Family Reunion

BY : Mato-Kuroshira
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Salty waves idly splashed against the dockyard, and seagulls sang their song as they circled overhead. No ships were heading out today, the seas were peaceful in this corner of the world- and yet, it was about to bear witness to an event only few had ever seen.


A pair of ship girls approached the coastline of that particular naval base. One was a beautiful, bubbly blonde with unusual, star shaped irises, a chest almost bursting from the shirt tied around them and a waist that was clearly within Panamax specs. Her clothing was wild and vividly American, right down to flag patterned stockings and panties- it was USS Iowa, and her larger companion, USS Illinois. The dark brown haired Illinois was more of a conventional ship, favoring a hat one would expect from Admirals rather than Iowa's Cappi, featuring a few outrigging masts with positioning lights- matching to that was a white button shirt and navy blue tie, as well as a short black blazer with hazegrey sleeves- halfway down her belly button was just barely exposed by the shirt cutting off and the ends flapping about. Her sleeves ended at the elbows, where white gloves with grey fingers akin to Iowa's own took over, although unlike hers the cufflinks of the gloves were a row of 20mm Oerlikon guns on each wrist.

Below the belt, which buckle proudly read "CVB-51" were tight fitting pants of similar color palette as the rest, ending in a similar set of boots as Iowa's own.
The older one was beaming and bubbly still, growing evermore excited the closer they got, but Montana seemed a bit tired and irritated, having had to deal with this excitement for the better part of eight hours now.


"Iowa." She began, as they pulled in to dock at the port. "Now that we're here, are you finally going to tell me what we've come here for?"

"Heh, sure thing. Thought you'd never ask." The blonde giggled, cutting her engines and beginning to climb up a ladder to get onto Terra Firma. "Its the annual meeting event of the Iowa class. All of my sisters are going to be there- and well, i figured since you're part of the family, i'll take you along."

"But i'm not. I wasn't even built back then, Iowa." Illinois muttered, climbing up after her. "You were intended to escort carriers and protect them from fast attacking cruisers and other vessels, while i was converted into an armored aircraft carrier, giving you guys support with a limited supply of planes, like a vanguard to your bombardment."

"Vanguard? Vanguard isn't invited." Iowa blinked, reaching a hand out to help her get on land more easily. "Besides, we all use the same big gun! The same powerful super heavy shell! We all fly under the same flag!" She beamed, throwing her arms into the air. "You're an Iowa, only better!"

"But that's what i was trying to tell you a moment ago.... I'm not. I don't belong among battleships." Illinois glanced back at her with frustration, only to sigh and wave off. "Nevermind. I'll come along, you seem to look forward to it quite a lot, so perhaps i'll enjoy it too... I hope Missouri will be able to fit me in, i kind of turned down her invite."

"Oh, you will." Iowa grinned, gesturing her to come along as she walked down the dockyard, heading off towards a hangar building on the other end of it that already had balloons and banners welcoming the Iowa class. Oddly enough, the place seemed rather vacant for such an event, with very little ships outside of what one would expect- the occasional destroyer party protecting the shoreline, and a few auxiliaries keeping the base alive. "Where is everybody...?" Illinois finally asked, after pondering about that for several minutes longer.

"Oh, probably inside. Why hang around outside when its an event only for the Iowa class, afterall?" Iowa giggled, shrugging her shoulders and finally resorted to taking Illinois by the hand, dashing ahead. "Come on! Stop dawdling around!"

Whatever complains and protests Illinois voiced to being dragged along were spoken into the wind, as Iowa could only see the target ahead of her.

"Sounds like our big sister is finally coming." The only other blonde, Missouri, spoke. She was much more suitably dressed than Iowa, almost official in her attire- the skirt was short, but her upper attire, a white coat buttoned to a blue blouse with red bowtie almost resembled the old Presidents. Her socks were shorter, ending only shortly after the knee, and her heels were lower as well, but she was just as American as the other two, with the inside of her coat resembling the flag.

Missouri dutifully ticked off a name from the list, and smiled. "That should be all of us now. Illinois already phoned ahead and told me she wouldn't be coming."

"I'd wait until she actually arrives until ticking the box, but you're the organizing talent here." Wisconsin said, a short haired brunette clad in much the same attire as Missouri, clearly sailing in the same fleet together. Rather than waiting further, she picked up one of the shotglasses standing on a fully decked buffet table, and gulped a shot of rich brown whiskey. "Mmhm. Whatever or not they're coming, we'll have a good time."

"That's for fucking sure, W!" Kentucky pumped her fist, the blue haired one being by far the most American-looking of all of them, dressed in a bomber jacket and even now wearing a 1911 on her hip, alongside flag-themed clothing colors. "Iowa's coming, and if Iowa's coming this party is going to get wild and messy as it did last year!"

"Heh, presumably." Wisconsin smirked, setting the empty shotglass down. "Although not as much as the one time our Admiral joined in. That was quite a spectacle."

"Ugh..." Missouri cringed, nearly drawing a line downwards with her pen. "Don't remind me of that. You didn't have to look him in the eyes the next morning, but i have to deal with the guy the entire day. 'Oh my, Missouri, i didn´t know you knew how to let loose and party' and whatnot..."

"GUYS!" Iowa cheered loudly as she came to a skitting halt in front of the entrance, raising the wrist of the visibly exhausted and irritated Illinois into the air. "LOOK WHO I BROUGHT!"


"Aha. Now we're complete." Missouri smiled, ticking another box, before reaching a hand out to the newcomers, one at a time. "Welcome, Illinois. We would've dearly missed you."

"The pleasure's mine, Missouri..." She groaned, shaking her hand whilst shaking her head. "Iowa just couldn't be stopped anymore by the time we reached land..."

"That sounds like the Iowa i know!" Kentucky grinned widely, walking over to the blonde and proceeding to shake her hand in a rather familiar way, complete with a light hug. "Where the fuck were you the last twelve months?"

"Ooh, Japan is busy, very very busy, you wouldn't believe it!" Iowa exclaimed, gasping dramatically. "Abyssals crawling out of every corner and attacking you from just about everywhere- a fast battleship like me has her hands full just protecting everyone!"

"And sucking up to the Imperial Japanese bias, i presume." Wisconsin chuckled, shaking hands with her nameship. "Its good to see you, Big Stick. This event just wouldn't be the same without you."

"Same to you, Whiskey! Drunk already?" Iowa giggled, not noticing that Illinois was a bit alienated by the culture shock and the many familiar faces.... something Missouri in fact noticed, and pulled her aside.

"Iowa is very popular with her sisters, isn't she?" The Mighty Mo giggled, leading her to the other end of the hall, where a room split was put in place, and beyond it was... a round table, similar to what one would use for card games, a few boxes of assorted contents, and what appeared to be a large, comfortable lounge sofa fit for at least six people. Currently only one was there, fiddling with the lighting of the room that didn't quite seem to work right- a tanned girl with long black hair, about the same height as the others with noticeably similar footwear. Her legs were bare otherwise, save for a miniskirt that concealed her tight black panty that was noticeably filled if one dared to take a look. Like Iowa, her clothing was more revealing, with a leotard that exposed her waist nearly in full, pushing up her chest a bit where a tight black tank top was concealing her breasts, but there was a gap between it and the leotard underneath that gave arid access to her under-cleavage.

Much of her clothing was dark, so that her skin came up as almost being a lighter color- by the time she noticed the two, she hopped off of the ladder she was on with a blink. "Oh? The lost child returns to the family at last?" Her blue eyes were wide and questioning, tilting her head to the side. "But she's a carrier, does she even have a cock?"

"Hmph. Very blunt, Jersey." Missouri huffed, crossing her arms over. "But to the point... did Iowa tell you what this is about, Illinois?"

The brunette shook her head with a light frown. "No, and now that this came up i'm starting to get the idea. That's... her kind of party, isn't it?"

"Yes and no. We all have very agitated careers, we´re very busy and stressed out, Illinois. And as fast battleships with our kind of armament, we're under a lot of pressure, all the time. A sort of pressure other ships can sometimes not contain."

"What she means is, only an Iowa can fully satisfy an Iowa, in more ways than one. We hang out together, do what we wanna do, have fun, play games, and when the mood is right, we get into the juicy bits." Jersey smiled, reaching out to her with a big smirk. "Its not a dumb orgy. Its freedom to do what we want to do, without having to be a role model to others or to stick to our social doctrines. Battleships want to let loose, want to chug some alcohol and fire their guns at each other, and that's what we do, in a fun afternoon, evening and night."

"Right well..." Illinois muttered, averting her gaze. "I suppose that's... somewhat better than what i expected. If its secluded to the six of us, that is... but still, i'm just a carrier..."

"You are still as fast as we are, and from what research dug up, you are still built with that gun of ours, even if your ship parts don't need it." Missouri giggled, peeking over a different page of her clipboard. "The famous 16inch battleship cannon of the Iowa class. We´re all the same, none of the usual battles over whom has the bigger dick, or the more frightening dick, or who can last the longest... we´re all equal."

"I suppose.. i'm more worried about my armor being able to take the hits. My armor scheme is a lot different than yours." Illinois murmured, holding her arm and shuffling her feet nervously, but Missouri quickly took her by the side.

"We'll ease you into this, Illinois. We have sex when we feel like it, when the mood is right. And if you don't want to, you can sit aside and watch. No strings attached." A smile spread across the blondes lips, and the tan girl nodded quickly.

"Yeah. You´re welcome to join in, but you don't have to." Jersey cheerfully added. "You can just enjoy the drinks and snacks, and chat with us a while, then head off when things get too awkward."

"Right well... i suppose i should stay either way and make sure Iowa doesn't do something she regrets later. She can be unpredictable when drunk." Illinois finally reasoned with a thoughtful gaze. "Though it makes me feel differently, even hopeful about it if elegant ladies like Missouri and Wisconsin enjoy this."

"Ahah... well, i may be reluctant about immoral actions, and try to uphold a righteous image, but at the end of the day... i'm just a woman." Missouri shyly smiled with her head tilted somewhat.

"Well, the lights work, Mo." Jersey finally broke up the conversation, and thumbed over. "We got enough snacks, drinks and other supplies to last us until... probably two days rather than one, so i'mma close up the door so that any passing destroyers don't get a heart attack."

"Go ahead. Its about time."


The door shut and for a moment it was dark, but with the click of a switch the rest of the lights turned on, the small whirring noise of a fan started and with it, Iowa, Wisconsin and Kentucky got a broad grin on their faces. "Is it starting?"

"Yes it is. Take a seat, everyone." Missouri smiled, coming over to the buffet table- Jersey followed her suit, but Illinois had some hesitance, only following slowly.

"No worries, Plane girl, we wont bite." Kentucky chuckled. "We're all one big family."

"If you say so..."Illinois felt like she was about to seal a deal with the devil, frowning as she sat down next to Iowa and looked to Missouri, as if asking for guidance- but to her relief, all she did was give a speech.

"For the first time ever, all six Iowa class ships have come together in one place." She started, smiling brightly and proud. "Some of us have never seen one another eye to eye. Some of us have left their battleship roots behind and became a different class. Some even left the United States to sail in other countries and protect their freedom, as well as our interests- but tonight, we are once again in our secluded freedom, feeling the pride that every American ship knows well in her heart. No matter how long this war will go on for, the Iowa class will not allow the Abyssal forces to take the upper hand. So let us welcome our newest into our midst, the armored carrier of the Iowa class, Illinois."

The dark brown hair blushed, as the remaining five proceeded to applaud and proudly look at her, gulping faintly. "T-thank you all. I'm happy to finally meet my family, even if i fell a bit far from the tree."
"Nah, don't worry about it." Kentucky winked, although Missouri cleared her throat as her introduction wasn't finished yet.

"With the four oldest of us securing the fleet, providing the firepower and bombarding the beaches, our two younger sisters have taken different roles, air support, naval airpower and reconnaissance, whilst the other is still a battleship, but the most modern, most powerful battleship in the world with anti aircraft guns intended for Montanas and helicopter support right from the get-go."

"I'm actually scheduled for a guided missile makeover next year." Kentucky smirked, laying back with her arms behind her head. "Costs me the aft turret, but fuck that, i get to have a Triton missile silo there."

"I thought those weren't issued." Wisconsin raised a brow. "Are you sure its Triton and not Terrier?"

"Guys, let her finish." Illinois whispered.

"Thank you. Ahem. As i was saying... With the Iowa class as both the backbone and the future of the fleet, it is our gift from the Navy we serve to us that we get this day for ourselves to cherish. We may use it to our whim." Missouri concluded with a smile, and sat down- receiving another applause.

