The Broken Bitch Hero, Uravity (MHA)

BY : EnigmaticOutlander
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Themes: Fucked Silly, Mindbreak, Bimbofication, S/M, Facefuck, Creampies, Futa/Female, Massive Cock, Dubcon

A long-suffering sigh escaped the beleaguered young woman approaching her apartment. Ochako Uraraka, Hero Intern for the Battle Hero Gunhead, was exhausted. She had been worked like a dog of late for his hero agency and had been feeling the tension building within her. Part of it was she was going back for additional training, despite her internship having technically ended a while ago. Yet… She let out a tired but excited little squeal as she jumped in place. The young heroine was LOVING working for Battle Hero. He knew SOOOO much, it was amazing! Every day was a new learning experience, or an amazing lecture on how to perceive life, or even a discussion on how she should interact with others. Ochako had never learned so much and been so tired before in her life.
A large smile was plastered on her lips as she pulled out her keys, humming quietly as the little pieces of metal clinked merrily together. Sliding the keys in, a small twist of the wrist and a loud click, her door was unlocked and she took a step into her apartment. With a sigh of relief as she entered her dark apartment, the young heroine kicked her door closed and proceeded to head down the hallway and straight into her tiny living room where she collapsed onto her couch with a long-suffering sigh. Tossing aside her backpack and throwing her arm over her face, she lay back on the couch and just relaxed for a moment. She had been nonstop moving all day and it was proving to take a toll on her happiness. Not like she was unhappy or anything, just simply pushed ragged.
With an effort and a small groan of complaint, Ochako slowly rolled off the couch and got to her feet. Her hands reached up to begin unzipping her suit, bringing it down to her waist just as she heard the tiniest creak of wood from the floor. She paused, blearily wondering what could have caused the noise when she suddenly felt a presence behind her. Before she even knew what was happening, the young heroine felt a foot slide up in front of her leg and a pair of hands suddenly grasp her from behind. A small, sharp object suddenly pierced her neck, causing her to gasp in pain, only for the assailant behind her to body slam her to the ground. Stunned, Ochako could only groan as a she felt her arms being yanked behind her and a pair of handcuffs were promptly slapped onto her wrists.
As her body began to tingle and suddenly enflame with sensations, Ochako could only squeal in fright as she was rolled over roughly… To reveal the presence of one delighted Himiko Toga. The short, blonde girl with wild golden eyes was starting to giggle hysterically as she straddled Ochako, holding her down. “Oh my oh my oh my, it’s Ochako Uraraka. Don’t you just look so… delicious in that uniform of yours. Did you wear it for me, knowing I was going to visit?” The villainess leaned forward and embraced the struggling, gasping heroine. “Oh, I knew you were going to be such a good friend. You think of everything, don’t you?” Ochako, eyes wide in horror, felt a sudden hardness on her stomach. She thought it was a gun or a knife held against her side, but as Toga squealed and hugged the bound hero, she realized that it was getting bigger.
Her eyes widened further as Toga sat up and seemed to pick up on Ochako’s confusion. Her blushing face only grew redder as she reached down to grasp the rim of her skirt and pulled it up… to reveal a massive cock. It was the first one Uraraka had ever seen in person, and by far the biggest she had ever seen, even in porn videos. She had been ready to let out a full-blown scream and try to alert someone to contact the authorities, but now she couldn’t help feeling the growing desire in her loins. Her blood burned with the need to be filled by that cock, to feel something plowing her depths and being controlled. A small part of her fought against the growing desire, but it most certainly was in the minority.
A low, mewling moan escaped her lips as the heroine arched her back and tried to grind against Toga. The villainess nodded, a knowing smile on her lips as she clapped her hands together and giggled. “I thought you would love to see my little friend. She has wanted to meet you for a little while right now.” Leaning forward, Toga pulled her shirt over her head and tore off her skirt, revealing her curvy yet toned body. Perky and delightful handfuls of boobage, Toga’s nipples were rock hard with desire as she breathed deeply. Crawling forward onto Ochako, she sat herself down just above her throat and slapped Ochako’s face with the massive cock. Going cross-eyed with the need to watch that hard babymaker, Ochako opened her mouth reflexively in a tiny “ooohhh…”, only for Toga to suddenly plunge her length into the hero’s gaping maw. With a muffled squeal, the mistress of gravity was suddenly slurping wildly on the thick phallus in her mouth and throat. The loud noises of “GLURK, GLAK, SHLURP, GLURG, SCLORP!” filled the room as Toga grasped the sides of her head and facefucked the young heroine.
