The Shield's True Power (Rise of the Shield Hero)

BY : EnigmaticOutlander
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Author’s Note: Here begins yet another chapter to this story! I am spreading myself over several stories at this point, so it’s taking me a little longer to update them. BUT! I am far from abandoning any of them. Have no fear!

Lot’s of love sent out! And Filo sends her love too to all you lovely Daddy’s. ;P (Also, let’s be real. Not actual incest, but it like kiiinda is in spirit.)

Themes: Slutification/Minor Bimbofication, BDSM, Latex, S/M, Daddy/Daughter, Pseudo-Incest, Hotdogging, Facesitting, Minor Femdom

Reality returned slowly for Naofumi. Groaning, he wondered why he felt so equally tired and wonderful at the same time. He wished he could just stay right here, relax and stay here sleeping for the rest of the day. But constant weight on his lower half was making it hard to stay asleep. It felt outright pleasant though, so he didn’t complain. Who cared if something was on him? He had had an unexpectedly wonderful night with Raphtalia, revealing their base desires to one another. It likely was just her head on his lap or something.
That is, till he felt it suddenly begin bouncing and grinding actively on top of him. Jolting awake, Naofumi blurrily stared around as he was rudely brought to full wakefulness… Only to stare dumbstruck at what sat on his lap. A young woman was straddling his fucking lap, wearing a full shiny, black latex hood with only a mouth hole, arm gloves, and stockings. She was lithe, with almost nothing in the way of tits, yet the thickest, most voluptuous ass he had ever seen was hotdogging his rock-hard cock and grinding on it. She had a red ball gag in her mouth, with a ponytail of long, golden locks poking out a hole at the top of the hood. And she was completely bound, with armbinders holding her arms locked behind her back.
She was moaning quietly to herself, constantly nursing that hard cock between her buttcheeks. Now that he thought about it, that must be why he felt so pleasant right now as his cock was leaking a constant flow of precum. It acted as lube for the slick, tender grinding the girl was pulling off with her wonderous ass. He stared up at her, aghast at how he could be sleeping through this and wondering who this person was. Naofumi noticed a passive glow coming from his arm and saw how his shield had apparently changed into another shield and was actively in use. Blinking, he tapped it on and saw in bright bold letters “BDSM Shield active, Latex and Bondage functions online. Pleasure Shield assisting.”
How in the fuck--? How was the shield fucking acting of its own accord?! Who was this person? Oh gods, had it dragged in someone against their will and began forcing them to do this? Naofumi suddenly sat up, causing the young woman to gasp in surprise and shiver on top of the Shield Hero. “Oh gods, Im so sorry about this. I don’t know what my shield was doing, but it wasn’t me! I didn’t mean to do… whatever is going on—” He fumbled with pulling off the ball gag. As soon as the red ball was yanked out of the girl’s mouth though, a VERY familiar voice breathily spoke. “M-Master… Are you not enjoying this? Am I doing something w-wrong?”
Naofumi was struck dumb as he heard Filo’s voice, now slightly different then before, come from that mouth. He couldn’t help letting out a weird mix of a groan of frustration and a moan of pleasure as his companion began grinding in earnest against his throbbing cock. “F-FILO?! What the hell is going on here?! Why are you o-on my cock right now?” Filo let out a little squeal as she stared blankly in his direction. “I-I don’t know Master. I came in and saw you with Raphtalia last n-night. I was very sad briefly, until I started lapping up your delicious cum and cleaned you both squeaky clean.” He blinked as he looked down. Beyond the precum mess between her asscheeks enveloping his cock, he noticed he was surprisingly clean.
“I-I felt sooooo good after eating it all. You tasted so good Master, that I fell asleep. After a while though, I had a dream where I realized I wasn’t anywhere as good as Raphtalia… I probably didn’t deserve your attention, because you had chosen her over m-me and—” She gasped on top of his cock as she hit some sweet spot on her pussy, shivering with joy before resuming. “—I knew I-I had to prove myself to you. So I woke up, my body having magically shaped itself to suit your needs far better… A-and I think the Shield sensed what I wanted, s-so it wrapped me all nice and snug in this clothing. I knew then, I was thi-thinking along the right path finally.”