"So the Admirals know about this...?" Illinois raised further concerns. "And they let it happen?"

"What's so strange about that? Battleships need to let loose, one way or another. We Iowas are no different... hell, you operate on the Japanese front, don´t you? Don´t tell me none of the Yamato sisters ever tried to hit on you." Wisconsin giggled, smiling as Missouri proceeded to pour a glass of champagne for each of them. "Can you make mine with- ahhh, good." To her pleasure, the crystalline fluid was mixed in with dark brown whiskey.

"You really are addicted to this stuff, aintcha?" Iowa snickered, crossing her arms under her large chest. "No wonder they call you Whiskey."

"....actually that's my callsign, and i can quit whenever i want." Came the response from the shorthaired brunette, along with a glance. "I just have a refined taste for barrel-aged goods. I don't suppose i need you to tell me why they call you Big Stick, then."

"Nope." Iowa smugly replied. "You know that very well, W." She fetched herself a doughnut from a platter of the buffet, only to lean back again. "But what makes me wonder, what's the callsign of the new girls? They didn't get built back in the day, but you gotta call them something, right?"

"What, so you can make jokes about it? Keep stuffing your face, Big Stick, they call me plenty of names back home already." Kentucky huffed.

"Ooh? Now i'm curious." Jersey, or Black Dragon, so far rather quietly sipping her champagne, got interested as soon as the bold bluette was offering her some leverage for teasing. "So what DO they call you, Kentucky?"

A loud, begrudging huff came from the bluette, and she crossed her arms with a glare. "Special K."

"What, like the cornflakes? Oh man- THAT is a punishment." Wisconsin snickered, covering her mouth with a gloved hand. "And Illinois?"

"I don't know i want you to laugh at me, but thankfully its not... that bad, but its still very bad." The carrier answered, gazing away. "Whenever i can i try to make them use the name Winged I, but... most times the Admiral just uses 'Hard I', supposedly that's easier in Japanese..."

"Oho~ Are you a hard I, though? A hard stick?" Wisconsin pushed, only to be bopped on the head by Missouri.

"Yes, you're one to call somebody names, Whiskey." The blonde huffed, taking a sip from her glass. "Apologies, Illinois... she can be a bit rude at times."

"Ah, its... its fine. I've heard it all by now. As i'm sure the cornflakes packet has." She thumbed over to Kentucky, earning another glare and a giggle from Iowa.

"Hey now, embrace it. No shame in having a Big Stick or a Hard I, its a gift and a privilege! You should use it!" The other blonde grinned, balling her fist. "The only way to get back to a bully is to embrace it, and laugh along with them. ...Or you beat them up, but that's not so smart."

"No, physical violence is rarely smart. Except against Abyssals." Missouri nodded, finishing her glass and setting it aside, only to take one of the shotglasses next. "Speaking of, i hope you're all doing well on your respective fronts?"

"Japan is just hell!" Iowa moaned, lowering her head somewhat. "You sink one Abyssal, five more come out of the woodworks."

"Waterworks." Kentucky corrected with a snort. "No woods at sea."

"What she's trying to say is, we're running three shifts a day, seven days a week. Multiple combat sorties leave the base everyday just to keep the trade routes open- its rarely anything scary out there, but its always something." Illinois took over, finally feeling like she was in her element there. "Most of the Japanese merchant fleet build their ships for speed rather than capacity now and have gotten their own purpose built shipgirls just to protect themselves from attack when we aren't there, using specially developed sonar systems for hunter killer applications, and its working- kind of what the British did to combat the German Wolfpacks. But who knows if the Abyss doesn't change its tactic soon to try and get around this issue- they aren't under embargo or blockade like the Germans."

"Yes, sounds quite similar to the Chinese situation." Missouri noted with a faint frown. "We´re facing a less violent subtype of the Abyssal fleet, but they're no less numerous. Whenever you go out to sea, you're in their territory as soon as you leave the shore. Enemy activity flares up every so often, usually once per season, and they bring out their biggest and newest ships occasionally... most recently they started building their own missile destroyers, after recovering the wreckage of a Zumwalt class."

"Although their older ships are not to be underestimated either. They've turned USS Monitor into a formidable enemy somehow." Wisconsin added, before taking a shot of whiskey also. "It seems as if they're gathering materials from all over the world for their ship construction in the Chinese sea."

"Heh, no wonder the American waters are so clean and nice by comparison. They´re all coming to you guys." Jersey added with a shrug. "The biggest worry i've got is the budget cuts of the navy, but they usually just cut the funding of the healthcare system instead. Priorities, man, priorities. But i still get to see action whenever they decide to show up around Hawaii and the Panama canal, sometimes Alaska too.

"Well..." Kentucky started, seemingly in thought, before shrugging her shoulders. "France is nice. Can't complain. Our Admiral is doing the best job she possibly can, she´s giving me a lot of freedom, and fuck, she´s even got a dick. Food is a bit on the shit side, but if you can find the right place you aren't gonna starve... anyway, the most we do is to help out other european fleets, usually around Britian and the like, and sometimes around Italy. We got a lot of battleships without a whole lot to do, but we´re having lots of fun in return."

"Lots of fun is a good keyword. We're running out of shots already." Wisconsin noted with a smirk, downing another one right after saying so.

"That's because you´re drinking them all...! Ugh, Jersey, where´s the rest of the drinks?" Missouri grumbled, but found herself relieved as the tanned one gave her a thumbs up and dragged a crate out from underneath the table.


"So have ya heard they'll be building Montana soon?" Iowa grinned, by that point drinking her fourth glass of Desperados. "They laid United States down the other day, but the fairies are having problems even estimating how long she'll take, so they set aside some resources for Montana instead. ...Here's hoping they ain´t gonna be stupid about it and turn her into a carrier."

"Goodness no." Illinois huffed, sipping a bit of whiskey herself. "Do you know how many headaches they had with me? The Japanese Admirals thought they could modify their Nakajima Kikka into a carrier borne fighter- it supposedly worked on Shoukaku, although it set her on fire with the RATO rockets strapped under the fuselage... after that they further modified the design and put the rockets ontop of the wings instead, but they had to double them to get a safe liftoff... that increased the weight even further, and with all the bracing and modifications the thing weight almost seven tons on takeoff. I had to launch a group myself a week after i was stationed there- my elevator gave off all sorts of noises when it was bringing the planes up and down, and on the second to last plane it just dropped to the floor with one of the gears sheared off. I launched four of the six test planes... three went well, the fourth one spiraled out of control because one of the rockets wasn't firing and the pilot ditched it, and upon return the first plane just crashed through the net that was supposed to catch it, falling off the other end of the deck... the other two made touchdown on land instead. Imagine what crazy ideas they'll get with Montana."

"Besides, battleship girl is best girl." Kentucky nodded, drinking a tall glass of vodka. "You can't beat a cannon, no matter how far your planes can fly or how many fucking bombs they carry. And the congressman who says otherwise is a fucking liar."

"Air power has its ups and downs... literally, if your pilots can't find their way back." Missouri giggled, while she was curling up a lock of hair with her finger. "Isn't United States this crazy thing that can carry a B29 Silverplate?"

"That's the one. One of those things where we can be glad she was never built, that would´ve been a disaster." Illinois nodded. "Come to think of it, why build that one and not this insane British iceberg thing?"

"American pride, i guess. We can´t have Forrestals or Americas, the fairies haven't worked out the technology yet." Wisconsin shrugged, seemingly still quite sober despite having had a whiskey bottle all on her own. "Just be glad they aren't going forward with the idea of converting one of us into an aircraft carrying battleship... they aren't, are they, Iowa?"

"Naaah. But i´m getting missiles at some point, too!"


The party was in full swing, and with each glass emptied, the mood grew more wild. Missouri had opened up the buttons of her coat by now, to try and cool herself down, but that exposed a lot of her sizeable cleavage as well- it didn't take long for Wisconsin to open up hers completely as well, exposing the bra underneath.

"Hey, Missouri..." Iowa gave off, leaning back a bit."How about we dig up some games, now that we've gotten comfortable?"

"Games?" Illinois asked, raising a brow, but the others seemed quite on board with it too, nodding and grinning as far as the eye could see.

"Mhm. Some party games. I've got a selection here but i think we should start with something innocent..." Missouri muttered, digging through a box nearby- only to come up with a blindfold, a sleeping mask from the looks of it. " Blind Guess."

"Ooh, nice. Are we going to try and identify bottles by touch like last time?" Wisconsin giggled, but received a glance.

"No, no. You're far too good at that- we'll keep it simple, and fair for the others. One of us puts on the mask, and we'll silently decide on another person who guides the blind one to whatever they have to guess by feel." She smiled, looking around for volunteers, but resting her eyes on Iowa. "How about you start as the blind one? Nameship privileges." She giggled, reaching the blindfold over. "Everyone else, we'll head over to the game room."

Still suspicious of this, Illinois followed the others who seemed more enthusiastic- Iowa willingly put on the blindfolds and walked by Jersey´s hand, and as soon as they got over to the round poker table, Missouri put a finger to her lips to get everyone to quiet down. "Ssh."

One after another, she dug up four different 16inch shells from her box, putting them up on the table and gave Iowa a pat, then led her hand forward. "Now- We´ve got four shells lined up here. Careful, you don't want to knock them over.... can you find the Katie in there? If you do, you can keep her as a prize, but if you don't..." She giggled. "Well, we'll let the audience decide...."

"Oh, that's evil." Iowa muttered as soon as her fingers touched the first shell. "Ooh, that's evil. You removed the windshields?! Then they all feel the same!"

"That's the idea. We don't want this to be easy, the prize is very valuable afterall." Wisconsin sagely added and watched curiously, whilst snacking on a doughnut she was dunking into whiskey occasionally.

"Nngh.... mh... well, that one..." She pointed to an HE shell. "That one feels like the standard high explosive shell... Its more or less still pointy, and that spring loaded thing on the top might be an impact fuse... as for the others... mm..."

"That is correct, good job." Missouri praised, taking the shell away and putting it back. "Good thing it was inert, too."

"Yeah good thing, i doubt the Admiral would let us borrow an instant repair bucket for a dumb mistake." Kentucky snarked, only to get a scoff from Iowa.

"I'll show you who´s dumb... That... that middle one might be the AP, the tip is very coarse and rough..."

"Correct again." Missouri praised. "But which one is the Katie?"

"......left. This one." Iowa gulped, pointing at... a cluster shell.

"Nope." Missouri slapped her hand, tossing the shell back into the box. "The right one was the Katie. Too bad~ Girls, what do we do with this?" Quickly four different voices called out different ideas, but one made Iowa flinch as it was louder than the rest.

"Take her shirt off and show the world those tits she´s so proud of!" Kentucky shouted above all others, and a majority soon cheered in- With a smug smile on her face, Missouri untied Iowas shirt and yanked it off and her two large G-cups popped out, naked and with two soft pink nipples- soft, until Missouri tugged them sharply and gave a spank to each of her breasts.

"Ah-! Ow! Who said you´d do that?!" Iowa complained, but tugged her mask off, pouting a huff. "Kentucky's next! I want to see her do better than me with stakes THAT high!"

With a shotglass chugged, the blue haired American stepped up bearing a cocky grin and a glance to Iowa. "Any day of the week, Weeb! No wonder you can't tell American ammo apart, you spend too much time fondling Japanese shells and wearing new years yukatas!"

"C´mere then." Missouri giggled, putting the mask onto her sisters eyes, and briefly waving her hand in front of her face, flipping her off to see if she could see anything. "Alright, lets make this more difficult then-" Six bottles were put on the table next, all of them still full, and guided Kentuckys hand there. "Without elimination- you have to hand pick the bottle that ISN'T American, first try!"

"Pff, easy...! I spend all day handling those..." Kentucky claimed, but after a few feels around the bottles, she wasn't so sure anymore. "....Six of them... and i only get one chance? Fuck off..."

"Don't complain, pick a bottle or forfeit." Jersey called in, more than eager to see the big mouthed American eat her words.

"Yes, i could pick it from ten or twenty bottles easily." Wisconsin noted, smirking widely and awaiting the inevitable fail, seeing how stressed Kentucky was getting.

"T....this one!" Kentucky declared, pointing at one of the bottles. "This one isn't American...!"

"Sorry~ That's American moonshine. Nice try though!"

"WHAT?!" Kentucky tore the mask off, gawking and- sure enough, it was a vodka bottle with the labels removed, and a homemade alcohol inside. "Are you... Fucking cheat!"

"Girls...?" Missouri giggled, backing away from Kentucky trying to slap her.