With each slap of her balls on Uraraka’s chin, Himiko let out a groan of delighted, husky desire. Her blush grew to be beet red on her cheeks as she groaned and moaned. “Oh, Ochako-chan, your throat feels so absolutely amazing… This is better then anything I could have hoped for.” Her golden eyes glowed with loving intensity as she felt those throat muscles clench and unclench around the girthy cock impaling itself in the redhead’s throat. The futa cooed and whimpered with desperate need as she fucked Ochako’s throatpussy. It was wonderous to the young lady, better then anything else she had ever fucked before in her life. She needed more… More and more and—"UGGGHHHH!” Her fingers dug into the heroine’s hair as she suddenly drove her cock straight down her throat and hilted itself in its new home. With a shudder, ropes of thick, white cum splurted down Ochako’s throat and straight into her stomach.
As if the catalyst needed to unlock what few barriers remained, Uraraka screamed around cock lodged in her throat as her eyes rolled up into the back of her head. Her legs kicked and struggled wildly as she seized up in the midst of a powerful orgasm, soaking her hero uniform with the desperate need of a fuckslut unlocked from her cage. Her eyes eventually slid back down to focus on Toga, her auburn eyes showing hearts as she sucked as hard as she could upon the phallus. This… This girl. She knew exactly what I wanted, before I even knew it. I… I have never felt like this before. Not in school, not with Deku, not with anyone or anything. How am I feeling soooo good? Her only conclusion: This girl was everything she needed and wanted. That babymaker of hers and the cum she had locked away in those delightfully full futa balls of hers would bring her to a new place. A wonderful place.
Little did Uraraka know or care how true those words would be, as Toga suddenly yanked violently out of the young heroine’s throat and spurted a small amount of cum directly onto her face as she sighed contentedly… Only for her to suddenly leap into action by jumping to her feet and dragging Ochako up with her. “Round two! Oh my, this will be lovely. Won’t it? I can see it being lovely…” The slightly-insane girl began mumbling to herself as she threw the redhead over the arm of a couch. Her ass up in the air, Ochako bit her lip as she tried to get into a comfy position. “C-C-Can you please f-fuck me? I… I need your cock in me. Please, Himiko.” She bit her lip, her cheeks burning with both embarrassment and desire as she waited to see what the villainess’ response would be… Only to feel her uniform being ripped wide open at her ass and feeling a massive smack across her cheeks. The redhead squealed in surprise, her breath taken away by the audacity and strength of the blow.
“Ochako-chan… You don’t get to ask for anything, sweetie. You are here to accept whatever I give you. Your place is beneath me, where I can fuck you silly.” Another smack caused Uraraka to squeal in pain. She bit her lip as Toga raised her hand again and let it come crashing down on her wide, fat buttocks. Toga watched as with each passing moment, her already-beautiful toy became that much more beautiful. The concoction inserted into her neck was causing some… delicious changes to her hero toy. Her ass was growing thicker, her hips wider, and her thighs growing into a thunderous cacophony of delicious curves. If she hadn’t ripped the hero uniform, Ochako’s changing figure would have done it in the next few minutes.
The villainess’ hand grasped a handful of red hair and pulled back her pet’s head, seeing the glazed, meek look in those auburn eyes. Time to start breaking her new toy fully in. “You know, you will make an amazing cocksleeve for me with time… But you are going to have to prove to me today that you’re really my perfect little slut. Now…” She yanked back further on her hair, one hand grasping onto her hair whilst the other grasped Ochako’s handcuffed arms for support as she lined up her cock with the girl’s glistening cunt. “Tell me: who do you belong to?”
A small part of her hesitated in answering. She felt a vague conflict of interest. Like, wasn’t she a hero? Wasn’t she supposed to fight people like Toga, from doing exactly what she was doing right no—SMACK! Suddenly pain and fear lanced through her body as she whimpered. Toga let out a small “tsk, tsk” before grabbing onto Ochako’s arms again. “Don’t think sweetie… You aren’t so great at doing that. Right? It’s so fuzzy and difficult to think of things…” Ochako had to admit, the blonde girl was right. She felt she was supposed to be saying something specific but… She just couldn’t put her finger quite on it.