Her breath came out in husky gasps as her flat chest heaved up and down. Despite having very little in the way of tittyflesh, her nipples were pronounced and hard as little pebbles. Naofumi gaped at his not-so-little companion and was lost for words. He had absolutely no idea how Filo had gotten lost down this train of thought, but he needed to put a stop to it now. Before he could even begin to start taking apart her worries though, Filo let out a small sniffle and stopped grinding. “I-I’m really not doing this right, are I Master? I’m never going to be good enough for your wonderful cock. I only deserve it if you give it to me. I haven’t even been able to make you cum yet, but Raphtalia was able to get you to soak her in cum.”
The Shield Hero was utterly and completely stumped as to what to say. He blinked like a deer caught in headlights, before he finally grasped Filo and pulled her into a hug. “P-Please Master, can you show me you love me? That you love me as much as Raphtalia. I know I’m never going to be as good as her, but I want to show I’m still worthy of you’re a-attention. I—” Filo let out a suddenly squeal of fear as she felt Naofumi’s arms tightened around her body. With a sudden burst of energy, he whirled them around and slammed her into the bed, his hands upon her shoulders as he held her down and propped her ass on the edge of the bed. Unbeknownst to him, the Pleasure Shield had been building up his desire all night and combined with Filo’s amateur attempts to get him to cum, he was ready to blow.
He lined up his cock with her slick, wet asshole and grabbed ahold of her thick thunder thighs. “You want my love? Fine. I’ll show you I love you Filo. But stop crying, now. Or I won’t fuck you.” Filo immediately bit her lip, a well of emotion swirling in her chest as she felt a gleam of hope in her heart. Naofumi gave a deep breath before he plunged his cock straight into her tight asshole. Gods above, she was tight and somehow as slick as a fucking pussy. He reached up and grasped her by the shoulders, watching the little latex sub slut before him quiver in delight at feeling his cock inside her.
Raphtalia, jolted awake by the shouts and sudden hard fucking going on the bed, blearily awoke next to the pair with a start. Looking to her left, she watched in fascination as Naofumi fucked the little latex slut with such intensity. Instead of feeling betrayal or possible hurt feelings, she felt a single drop of jealously that she wasn’t being fucked like that. Naofumi let out another guttural grunt as he slammed again and again into the shameless slut, causing Filo to cry out in pleasure. For Raphtalia, it clicked who was under the hood and she let a small little grin appear on her face. An idea sprung into her head. She loved Filo, and she always would… But Naofumi was hers to keep forever. If they wanted to share him, Filo had to know her place.
And with that, she sat up and crawled over to Filo’s face and whispered into her ear. “Know your place, you little slut. We can share Master Naofumi, as his lovers till the end of our days…” Raphtalia reached up and gently grasped her by the chin. “But I am the one who truly has him. You just get to be nothing more then our little daughter, the shameless little back door whore who will get my sloppy seconds. You got that?” Filo was a little too lost in the feeling to acknowledge, till the raccoon girl slapped her across the face. “Do you understand, slut?” Filo nodded enthusiastically. “Y-Yes M-Mommy! I understand c-completely. Daddy only g-gets to fuck my asshole.”
Naofumi blinked in shock at Filo’s words, wondering what Raphtalia had said to Filo. Why was she calling him Daddy? And her Mommy? Why was any of this fucking shit happening? Fucked if he knew. He kept plowing the tight asshole in front of him and let out a yell of frustration as the orgasm he desired continued to be slightly elusive. As if the Shield was preventing him from reaching it juuuust yet… Raphtalia glanced back at her lover, seeing his growing need and deciding to hurry up her little plan. She had had a dream about this, and it was a little odd how it had come to fruition in the way it had. The raccoon girl got on her knees and straddled Filo’s face, letting the little bird girl get a full taste of her pussy. “Taste Daddy’s cum in Mommy’s pussy and clean it. I know you cleaned us completely, so finish where you started. Daddy deserves only the best, so let him deposit his cum in your ass.” She let a satisfied smirk cross her face as she grasped Filo’s ponytail of hair and shove her face deeper into groin. “I’ll allow you the pleasure of his cum, deep inside your slutty ass.”
