Morning Glory

BY : thezenfrog
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The sun shined bright through the windows of the small house.  Inside, bodies were moving and preparing a breakfast.  Pancakes with bacon and eggs.  The smell was simply divine.

, "This breakfast sure smells good, Mrs. Ketchum." May, a brown haired girl commented to the older one standing by the stove top.  , "It sure does.", replied Mrs. Ketchum, turning the eggs in their pan.  , "Why don't you go wake Ash up?" she asked May, to which the girl replied, "Okay."  She got up from her chair and went to wake the boy.

The living room in the house was not very large, room enough for a couch and a television set.  The girl moved past the furniture and up the staircase, where the bedroom of Ash Ketchum was located.  She had been traveling with the boy for nearly a year, and knew just how deep a sleeper he actually was.  She also knew he had a voracious appetite, which is why she was surprised he wasn't up as soon as the smell of the eggs wafted upstairs.

Reaching the top, May walked down the hall to the door for Ash's room.  She knocked on the door to see if there would be a response, but there was none.  , "Of course, why would he hear that?" she said to herself, and then tried the door handle.  The latch opened, and she walked inside.

The room is about what you would expect for a boy: Posters of pokemon tournaments, various toys, a small tv set with a video game system, and dirty clothes everywhere but the hamper.  , "How can boys be this messy?" she thought, noting the clothes, before moving towards the bed.  The boy in question was sound asleep on his bed, snoring.  May walked over to the bedside and went to shake him awake when she noticed something about the bed.

Slightly below his waist, there was a tent of fabric formed in Ash's bedsheets.  , "What is that?" May wondered, then moved her hand to the bedsheets.  Pulling them back, she was greeted by the sight of Ash's body in a t shirt and boxers.  Inside the boxers, however, was a noticeable tent of fabric that matched the tent in the bedsheets.  Upon seeing it, May knew exactly what it was, and immediately blushed red.

May had never seen one before, but she had had a health class in school, and they had talked about how boys and girls were different.  That was how she knew she was looking at Ash's penis.  She was tempted to put the sheets back, but she paused for a moment.  , "Ash is a heavy sleeper", she said to herself, "Maybe I could get away with just a little peek?"  She knew it wasn't right, but figured he would never find out.

May knelt down beside the bed and examined the boxers.  They were a plain red with a blue waistband, and had an opening in the front.  Upon closer examination, May did not see any buttons, and knew there was nothing keeping her from seeing it beside the two flaps of fabric.  Growing bold, May reached out and pulled the two pieces aside.

Without warning, Ash's dick poked through the fabric.  This took May by surprise, and she gasped a little louder than she had intended to.  She checked Ash to see if he had woken up, but he hadn't even so much as stirred in his sleep.  Breathing a sigh of relief, she turned her attention back to his member.

The object was something like she had been told it would look like.  It was rather like a mushroom, with a flanged head and a shaft.  There was a piece of skin on the underside where what appeared to be a large vein was, meeting at a cleft on the underside of the head, which met at a slit in the end.  Though not visible, May knew that the vein went down to a sack of skin that contained his testicles, the organs that would one day make the sperm that would make a baby.  May didn't know how they made a baby; She was only taught the biology of the body, not how the biology worked in reproduction.

May stared at the phallus in front of her for a few minutes before curiousity motivated her to continue.  , "What does it feel like?" she wondered, before moving her hand to touch it.  Reaching out a finger, she quickly pulled back when the organ twitched slightly upon her making contact.  Checking and making sure that the boy was still asleep, May decided to try again.  This time, she reached out and grasped it in her hand.

She didn't know how to describe what she was feeling in her hand.  The organ was very firm and rigid, yet it felt squishy at the same time.  It gave off heat, and felt like blood was coursing through it.  May knew that this is what was called an erection, and that boys got them fairly often.  She had never seen any of the boys in school with one, so she wondered how they were able to hide the fact they had one so well.

May had grasped around the bottom of the shaft, but was curious about the top, so she slid her hand up the shaft.  The penis in her hand twitched in her grasp, and Ash gave a small gasp.  May withdrew her hand in fear and prepared to run out of the room, but calmed down when she saw he wasn't waking up.  , "He could sleep through the fourth of July" she thought, and cautiously decided to continue.

Reaching her hand out again, May decided to grab at the top this time, hoping to avoid waking him up.  Wrapping her grip around the head, she found it to be squishier than the shaft.  She heard Ash gasp again, but didn't recoil, only turning to verify that he wasn't waking up.  Once sure, she began to examine the organ again.

May spent the next minute looking over the boy's organ.  She guessed it must've been around 5 inches in length, as it was easily bigger than one of her hands.  She moved her hands around the organ, and illicited more gasps from a sleeping Ash.  May then realized that the gasps were from pleasure, and that her rubbing the organ was making him feel good.  Curious to see how far she could go with it, May gripped the phallus in her hand, and began to lightly stroke it.

May's actions began to illicit stronger gasps and groans from Ash.  Clearly, he was enjoying the treatment he was receiving in his sleep.  May began slowly, keeping most of her attention on the boy to see if her actions would wake him.  Eventually, she moved it to her hand, slowly stroking a little faster.  This treatment went on for another minute before May noticed something.