Eventually Toga giggled and leaned forward to whisper in her ear, her massive futa cock hotdogged between Ochako’s massive buttcheeks. “The answer is… ‘I am yours, Himiko.’ Isn’t that sweet of me? Giving you a cheat? I think so.” The young hero felt the heat suddenly upon both her taint and asshole, causing her breath to hitch as she squirmed in desire. Her resistance was crumbling fast as she tried to grind on that hard, throbbing cock, only to feel it pull away. It was as if water was being dragged away from a dehydrated survivor. Without even meaning to, her mouth responded. “I-I am yo—” Ochako’s eyes widened as she shut her mouth and bit her lip. Had she almost admitted to a villain that she… she… She was thinking too hard.
Her eyes scrunched up as she stared down at her couch. Why was she fighting this? Why wasn’t she just taking the pleasure? She was suddenly puzzled. Why wasn’t she taking the pleasure? Nothing was stopping her… but herself. As if this was a revelation, Ochako suddenly looked up and back at Toga, her eyes burning with need. “I… I am yours, Himiko. Do what you want to me, ask me for anything…” Her auburn eyes slowly turned to look back at her captor, longing in her eyes. “… So long as I get to keep feeling that wonderful, huge cock of yours. Its just so lovely… It’s teasing me with its very existence.”
Toga’s golden gaze held the auburn stare for several long moments… Before suddenly shoving her hips straight into Uraraka’s backside, allowing her cock to plow that glistening, hungry cunt in one single blow. Ochako felt every single inch slide into her precious love tunnel, the massive foot-long cock filling each cubic centimeter of space with hot, throbbing meat. Never had she felt this good. Dildos never felt this amazing, even when she had warmed them up and had them on full vibration. Her legs grew shaky as Toga pulled out slightly and immediately shoved herself right back into that tight pussy. The villainess murmured to herself as she slowly pulled and pushed back in with methodical precision. “Oh dear… Oh… Oh my… I never… Would have thought… This would be… sooo… WONDERFUL!” Her squeal of delight was punctuated by a sudden mad rush to ram as hard and fast as she could into the hero’s ravenous nethers. It just clung to her, massaging every inch of her length, and just begged to be filled up with her cummies. Her wild bucking like a young mutt in heat only seemed to enthrall Ochako more as her body began blowing up with the intensity of the lovemaking. Each stroke, each thrust, brought about more and more sensations.
The hand pulling at Uraraka’s hair tightened as she pulled Ochako’s head back, forcing her to stare into Himiko’s eyes. Toga smiled widely down at her, a loving look in her eyes as she continued to thrust. “You’re my little—UNF, FUCKING BITCH! AREN’T YOU?! Who do you BELONG TO?!” Ochako barely registered it, so enrapt was she in the whirlpool of physical pleasure, that she only meekly whimpered out. “OHH! I—AAAH—AM YOURS, H-HIMIKO! P-PLEASE, DON’T STOP!” And as if this were the magic words, Toga let loose a groan of ecstasy as she plowed Uraraka’s depths for several long strokes before feeling her entire body quiver. Sinking to the hilt into that tight pussy, Himiko felt her cock blast its load straight into the heroine’s womb. So much was spent and yet, it wouldn’t stop. Couldn’t stop. It was filling her up to the point of excess that it began leaking around her cock and dripping to the floor. With a loud POP and animated flop, the rod slithered out of its hole as Toga backed away and fell on her ass. Both women gasped for breath after the mad rush for the finish, with Ochako lost in the blackhole that was her orgasm and the flooding of her inside with babybatter and Himiko overwhelmed by the unexpected explosion of cum that came with her own orgasm. Her cock still stood at attention, dribbling cum from the hard tip.
A long pair of minutes passed by before Ochako suddenly lurched to her feet from off the couch. Turning and swaying like a drunkard, her eyes found Toga’s cock and a husky breath escaped her lips as she stumbled over. She mumbled “Must… have…. More…” as she stood over the surprised villainess, only to drop to her knees, straddle Toga’s lap, and shove herself down on that cock. Unsurprisingly Ochako, in her delirium, was not a very good shot. Having aimed to fill her pussy with more cock, she ended up with a 10 point, thrilling landing… on her asshole.
Between gravity and her own weight behind the landing, Ochako went cross-eyed in shock and let out a vague hitch of her breath as she felt the invader slam straight into her forbidden hole. Between cum and her own liquid nectar, it plunged the unknown depths with ease and caused both girls to let out gasps of pleasure. A feral look appeared in the golden eyes as she let an evil, little smile appear on her lips. Arms wrapped around the cuffed girl as Himiko somehow lifted the girl up and she began thrusting into that second hole which had been presented to her. The bloodsucker cooed quietly as she fucked the gravity-defyer in the ass. “Aaaaawwww… You really DO love my cock. Don’t you, my little fucking slut?” With each word, she began picking up speed and strength in her thrusts, as if acquiring a renewed amount of energy from the lovemaking and knowing her new pet was wanting more.
