Tea Time at Hellsing Manor

BY : Mato-Kuroshira
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The sun was beginning to set on the Hellsing mansion, but the day was only just beginning. It began for Sir Integra Hellsings afternoon tea, sort of a breakfast before a breakfast, and a ritual she had gone through with the maids serving the household for as long as she could remember. However, Millennium had left heavy scars- chief among which was a shortage in manpower and staff, and so some select people of the military branch had to help out in the upkeep of the traditions.

Such was life for the head vampire right now, the most powerful being known to the world.
Seras's hips swished briskly in her tight maid uniform, a bright-red blush plastered on her pale cheeks. As strong, as brave, as downright monstrous as Seras could be, she felt awkward and embarassed balancing a metal tray on her palm. The cups and pot rattled precariously, but she managed to avoid dropping anything as she entered her mistress's bedroom. "Sir Integra?" she said, glancing around the empty room - before detecting the hiss of the shower behind the door to the en-suite bathroom. Seras set the tray on Integra's side-table and stood by her bed, hands folded nervously over her stomach.

The water soon ceased its stream, and the quiet clatter of a shower door being opened was heard instead- after a brief rustle, the door to the bathroom was unlocked and opened... Sir Integra Hellsing walked out, her hair wet and hanging down quite neatly, clinging to her milk chocolate skin which was still glistering a bit from the water that had cleaned it- she had been drying herself off still, a towel rubbing down her taut, almost toned stomatch and covering most of her collossal tits, but her lower body was bare naked- from her strong, long legs down to the black polish on her nails, and a flaccid manhood, twice as long and thick as a normal man´s erect shaft. Seras straightened and stiffened as Integra strode into the room. To Seras, the Lady Hellsing was a goddess made flesh, and all the advantages of her vampre physiology seemed to melt away when she stood before her employer. "Oh, Seras." The chocolate skinned goddess remarked, seeing the vampire past her lacking glasses- her damaged eye was clenched shut. "I didn't hear you come in. My afternoon tea, i suppose?"

"Mmuh," Seras responded, and then, realising that wasn't a word, wet her lips and tried again. "Y-Yes. I prepared it...to your exact standards, my lady." She couldn't take her eyes off of Integra, her bunched-up mega-cleavage, her mocha schlong swinging against her thighs with soft wet slaps... The blonde beauty squeezed her hands over her crotch and shivered, her own pale cleavage heaving faster and higher as she grew excited. Still, she had to restrain herself, it was expected of a maid, and of her, to wait for instruction.


"Excellent." Integra smirked and finished drying up, tossing her towel over one shoulder and exposing her K-cups bare as well... with large, thick pink nipples which would no doubt fill Seras´s mouth with delicious, nutrious milk. Uncaring about her nudity, she reached over to cover her left eye with an eyepatch, then took the cup of tea in one hand and proceeded to take a sip, looking back to Seras with amusement. „Well, you know what i want together with my afternoon tea right? I get the tea, you get the milk.“

The vampire maid bit her lip, nodding faintly and kneeling down before her. „Yes... I-i am ready when you are, Ma´m.“ Her knees quivered a bit, thinking of last time- the first time she had done that tea ritual with her. Could one call it a tea ritual if it involved... that? Integras huge dick rose up at this, assisted by Integras hand, and it came closer, closer... closer to her mouth. It touched her lips, and Seras opened up, allowing the head to her serpentine vampire tongue.

„Good... keep it up until i tell you to stop.“ Integra hummed, having tea as it was brought to her while the tongue danced over her dickhead, slathering it in saliva before she began to suckle. Seras was shy as a child, as usual, but right now she was just going to give her some time to adjust. One look, and Integra knew that the girl was enjoying it, that she was fighting the lust building up in her body, but was trying not to show it... perhaps giving her a hand would be helpful. A hand came down, and placed itself on Seras´s left breast to grope it, squeezing it just the right amount to entice a noise from the vampire. She eyed Integra's heavy breasts, her desires written plain on her face. Clasping a hand over her employer's, she helped Integra to massage her own pale tit; urged her to grope as much as she liked. Meanwhile, Seras hummed and squeezed Integra's cockhead with her teeth...before stuffing the fist-sized glans into her mouth, letting the brown beauty see her cheeks bulge. "Mmngh..?"