"Get her tits out!" Iowa called- not the loudest, though, as Illinois, appalled by Kentuckys behavior before, called louder. "Put her on the table and spank her!"

"Hmm... good idea, good idea. But... since you called me a cheat, i´ll get some personal revenge too." Missouri deviously glanced, grasping Kentucky by the collar and pushing her over the table, making the bottles roll off to the sides where the rim stopped them. Pulling her skirt up, she wasn't quite satisfied just by doing that- but moreover, with a devious grin she took a pair of scissors.

"What are you- Wha! Nooo!" Kentucky called out, but her panties were cut into four pieces, falling off- she tried to clamp her legs together, but Missouri pushed one of hers inbetween and spread them apart, allowing Kentuckys ballsack and cock to flop down- it started to twitch a bit as Missouris hand ran over her buttcheeks, stroking the shut tight, clean shaven pussy lips and bringing the pink folds to bear, much to Illinois plight, who began to get a pink blush in the face from the sight alone.

"Six bottles... and you couldn't even find the right one." Missouri shook her head, before her hand slapped down on the bluettes butt. "One!" A second, harder one struck the other cheek. "Two!"

Six times, a spank hit her butt, each time the girl started yelping louder, and each time her cock twitched, growing hard from the feeling.

"My my... someone´s into it..." She purred, letting her go for now. "Illinois, your turn!"

"I'm not sure i want to play this game though..." She gulped, watching Kentucky, now hiding a half erect length, walk back into the group.

"Nah, its all in good fun, Hard I." Jersey gave in, giving her a thumbs up. "We all win some and we lose some, but nobody´s gonna be suffering tonight!"

"If you say so..." Still not quite sure, she walked up and let herself get blindfolded by Missouri... unbeknowest to her, Kentucky came back up as beckoned by the older ship, and sat down on the edge of the table... despite her sore butt.

"Don't worry, it won´t be such a hard one. Only four choices." The blonde secretary noted, putting up... three dildos, rowed up next to Kentucky, who´s skirt was peeled back to show her half erect dick- which, seeing what game they were playing now, quickly shot up erect.

"Now... which two of these don't require batteries? Feel them good, and make your choice then..."

Gulping, Illinois started touching... only to blush deeper, feeling that they were in fact dildos. "Oh come on... i hope you washed those.."

"Of course, of course. They're new." Missouri giggled, guiding her hand along to the next.

"Mh... that... that feels like a cheap plastic one..." She determined with another dry gulp, moving on. "And that one has bumps all over, so it might be battery driven... and the next- Wha!?"

Her hand jerked back when she felt something hot and fleshy, but Missouri pulled it back, forcing her to grasp around the meaty shaft and guided it up and down, feeling it pulsate and throb under her touches. "Tha...thats.. Kentucky!!"

"Maybe. But which ones don't need batteries?" Missouri giggled. "Two of them don't need batteries. Which ones?"

"....the second one and this... this dick." She muttered.

"...Aww. Too bad." Sadistic glee came across her lips. "The first one was a rubber toy, the other two were vibrators."

"I knew iiittt...! I knew this would be a trap!" Illinois whined, but Missouri was merciless, looking back to the girls again.

"How about you strip her topless, but leave her the tie, like a strap to cover her nipples with?" Wisconsin suggested with a giggle, but Jersey intervened.

"Nah, leave the tie, but have it hanging from her neck so its tucked inbetween her tits!"

"All valid suggestions- but i think Kentucky should have a word too." Missouri grinned, looking over to the bluette. "Well?"

"She put me into this position here... so i want to feel her mouth around my dick, while she drinks the moonshine i couldn't find from it!" Kentucky boastfully said... and felt disappointed as Missouri proceeded to strip the blazer off of the still blindfolded Illinois, much to her complaint- but she played along, even as the shirt was unbuttoned and tugged off of her, the bra underneath following suit which exposed her large, perky breasts with stiff nipples to the world, her blue tie dangling inbetween them, sticking to her skin. " least i didn't have to do that..." She muttered quietly- but squeaked as she was pushed to her knees instead.

"Kentucky, get the moonshine. She´s all yours." Missouri cooed, and just as Illinois wanted to protest, a thick, salty cock was pushed into her mouth, filling it out and preventing her from talking. It thrusted down into her throat a bit, causing her to gag and choke, but only until the bottle was opened up... at which point it was pulled back out.

"Drink it, carrier wife." Kentucky mocked, pouring the hard booze down her cock, with the free hand keeping Illinois´s mouth open, and her tongue on the glan. "Drink it all...! Mmhh!" In between drinking, Kentucky thrusted into her mouth making her choke and cough, half of the bottle was spilled inbetween and drizzled to the ground, but she didn't care, she just wanted to feel that mouth as long as she could.

"Aaah, the bottle is empty, Kentucky. Let go of her." Missouri called to reason, pushing the two apart. "Rules are rules. You´ll get your revenge soon, Illinois."

Coughing still, now half naked and... visibly excited with a bulge on her pants and pink cheeks, Illinois glanced. "I hope so. There's plenty of revenge to be taken for that."


"I'd say this game has overstayed its welcome, with that much hostility, no?" Missouri smiled, sitting down on one of the chairs and instead taking out the AP shell out of the box again, laying it into the middle of the table. "So i propose a more innocent classic to lighten the mood... Spin the Super Heavy Shell."

"Truly a classic." Wisconsin snorted, sitting down as well, and soon the other four followed, two of them showing their naked breasts, but it became a bit more natural, thanks to the alcohol and the exposure of others.

"Don't think we need to explain the rules of that one, eh?" Jersey grinned, reaching for the shell. "I fired more of these puppies than all of you girls combined, so i'd say i get to have the first spin, what do you think?"

"Sure, go for it." Iowa giggled, placing her hands on the table and watching curiously. "But remember to announce what that person has to do beforehand~"

"Sure, sure." Jersey smirked. "Whomever the shell points at, has to....Take a shot, and spill a second one all over their tits."

"Ooh, boy." Wisconsin gave off, as the girl gave the shell a harsh flick, sending it into a spin and twirling wildly... it slowed down, and ended up on Kentucky, much to the amusement of the rest.

"God damn it." The bluette scoffed. "These games hate me today. ...Alright, i get to spin afterwards, yeah?"

"That's the rules~" Missouri cooed, handing her a shotglass and some Vodka. "Here you go. Commie drink to make it extra humiliating."

"Gee, thanks." Quickly downing a shot of the clear drink, Kentucky swiped her mouth, and afterwards took off her leather jacket, hanging it over the chair. "Wouldn't want that to stink of communism for days... alright, here goes."

With much enthusiasm, the entire crowd stared as Kentucky poured a second shotglass over her white shirt, twitching briefly at how cold it was- her nipples grew stiff quickly, and her shirt became transparent, outlining a black bra clearly underneath, as well as her generous curves. "That enough?"

"Quite." Wisconsin giggled. "Your turn."

"Alright." Kentucky grinned, taking the shell into her hand. "You dirty bastards all stared at my tits before, so here goes... whomever the shell points at takes her dick out and starts kissing and frotting with the girl right next to her."

Blushes and "oooo"s went through the crowd, and the shell went spinning... landing on Wisconsin, who puffed her cheeks, but regardless of it, reached down. "Well this will be awkward... Should i take my pantyhose off for this?"

"Why not just tear it." Jersey grinned, crossing her arms over. "It'll be torn sooner or later anyway."

"Aah, no no, better idea. Take it off and hand it over, we could perhaps use some nylon for another game later..." Missouri giggled deviously. "You know, restraints."

"Starting to worry about what your idea of a game is, Mo..." Illinois returned, but still watched carefully as Wisconsin got out of her shoes, then her pantyhose and slid her panties off, a rock hard cock snapping erect as soon as it cleared the panty. As if delivering convincing proof, she slapped the panties onto the table and went to the girl right of her- Missouri, to climb onto her lap.

"C'mere, beautiful." She hummed, pushing her own silky lips onto Missouris plush ones, while her hand reached down, grasping Missouris erection that was hidden by the skirt she wore, and pressed it against her own. Slowly she was grinding her hips back and forth, their shafts softly grinding and jousting one another, while her lips parted, allowing a tongue to slip through. Missouri was about to make a sound, but she was silenced by the tongue, as their precum was mixing up into a mess that was dripping onto her thighs, and onto the knee high socks she wore. Still, as this was going on, the others were getting quite anxious, even worked up looking at the two getting at it- so Illinois, unlikely as it was, raised her hand.

"Guys, this is getting out of hand already... but hear me out. What if we all get a piece of paper, write something on it that we´d like to see, and toss it into like a hat or something... and then we spin the shell to decide who gets to do it?"

"Sounds like a fucking great idea...!" Iowa grinned, snatching the pen from Missouris clipboard and a nearby collage block that they had used to plan the party with. "Everybody gets a page, and we take turns writing down just about the kinkiest shit we can think of~"

"But... Shouldn't we keep the ost exciting parts for later? Half of us still have our clothes on." Jersey threw in, tilting her head to the side. "Lets change that, first of all."

"Good point." Iowa grinned. "I want to see some dicks."

The block and pen were passed around, and quickly each girl wrote something down, tearing the page off and passing it to the left- which eventually forced Wisconsin off of a now visibly tranced Missouri that was leaking from her mouth and dick, but still took up the task of writing something onto her paper- it then came back to Iowa, who looked pleased and put the block away. As a container for them. Quickly the box in which some of the booze came in was confiscated and repurposed for containing the letters, and Wisconsin was left to spin the shell.

"Hahh... so, whomever the shell lands on, has to reach into the box and draw something out~" She breathed heavily, her cock stiffly erect and twitching, slightly leaking precum onto the table as she reached over to spin. ...much to her misfortune, it made a full circle, coming back around to herself under laughter of the other five girls at the table.

"Ugh." She frowned, but complied, reaching into the box to fetch the first piece of paper.

"What's it saying, Whiskey?" Kentucky grinned, holding herself back from more condescending comments and instead awaiting the exciting reveal.

"Well at least its not a repeat..." Wisconsin huffed, unbuttoning her shirt further and stripping it off, leaving her in the bra, only to unclasp it next and give her small tits some air, her slightly reddened nipples visibly leaking a little bit. "But i'm not sure how well this will go."

Reaching for the shell, she placed it between her breasts and proceeded to try and push them together, but her B-cup breasts could barely envelop half of it, and she struggled a bit to push it further up, which... caused some snickers and stifled giggles around the room, until Wisconsin quickly had enough and tossed the shell back onto the table.

"BAH. Fine! You know what!" She scoffed, reaching underneath and retrieving a bottle of scotch, which had a long thin neck on it."This is fine...!"

The thinner neck of the bottle fit quite well between them, with even some room to spare and she quite skillfully uncorked it without using her hands, gulping down on the translucent alcohol while her hands pushed her tits together.

"Good enough...!" Iowa snorted, giving her a thumbs up. "Good enough i'd say! Missouri, do you wanna spin? Whiskey looks like she needs to drown her sorrow a bit."

"Very well." The blonde replied, smiling and reaching forward to put the shell back into the middle of the table, as well as giving it a harsh flick to spin.

It spun only two revolutions before landing on Kentucky, who smirked at this and reached into the box, taking it like a champ. She was hard and excited for more, so she was a bit miffed as hers was not as bad as Wisconsins. "Strip naked show your pussy to everyone? Really? That's kinda lame."

"Rules are rules, Kentucky!" Illinois pointed at the bluette with her finger, puffing her cheeks. "I´ll do whatever it says on mine too!"

"Yeah yeah. Whatever." Starting from the shoes and socks onwards Kentucky began to strip herself naked, her breasts popping out as large, proud and soft F-cup mounds as she shed her shirt, taking off gloves and finally climbing onto the table butt naked with a smirk on her lips."So you guys wanna see my pussy, huh?!" She flipped around onto her knees and spread her legs apart, her hands spreading her buttcheeks with a big grin while her cock was touching the table. "Here it is! Hurry up and put something in it, guys!" While she was poudly presenting her glistering wet pussy, which was leaking own her balls, Illinois reached up to fondle her balls with one hand, only to push her thumb inside.

"Ngh... more~!" Kentucky demanded, but Missouri seemed to had seen enough, as she had reached for another Mk.8 APC shell.... rather than pushing it into her pussy, though, it was briefly lubed up there and then went a beeline for her ass. "Wh-oohhhh....!!"

"Control yourself, you horny midwest bitch." Missouri snarked, pressing it in all the way to the driving band. "We all get to have a turn at that- later."

