grade-A tits jiggle, as she turned over onto her back, eyes wide once again as she stared up at him. Jaune took off the rest of his clothing letting her drink in his very muscular and well-trained torso that’d thick and fully developed muscles with powerful shoulders, his beefy and broad pecs, the huge bulging arms and finally his well-toned and very manly washboard six-pack abs. His body is that of a golden masculine sex god.


He come over the bed after he took off the rest of his clothing and he crawl toward her like a ravenous predator hunting his cowering prey, as he was on top of her looking at her with dark and dominating stare full of promiscuous desire and unrestrained hunger


The shaken blonde MILF slide back and squirm underneath the big, broad and muscular body weakly looking away from his gaze.


“P-Please Jaune. My sweet boy, d-don’t something that y-you’ll r-reg-gret. I’m sorry for hurting you and I’ve much to sorry about it. Think about the sheer consequences of this course of action.”


The young man stop paused for a moment, simply staring down into her eyes as he leaned over her. His hands were on either side of her head, his massive throbbing hard cock between them, his cock was on top of her wet cunt and nearly below her slim waist which hold all of her bodily organ which send shiver of anxious desire. Then, she realized that even when she pleading to her son her own body were following it natural womanly instinct with her long, well-toned and shaply legs spreading exposing her wet cunt that was slightly gaping with hunger and the desire to be breed by the strong, dominating and authoritarian alpha-male.


Jaune notice her body moving on it own and he send her dark smoldering smirk. “Your words say something else but...” He took hold of his long burly cock with his large manly hand and aim at the wet needy cunt and blonde hunk torturous enter her letting his dear Maddy feel how it wide and stretch the wall of her wet, neglected cunt that hadn’t sex over a long period of time...and the fact his cock is beyond human and a certify weapon of it own.


She mewled at godly stretching sensation that feel like it tearing her in half yet she can’t denied that it felt...simply godly amazing as it been a long time since she had a man before her husband untimely death and she was drinking her sorrow away from it.


She tossed her head trying to hide her growing blush of shame and arousal. Yet, she couldn’t or rather she wouldn’t stop her leg from spreading more or push him off and flee to the night, and her legs slowly wrapped around the brawny waist to push him deeper in her as her studly handsome hunky son push another of his delectable inch of his massively herculean cock.

“O~~Oh my FUCKING OUM~! You’re so b-big Mast’ah Jaune!


Jaune grunted as he feed her nearly half of his thick, massive cock which hit the entrance of her womb and pushing it until small but noticeable bulge were seem in her flat toned stomach.


“I know that I’m fucking big you dumb bimbo-bitch, and fuck you old dusty cunt it as dry as an old abandoned well. I’ guest that you didn’t no one else after dad dead huh?”


He said all of this in mocking and imperious tone, as he expertly wiggles his hips causing the MILF moan and mewled out as she clawed the bedsheet with clenched hands and her blue eyes nearly rolled over to the back of her skull.


“Oh my fucking Oum!” She hissed out as the beefy cock was churning and stirring the inside of cunt and messing up her womb in the process. “Ya’fat cock is fucking tearing me in part Mas~tah” She drunkenly slurred out, as her wide children-bearing hips gyrate and whirl like a drunk ebony bitch-slut on a big white cock. “Fuck me Mastah Jaunny” She said, with a wide nearly broken smile on her flushed, daze face with lovingly sultry eyes.


‘Perfect’ Jaune ferally grinned in response and he got to truly and prehistoric fucking her with him putting all of eighteen-and-half inch of his burly cock reshaping and reforming the inside of her womb and pushing the ‘unnecessary’ organ to make room for his massive schlong.


The first couple of his strong, domineering and rough thrusts were to reshape her wall and cunt, and to gauge her reaction; which was absolutely beautiful and erotically stunning with her tears of pleasure running down her cheeks which mess up her subtle electric blue eyeshadow, foundation and mascara making a hot mess of her elegantly gorgeous face and that she’s letting out guttural moans of pleasure which heightened his high self-esteem and confidence to new higher level.


Her long arms soon joined her legs as she encircled his neck with them. Her body wrapped around him as he plunged into it, gratefully accepting his massive length into it. As she moaned lewdly to his broad chest and licking, and kissing his big, burly chest leaving mark of her lipstick on it marking him as her mate and alpha.


In and out, in and out of her poor, battered cunt. Madeline has lost track of time, it felt like hours or even days has pass by for her and her body were numbing all sense of time as it focused entirely in her womb and the raw, unadulterated pleasure that come from her overpoweringly hypersensitive walls is Cumming nonstop and each of them were getting stronger and stronger that it send her into state of pure nirvana and paradise.


Her darling studly son is insatiable sex machine; blessed with near-endless primal and animalistic vitality, virility, vigor, endurance, tenacity and pure sexual supremacy. His movement very rough and domineering like a Viking warlord but also very precise and calculating in a debonair lover which blends very well leaving the poor fucked-raw-and-silly M.I.L.F cunt battered and pummeled in pure, nirvana state of pleasure.


Her son is truly an alpha man. A natural born alpha unmatched in all aspect what make a true man — his godlike Adonis frame is divinely well-built and perfectly well-sculpted like one of those fine Atlas status, all virile-rippling muscle and sharply sculpted torso, with powerful arms radiating strength. Combine with his sharp and masculine visage that made him the Alpha God of Masculinity & Sex who was using her body as his own plaything.


The sheer thought of her son treating her like his own plaything to fucked and discard for his masculine and dominating lust had made her sinfully wet and she wailed out in perpendicular satisfaction as her orgasm struck, wracking through her body and causing her well-fucked pussy to tighten down on his herculean prick. Jaune gruntled, as his primal, rough and domineering fucking is getting slightly erratic.