Integras hand was groping tightly, with pale boob clad in a white uniform spilling out between each of her digits, the fingers themselves nearly disappearing in the soft mass. A light slap against one followed, and she groped the side of it again, slowly tugging back to front, her thumb and forefinger pulling on its nipple by the time that was reached. "Heh. A bit too much for your mouth perhaps?" She chuckled, the hand taken off of Seras´s hand reaching up under her own right breast to bring it up to her mouth, sucking on its nipple to add a bit of milk to the taste of tea. Her nipple popped out, stiffened and erect, and so did Integras tongue, lavishly lapping over the excited bud and groping the breast in her hand. Despite this, a light white leak came from the bud, but Integra shook her upper body briefly, her massive tits swaying and wobbling heavily, clapping against one another as the milk was dripping off. The pendulous wobble of Integra's tits appeased Seras, who grunted and winced when her mistress smacked her sensitive chest. "Nmgh..." It was too much, but that wouldn't stop her from biting and bobbing her head over the first few inches...and grasping Integra's shaft in her hands, one near the tip and one near the base, pumping that ungainly thing as best she could. Her eyes never strayed from the luscious show above, especially when Integra's milk began to drip on her face... Integras tongue came out, a drip of saliva falling onto Seras much like the milk. "If its too much for your mouth alone, perhaps you should use your other assets." She suggested with a giggle, tapping the underside of Seras´s boob and tugging on its nipple once more. "Unless you´re just unmotivated? Let me check." Both of her hands reached around Seras´s head, gripping the back of it this time- before pressing it down, while her hips thrusted up towards her mouth. „HNNGG!!“


Seras hiked a blonde brow at Integra's statement - and then went wide-eyed, tears welling in the corners of her blue hues as Integra RAMMED through her mouth and down her sloppy throat! "GHOKK!" Seras spluttered violently, her neck bulged around Integra's titanic cock, speared so roughly and suddenly that she had no chance of defending herself. "Hhhnn...Ahhh, so i thought!" Integra chuckled, seeing Seras´s throat bulge out under the width of her cock that entered it, pulling back out to let her lips stroke over her glan- a false sense of security later, she plunged back in, her thighs assisting the motion of her hips with a bit more force to let Seras choke on ten, then twelve, and on the fourth stroke, all fifteen inches, with the blondes nose nudging against her chocolate abdomen. "Oohhh...." Integra mewled, resting there for a moment, her hips gyrating lightly to roll and stirr her cock inside her throat. "Tight, quite tight, Seras. Its very good you vampires heal so quickly... it would a horrid shame if i stretched out your holes to this degree and lost this tightness." Slowly she pulled back, her cock now slick and slimy as it reemerged, she briefly considered pulling it out and enjoying Seras´s tits for a while... But reconsidered, ramming her cock back down and forcefully starting to fuck Seras´s face like it was merely a hole to sleeve her dick into, balls slapping against her chin with wet claps and soon drenching in the saliva that the vampire leaked from her lips. Seras glurked and croaked noisily as Integra stuffed her face, stretching her lips and straining her jaw. It was true - her healing factor was the only thing allowing her to swallow that monstercock, but Integra pushed even her vampiric limits. She gazed dizzily at her mistress, drool bubbling from her noistrils, tits swaying from the force of her thrusts...and when Integra pulled back, Seras groaned relief- Only to GAG as Integra thundered back in, slamfucking her gullet hard and fast, bending her forward in her chair while her huge, pale tits bounded wildly beneath her! Seras went cross-eyed, clutching her bloated neck. „Very... Unhn.. Very good Seras... I am pleased! Very pleased!! Let me bestow a gift upon you... H—HERE IT COMES!!“
Inch by inch, the back of her cock bulged out further, and Seras´s eyes widened at the idea of what was coming next- Integras muscles slammed forward hard and her throat was filled in an instant with hot, thick cum rushing down its length to her belly, a waterhose of semen was filling her up... only it was doing so in bursts. She could feel the semen hitting the bottom of her belly, more, and more, and more....