The small opening at the end of Ash's penis had a clear liquid coming from it.  At first, May thought this was urine, but then noticed that it wasn't watery or coming out in a steady flow.  Stopping her stroking for a moment, May touched the liquid with her finger.  It felt wet, for sure, but when she put it to her nose, she couldn't really smell anything.  Rubbing it around on her fingers, she found it made them slicker.  Seeing that more was forming at the end, May collected it on her palm and resumed stroking.

May deduced that the fluid was some kind of lubrication, but didn't understand why Ash's penis would need that.  What she did know, was that it allowed her hand to travel more smoothly up and down the shaft.  Gathering some more, May began stroking faster, getting even stronger moans from the sleeping boy above her.  Something inside her made her feel good that she was giving Ash so much pleasure.

As May continued stroking, she noticed that Ash's penis seemed to be getting even bigger, and that his breaths were coming closer together.  She didn't know what that meant, but kept going despite that.  Her hand was moving fairly quickly, and she wanted to see how he would react as she kept stroking faster and faster.  Before she knew it, she had her answer.

Ash's breathing became one long groan, and his penis twitched in May's hand.  The girl didn't know what was happening, but was surprised when several strands of white liquid shot out of Ash.  She held her hand in place as the organ pumped the liquid out of his body and into the air.  While the first few shot out fairly high, the last several bursts came out fairly slowly, and actually got onto May's hand.  Eventually, May felt Ash's penis stop pulsing, and the liquid stopped spurting out.

May looked at the mess Ash had made at her hands.  Fortunately, most of it had landed on his bare legs, so it would be easy to clean off with a tissue.  May began to examine her hands, but was interrupted when she heard the bedsprings creak.  Fearing he was waking up, May prepared to run, but stopped when she saw that he simply rolled in his sleep, facing toward her and smiling, his penis now smaller and softer.  May grabbed a tissue and wiped up the liquid that gathered onto his legs.

As May cleaned, she noticed the liquid that gathered on her hands.  Curious, she put it to her nose and smelled it.  It didn't have an exceptionally pleasent smell, but she didn't find it horribly disgusting either.  Another twinge of curiousity hit her, and without understanding why, she took a small lick off her hand.

The taste was rather salty, but that didn't bother May much; She was used to eating salted meat from her grandparent's farm.  She lapped at the remaining amount on her hand, decided she liked it after all.  Looking over at Ash, she noticed there was a small amount on his penis still.  A bold idea crossed her mind, and slowly she leaned in to look more closely at the shrunken organ.

Ash's penis was now considerably smaller than it had been, and had nearly withdrawn back into his boxers.  May looked closely at the organ in front of her.  She decided that if she was gonna do it, she should probably just go through with it.  Without any further hesitation, she leaned forward and took Ash's soft member into her mouth.

May detected the taste of the white liquid, but another unusal flavor as well, and decided that this is what Ash himself tasted like.  As she tasted the unusual combination of flavors, she began to also suck on the organ as well.  This action caused the organ to grow again, and before May knew it, she had Ash's fully erect penis in her mouth.  Deciding that she had already went this far, and going further couldn't make anything worse, she continued to suck on Ash's member.

Ash began to breathe heavier as he had when he was being stroked by May, but the breathing seemed to come faster than before.  May guessed that it must've felt better on him to use her mouth than it would to use her hands.  As she sucked, May decided to also lick at Ash's member, getting a stronger moan when she did so around the head.  Moving her head back and forth so as her lips stroked his shaft, May was unknowingly giving Ash a rather enthusiastic blowjob, and by the boy's reaction, was rather good at it.

May continued her actions for another minute before Ash's breathing got like it had before he shot out the white liquid.  She thought about stopping, but realized that that would mean getting more tissues to clean it up.  She also considered the fact that she actually kinda liked how it tasted, and from that thought, made her decision.  Giving no care to his reaction, May began sucking harder on Ash, her tongue flicking all over the head as she did so.

May's actions were rewarded, so to speak, when Ash let out another long groan as the girl felt he penis twitch in her mouth and the same salty flavor began to fill it.  May found that it was filling her mouth rather quickly, and she began to swallow it so as to make room for the greater volume following it.  She kept going for several minutes before the bursts subsided and there was no more liquid to be had.

Seeing his body shifting more, May decided that she had tested her luck long enough.  Grabbing a tissue and wiping any excess from her face, May managed to put Ash's dick back in his underwear, and covered him up again.  Satisfied that her actions wouldn't be discovered, May did the one thing she knew would wake the boy.  Grabbing a stuffed animal, May dropped it on top of the boy's head.

Ash shot up in bed, awake and wondering what was attacking him.  Seeing the stuffed toy, he began searching for the attacker, expecting his mother.  Instead, he was greeted by May, who was dressed in her usual red outfit.  , "Wakey Wakey, eggs and bakey!" she mocked, before leaving the room.  Ash grunted at her, miffed that she had disturbed his sleep.  Upon smelling food and feeling a strong need to use the bathroom, Ash got up and set about his day.

May watched as Ash walked out of his room and went into the bathroom.  She kept laughing to herself, as she couldn't believe what she had just done a few minutes ago.  She still had the taste of him in her mouth, and actually quite liked it.  In fact, she liked what she had done so much, she began thinking to herself how she could go about doing it again.  Her thoughts were distracted by the smell of food wafting from the kitchen downstairs.  A grumble from her stomach reminded her that it was breakfast time, and she needed to eat.  Putting the thoughts out of her mind for the time being, May went downstairs and got a bite to eat.

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