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Charge me

Throughout her Hero training Jirou had come to learn that most Villains were without morals and would do anything for the chance of victory or escape so she was used to those she tracked down and fought doing despicable actions to ensure their continued freedom to continue preying on the innocent

But those actions normally came down to trying to kill her so when the latest Villain she and Kaminari were tasked in taking down threatened to destroy an entire hospital and kill every patient and member of staff instead she was shocked to the point of being frozen on the spot along with Kaminari, knowing one wrong move could set the Villain off and prompt them to act out on their threat

“I said back off!” the Villain snapped as he flexed his arms, sharp protrusions starting to emerge from his muscles as he readied his ‘Shrapnel’ Quirk, the Villain able to produce sharp metallic objects from his skin at high speeds and rates making him a literal human Shrapnel bomb “one wrong move and everyone in here gets cut to pieces!” he continued as he stood in the centre of the hospital waiting room, a good thirty or so terrified civilians standing around them “that goes to all of you! Anyone tries to run and you get shredded!”

“Ok, let’s take this easy now buddy” Kaminari spoke trying to calm the Villain “none of us are moving, see? Nobody’s going to hurt you”

“Good! You better keep it that way!”

“Yeah, even if I did move I don’t think I’d be able to get to your fast enough to take you out before you fired” the Stun Gun Hero continued “but do you want to know what’s faster than me though?”

Before the Villain could open his mouth again Kaminari flexed his fingers sending several powerful bolts of electricity at him, each bolt easily several thousand volts striking the Villain hard making him seize up as he exclaimed in pain, Denki then taking the chance to run forward and outright tackle the Villain to the ground letting out more torrents of electricity to keep the Villain subdued and hopefully make him lose consciousness

As the Villain spasmed and thrashed however he violently splayed his arms out slamming his forearms to the floor before expelling his Quirk, sending dozens of razor sharp metal pieces straight into the floor, thankfully with enough force that they cut through the tiles and got stuck rather than ricocheting off and harming anyone else before his screaming finally stopped as he passed out

Staring in shock at what had happened Jiro finally snapped out of it to approach her partner and the defeated Villain “oh my god Denki…” she gasped as Kaminari picked himself up

“Did I win?” he asked, a little woozy from the sheer charge he had expelled leaving his brain half fried but not completely allowing him to form full sentences

“You could have been killed you idiot!” Jiro then snapped at him, more out of concern for what would have happened if Denki had messed up “what if he had fired first? Everyone here would be dead!” she continued before flinching as the sound of a generator dying rang out and the entire hospital went dark “what’s going on?”

“OH MY GOD THE POWER MAINS ARE UNDER THE FLOOR! HE MUST HAVE CUT THROUGH THEM! WE HAVE PATIENTS ON LIFE SUPPORT!!!” one of the nurses screamed as panic started to set in “the backup generator is under repair!!!”

“Oh shit…what are we going to do…?” Jiro gasped starting to panic herself, there was no way either she or Denki could repair a generator and if they left to find someone who could who knows how many patients on life support would die in the meantime?

As Jiro started to panic Denki suddenly had a flash of genius, the Stun Gun Hero rolling the Villain over to get to the floor tiles under him and hooking his fingers into the grooves his Quirk had made he removed the tile with a few hard pulls revealing the wires underneath “now how much electricity does a hospital need?....ah screw it ten million volts!” he then exclaimed as he grabbed hold of the damaged wires, ripping them off from their damaged parts before slamming the intact parts together and driving ten million volts of electricity through them crying out in strain and discomfort as he forced his Quirk to its limits

Watching in shock as her boyfriend put everything he had into the hospitals power supply she then gasped as the lights slowly flickered back on and the steady beeping of the machinery filled the air again “we need something to secure the wires until the backup is fixed!” she called out to which one of the doctors ran off to a nearby utility closet coming back with thick rubber gloves and industrial tape, binding the wires together as quickly as he could allowing Denki to release them and fall back, his body smoking slightly as sparks jumped off of him

“Kaminari?” Jiro gasped as she hurried to his side fearing the worst as she had never seen him let out that much electricity at once “Denki!”

To her immense relief Denki then slowly sat back up, the blond slowly raising both hands before giving a double thumbs up “I did it…” he then drawled, his face plastered with his classic brainless expression from when he short circuited his brain

“You idiot!” Jiro exclaimed though more in joy and relief than anger as she embraced him, an action she immediately regretted as Denki still had a lot of electricity running through his system and the moment she made contact with him the heavy static ran straight through her, her hair frizzing and her jacks shooting out straight as she was violently shocked, the Hearing Hero ending up just as dazed as Denki as her body locked up from the powerful shock causing her to fall back twitching slightly as the nurses and doctors scrambled to help them

(One week later)

After a couple of days hospitalised for the powerful shock and another few days off duty to fully recover Jiro was relaxing back in hers and Denki’s shared apartment, the Hearing Hero scrolling through her phone to find the right song that suited her mood whilst twiddling one of her jacks around her finger

Finally finding the song she liked she then took the jack and plugged it into the phone


Flinching at the sudden static shock that shivers up her spine Jiro stared incredulously at her phone whilst holding her chest with her other hand trying to slow her heart

The shock…didn’t feel bad, in fact it left Jiro feeling quite tingly and almost exhilarated

Blinking a few times Jiro unhooked her jack from the phone and stared at it for a moment before bringing it to her mouth, giving it a little lick before slowly plugging it back into the phone


As she was shocked again Jiro found herself letting out a little moan, her cheeks flushing as she clamped a hand over her mouth and tossed her phone to the floor, staring at it as she tried to decipher what the hell she just did

(The next day)

Excusing herself to the kitchen at Bakugo’s house to fetch herself a drink as the ‘Baku squad’ were hanging out at their reluctant leaders home Jiro grabbed a glass from the cabinet before heading to the fridge, stopping as she noticed a vacant power outlet just above the counter finding herself staring at it

Remembering the day before with her phone Jiro subconsciously brought a jack to her mouth and gently licked it before slowly bringing it to the power outlet, if she could survive grabbing hold of Denki after he had overloaded then a small shock from a power outlet wouldn’t be too bad, right?