And as if a lock had been taken off, Naofumi’s orgasm appeared out of no where as he roared into the hotel room and unloaded a massive, churning load of hot goo into the bird girl’s tight asspussy. He continued to plow into her tight little ass, riding out the orgasm for several long moments before he finally grew still and let his semi-hard cock slide out of her ass. The Shield Hero’s gaze lazily looked around, a bit dazed after the shocking events of the past little bit. He sat down on the bed next to the people he cared most about and tried to think out everything that had just happened.
In the span of twelve hours, he had fucked both girls he cared most about, under very different circumstances. One was a lovemaking session he had never guessed would happen. The other was a wild session of fucking that turned quickly into one of those many taboo fetish pornos from back home. Like, they were hot and kinky, he had to admit but—Suddenly a body was slipping into his lap as Raphtalia wrapped her arms around the Hero’s neck. She pulled him into a deep kiss, which caused his friendly neighborhood cock to spring right back into action. As if planned, the raccoon girl slid her freshly lubed pussy right onto his cock and began bouncing in earnest onto his cock. She had left Filo to regain some much-needed oxygen, desiring a taste of what had just transpired as she rode Naofumi’s cock.
A shy, flushed smile spread across Raphtalia’s face as she broke the kiss and stared down at her lover. “Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of Filo… She’ll be the little daughter we both deserve. You deserve every bit of love you can get, and a family will give that to you I think.” She let out a giggling moan as she hilted herself on his cock. “It just might be a bit… unorthodox is all, with a little latex butt slut of a daughter and a fuckslut wife. Am I right?” She peered into his eyes, as if staring into his very soul as she revealed the depth of love she had for him. And whilst she might be manipulating this situation to benefit her slightly, it still all was in the name of Master Naofumi’s benefit after all. Even Filo benefitted from it ultimately. She glanced over at the vaguely-comatose girl, her grin widening a little at seeing a timid smile plastered on the Filolial’s lips. Ohhh, but did she have ideas to cement her place on the pecking order between the two of them… Let alone any other women who vied for Naofumi’s attention. She wouldn’t deny them, but she would certainly let them know where they stood.
She reached over and grabbed Filo by her ponytail and gently pulled on it, alerting the girl that she was to move. Despite the distraction of plowing herself on the Hero’s fuckstick, she focused long enough to get the groggy girl to get down on the floor, kneel down at the edge of the bed, and get right between Naofumi’s legs. “Lick Daddy’s balls, like a good girl. You need to help relieve him of tension so he can continue to be a strong, powerful hero and save us from the Waves of Calamity.” Naofumi was too lost in the pleasure that he hardly noted what she said till he felt the young woman’s mouth on her nutsack, worshipping them with her mouth with kisses, licks and suckling.
Between plowing the racoon girl’s love tunnel and Filo’s worship of his testees though, Naofumi could barely contain himself as he yelled out again in ecstasy and unloaded another large load of cum into his lover. He shook his head, trying to shove aside the fuzzy feelings in his head as he looked down at the two of his girls. How had their lives changed so radically in one day? He couldn’t wrap his head around it, so he simply shrugged it off and accepted it. They both seemed happy, and he couldn’t complain in all honesty. Soooo….
Naofumi reached now and patted Filo on the head whilst he kissed Raphtalia. After a brief moment, he pulled away and murmured quietly. “Thank you… Both of you.” The Filolial perked up dramatically with those words, happy noises escaping her mouth after acquiring validation from the one she loved the most, whilst Raphtalia nodded and smiled in return. The Shield Hero laid down and, for once, allowed the both of them to join in him bed: Raphtalia on his right, snuggled into his shoulder and dozing as cum trickled out of her pussy, and Filo on his left, bundled up tight in her latex bindings and lovingly murmuring under her breath as she drifted off to sleep. He stared up at the ceiling and sighed. Oh well, if this was how it was now, then he’d make the best of it. He let himself drift off into a much-needed nap before the rest of their day began.

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