"Scary, scary... But yeah, Kentucky, come back down and have a turn." Illinois nodded, taking her hand away and licking her thumb off. A faint smirk was on her face, whilst Kentucky was begrudgingly getting off of the table and...

"Nghhh!" ...forgot she had a shell in her ass, which was shoved deeper as she sat down, making her cringe a bit while a squirt of precum hit the underside of the table. Cringing visibly, she reached for the shell still on the table, and gave it a spin- it landed on Jersey, someone who was more or less exempt from the naughty games so far, but as she reached into the box she noticed that was not going to change anytime soon. Still, she seemed quite pleased. "Mo?" She asked. "Could you fetch me some anal beads from the toy box?"

"Hm? Sure. Something about that on the paper?" She asked, and a big grinned nod was the answer

"It says 'stuff anal beads in Illinois ass, with the names of her stupid planes on the balls.' Much obliged whomever wrote that."

"Wha...!" Illinois paled. "But.... but i never had anything up my ass..."

"Really? Time to change that." Jersey grinned wider, receiving a string of soft blue balls, proceeding to write onto them. "Better climb on the table and pull your pants down, rules are rules as you´ve said."

Reluctantly, with a visible frown Illinois climbed onto the table next, turning to Jersey and pulled her pants down far enough to expose her asshole- but with a squeak, they were yanked down further, making her cock spring out forcefully as her panties were pulled along, and she didn't stop pulling until the pants were all the way down, stripped off of her ankles. "N-no fair! Missouri! The rules!"

"Nothing in the rules that says you can't further strip someone if they have to strip something already." Missouri replied, quite pleased by this, as Illinois wheeped at the feeling of lube hitting her asshole.

"Alright, here goes~ F6F coming in for rearmament and refueling..." Jersey giggled, pressing the first ball against her, and while Illinois trembled and twitched, the soft ball eventually won against her sphincter and it went inside, alongside a squeak.

"Aah...! Its cold! Why is it cold?!" She complained, only to squeak again as the next one went in smoother.

"And here comes the F4U... oh, and SB2C already lines up for the hangar too!" Jersey giggled, pushing two fingers in her ass to fit them deeper, prior to pushing in the next ball, ramming it in with her fingers as well. "Ah, lets not forget the TBF... here goes!"

"Aahahh!" Illinois jerked forward, a bit of cum squirting from her but she held back, her legs straightened out and twitching as they straddled Jersey. "Th-that's all of them, right..? That's all the planes i service.."

"Oh, but you're lined up for remodel." Jersey replied with a grin, pushing the next ball inside under weeping protest. "Here comes the F8F.... and ah, the A-1 too!"

Pushing the balls in until only the pullring was visible, she seemed satisfied and Illinois was trembling under sweat, lying flat on the table.

"She looks just about ready to blow, Missouri, should i...?" Jersey asked, but a stern shake of the blondes head was the answer.

"No... but we can take a relief break after this game." Mighty Mo decided, smiling warmly. "We´re all hard and ready to fuck something, but it would be a pretty lame evening if we just did that right away. Get her off the table and finish this round, then we can blow our loads in an intermission."
"L..lets be fair here though..." Illinois pressed out as she crawled across the table to get back to her seat. "If it lands on me... i get to do it to somebody else, yeah? Jersey got a free shot at me afterall.."


"Sure, sure. Go ahead and spin." Missouri snickered- and sure enough, Illinois spinned.... it landed on Iowa next, who was quite pleased about that outcome with a big, fat grin.

"Oh yeah. About time i get involved some too!" Iowa cheered, quickly reaching into the box and reading it out loud for everyone else. "Jersey´s shirt looks like she wants a dick rammed inbetween her boobs." Putting the piece of paper down, she snorted, but pulled up her skirt to reveal her cock, ridged and veiny, twitching to go. "Well sure. I can do that."

"The fuck- are you serious? I´m wearing that as a fashion choice, not as an invitation to-" Jerseys words got stuck in her mouth as Iowa plucked her off of her seat, putting her down on the floor and onto her knees. "Oh fuck."

"Open wide~" Iowa giggled, pouring some lube onto her cock with a lick of her lips, before she picked up Jersey by her collar and thrusted into the cutout of her shirt. "Mhnh~"

"G..geez..." New Jersey cringed a bit as she saw her shirt stretched out by Iowas cockhead pressing up to her face, a damp spot appearing on the black fabric right away.... she pulled back, and Jersey was just about to say something as Iowa slammed back up, her balls hitting the underside of her tits. "Uhph!" She complained, fabric being pressed against her mouth, and as Iowa thrusted up once again, she gulped, feeling the thick cockhead force its way into her mouth past a fabric curtain.

"Put your back into it, Jersey! Push your tits together and try to make me cum with them!" Iowa called out challengingly, her hips slamming forward with balls slapping against her under-cleavage time and time again, but after about a minute, she was finally let off the hook as Iowas cock, slimy with lube, twitching and ready for more, slipped out of her tits..... so she could push her over onto her back.

"What the f- I thought you were done!!" Jersey complained louder, only for Iowa to sit down on her belly, grinding her butt against Jerseys own hardon.

"Nope. Battleship Iowa isn't satisfied with just a bit of idle fucking~" She cooed, running her ass back and forth across the other girls groin, before finally slamming her hips back forward, her hands braced against the floor while her legs pinned Jerseys shoulders forcefully to the floor...

The other four girls watched in silent awe and with visible blush on their cheeks as their oldest sister and nameship proceeded to viciously ravage New Jerseys tits, slamming in and out with loud wet squelching and squirting noises. However...

"Nngh... Mmh.. Mmhhhh...Hhnnn..." Iowa`s grunts got louder, louder, and louder still, and Missouris complaint went unheard. "Hhnn......aaaaahahh...!!"

Thick, white goop poured out of Jerseys cleavage into her mouth, drowning her a bit as excess poured down left and right of her neck, and as Iowa finally pulled out of her shirt, more cum poured out from the hole, downwards across her waist.

"Illegal move! Illegal move!" Missouri complained, making a wild gesture. "Penalty shot! Judges, what do you say?"

"Yeah, what the fuck, you got to cum and we don't?" Kentucky scoffed. "Nameship privileges, my stuffed ass!"

"That was clearly against the rules." Illinois scoffed, finally having calmed down a bit so that she was not a hair away from cumming anymore. "This calls for a penalty, definitely."

"I personally do not care- a penalty does sound interesting." Wisconsin remarked, nodding with a smile.

"You've heard them Iowa." Missouri grinned, reaching into the box of shells again. "I don't think one Mk.8 APC shell is enough for this."

"But... but.. Nameship!" Iowa complained, but huffed, bending over the table, where Illinois and Wisconsin held her down at the shoulders.

Missouri took her time, walking over with a giggle and undoing Iowas side-tie panties of American flag design, tossing them aside to bare her now dripping pussy... but rather than that, she swiped jerked her sisters cock with her hand a few times, using the cum and the lube from it to lube up her asshole. "Don't be silly now, you may be the nameship but you didn't even get to participate in half of the wars we fought, Iowa.... here goes the first one!"

"A-hhahh..." Iowa gave off, a lot more pleased than what Kentucky was sounding earlier as the pointed shell dug deep into her ass, pushed deeper by Missouris fingers... only to gulp as there was another one behind it.

"And a Mk.13 HC high explosive shell, why not..." The fellow blonde giggled, thrusting the shell inside, only to be handed a third one by Illinois. "Oh? A cluster fragmentation 'Firecracker'? Well now... clearly this needs to go somewhere where its more appreciated...!"

"Wha-... Aaahh...!!" Louder than before, Iowa moaned out as the hell was thrusted into her pussy, almost, almost satisfying her raging desire for a dick in there. She was then let off of her sisters, and carefully, a bit wobbly, walked back to her seat.

"Welcome to the club, Big Stick." Kentucky snarked, clearly feeling the AP shell in her ass.

"Thanks! Its not so bad tho-- OOOHhh...!" Iowa sat down thoughtlessly, only to yelp out loudly as the shells buried themselves deeper inside.

"Despite that, its your turn to spin, Iowa. We're almost through the round, hold on guys." Missouri smiled, sitting back down, and Jersey sat down as well, clearly miffed and with cum dripping down to her thighs.


"Y-yeah, yeah, gimme a moment..." Iowa gulped, repressing further noises and straightening herself out. "Just... gotta hold further cummies in...." It took a few moments, but she then reached out and spun the hell in a rapid movement, leaning back to relax herself from being penetrated deeply.

The shell came to rest on Illinois, whom grinned and gave herself a little fistpump.

"Yesss. Alright, i'll pick one for someone else then!" She announced, fishing around in the nearly empty box, before pulling out a folded paper. "And i challenge... Missouri! She didn't get to do anything yet but punished people!"

"There has to be a judge and scorekeeper, no?" Missouri tilted her head, but smiled. "Very well, this will be our final round then. What's it saying?"

Tension rose once more as the paper was unfolded, with some low mutters going "What a surprise the game ends when she has to do something"

"Alright!" Illinois puffed her cheeks. "Missouri, you have to... push an open whiskey bottle in your pussy, then have Wisconsin drink what comes out of it!"

"Oh my, something nice for a change." Wisconsin gave off giggling, beaming a smile as she was told she got to drink more. From the looks of it, she was only starting to get tipsy at this point.

"Well, rules are rules." Missouri noted, standing up to take her skirt off, before undoing the leotard she still wore and slid it down, bringing it down past her ankles before sitting ontop of the table. Her cock sprang up from underneath it, nearly poking Wisconsin on the forehead as she was shifting over to her, but still a safe distance away. "Although you might not get to see this well, it will be tricky to pull off... Whiskey, please." After asking, she was handed a half empty bottle, which she nodded to in acceptance. "Alright... one, two..." Sitting in front of Wisconsin, she pushed the bottle up her pussy which tightly clenched around the neck, a soft huff of her was the result, but next was some gymnastics. "Three... four... five!" Kicking her legs up, she got herself vertical, resting her weight onto her shoulders and supporting her back with both hands bracing it... one could see her face shifting from stoic to twitching, trembling pleasure as the cool whiskey poured straight down into her womb from gravity and the bottleneck was pushed further in as well, almost to the point where she didn't want to stop- but eventually the bottle was empty, all of it poured out into her womb and her birth tunnel. Flicking her body back down in a vicious motion the bottle popped out, crashing against the wall and shattering, but with severe restraint and muscle control only a small amount leaked out, as a shuddering, twitching Missouri sat back down, reaching for the back of Wisconsins head.

"Come here..." She beckoned, cooing as she pushed the brunette to her crotch, urging her to lick over it. "Get your treat."

"I will." Whiskey replied with a smile, her tongue drawing out and coyly tracing the outlines of her pussy, curling around her clit and flicking back and forth along the slit, beckoning her to give up control and let it pour out, but after several attempts, she mushed her lips against it instead, her tongue pushing inside.

"H—Haaahnnn...!" Missouri moaned out loudly, a squirt of precum coming from her dick, as well as a shudder that travelled the whole of her body- the tongue pushed past the resistance she built up, and she was allowed to finally let go, bracing herself against Wisconsins head and pushing it closer there, force feeding her half a bottle of Whiskey all in one go.

"Mghh..!" The brunette gave off, but tried to swallow as best she could, learned from chugging copious amounts of the stuff in the past- and she had to agree that tasting it from her sisters crotch had not only an appeal, but added a flavor she wasn't against either. As she was finally able to swallow the last gulp, she gasped for air, deeply reddened and with defocussed eyes, slurping back a bit- whilst Missouri was trembling still, seemingly almost unable to hold on.

"J-jersey... be a dear... and... line up the empty bottles we have on the boxes there..." She said, gulping hard. "I... i can't hold back anymore either... So why not have a shooting contest?"

"Oooh, I like that idea." The tanned girl grinned, quickly gathering up as many empty booze bottles as she could find, with Illinois handing her a few more that were found under the other side of the table- she lined them up, a fair distance apart from each other, on the boxes at various heights- but not only that, behind each bottle with a bit of distance was a cup placed on its side, slightly angled as a shot trap for everything that spilled past the bottle. Jersey, with a satisfied grin, took a few steps back. "Might wanna get the table out of the way to get more range..."

"We don't need range, besides, those bottles need some force to get knocked over!" Iowa replied, getting up quickly- and regretting that, as this made her squirt as well as stumble forward, the sudden motion shifting the shells inside of her holes a bit too harshly.