Integra pulled out finally, her dick growing limp again, and as if nothing had happened she returned to drinking her tea, whilst Seras´s face was gaping wide... her eyes tearing and rolling up, cum bubbling up her throat and leaking from her face, dripping down to the floor. For almost a minute she was out of it, until the vampire suddenly snapped back to attention realizing that she was derelicting her duties. „Ah- Terribly sorry Ma´m! I´m... I´m not well trained yet, i apologize!“ No sooner said than done, she swallowed the rest of the semen that was leaking out, placing the tip of the cock in her mouth and milking it with one gloved hand, before cleaning it up with a wet towel and her tongue. „Th-there...“ She said, gulping another salty mouthful of cream, standing up to receive her next set of orders. "You seem stiff, Seras. Why don´t you go ahead and fetch me a suit from my closet? I have a meeting in an hour as you know, and whatever i like it or not, i need to look the part." With a light hum, she gazed into Seras´s clevage, that cute french maid uniform with short skirt and stockings fit the blonde vampire like a glove- she had to remember to buy her some high heels too, perhaps an even shorter skirt... yes, yes Walters absence had its advantages. She would look forward to Seras reaching into the sock drawer too, the lowest one... Perhaps she would go for a round two before the meeting. Seras looked like she could use a cuntful of cum to round out the belly a bit more.

Seras's blue eyes flickered up and fixed on her boss's tits, watching them shift, sway and wobble as Integra walked past her and drank the rest of her tea. "Y-You'd rather walk around naked?" Seras blurted, baking under Integra's gaze. She felt tiny before this woman, this idol of both femininity and masculinity - and she obeyed, hurrying to the wardrobe and taking out Integra's suit. She glanced over her shoulder as she worked, watching Integra watching her, and bit her soft lower lip. She opened the sock drawer and, without looking, shoved her hand inside to grab whatever was there. As she did, her tiny skirt raised up and slid over her supple butt, exposing it and the white panty that covered it.


"Why not? You should try it yourself sometime... that is, if you dont mind the looks." Integra chuckled. She watched her closely, that blonde bimbo of a vampire as she was moving around in the tightest, shortest of uniforms she could find, and eagerly awaited that oment she had to bend down to open the sock drawer.... A disappointed huff came from her, and she put the tea down, walking over. "Seras...." She started, like a mother who had caught their child doing something bad. "What did i order you when i instructed you on wearing that uniform?!" Without hesitation, she lifted Seras off of the ground as she was, putting her on her shoulder ontop of the towel that was still there, and gave her a sharp spank on the butt. Seras's lips parted in shock when Integra, easy as anything, hooked an arm around her waist and hoisted her over a shoulder! "I said wear the black string, not a white plain panty!" Another spank- and her groin began to twitch, throb, and rise.

Seras was helpless to stop her mistress from striking her tush, making her thick, forever-teenaged cheeks wobble and bound! Seras gasped and groaned, wiggling her knees against Integra's boobs as the powerful, eyepatched woman punished her. "Ha-ahn! I'm sorry, I just...nngh, forgot..!" The sharp stings shot up her spine and back to her groin, she twitched faintly on every strike.

"Lying too? I know why you didnt do it- you were too much of a little girl to wear them, werent you? A scared little chicken that thinks someone might see you?" Another spank, and another, just to enjoy the response of her soft, wobbly butt under her fingers, then Seras´s world would spin out of control for a moment. Slap! Seras cried out again, throwing her head back and squirming. Clap! Seras's cheeks started to turn red. Integra tossed her off of her shoulder and down onto her bed, almost like a wrestler would throw his opponent down on the mat. Seras could do little but shield her face and wince, her boobs and booty jiggling from the impact. She writhed all the way down the bed, then panted as she peered down at Integra over the massive horizon of her clothed chest. Right away, Integra grabbed hold of her ankles and pulled her legs halfway off the bed so she had better reach- by this point, Seras briefly saw that her cock was halfway erect and throbbing like mad, but also the devious, lustful glance in her eye as Integra knelt down and reached out- pushing up Seras´s skirt with one hand, and hooking two fingers into the waistband of her pussy to slowly drag it down her legs with the other hand, not stopping until she had pulled it off her feet and tossed over the shoulder. "This will not do- i won´t let you wear that!"