“What the fuck are you doing?”

Jumping at the gruff voice Jiro turned around to find Bakugo standing in the kitchen doorway staring at her with a raised eyebrow “I…uh…” she started to stuttered wondering how the hell she could explain herself as Bakugo just scoffed and shook his head

“Drooly’s fucking rubbing off on ya, if you’re gonna kill yaself don’t do it in my damn house” the Explosion Hero grunted as he then went into the fridge and got himself an energy drink before simply walking away leaving Jiro standing frozen by herself trying to figure out what just happened and what had come over her

(Two days later)

Jiro sighed as she washed her face in the bathroom sink the Hearing Hero gazed at her own reflection as she had finally come to realise what had been going on over the last couple of days

Getting shocked now excited her

Now came the matter of informing Denki in a manner that wouldn’t either freak him out or make him laugh his ass off, luckily for Jiro Denki was a simple man and she had the perfect way of breaking it to him in a way that they would both enjoy

Stepping away from the bathroom sink she took a moment to inspect herself in the mirror, the Hearing Hero clad in just one of Denki’s old t-shirts, one that he had outgrown and whilst it was still relatively fitting on her it was short enough to only cover half of her ass, more than enough to make sure his reaction wouldn’t be him laughing at her or freaking out

Taking a deep breath to ready herself Jiro then left the bathroom finding Denki already in bed, the Electric Hero scrolling through the channels on the TV not really noticing her entrance until she cleared her throat “oh hey babe, you ready for bed? I was thinking we could…watch…something…” he started before trailing off as he noticed her attire, staring wide eyed as he then promptly turned off the TV

Smirking at his expression Jiro climbed onto the bed and pulled the covers down so that she could properly straddle her boyfriend’s waist, taking the remote from his hand and tossing it aside as she slowly ground down on him, letting out a soft moan as she felt him harden through the thin material of his boxers against her bare slit “could you…do a little something for me this time? There’s something I’d like to try” she asked to which Denki nodded

Taking her left ear jack Jiro then gently placed the metal tip of it into Denki’s mouth coaxing him to lightly clench his teeth around the end making her shudder “could you…run a little charge through it?…I want to see how it feels” she told him blushing as she waited to gage his reaction

Thankfully instead of questioning her Denki let a small current run through his body and through the ear jack, the voltage being that of a large battery so not enough to hurt her but definitely enough for her to feel it, making her back arch with a pleasured gasp as she saw stars for a moment, her pussy getting undeniably wet as she shuddered on his lap unable to contain her soft noises of enjoyment

Watching in shock at Jiro’s more than positive reaction Denki couldn’t help but grin, taking the jack out of his mouth and winding it around his trigger finger sending another small jolt through it “you know, I always wondered if you’d end up like this, there only so many times you can lick a battery before you start to enjoy it” he beamed as Jiro suddenly took hold of his shoulders, digging her nails in as she glared at him through hooded eyes

“Shut up and turn up the voltage” she hissed as she then moved one hand down to push his boxers down, freeing his now solid erection and guiding it to her gripping slit “I want to see fucking stars!” she demanded before slamming herself down on his manhood, her eyes going wide as a strong jolt shot through her system making her clench harder than ever before

Shuddering as Denki ran a stronger current through her Jiro pulled her jack away from him allowing her to grab hold of her shirt and pull it off over her head, throwing it aside before clutching at her lovers shoulders again for support, working her hips up and down riding him as hard as she could whilst he ran a steady current through her, making her body stiffen up every few moments and making her let out a pleasured gasp before she pushed through to keep riding him

“Oh shit yesss, more, turn it up!” she groaned as her hips worked faster, every jolt building up her orgasm much faster than with normal sex, her breasts bouncing harder as her body started to shake harder as Denki upped the wattage, moving his hands up to interlock them with Jiro’s watching as she moved and admiring the almost dazed look of ecstasy on her face as her hair started to stand up on end

Squeezing her boyfriend’s hands tight Jiro suddenly leaned forward to bite down on his shoulder as her climax struck hard, her core clenching like a vice as she froze up on him, the bite making Denki gasp and suddenly lose control of his voltage as she bit down on a weak spot, the room suddenly lighting up and the electronics going crazy as he discharged with both electricity and his climax, cumming hard inside of his girlfriend which in turn made her orgasm harder as his static charged cum flooded her insides making her vision go dark for several moments

After a roughly ten seconds of blinking Jiro’s vision came back and with a moan she slowly sat back, her body still tingling and twitching as static ran through her muscles, letting out a soft groan as she stretched Jiro then tittered as she then started to pat down her static charged hair “my god, I thought you had fucked me blind” she smirked as she ran her fingers through her hair, loving the little shocks she got from it

When Denki didn’t respond she looked down only to find her boyfriend stuck with his ‘discharged retarded’ face, the Stun Gun Hero giving his signature double thumbs up and letting out a small “yay” prompting the Hearing Hero to burst out laughing as she always did

After that night Jiro stopped her little ‘fascination’ with electrical outlets but still every few days she gave off an almost alarming amount of static

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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