"Heh, careful there Nameship or you'll waste your turn!" Jersey snarked, clapping her hands and standing about two meters away from the bottles, putting her hands on her hips with her cock twitching, bared to the world after she had pulled her panty down. Next to her stood Missouri, who was breathing hard and leaking precum onto the floor, Wisconsin seemed to still be rather composed, but her dick too was twitching and throbbing next to Missouri. Illinois joined them, previously an inch away from climax now a bit more comfortable with standing again, Kentucky next to her bumped a fist against her shoulder and proudly jerked her dick with four fingers..

Finally Iowa stumbled towards the line, still rock hard and throbbing, and nodded to the others. "Lets do this~"

On that signal, all six of them started jerking their cocks in unison, each with their own technique, some using only two fingers to form a ring, others the whole fist, Kentucky jerked it quickly in a spiraling motion, while Illinois was more careful and used a second hand to thrust a pair of fingers into her pussy- needless to say the game was decided from the start, as Missouri nearly dropped to her knees half a minute in.

"Uhngnnn....!" She grunted, powerful bursts of semen firing from her cock as her eyes went half lidded, her hips jolting forward under the force of climax as she knocked over a bottle with the remaining blast pouring into the cup, then a second bottle was hit next to it before she finally dropped, making a mess of the floor on her knees.

"Ahh...aaaAh!" Illinois cried out next, her semen not quite reaching at first, but instinctively she thrusted her hips forward, giving it a bit of extra reach as it knocked over one of them filled her cup all in one go, the rest splattered across the floor- she soon had to reach for the table for some support, otherwise she would end up like Missouri.

"Hnnng....!" Kentucky went next, overarchiving and actually firing over the bottle, her cock twitching and throbbing wildly in a violent orgasm, but after she hit one of the bottles she turned over to Illinois, panting and grasping her chin to bring her into a deep kiss, her hand reaching out for the carriers dick to rub it against her own, the cum providing them with a bit of lubrication.

Iowa and Wisconsin came next, almost at the same time- followed by Jersey, those three knocked over the remaining six bottles on their own, with Iowa hitting three in a row.

With the cups all filled, Jersey took a deep breath, stretching her back and grinning wide. "Alright- guess what, guys! The bottom of those cups are labeled, each has a name on it- Iowa scored the most of us, so she gets to pick one of the cups for a tasty protein snack- and whomever the name underneath is, will be her partner for the next game."

"...I knocked over three of them though, what if one of those is my own name?" Iowa raised a brow. "Well that's why we´ve got ten of them. You take another shot at it." Jersey replied with a grin, patting her on the back. "Oh and one more thing- after you picked your partner, the rest of us turn around and you shuffle the cups around, so that its randomized each turn!"

"Oh my. And what's that next game then?" Wisconsin asked, tilting her head to the side... although she gasped as Jersey answered her question not by means of words, but by raising a double headed dildo up. "Oh...oh my..."

While the others looked rather excited at this, Iowa went ahead and took a deep gulp of thick, salty semen from the cup, emptying it out to be able to turn it over and read the name. "Kentucky!" She announced- instantly, this made things even more interesting as those two made for quite a competitive team indeed.

"You're going down, Nameship." Kentucky huffed, walking over to her with a lick of her lips. "Just wait for it!"

After a shuffle of the cups, Jersey herself took a gulp of semen from one of the cups, making sure to get every last drop before turning it over, stroking her cock at the same time. "Hey, Carrier wife. We're in a team." She smirked.

"...Whatever that entails, i wont lose." Illinois puffed her cheeks, walking over to her pushed her breasts against Jersey´s own, rubbing her cock against Jerseys challengingly.

"I suppose that leaves Wisconsin and me, hm?" Missouri giggled, and despite that still took a deep gulp of semen from a cup. "You didn't think this through, did you."

"And yet you went and gobbled up cum all the same." Jersey snarked back, licking her lips.

"Alright guys, for our final act we´re going for the double dildo vibration challenge- each team gets a pair of vibrators and one of these dildos. The vibrators come with a cocksleeve to strap to your dick, you´re not allowed to touch your dick at all during the whole challenge! Which holes the dildo goes into is up to you, but it must be the same one for both team members- the last one of each team to cum is the winner, they get to punish the loser in whichever way they see fit, and fuck them to their hearts content!"

"Finally a game for me." Iowa smirked, clapping her hands. "What are we waiting for, lets go!"

Handing out a double ended, 20inch dildo for all three teams, they pushed the table aside to get a bit more room and rolled out a soft mattress borrowed from the gym instead- the six cocksleeves with vibrator eggs were handed out, and each of the girls slid the tight fitting sleeve over their shafts, some of them fitting so tight that a soft mewl was expelled, particularly from Wisconsin, who´s cock was a bit thicker than the others.

"So which one of the shells do i get to take out, Kentucky...?" Iowa asked with a snarky grin, tilting her head as she was taking her boots off to keep the floor mat from being damaged by her rudder heels. "I've got two in my ass and one in my pussy, you've only got one in your ass!"

"Then you answered your own question. I wanna beat you on even grounds- gimme that firecracker from your pussy, I'll stuff it in!" The bluette replied with a balled fist, clearly fired up- Iowa carefully pulled out the shell as requested, twitching and mewling as she did, but at the same time, Kentucky was off worse as doubling up the shell in her ass made her stiffen up, cringing and grunting as her cock trembled and throbbed with excitement. "Nnghh... lets do it...!"

While they both sat down and pushed the heads of the double dildos into their easily yielding, dripping wet pussies that had been waiting for a cock for two hours now, Jersey had a bit of a different idea and hooked her finger into the ring of Illinois anal beads.

"The two of us battle it out with our asses, you and me!" she challenged, pulling the beads out one by one with a tug on them.

"Wai- Aah... Aaahh!... aAAAhhn... Aaagh... aaagh....." One by one, they popped out and made her tremble to the core each time, precum dripping from her by the time the last one was out- half an hour ago the girl had still been an anal virgin, now Jersey was pushing a thick 20inch dildo into her rear, something which made her toes curl and her teeth clench hard together. "Nghhh...!"

"Heh, you big baby.Thats still not as thick as my cock, you know." Pushing her over onto her fours, she got on her fours as well, stuffing the other end of the dildo in her ass with little more than a mewl.

"C'mere, sister. This shouldn´t be new to you." Wisconsin smiled, sitting down and pushing the dildo in her pussy, slowly and carefully, to which Missouri smiled in return and sat down next to her, taking the other end up her own pussy.

"Indeed. The rules don´t say anything about kissing while we do this, do they?" Mo asked with a light wink, and came over to embrace Wisconsin in a sitting position on her lap.


"Alright guys- everyone ready?" Jersey called out with a big grin on her face, assured of her victory already. With a small remote she enabled the vibrator eggs, which started pulsing throughout their cocks. "Then... Go for it!"

Wisconsin and Missouri proceeded to fuck in a slow and sensual pace, only slowly raising the speed as they were too busy kissing and grinding against one another- Kentucky and Iowa locked their legs and glanced at one another, quickly thrusting towards the other and leaving little of the dildo untouched, their pussies grinding together with their balls meeting quickly and harshly, a tactic chosen on purpose as the small dosage of pain kept their focus high and kept them from cumming too fast.

Assured of her victory, Kentucky grinned and pushed back against Illinois... but blinked as the dildo didn't seem to move, it just slid further into herself. "What the-"

Looking back, Illinois clawed into the mat with all fours, her ass tightened up firmly and didn't allow it to go in further, making all of her efforts merely move the dildo in her own ass. "What in the fuck...?!"

"Nnhhg..." Illinois clenched tighter, biting her lip hard, and with a glance backwards, she thrusted back hard, her hips jolting backwards with her cock nearly going horizontal with the force. Kentucky gasped for air, her eyes wide and all breath gone as 17inches of the dildo slammed into her ass.... and pulled out again, only for Illinois to repeat the motion, slamming back inside and earning a spitting cough from Kentucky, who´s cock shot out precum across the mat.

"What... ANAhh.... What the hell.. AAHnn... You're... you´re an anal vir... Aaahh! Virgin... how the hell is your sphincter so strong...?!"

Meanwhile, Iowa had taken the lead and pulled up Kentuckys lower body, as she was standing upright ontop of her, the dildo slamming down with the force of gravity from Iowa dropping onto her. It seemed to be working out for her, as Kentucky was digging into the mat with her fingers, one of her legs dangling helplessly and jolting whenever she dropped down to fuck her, with the other held firmly by Iowas hands at her ankle and knee.

"Ready to give up... aaaah... and surrender to my cock?!" Iowa taunted, licking along Kentuckys lower leg and grinding it inbetween her tits, but the fellow American didn't seem to want to budge.

"Not in a million years! I've still got some.. Nghh!" With the other leg clamping around her back and her arms pulling, she brought Iowa off of her footing and down onto the mat, where she quickly proceeded to thrust towards Iowas pussy, now deeply scissoring her and angling her leg as to expertly tease her cock with her kneepit.

"Mmhh.. you can't win this, Whiskey..." Missouri brought out inbetween their kisses, finally tearing off of her to start slow fucking her horizontally, but unlike Iowa and Kentucky she used her legs not to pin, but to start rubbing the soles of her feet against Wisconsins cock with her socks, sensually massaging it lengthwise while her toes grabbed onto the head and brushing over the sensitive skin.

"Hahhh... ah, but... but maybe i´m not... Nnh... not even trying~" Wisconsin purred, enjoying the treatment she got thoroughly- She would no doubt lose at this rate, she had more experience than Missouri and had sex more often, but Missouri was quite skillfully and well read about the subject, knowing much more effective techniques... and the idea of having her mouth filled with more of Missouri creamy cum made her decide that the way to win this game was not to play.

She didn't resist. She didn't hold back. She fully embraced her loss, and moaned out passionately as her own semen splattered down on her face as her body was shaken by a hot, fiery orgasm that shook her to the core and covered her in cum, face, breasts and belly alike. She didn't resist when Missouri brought up her cum covered feet to clean it up with her tongue, either.

"Aahh...Hahaaaa... Nnaahhh...this... this is fucking bullshit..." Jersey cursed as she was pushed totally into the defensive, unable to compete with the deep anal ramming she received from Illinois- the dildo such as it was had been longer than any of their cocks, which was quite something, and it sapped her strength more and more the longer it went on for. She was buckled over with her face on the ground, clawing into the mat- precum drizzled from her cock every so often, her balls glistered from her pussy dripping down onto them... and she was still getting reamed hard and deep from 17inches of dildo.

That familiar feeling of pressure building up inside her had been there all this time, the constant, pulsating vibration not doing her any favors with it- rather than helping her to get distracted from the anal assault, it milked precum from her balls with each pulse.

"Give up already! You're leaking like a broken faucet!" Illinois complained, cursing her endurance and beginning to wonder if Jersey would still win this- just because her leg strength wasn't up to par. "Nghh.. fuck you! I can take this! I can... take... this... I...Nn... NNNHh....!!"

Through sheer willpower she held back an orgasm, but as Illinois noticed this, she reached back and slapped Jerseys ass hard, leaving a red mark of her hand. This quickly followed another, and yet another on the other cheek, breaking the concentration of the foul mouthed, tanned battleship and finally, after the fourth spank, breaking her down.

Her arms lost strength to keep her upright and she slumped over further, pressing her hands against her mouth to keep the noise in as her cock was firing bursts of cum against the ground, semen beginning to run down the length of the mat and off the side in a small river as her balls emptied themselves out... but Illinois wasn't having that. Partially pulling the dildo out she reached back further and yanked Jerseys arm back, uncovering her mouth before she slammed the dildo back inside a couple more times.

"AAAh...! FF-fuaaaah! FUCK! Fuucck...!" She cried out, sharp outbursts of cum splattering across the mat whenever the dildo rammed inside, milking her for every last drop... until she was finally let off the hook, dropping onto the mat face first.

Finally, it was down to Iowa and Kentucky, who were still fiercely competing against one another- no quarter given, no stone left unturned, the two glanced at one another with gasping mouths and clenched fists, the dildo visibly wet and fluids dripping inbetween the two while their cocks were so hard they looked like they were just about to explode. While the winners of the other two had their cocks serviced and cleaned off by the losers, it looked like those two would be going on for a while longer. With Iowa back in control though, she was rapidly gyrating her hips, slamming her hips forward and against Kentuckys balls- she could see that her sister was struggling, but holding on tight, but she knew that she wasn't going to make it much longer.

"Why don't you give up... gnhh... and show everyone that the nameship makes a good cumslut?" Kentucky brought out twitching and trying to hold back the best she could. "You know what the ultimate prize of the night is...!"