"Hah...nnh..." That monstrous cock, raging for a hole to hammer... Those tits, even more deliciously huge than Seras's own... Seras curled her toes as the panties came off, and then laid her head back on the sheets. "Ohn...hn... What will you do..?"


"A proper apology is in order, if a servant disregards a masters orders." Integra growled, almost like a purr, as she pushed Seras´s legs apart to get a good look at her pink little pussy, shaved as she instructed. Her cock snapped up fully erect, and she almost wanted to just slam it in, but this wouldnt do either- Seras wanted that, and Seras deserved a punishment first. Reaching out to grope the soft labia of her servant between three fingers, she pressed them together a bit, letting the gathering wetness squish and squirt out of her naughty hole, then her middle finger sunk inside, coming back out with a sharp flick against her clit. "Perhaps i should make you not wear panties at all. So that everytime you work around the house, people can see this slutty cunt, get a good look at how tight it is." She bent her head down, and started viciously flicking her tongue back and forth on the pink slit. The busty blonde was expecting penetration - thirsting for the sensation of Integra's unbelievable cock rutting her silly - so when Integra instead fingered her oversensitive pussy, she gasped and tipped her head back a little. "Hn..! Ah... I only want you to see my-" she began, but then tensed and bit the crook of a finger as Integra started to work her long, agile tongue over her squishy pussylips. "Mmnf! Auh.."

"Your what?" Integra pressed, her tongue being replaced quickly by three fingers which started rubbing back and forth rapidly over the labia and lips of her pussy, spreading the wetness that originated from her core to make all of it a sloppy wet mess, while she came up further to look Seras in the eyes with a lick of her lips. "Tell me, what do you want me to see? What do you want me to -do-? I´m sick of your little lies and half truths, be honest~!" Saying this, she sharply pulled on the maid dress where it covered her left boob to make it pop out, only for her mouth to latch onto the nipple that presented itself like a laser guided warhead- and suck, suck hard, like her life depended on it, with her tongue quickly circling the bud.

Seras pushed her hands up her belly and chest, and cupped her cheeks in hef own palms, shaking her head in pitiful pleasure. Her muscled belly quivered and bucked, and her sopping cunt clenched and oozed against Integra's racing fingers. "Hnn..!" The sudden pressure of Integra's tits on her stomach made her cry out - staring in awe at her mistress bobbing up and down, slurping on her nipple, cock between her legs..! "Fuck me," she breathed. "Please, please, fuck, hah--!"

POP, and Integras mouth released an erect, almost twitching nipple from her mouth, the skin around it pink from the strong suction- with delight, she ran her hand around the other boob, peeling the fabric that covered it away to reveal her tits in full, and she stood up, giving a light slap to Seras´s pussy as she pulled away from it. Her cock was rock hard now, 15inch long and as thick as Seras´s fist with a pronounced backbulge and large pink cockhead dripping a bit of her white seed, originating from her tennisball sized balls hanging further down... she smirked, pulling Seras´s lower body up by tugging on her leg, the other hand slapped her cock down onto the pink vampire cunt again, twice, lightly coating it with precum. "Thats all i wanted to hear from you..." Pulling Seras´s leg further up, she lined her mushroomy head up with the soft, quivering folds of the girls pussy- she could feel them twitch and tighten just from the feel of her hot manhood... and with a grunt, she slid the first three inches aside to have a guide. A guide for the thrust that followed, that brought her balls deep into the vampire. "Unnnfff~"