With the sound of wet, sticky ballslapping, with the grunts and moans of each thrust, with every husky breath taken by the pair, the room seemed to grow that much more animated. Himiko felt her load lighten as Ochako’s quirk accidently activated, which in turn inspired a surprising boost in energetic fucking and a chemical reaction in the heroine. As if waiting for this, the hero costume tore as more tittyflesh suddenly began growing noticeably quick, revealing wide, pinky areoles with rock-hard nubs for nipples. “SLAP SLAP UNF SLAP UGH SLAP AAAHHHH!” filled the room as the full evolution of Ochako finally took hold. Her lips grew into fat cocksuckers as she leaned in to lock Toga’s own in a deep, tongue-filled kiss. The look in her eyes slowly grew more glazed with each passing moment, as if her very mind was being morphed by the activities around them.
The heroine leaned forward and licked along Toga’s neck and up to nibble on her ear as she murmured sultrily. “Himiko-chan… Please give me your cum. I need everyone drop of it in me.” And Toga, barely holding on for all she was worth, obliged with a loud, splurting explosion into Ochako’s ass. Ropes of cum seemed to surge forth from some massive reservoir of cum, filling up the last untainted hole with hot spunk. Moments passed before the tell-tale signs of overflowing seed spurted around Toga’s cock onto the floor. Stumbling towards the couch, Himiko set the two of them down onto the couch, a weird cuddle ensuing as the cuffed Ochako snuggled and nuzzled the overwhelmed Himiko. As she tried to pull out of the hero-turned-slut, Toga felt the whore’s anal tunnel clench tightly and hold her in, as if silently ordering her to leave it in. Not one to complain, the villainess embraced the heroine once more as they both drifted into slumber after an extended fuck session upon the filthy couch…
A week passed. UA was at the center of a cacophony of craziness. Between its students and its faculty, the national school was in a constant flux of change between the rise of villains and the fact that many of its members were at the center of the fight against said villains. For young Izuku Midoriya, this was undoubtedly the busiest time of his life and by far the most stressful. Walking out of his class, the young hero couldn’t help but frown in consternation. Ochako had been absent for most of her class periods today, beyond the very first one. That was very unlike her to skip, especially when she was opting to try and become a combat hero. The newest wielder of One for All couldn’t help but worry about possible worse case scenarios. Maybe she had been kidnapped? Maybe she was sick in a bathroom, possibly unconscious and in need of help? Maybe she simply was dealing with a lot of stress and had needed a break simply? He wasn’t sure. The few times he had seen her today, she had seen to be very red and out-of-breath.
Izuku paused mid-step, a thought occurring to him: she had changed since last week. Not in personality, but physically. He remembered that she had always been a… well, thick person, with wide hips and a decent-sized chest. It was hard to miss with her skin-tight hero outfit. Yet, she seemed to have… well, hit a growth spurt or something. His cheeks flushed as he involuntarily couldn’t help his blood rushing a bit faster. Her bust had definitely grown a size or two since he had last seen her… And if he wasn’t mistaken, her thighs had been a lot thicker too. Thunder thighs, others would likely call them. Plus, her perfect little bubblebutt had been… well… The young hero-in-the-making couldn’t help but suddenly stare up at the ceiling as he growled in frustration. Hero’s were not supposed to think of women in such a manner. To lust after them like this was to degrade Ochako to a mere object. And despite his… well, attraction to her, she was a person he very much respected for her skill. Hell, he respected her intelligence, skill and natural talent.
Young Midoriya suddenly came to a halt as he saw the topic of his own inner monologue appear around a corner not too far away. He was about to raise his hand in greeting when he noticed the somewhat flushed, vaguely embarrassed look on her face as she—He blinked. Why was she heading for the exit to the school? It was lunch time, and with current restrictions due to the villain crisis, it was highly recommended they not leave the campus during the day. Glancing around and seeing nobody had noticed this odd behavior, Izuku squared his shoulders and proceeded to follow the girl. She might be in trouble, or maybe she was doing something sketchy due to issues with her family. After all, half her focus on becoming a hero was to make money for her parents. Maybe they were tighter then she wanted to admit?