"Yeah, i know... and its not gonna be me!" Iowa gave back, suddenly changing her tactic... flipping over, she sat down in a reverse cowgirl position on Kentuckys abdomen, the dildo bent firmly and pressuring, pressing on the inside of her pussy, but she didn't care, she wanted to win this, badly.

"What are you- Wha! You're crazy!" Kentucky called out, but it was too late, sitting up Iowa spread her cheeks apart and pressed her asshole against Kentuckys dripping wet cock, which slid inside easily, down to the balls with the cocksleeve she wore inside her. With two stubby dildos and a cock deep inside her ass, Iowa gave off a short, high pitched squeal and arched her back, but she could feel Kentucky throb deep inside her...

She rose up, and dropped down, then rose up again, dropped down... she rose up...

And by the third time she dropped, Kentucky broke, her hips thrusting upward against her in jerking, trembling jolts, thick ropes of hot cum filling up Iowas ass alongside everything else, stuffing it even further and eventually gushing out. The blueette laid down, her tongue lolling out and her breath ragged, she didn't react much as her cock plopped out of Iowas ass, now lacking its sleeve as that got lost inside the tight hole... but her eyes widened quickly after as the blonde picked up her legs and raised them up, her own cock, ragged worn and ready to burst, pressing against her anus.

"W-wait! Wait we ca- Nnnggghh!" The cock pushed inside, further drilling the shells in her ass down... Like her own, Iowas cock went balls deep inside, further blowing her mind apart.

"Don't tell me what to do, you blue haired... blueberry... fuckmuffin!" The blonde rhymed together, not making much sense of herself as all she could think about was fucking Kentuckys ass, and fucking it hard.

It didn't take long, four or five powerful thrusts down her asshole, and Iowa too yielded to the pleasure, now no longer bound to hold it in.

"Nnngmm... F-fuck, yesss...! Yeeeesss! Now this is what victory feels like!" She mewled, slamming inside from a short stroke again and again, to push the cum that threatened to pour out further inside.

With a soft purr, she let Kentucky drop to the floor again, her cock slipping out and still squirting a bit of cum over the asscheeks of the blue haired girl, as more semen was beginning to leak from her ass and one of the shells popped out.


"I'd say we have pretty conclusive winners." Missouri finally announced, running her hand through Wisconsins hair as the girl was gently sucking her cock. "Well done, Iowa and Illinois. Because you won, you can now do what you want with the losers, including fucking them~"

"Oh, i know exactly what i´ll do." Illinois huffed, slipping the cocksleeve off and pushing it onto Jersey´s shaft ontop of the other sleeve she already wore. "Where's the toybox...?"

Pulling the box over to them, the carrier girl quickly brought out a pair of toys that made Jersey pale in her face- one of which was a spreader bar, which despite her cringing was attached to her ankles- Illinois seemed to know what she was doing, extending the bar out to give her some nice access to Jersey´s pussy and ass alike, important for what was coming because she was not done yet.

Next a strap on harness with two holes was brought out, one of which was fitted with a large, bumpy vibrator, the other she simply sleeved over her cock... with a lick of her lips she pulled another cocksleeve, longer and with the same bumpy texture as the vibrator, over her cock and lubed both of them up.

"We... we can talk about this, Illinois, let me just... g-get comfortable..." The tanned girl stammered, spread out far and yet trying to stand up to get away. As soon as she stood, though, she was pushed over again onto her knees, and two cocks lined up with her pussy and ass, both of which slowly entering. "I've been waiting for hours to fuck that smugness off of your face- you'd think i'd stop now that i can finally do it? Moan for me, little battle-bitch~"

"Hnnn...Haaahhh!" Jersey buckled, droplets spat from her mouth as tears built up in her eyes from the strain of two sixteen inch cocks reaming her out, balls deep. But, as hands came down on her hips to pull back, and thrust back inside... she felt herself leaning into it, pushing into the thrust. It was too good to resist it.


Missouri meanwhile had attached a little collar to Wisconsins neck, keeping her on a leash as she was collecting the rest of the semen cups, humming a little tune to herself. Smirking to herself, she poured the semen from one cup into another, gathering it up in one big glass mug. Once she had gathered all of it, she briefly jerked her own cock to get a bit of precum milked from it, adding to the flavor- and filled up the rest of the mug with whiskey from a bottle, stirring it a couple of times.

"I'm not as mean as the others, Wisconsin. You know me." She purred, coming over to the girl who´s leash was attached to the leg of the table. She handed her the mug, unclipping the leash from her collar again, and instead used the ring to pull her closer to herself with one finger. "Drink it... all of it. And touch yourself while you do."

"Of course." Wisconsin smiled back to her. Her hand reached up to fondle her left breast, small as it was there was still enough to grope as she started gulping down the thickened alcohol- she tugged on her nipple, pulling it and visibly stiffening as she did, flicking the nipple a couple of times before her hand moved down. It ran over her belly, stroking it and tracing a finger for Missouri as to show how the mixture went down, before it came to her dick, dainty fingers framing the large, thick cock inbetween middle and ring finger and slowly stroking up and down. Those fingers reached down, spreading her pussy and slipped off of her cock to push fingers inside it, coating them in sticky wetness, which she painted her cock in little by little. Soon, the two fingers were joined by a third as she started jerking her length with index, middle and thumb until her mug ran dry- but she didn't have to ask for a new command, as Missouri had pulled up a chair and sat down on it, legs spread and stroking her cock in anticipation. Rather than telling her to come over, she tugged on the ring of her collar to guide Wisconsin there, and placed her dick against the brunettes lips.

"Whiskey..." She purred, as the girl slowly opened her mouth to allow the head to enter. "I love you."

Grasping the back of her head, Missouri thrusted her cock down her sisters throat.


"The fuck are you saying...! Blue haired blueberry fuckmuffin, that doesn't even make sense!" Kentucky snarked, as Iowa pulled her across the mat on her ankles. "And you cheated, you took my sleeve off with your ass!"

"Stop whining. If you fucked better it would be you doing this." Iowa showed her tongue to the bluette, taking hold of her feet to position her. Using latex tape, she taped her wrists together behind her head, and with a grin, she took out a mastrubator, shaped like a human pussy, to sleeve it over Kentuckys cock.

"Nnh...hahh..." The girl uttered, shuddering a bit, but glancing back at her. "Am i supposed to be impressed? That commie, Stalingrad, fucked me better than this! ...Hahhnn..!"

Pulling the sleeve further down, Kentuckys cock popped out of the top, being far too large for a regular sex toy like this- and yielded a grin from Iowa. "Fuck? We aren't fucking yet, blueberry."

Picking up her legs and pulling them up on her ankles- and stood above her, legs wide spread, silghtly bent over with her cock lined up for her pussy... Kentucky gulped, gawking at the sight.

"Now... we fuck." Iowa purred, squatting and forcing herself all the way down to Kentuckys womb in a powerful mating press.

"Hu....uhhhhh...!!" Kentucky moaned out deeply, that deep fuck shuddering her to the core, and it was just beginning- she felt herself trembling as Iowa pulled back, slamming back inside hard and deep enough to make her toes curl and her fists clench, and she was rapidly picking up the pace.

"I-Idiot... Aahhn... do-don't do it so... so deep... i´m still sensitive from that anal... aa....HAAAh!?"

"So you are!" Iowa grinned, grabbing hold of the mastubator tightly wound around Kentuckys cock, and started jerking her off with it whilst gripping it tightly, adding to the sensation of it with some livliness. "See, your big mouth is already shutting up~ How about we see how fast you change your mind...? Accept your defeat and i'll let you fuck my pussy!" Iowa giggled, pinning her to the ground and continuously pounding her as deep as it could go.


Jersey was slowly, but surely losing her mind.

Lying on the floor with two vibrators stirring up her dick, and two 16inch cocks slamming into her ass and pussy at the same time her eyes had rolled up and her tongue hung out, gasping for air inbetween her lewd, unrestrained moans, almost drowned out by the sloppy squirts and flops of the dicks pushing in and out of her holes, and massaging them from the inside with all of those little bumps.

She came once before, semen sticking on her cheeks, her face and soiling up the shirt she still wore- but Illinois just kept fucking her, not even taking a break.

The shirt soon ran out of luck as well, as the greedy carrier unclipped it harshly by pulling on both sides, freeing a pair of nicely shaped, tanned F-cups with stiff pink nipples, one of which quickly disappearing in her mouth and suckled on hard, both of her tits taken in her hands and fondled deeply, while her arms kept the legs out of the way.

"Mmhhm... Pfhaa!" Illinois noisly gasped for air as she popped the nipple out of her mouth, grinning up to her as a pearl of sweat ran down her face. "Jersey... do you have a girlfriend, or a boyfriend back home?" Immediately after saying that, she flicked her tongue back and forth across the nipple, and turned back to sucking it.

"N-hh...aaahhh... Naahhh... No! No i don't..." Jersey pressed out against all the stimulation driving her mad, her cock already stirring, lightly squirting as Illinois hand yanked one of the two sleeves off, easing the load off of it, but still keeping one, close to her balls.

"I'm being transferred back to America in two months. How would you feel about a long distance relationship?"

Jerseys eyes rolled back to face her, but the expression barely changed. "With... Hnnhh... with you...? FF.ffuuck.... i'll... take... take me out for lunch sometime... and we´ll see where that.... Ghhnnn.. takes us..."

"Good enough." Illinois smiled. Her thrusts grew shallow and she was slipping the other sleeve off as well, leaning in for a kiss. Her hands shakily undid the strap on, as she could feel her dexterity fading with twitches and shudders, her muscles tensing up from every little thrust she did... pulling her dick out, she quickly tossed the sleeve aside and pressed her cock against Jerseys, gripping both of them with one hand and quickly jerking them off.

To her surprise though, Jerseys hand joined in, interlacing fingers with her and thrusting into her hand, whilst returning the kiss... both of them pressed their lips together deep as shocks of pleasure rushed through their bodies, the pressure finally becoming too much as two more loads of semen shot across Jersey´s body, covering the tan girl in white semen... and Illinois pressed her body against it, breasts mushing against breasts, the semen aiding them in a slippery, lustful grind of their bodies.

" me next." Illinois whispered.


"Mmmhm.. you like this, don't you, Whiskey? I know you always have been the submissive type." Missouri purred, her balls slapping in Wisconsins face as she was throatfucking the girl hard. The choking and gagging noises entirely drowned out the humming of the vibrator in her pussy, and the movements of the brunettes hand up and down her shaft only gave a faint slick noise, which was blending in nicely with the wet, sloppy noises that her throat made. She seemed blissful, jerking her cock with one hand and pinching, pulling and tweaking her nipples with the other, but at the first sign of Missouris muscles tensing up, she raised her hand.

"Mh?" The blonde asked, as her sisters hand grasped her wrist... only to widen her eyes, seeing that her hand was being guided to Wisconsins throat.

A devious smirk crossed her mind, and she nodded. But not just this- firmly gripping her neck, she stood up and pushed Wisconsin back, squatting over her face as she licked her lips. "Suck it deep, you drunk slut."

She gripped tight then, cutting Wisconsin off from air and forced her cock down as deep as it would go, vertically down her throat. The other hand tightly gripped her brown hair, making sure she didn't slump to the floor, as she was pounding down into what was now effectively another onahole mastrubator, it just happened to connect Wisconsins head to her body.

Tears formed in the girls eyes, choking and sputtering, wheezing for air, but at the same time the pace of her hand doubled, quickly jerking off her length with all five fingers now that she finally got what she wanted.

"Nnggff.. Ngnghh... Ngggg... you're good at drinking cum, aren't you...? Chugging...hnn... half a liter of it with no problem... try this for size...!" Missouri grunted, feeling her orgasm bubble up in her loins as she finally pressed down hard, slamming into her throat three more times-

-upon the third stroke, she came, pouring hot semen down the girls gullet straight in her belly, and Wisconsins reaction didn't disappoint either.

Her hips jerked forward, jolting up and meeting her hand, about the same time that Missouri started cumming down her throat her cock violently erupted, shooting semen almost up at the ceiling, gushing and pouring from her dick even as the world around her went black and a whistle chirped in her ears.

Missouri gave off a satisfied huff, her dick still squirting and covering Wisconsin´s face in a few shots of semen as she let the girl slump over, passed out and yet cumming hard. "Oh, you. Always missing the best part, one way or another.... at least its not the alcohol this time." She smiled, shaking her head and sitting back down.