“I’m...gonna...fuck’ng cum...”


Those words her son utter gone thought the sexual haze that had fallen in the fucked-broken mind of Madeline Arc who happily submit to her MASTER. Her cerulean eyes looked into her son dark-but-bright blue eyes. His eyes burn into her, and she knew instinctively knew that her son’s going breed her and today is not a safe day...and she also knew that she will let him breed her with his incestuous inbreed child and that she gladly carrying to full term and that she’s going to spend the rest of her natural life being his slutty breeding broodmare birthing out his inbreed bastard.


This’s her fate and she’s going to sinfully love every single moment of it.


Now all she’d to do it wait for the inevitable of her son to breed and impregnate her ovulating breeding-eggsacks.


And her bull of a son didn’t disappointed her. As his toweringly huge, herculean and ruggedly musclebound body pressed against her soft, very curvaceous and buxom with bestially snarl to her ears and harsh grunted ‘cumming’ and she could feel her own flat toned stomach literally bloated from the sheer amount of thick and heavy seminal fertile cum hitting her milking ovulating breeding-eggsacks.


She knew she was pregnant and for some unseen reason maybe it was a woman intuition that’s she knew it will be pair of six beautiful sextuplets twins and that they will take after their mother in terms of body and personality and that they’ll be their sweet ‘daddy girl’.


His godly cock filled her to the breaking brim and beyond until he pulled of her stuffed gaping cunt that spilling out thick syrup-like cum that cause her womb to spasm, twitch and tremble out of mini-orgasmic attack. He flap out his cock to mark her stomach, busty double GG tits, and her facial giving her a primal example of how an overwhelmingly strong and powerfully alpha of primordial eon times marking and sexual baptism of divinely, sensuous, and religious enlightenment of corrupt excitement and knowledgement. It too one light slap of her face to get her to react, startling her out of her stupor and causing her to look up at him.


“Don’t think just because I cum doesn’t mean you duty as my slut is done. We got all night long for me to fuck and me to use all of your holes until you’re filled with nothing but my cum and you mind go dumb and broken from being fucked-stupid” he domineeringly said, with a deep and gruff tone of his forceful voice and he roughly group her sensitive MILF-y level tits with his large rough, and masculine.


Her answer to that it send him sultry mind-broken smile and her legs instinctually spreading themselves and simple sentences.


“Fucked this dumb bimbo MILF with you big, fat cock and break me until I can’t move anymore you hunk of a man...”


...Days Later...


It had been days, the room of Madeline Arc nee Samson or rather her true last name Pendragon were filled with wet slapping sound of flesh against flesh and the loud beautiful cry of a wanton incestuous MILF-slut.


That wants the man think when he watches on with amused gaze and licentious half-smirk-half-grin, the Reincarnation of Asmodeus King of Demon & Prince of Lust, and the King of Dragon and Planeswalker-Warrior Rasmus Shadewalker think as he look at the mother-and-son duo who was rutting and fucking like a pair of animal-in-heat who sole purpose is breeding; which was fitting as he can sense three feminine life-forces in the stomach of Madeline Pendragon who noble and distinguished bloodline combined with Gilgamesh the Oldest King and King of Heroes and First Hero of Humanity made his young apprentice extremely powerful assets for his plans regarding Remnant...




...He’s not a pawn for him to use as he was quite fond of the young stubborn Arc lad as he saw him like a favorite grandson. Rather he was the King of this little game and he train him to the best of his power and ability to be King of King and god of man unmatched in mind, visage, body, and soul.


He did some modification on him granting him boost in physical and mental attribute’s, give him inhuman amount of Aura that’s beyond even professional huntsmen and huntress. He made him beyond superhuman and the perfect lady-killer with the body of a god, the supremely good-looks of Lucifer, and the powerful pheromones of sexual arch-demon that make him irresistibly attractive to women, and finally he also grant the ability to use magicka that was loss in this world with only two people who can still use it and...




Ahem. Anyway as he was monologue he grant the ancient power of magic; generally he can use all form of magic arts but the one he endowed his former apprentice – Lightside Arts of Tantric Magic which give him innate knowledge of the target sexual fetish and kinds, Incubus-Lord Lust Magic which give him the ability of a Incubus, Body Magic and Fertility Magic which boost his body and his ferility to newer level.


In a crude, short and simple words; He just made his former apprentice a living and breathing sex-god and strong pornomancer of high caliber & ability...



...And his superhumanly sharp ears heard the strong throbbing of his apprentice cock and how he can literally hear the churning of the thick syrup cum coming out the pisshole, and how his sharper nose smell the powerful and pungent pheromones that was rising forming from the bitch who was releasing torrent of womanly fluid of the bedsheet that was already dirty and wet from their combine time together.


And his amused eyes could tell his horny and amorous apprentice was far from done and amusedly note that this is their thirty marathon round of nonstop sex and how he look at the blut bloated stomach which look like it six-month pregnant and carrying quadruplets twins.


Well, it about time for him to leave this universal planes and watch his little personal project of his and see how his apprentice achieve the goal of being Casanova of Remnant and seeing him building his base of operations.


‘Good luck my apprentice...please entrain this old immortal eyes and build yer’self a massive harem...and enjoy my final gift to you. Consider it a gift from your former master’ He thought, the ancient immortal dragon-kiin-cambion hybrid man disappeared from the room unseen by the mother-and-son duo who think was fucking hard and fast and he heard one last thing from buxom slut-M.I.L.F before he completely disappeared from the room and this universal planes.





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