He shook his head as he followed her from a distance, noticing that with each step closer to the gate, the young heroine’s stride became far more… alluring. She began sashaying her hips more, she seemed to unbutton her front a bit more, and—his eyes widened as she bent down, slipped her hands down under her skirt and slipped her panties right off. They were a G-string affair, barely giving any protection as it was. And she had—his mind whirred in confusion as he tried not to choke on his own tongue as he thought about the many implications before him. His in-attention nearly cost him as she had just about disappeared from sight before he snapped out of his shock and resumed tracking her.
Barely any distance from the school, Izuku watched her turn the corner into an alleyway and disappear completely from sight. Approaching the alleyway entrance, he glanced around the corner… and saw an empty alleyway. His gaze slowly examined the alleyway, only to notice a little T-shaped alcove. Most likely where she had disappeared to. Slow, careful steps barely resonated in the alleyway as the young hero made his way to the second part of the alleyway. He gulped as he slowly peaked around the corner… and froze as his eyes widened and his heart stopped.
Crouching in the middle of the alleyway, not ten meters away, was Ochako. Half-naked, fingering herself, her tits having been released from their prison of her uniform jacket, and sucking a massive cock. His gaze only grew wider and his blood began pumping wildly as he realized whose cock she was sucking: that crazy blonde chick, Toga. She was a villainess they had fought before at the summer camp and—and—His brain kinda fried as he couldn’t stare away from the auburn-haired girl of his wet dreams slurping loudly at a massive girlcock. Toga could be heard cooing, leaning against the alleyway wall as she received a rather sloppy, enthusiastic blowjob. “Y-Yessss, my precious Ochako. Tell me how much you love sucking this cock. Tell me, you slutty little minx yooouuuu….”
With a loud POP and a heaving breath, Uraraka pulled herself off the phallus and stared up at Himiko with heart-shaped eyes as she licked along the length. “I-I looooove your cock, Mistress Toga. It’s just so… big… and wonderful… and powerful.” Her mouth slid over the tip of it, her lips massaging the head and her tongue swirling all over it. “It’s just so much better then any of the little limp-dicked hero’s back at UA… I love coming here for my treats.” And with that, Uravity suddenly began thrusting the cock back into her throat, stroking the long length with both of her hands whilst she guzzled the meatstick into her throat. The villainess groaned in pleasure as her head fell back against the alley wall, her tongue lolling out of her mouth as she moaned. “Mmmm, y-yes my little hero slut. You know your place, beneath my cock. With me.” The alleyway simply filled with the noises of “GLURK, GLAK, SHLURP, GLURG, SCLORP!” as Ochako throatfucked herself on the massive cock.
Izuku’s eyes couldn’t tear themselves away from the sight before him. His blood pumped wildly in his ears as he shivered from head to toe, squirming with the need to… to… He gulped as his hand slowly slid down to the very big bulge down in his pants now. His desire was evident as he began rubbing at his cock through his pants, watching the object of his affection sucking off another… and getting off on it. His own cock was nearly half the size of Toga’s cock, he could tell. Midoriya knew he wasn’t massive but… but he had hoped to maybe… His cheeks flushed red as he unzipped his pants and let his own cock flop out, slowly stroking it as he watched the fuckfest before him. The perverse pleasure and embarrassment of being so hot and bothered by Ochako sucking off another was a thrilling if shameful experience for him.
The heroine’s throat suddenly bulged as Toga let out a loud gasp of pleasure and grasped the auburn’s hair to pull her in tight against her groin. Her balls clenched tightly as they unleashed their payload straight down the willing throat, whilst Ochako began gulping like mad to swallow the whole load down into her belly. Tiny little thrusts caused Himiko’s legs to shudder violently as the sensation of a massaging, tight throat on her cock was beyond bliss, causing the villainess to let out a hitched scream of pleasure. Izuku’s hand wildly began stroking his own length, his eyes unable to stare away from the fuckfest before him. He couldn’t believe that Uraraka would be such a slut so… publicly. Yes, they were hidden away in an alley but… He had found them. What was to stop random pedestrians taking a shortcut and happening upon a pair of sexy women fucking each other. With a lurch, Deku felt his cock throb unexpectantly as she continued jerking off. He was beyond aroused at the sight before him.