With Kentucky drooling and rolling up her eyes, Iowa was feeling as if her plan was working out. Hunched over the completely naked girl, she was still ramming her deep in a mating press, pulling Kentuckys legs up with each stroke to ram down into her harder- she left the onahole as it was, more focused on fucking her brains out than to jerk off her cock with it. In fact she was slowly losing all focus, less determined to make the bluette lose her mind, and more to fill her up with cum, and keep cumming until that lust that was burning inside her was sated. No doubt, she was the most experienced- but Kentuckys pussy was tight and wet, twisting her in a way she rarely felt and it was sublime, tightly sucking her in and dragging it in to the mouth of her womb. Her dick was hammering it, punching and battering the entrance with each of her thrusts, and in her mad fuck-fury Iowa was determined to break down that barrier and get inside, rather than to stretch her out to size around it. "Fuck... fuuuuck, why are you so good at this, Kentucky? I thought you were popular back home!" She giggled, teasing her and reaching up to squish her cheeks a bit. "Still so tight and firm despite taking Japanese and British dicks, that's my girl!"

"Nhhh..." Kentucky glanced back for a brief moment, only to cough and arch her back as she felt her womb spreading out.

"Ooh... OHHH YESS!!" Iowa cried out, feeling her dick sink in deeper, her glan tightly clutched by the entrance of her womb, which was as tight as a condom around it. Immediately she squirted, precum filling up the space left in her womb, but pulling back, she slammed back into it right away, wanting to feel that again... and again, and again!

"Ffff... Fffnnnn... FFNnhhh... FUAAHH!!"

Iowa had slipped up, her toes lost traction and she slammed down onto Kentucky with her whole weight, the surprise making her lose track of what was going on- and with four inches buried in Kentuckys womb, she came, her balls letting go of everything they had to fill up the bluettes baby room... which was holding onto it firmly, letting little of it go until it had grown large enough that the seal let go.

A sharp squirt of semen shot out from between Kentuckys pussy and Iowas balls, with cum oozing out more slowly and steadily afterwards. The blonde was in dreamland, twitching and drooling on the mat deeply hilted in Kentucky....


"...HEY!" Whom was not happy about it. "Hey, what the fuck Iowa?! I'm not done yet!" Scoffing, she pushed her off now that Iowa was finally not resisting her anymore, and she stood up, tossing the onahole aside. "That shitty toy doesn't do it for me, and you just blow your load all on your own?! No go, Blondie! Get over here!"

"Whaaa...?! But Tucky, i need to- WOAH!" Iowa exclaimed loudly as she was pulled not only up to her feet, but off of it, hoisted up and brought onto Kentuckys hands which held her by the underside of her thighs. "What the... isn't this against the ru-UHhhh..!"

Kentuckys cock, still hard, throbbing and well lubed, slid into her ass with ease, assisted by gravity as the bluette battleship simply dropped her onto it.

"You had your turn, i let you do whatever you wanted- now its my turn! Your own words, remember?" She snarked, a grin spreading on her face as she could see Iowas toes curl and her tongue loll out from the force of that thrust. "Hey, Missouri! Your sister needs some extra attention!"

Mo, having just poured herself a drink with her legs crossed over, raised a brow with a smile. She had been waiting for Wisconsin to wake back up, but this came as a happy coincidence. "Oh? Does she? Well well... i would be a bad sibling if i would deny her my attention, no?"

"Wha... She´s putting words in my mouth, Mo! I didn't as fo...OH..hhhhnggg!"

A second sixteen inch cock pushed inside her, a bit more gently at first- but once it was lined up, Missouri put her back into it and sleeved it balls deep as well, her hand cupping Iowas cheek with a smile.

"If i can be honest, i´ve gotten tired of your antics tonight as well, Iowa... and i can fuck Wisconsin whenever i want back home, so tonight... you've been Thunderstruck." She hummed, pressing a kiss on the fellow blondes lips and sealing off her protests as she started quick and deep thrusts into her wet pussy, with Iowas hands and feet helplessly grasping at nothing being her only way to express herself apart from muffled grunts and groans.


Illinois was recovering from the bliss of what may have been the best orgasm of her life, but Jersey was getting up on her feet to make sure it would only be the beginning. Still, shaking a head at how the rest of the girls were already getting it on, she fetched a water bottle from the cooler and poured some over her face and tits, rinsing off some of the sweat before drinking some- the carrier girl sat up at that time, looking over to her.

"Too hot for you?" She giggled, teasingly as Jersey was rubbing the semen off of her belly.

"Nah, but you gotta stay hydrated when you keep fucking like this. Kentucky´s gonna pass out soon if she keeps doing this nonstop." Taking another bottle from the cooler, she tossed it over to Illinois, smirking lightly. "You're not half bad, for a carrier. I don't think i ever lost to a carrier before- let alone came that hard from one."

"I'm not just a carrier, i'm an Iowa-class." Illinois puffed her cheeks, but smiled back as she took a gulp from the bottle as well, briefly washing off. "Don't mistake me for converted garbage like Bearn or Shinano- i'm a proper armored carrier, from the ground up."

"You sure fuck like an Iowa. Remains to be seen if Kentucky and Iowa are still as good as they used to be when half of their firepower gets taken away for missiles." Jersey snarked, stretching her limbs and tossing away the shirt, stepping out of her leotard to completely expose her body in the nude- BB-62 was tattooed in white letters underneath her left breast, "Firepower for freedom" in black letters was tattooed on her left thigh- down the other thigh, nine silver stars ran from hip to knee. As she noticed Illinois was staring, she smirked, proudly putting her hands on her hips. "Like them? I was thinking of getting a 'Black Dragon' lettering above my cock next. You know, my Big J?" She winked.

"Heh." Illinois giggled, getting on her fours and tilting her head at the tan girl. "Would Big J like a BJ next?"

"Mhm. Nah. Ever since i found out you were an anal virgin i've been wanting to change that... especially after that performance from earlier." Jersey started to grin, a hand of hers idly stroking her dick. "If you don't mind...?"

"...Just be careful, yeah? And use lube." The carrier girl gulped, only to turn her head as a groan came from the side- Wisconsin was finally waking up, sitting up and looking around confused as she was missing several minutes.

"Wha... Missouri! Ugh, she can never wait..." The brunette scoffed, fetching the glass Mo left behind to gulp down the Scotch that was in it- but soon eyed the other pair, Jersey lubing up her dick and slipping one, then two lubed fingers into Illinois to loosen her up. "..."

"....My mouth would be free." Despite cringing from the anal fingering, Illinois managed to smile, gesturing over. She received a smile in return, Wisconsin as acceptant of this change now as Missouri had been right away.


Missouri, whom was balls deep in Iowa, couldn't care less about what Wisconsin did at the moment as it was far too good to pass on savoring fucking such a quality pussy- she could feel that with each backstroke Iowa sucked her back in, tight contractions gripping her cock firmly from top to bottom with a touch to the crevix in each thrust, and that delicious ahegao face on her sister whenever she did. Iowa was a mess, her tongue lashing out and drooling, eyes defocussed and gazing at nothing and it took her several seconds each time Mo leaned in to french kiss her to return the favor- this was to no small part because of Kentucky, who cherished every moment she could pound into Iowas ass. Wet, tight, sloppy slurping noises could be heard from those two pounding their sister in and out in each of her holes at the same time, and all Iowa could do about it was wrap her arms around Missouri to hold onto something, while her legs jerked and twitched with the pleasuring thrusts and pulls that turned her mind to mush.

"Mmhnn... Damn, i could do this all day!" She groaned, pushing Iowa forward against Missouri with her thrusts so that the tits of the two blondes bumped into one another, pancaking outwards but then returning to their shape quickly after. By now it felt like Iowas ass had accepted her, no longer so tight that she would have to ram inside but a comfortable, snug fit around her dick- of course, this didn't keep her from thrusting hard regardless, just because she could, with her naked breasts pressed against her back. "What do you say, Iowa? Tell me~" She teased, sticking two of her fingers in Iowas mouth to spread it further open.

"Aahnn..! Mmhh.. F-ffaahhk... Gimme moore! Ff-fuaaaah... Ffuck me deeper, Kelloggs-chan!"

A fuse popped in Kentuckys head, and she started to glare.

"....Missouri, do you mind lying down? I think someone just made a mistake."


"Hnn... Its not going to fit..." Illinois winced, feeling Jerseys cock press against her lightly spread ass in the meantime.

"It will. Relax. Think happy thoughts. Think of Japan, of nice ladies in colorful robes eating rice and getting drunk on Sake. And then here comes the airplane.... oh! Its a torpedo bomber! Starboard side, incoming!"

"GuhhaaAAAH!" Illinois jaw dropped and her eyes teared up as Jerseys well lubed cock finally pushed past considerable resistance- she jerked forward, into Wisconsins hands which gently held her cheeks, but all she could feel was a tremble going through her body in pleasure and pain as the dick tightly, tightly pushed through until the balls.

"Oh fuck me... This... this is damn fucking good..." Jersey moaned out, her face in bliss as she held onto Illinois buttcheeks, shivering at the feeling of being sleeved so tightly that it almost hurt her. "Uhh... Whiskey, you need to try this hole later!" She exclaimed, resting her dick deeply sleeved for a moment there, both to savor the moment and to make it easier for the carrier on the receiving end.

"Mhm. Maybe. But right now i´m happy with this..." Wisconsin purred, having pushed her own dick in the girls mouth, currently enjoying a treatment of her tongue and a faint suckle. Truth to be told this didn't do it for her, but given how inexperienced Illinois seemed to be, she wanted to give her a couple of moments to acclimate herself. As she could see and feel that Jersey pulled back, she pulled back as well, entering her mouth past her silky red lips once more and humming softly, matching the pace Jersey was setting and watching red lipstick slowly dragging lines over her dick.


"What are you doing, Kentucky?" Missouri asked as she had laid back on the mat, fucking Iowas pussy by pulling the girl down onto her dick in a cowgirl fashion and enjoying a bit of gravity affecting the large G-cups the blonde sported, occasionally leaning up to suckle on one, as well as giggling whenever Iowas dick slapped down on her tummy.

"Its called revenge." Kentucky muttered, attaching the same strap-on Illinois had used earlier and tossed aside afterwards, which was a bit more difficult since her cock was thicker and needed a bit of convincing to go through the hole. Once it did though, she seemed quite satisfied, rubbing lube onto both of them and stroking for a couple of times.

"Oh, do you want me to switch to her mouth then?" Mo asked, but looked surprised as she received a shake of her head as answer.

"No, stay where you are. We'll give her a night to remember." Kentucky muttered, coming back over to them and kneeling down... with a push, she shoved Iowa forward onto Missouri to have better access to her ass, but that wasn't all. Her cock lined back up with her ass and found it easy to push back inside, but the dildo attached to her strap on-


....went in her pussy, alongside Missouris cock which was still there.

"Oh yes." Kentucky purred, licking her lips at Iowas pleasured scream as she was cumming all over Missouri. "She liked that."

"Roger wilco, haha!" Mo laughed, feeling warm cum pour all over her belly, breasts and even some on her cheek and neck, briefly she opened her mouth and jerked Iowas cock viciously with her hand to milk some more out of it, into her mouth. Having swallowed that, she still continued to work that cock in spiraling hand movements up and down the shaft, but her own continued to pound into her pussy as Kentucky climbed ontop of her to fuck her ass with more force. "Lets mess her up."


Jersey´s tanned dick disappeared in Illinois´s asshole with ease now, rhythmic gyrating movements of her hips sliding it in and out with smooth thrusts, much to her pleasure. "Mmhm.. You´re getting used to it, aintcha? Its not that hard anymore to go balls deep."

"Mmhmh...!" The carrier girl gave off, not quite in the position to answer as she had her mouth full of cock, and she shot a glance over her shoulder as a result. Still, the way she was twitching and leaning into the thrusts gave the girl an answer, even if it was mere body language.

"I don't think she can answer you, Dragon." Wisconsin chuckled, fascinated by how well the girl was adopting to her first orgy and how she had transformed from someone who didn't want to participate in the first place, to someone who was now inviting others into a threeway. Still, she wasn't quite feeling it, perhaps because the blowjob was rather light, or because the alcohol had numbed down her senses to a degree that she needed something more hardcore to actually get into it.... something like being chokefucked by her lover, for instance.

....That got her an idea, but rather than going with it right away, she looked over to Jersey, the girl who was blissfully pounding into Illinois ass- she winked at her, making little gestures to get her attention, licking her lips at it.

"....Oh...? You want... hm, gotcha." Jersey understood that Whiskey wanted to spice things up, and quickly looked at her own options, but it became clear that there was only one thing she could really do. She smirked. "Lets see how flexible you are, carrier girl!"