„AAHNnnn~“ Seras cried out at first, but the deeper she went, the more Integra reamed her out the more the pain ebbed off and made pleasure shoot to her head instead. She risked a look down, seeing that chocolate fuckrod lodged deep inside, but against her suspicion there wasnt a visible imprint of her dick. Perhaps because her belly was so full already that it had a little bulge, but she couldnt finish that thought. Not when Integra was drawing back, the vacuum draw nearly sucking her womb out with it, only to slam back in and repeat, her mind going blank in an instant. „F-ffuuaaahhh!“
„Fuuaaah indeed.“ Integra grinned, both of her hands coming up to tighly grip around Seras´s tits and grope them from the bottom upwards... she quickly decided against it though, instead holding onto the vampires waist. For good reason, because as she was speeding up, decidedly pleased with the squishing noises of a soaking wet cunt stretched to size, she could then watch those tits bounce up and down, sometimes even hitting Seras in the face. Not that the vampire would know, given the look in her eyes her brain was currently vacant and filled simply with cock, so much so that the girls tongue was slowly rolling out of her open mouth. Sure enough, the more she was beating up the girls cervix with her cock, the more loose her facial expressions got, only interrupted by jolts of her head backwards whenever her dick bottomed out hard and balls hit Seras´s ass.
„Aaahnn.. Aahnn.. Aaaa...F-fuck! Fuckfuckfuckfuk~~“ Seras mewled and moaned out in a climax, saliva dripping from both corners of her mouth, her entire body- insides as well as outsides- bouncing with every hard, battering slam of that cock. The feeling of her pussy was dominating her whole being, every little inch of her slutty slit vibrated and tickled with pleasure And it wasnt stopping, no... Integra was doubling down in fact.

Tightly grabbing her legs by the ankles, Integra pushed them further up- above her head, far enough for Seras´s spine to curl and her ass to raise up, just enough so that she could climb up ontop. Pinning her with her hands, her knees came down on each side of her waist and her K-cups buried Seras´s face, but she cared little for the girls ability to breathe. She was a vampire, she didnt need air... but what Integra needed was a hole to fuck. Not just to fuck, but to breed, a womb to bloat up under the force of her load!
Pinning her maid down into this mating press, her dick slammed straight down, bottoming out and clapping her chocolate balls against Seras´s creamy white ass and punishing the pale pink lips that was spread as wide as they could go. Brutally hard and fast she pounded that girls womb with her thrusts, pussy juices spraying across the bed as Seras hit her third orgasm in a row...

Then Integra slammed down one last time, as hard as she could, pushing the head of her cock through the cervix and punching the backside of Seras´s womb.
One could hear her cock delivering its load, her white cream squelching and squirting loudly as a dripping pussy accepted its reward, holding it in as best as she could, though within seconds, semen was squirting out the sides of her pussy lips in high arcs, drizzling down onto the bed and the floor.

That third orgasm of Seras presisted quite a bit. The whole time she was filling the girl with her load, she could feel the smaller blonde spasming, clenching and tightening around her, as if her pussy was sucking out cum all by itself...

With the pin attached, her tie was affixed firmly to the white blouse, and the green blazer ontop was a perfect supplement. Integra closed the cufflinks, straightened her collar and adjusted her eyepatch as it appeared in her mirror image, then made sure her dick was nice and neatly concealed by her long skirt. It had felt too good, and Integra felt like it would be a shame to stuff it into a pair of pants after this... or underwear for that matter. Her dick hung bare and bold below a veil of green, and knowing this, Integra smirked.
„I´ll be off now, Seras. Make sure my bed is spotless and clean when i return... oh, and deliver my breakfast in one hour, on the dot. WITHOUT panties- As punishment for your misbehavior earlier, you won't be wearing any at all.“
The Ladys words were spoken, but it was doubtful of Seras had heard any of them. The vampire was too busy lying flat on her back, drooling and twitching- her pelvis most of all spasmed hard, almost hard enough to move the rest of her body with her... Twitch, Twitch, Twitch... each time she did, a thick spray of semen shot from her cute pink hole and rained down on the floor, while her mouth mewled and whined.


Integra smiled at the sight. This was going to be a very successful day, no doubt.




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