Having said that, she briefly stopped thrusting, and lifted up the carriers left leg far up onto her own left shoulder- With that nuisance out of the way she had full access to the goods she was interested in, and wrapped her free hand around Illinois cock to start jerking it with a hard, tight grip to the same pace as her anal fucking.

"Mmgh!" A muffled protest came from her, but as soon as she had brought up her voice, a thrust came. A thrust down her throat.

Illinois eyes bulged and she choked hard, spit coming through her nose as Wisconsin´s balls hit her lower lip, the tip of her dick nearly reaching her stomach.



"Hahaha, again? Which one is it, the third time?" Kentucky laughed as Iowa came again, cum shooting out from her cock and further making a mess of Missouri, whom by this point was comfortably reclined with a hand behind her back and the other hand jerking her cock, opening her mouth to catch what came her way.

"The fourth, actually. She came a bit quieter earlier." Mo giggled, although her breath was ragged by this point and she was thrusting her hips with all the power of her knees, trying to fuck harder and get the most out of it, as she was feeling the rough fucking wearing her down- Kentuckys bumpy dildo rubbed against her own dick and massaged it roughly from behind, her effort going so far that she was thrusting with her feet barely touching the ground, trying to reach all the way up at the tips of her toes. She could feel her limit fast approaching, but she would hold back no more.

Kentucky meanwhile had distracted herself by dressing Iowa up, an intricate BDSM harness looped around Iowas legs, shoulders and attached to a collar tied around her neck, it emphasized her tits with loops around them and criss-crossed her torso over several times with metal rings connecting everything together. Her wrists had been bound to her back with one leg of Wisconsins pantyhose, while the other leg was tightly wrapped around the stem of Iowas hair, essentially tying her a ponytail- and cuffing her to it. That same hair Kentucky was gripping tightly to pull her back for each hard thrust of her hips, but while she was grinning wide, she had to clench her teeth more and more. "Ngh.... i feel like blowing a load in her ass.. Mo, how about you?"

"Mmmh.. Yes... Yes! Lets fill this masochistic slut up to the brim...!" Missouri purred in return, her eyes already growing distant but she still continued to fuck all the same, relentless in her motions, desiring to finish off with a bang.

"Nicely said, Mo... Nnhh,.. yeah... here i go, take it, nameship! TAKE IT!" With that groan, Kentucky poured Iowas ass full of her cum one more time, leaning into it and trying to let loose as much as she could with what she could reach, soon slumping over onto her sisters back and yet still thrusting hard into her ass, as if she could somehow push it deeper under Iowas muffled cries of pleasure- they were muffled only by Missouri, whom had leaned in and deeply french kissed the fellow blonde, saliva dripping from her cheek as cum poured into Iowas pussy and filled up her womb. Iowas eyes went blank and she nearly lost consciousness, cumming a fifth time over Missouris body without control of what she could or couldn't do- she merely trembled in mindshattering orgasmic bliss, shivering from top to bottom as she was filled back to front with semen.


Likewise Jersey was feeling the pressure, she didn't know how long Wisconsin would last but she knew deep inside her balls that there was something brewing, something big- and she loved it.

"Hey, Whiskey, do you want her ass next?" She snarked, peeking over to the brunette who had a face of bliss and relief from the tight throat that clearly wasn't used to being stretched this far.

"Ohhh.. Ah, well.. mmhh.. yes, why not~ I need to fill out my stamp card for this evening, don´t i?" She giggled, but at the same time bit her lip, throwing her head back. "Ahh..! Dear oh... ohhh... oh dear... you´ll make me cum, little carrier, i-in no time at all...!"

"That's fine, i can feel her cannon is loaded and just about to blow too..! Nhnnh... aand... and i can´t... can´t... Nnnaaaaahhhh!"

She leaned forward with her eyes clenched shut, Illinois´s own orgasm clenched her ass shut tight- and that was too much for the Black Dragon to handle. Leaning in tight and reaching around to grab hold of one of her boobs, she poured in deep, her cumming almost restrained by the tightness of her ring but the pressure of her semen overruled it in the end, only firing sharper bursts of potent white sperm down her asshole.

Illinois herself was to be rewarded for her tight ass and throat with Wisconsins own cum pouring down into her belly... it deprived her of air, the brunette pushing in deep and not only sealed off her neck but covered her nose with her abdomen. The girl panicked, losing all muscle control and stiffening up. Her orgasm was already coming, but when it came it was twice as hard- making a further mess of the mat, painting a picture with her dick wildly jerking under the tremors of her orgasm and squirting cum in everywhich way.

"Ooof...." Wisconsin sank back, plopping onto her butt with the cock unsleeving intself and jerking back into its erect form with a flick of cum upward, Jersey had to fight with shivers to pull out, but she did eventually with an audible pop. "Oof for sure... she's a handful and a half. Great fucking ass... Maybe ... maybe i´ll take her up on that offer."

She, whom they spoke of, dropped to the side twitching- her ass was squirting cum every so often, which made her weep a bit and try to cover it up, but no such luck.


Illinois was pulled ontop of Wisconsin, whom briefly gave a chuckle, but without even taking a rest or restraint slipped her cock straight back into her cram-packed asshole- that of course resulted in some of Jerseys cum squirting out the sides and making a mess, but the drunkard couldn't care less.

"L...let me take a breather...!" The carrier whined, to no avail. Whiskey grabbed a hold of her legs and spread it apart, invitingly looking over to Jersey with a smirk. "How about you claim your girlfriends pussy next then?"

"She's not my girlfriend!" Jersey huffed, walking over all the same dripping semen all the way. "....not yet anyway... in two months, maybe...." Kneeling down, she lined up her dick and pushed inside, groaning loudly as her pussy did not disappoint either. What happened next though surprised her a bit, and made Illinois turn even more pale than she already was.

Three rock-hard 16inch long dicks were menacingly pointing at the three of them, one of which belonging to Kentucky. She didn't even ask, but kneeled down and took hold of Illinois´s jaw, thrusting her dick inside her throat. "The two of us have a score to settle, carrier girl!"

"Ah, how rude." Missouri scoffed, but eventually smiled, kneeling down by her side and grasping Illinois´s left hand to wrap it around her dick. "Give me some love, too. We´re good friends, aren´t we?"

"Mmhh." Iowa mumbled past the gagball that Kentucky stuffed in her mouth because "she doesn't know how to english anymore and i can't stand it" according to the bluette. While heavily restrained and gagged, Iowa was by far the hardest of them, and right away jousted at Illinois´s right breast.

With a laugh, Missouri literally gave her a hand, namely the right of the carrier girl, and wrapped it around her dick as well.

Three cocks were thrusting into three holes, two of them thrusted into her hands and bumped into her breasts, coating her nipples in precum- if this wasn't bad enough, Missouri was taking hold of one of her legs and sucking on her toes, Kentucky choked down on her neck, Jersey sensually jerked off her own cock with two hands, Wisconsin massaged her balls and played with her belly button- Illinois lost her mind almost immediately, but it simply didn't stop there. They aimed her own cum at her face, spanked her tits, fucked her armpits and kneepits...

As one after another came into whichever hole or crevice they could find, she thought she could get a brief respite, but that was not so. Instead, the six of them turned her around, wrapping her tits tightly around Jerseys dick, while Iowa rammed hers immediately into her ass while Wisconsin and Missouri were tying up her arms and restraining her.. The later of whom soon forced her out of any complaints with a cock down her throat, while Wisconsin poured lube over her feet and fucked them viciously... six or seven cumshots later the procedure turned even more wild as it was Missouris turn to fuck her ass, turning Illinois back around so that Wisconsin could ride the carriers dick, the two pretending that Mo fucked Whiskey through her body... a body that they used, to dumo the entire remaining bottle of lube onto and cover her head to toe in it, pinning her legs with the spreader bar Kentucky took a turn on ramming her pussy while Iowa sat on her face and had her own pussy eaten out, fucking her tits which Missouri helpfully pressed together for her. It all mushed together into one blind, gang-banging mess of debauchery and sin, cum pouring out of every single one of her holes, legs and feet being used to drink semen and more alcohol off of, dick, pussy and ass merely a testing ground for whichever toy they could find in the box, or outside of it.


Her mind tore, she fell unconscious several times, only coming back to the real world as she saw all four of them standing around her in a circle.

Her legs, spread by the bar, were hooked into a collar she wore, her arms were tied behind her back, both holes filled with a thick vibrator and her dick choked by no less than six vibrating dicksleeves layered ontop of one another...

And they were jerking their cocks, all of them, pointing down at her... Missouri gave a hand for Iowa, who seemed especially eager to cum on the tightly wrapped fuckbundle.

Jersey exploded first, then Wisconsin, then Missouri, Kentucky and Iowa, all of them covering her in gushing flows of warm semen, sticky and scented like them, like the entire room, of sex. Without even doing anything to herself, just this sheer act, this unrestrained, untamed lust... made Illinois cum, covering herself in her own semen as well.


"Aaahh.... that was fun." Kentucky cooed, dousing herself in a bottle of water, as Missouri began undoing Illinois´s restraints. "Sad to see the new girl go off the rails so soon. Guess a carrier´s still a carrier."

"Tch, whatever. It was a fun ride." Jersey waved off with a snark, grinning from ear to ear. "Lets put her on the couch and carry on with the night, shall we?"

Though... once unrestrained, Illinois stretched, groaning and getting up from the wet, dripping, slippery mat to raise her arms in the air and grunt. Missouri gasped, gawking at this- Jersey merely pointed, while Iowa gave off a mere "Mmghhg."

"Fuuuuck, that was fun!" The carrier beamed, licking her lips from the semen on them."That sperm shower at the end- I've never felt anything like it! And you guys fucked me unconscious, fucked the life out of me, holy shit...! Who's next in the fuck-circle? I wanna be on the other end of things!"

"Wha....What?!" Kentucky stammered, gawking. "What the hell?! What the HELL KIND OF CARRIER ARE YOU?!!"

"She's an Iowa, that's what she is." Missouri smiled, standing up herself and stretching her fingers. "The fastest, most heavily armored ships in the fleet that no one in the world can mess with- None, but another Iowa." With handcuffs still in hand, she approached Kentucky with a menacing smile. "And it looks like your bold bravado betrays you tonight, Special K."

With a girly squeal, Kentucky was handcuffed and pinned down on the poker table, with booming cheer of the other four who raced to get back into the game and fuck her every which way they could think of.




The hours had dragged on and on, and in the morning hours, the alcohol had run dry. Finally, at nine AM on the dot, the Admiral opened the doors and grimaced at the smell of pure debauchery that wafted from within the container, despite the air conditioning... nearly every fairy in the base had been rallied to gear up in HAZMAT suits and get a quick-construction flamethrower to clean up the mess, but this didn't do things justice this time- with an extra Iowa on board the mess had just gotten six times worse.

"....Alright, Ladies, you know the drill." The young man called out, waking Kentucky with the tip of his boot, raising a brow at Wisconsin whom seemed to have bottles stuck in every orifice. "Its nine AM, your special night is over. We need this container for storage, so head to the showers."

"Understood, Admiral. Thank you for your time." Missouri smiled, coming to her feet and saluting him, only to peck him on the cheek. "This was truly a special night to remember."

"Yeah, hard to miss that." The man huffed, crossing his arms over as he took a look around the room. "Everyone except Wisconsin, remember to not forget any of your belongings. Sending it in the post is very expensive these days."

Illinois, stretching herself and waking Iowa, quickly nodded to him as well and smiled, Jersey merely gave off a groan and followed Missouri to the showers, dragging Wisconsin along on a leash. It took a while for them to rinse off, wash their hair and put on fresh clothes, but by 12 AM the first ship- Kentucky- set sail for home.


"So, Hard I, was it as bad as you thought?" Missouri smiled to her as the girl strapped her rig back on for travel.

"It was every bit as bad as i thought it would be. But i don't mind being bad every once in a while... especially in good company." She returned the smile, giving Iowa a pat on the back to tell her to go ahead. "And making friends along the way makes it all the more worth it."

"...Two months, yeah?" Jersey asked, still strapping cannons to her back, only merely peeking over her shoulder. "That's what you said."

"Two months. And Iowa will come home too." Illinois nodded back with a smile. "You better start picking out a good restaurant to take me to. A lady like me expects wine and dine before being brought to bed. ....Today was an exception."

"Yeah, yeah." Jersey snarked, racking the slide of her 1911 loudly, but finally turned around, reaching a fist out to her. "Welcome to the family, Iowa-class carrier."

"Thanks. Feels like after all this time, i finally have somewhere i belong." Illinois returned with a smile, and bumped her fist against Jerseys.




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