With a distinct POP, the redhead detached her mouth from Toga’s futacock and slid along the glistening, hard length to suckle upon her dangling balls. Loud slurps filled the alleyway as tongue and lips worshipped the babybatter factories, staring up at Himiko in reverence as she seemed to glow with happiness. The villainess let out the tiniest of whimpers. “O-Ochako-chan… You can’t keep teasing me like this… You know I-I’ll—” Her words were cut off as her dick stood at full attention once more. With an almost feral sounding snarl, the blonde reached down to drag the redhead to her feet, spun her around and shoved her into the wall. Mewls of desire droned out of Ochako as her skirt was thrown up onto her back, revealing her heart-shaped, gloriously huge ass. Her glistening sex, just begging to be abused, was drooling its nectar like a juicy piece of fruit. And abused it was about to be, as Toga aimed her rod straight for the entrance. In one smooth motion, the villainess hilted herself into the moaning heroslut, causing both girls to shudder violently with the overwhelming feelings of their engorged genitalia.
Very little fanfare accompanied the loud slaps of flesh upon flesh. Raw, undiluted fucking ensued as the young, beautiful lovers embraced their debauchery in a dark, seedy alleyway. Deku could feel himself trickling precum as his own desires built up with each stroke of his cock. Subconsciously, he stroked his cock with each thrust of Toga’s cock into Uraraka as he envisioned himself in her place, fucking the girl he hadn’t realized he had found so attractive… and yet had obviously missed his opportunity. A deep-seated shame continued to only spiral out of control as it meshed with his great arousal at the kinky scenario before him. This was like one of those porn videos he watched with some kinky, weird scenario… Yet it was actually happening to him for real. His knees grew weak as his member suddenly spewed forth it’s small ropes of seed onto the wall in front of him.
SLAP, SLAP, UNF! SLAP, SMACK, SLAP, UGH! SHLAP, SMACK, UNNNNGGHHH!!!” echoed down the alleyway as the bitch received the fucking she deserved. Deep in the heat of the moment, Ochako couldn’t help but bluster and beg as her whole body rocked with each resounding, powerful thrust into her womb. “Y-YES! FUCK ME LIKE THE SLUT I AM! IM THE BROKEN BITCH HERO, URAVITY! A-AND I N-N-NEED YOUR COCK IN ME ALWAYS!” As if emboldened by these words, Toga picked up speed and began thrusting like a dog in heat, trying to impregnate her bitch. No words escaped her lip, merely grunts as the futa used every bit of oxygen she had to focus on breeding. And Deku, having spent himself, couldn’t help but be awed by the power of the villainess as she absolutely dominated Uraraka. With a small shake of his head and a groan escaping his lips, Izuku turned and left the debauchery. Every step of the way, he heard slaps, smacks and heightened moans filling the air and echoing down the alley to taunt him as he escaped.
The afternoon was far from over for the two lovers though. The futa thrust several more times into Ochako before pulling out and giving her ass a resounding SLAP across her cheeks. Squealing, Uraraka peaked over her shoulder to stare at her Mistress, watching the futa stare slavishly down at her slut whilst stroking her cock. It glistened with precum and her own precious nectar. Another resounding slap impacted with her ass, causing the gravity gal to shudder violently as her pale skin turned a bright shade of red with the abuse. “H-Himiko-chaaan… W-Why aren’t you fucking me? I haven’t d-done anything to deserve—EEEP!” Her eyes scrunched in pain as she felt a pair of hands kneading her fat ass like bread dough, massaging the sensitive flesh and causing the painslut to let a deep moan escape her lips. The villainess smirked widely, sliding forward to slip her arms around Ochako and pull her upright. Her front mashing into Uraraka’s back, Toga held her close as she slid her cock between the hero’s slick thighs. “I… need to know you are mine. Forever, you little slut.”
Ochako blinked in surprise. The confusion spreading across her face was interrupted by a sudden whimper as she felt the cock between her thighs rub along her slit, causing her to croon in disappointment. “M-M-Mistress, I n-never want to leave your s-side… I want to always be your little b-buttslut. What c-can I do to—aaahhh—prove it to you?” The slut kept her focus despite her nipples being pinched and twisted from behind as Toga continued focusing on torturing her little pet. The villainess considered the question carefully… Before a wide, happy smile appeared on her face and she licked her lips. “Mmm… I might have a few ideas… Do you truuuust me?” A couple squeezes, a few thrusts and nibbling on the heroine’s neck were all that were needed to tip the bitch over the edge and nod enthusiastically. “Y-Yes, I-I promise! Just p-p-please fuck me, Himiko-chan!”
Barely a second passed before Toga had bent Ochako over again and was plowing her pussy with a renewed energy. Rarely did she get this excited. Her favorite person ever had said yes! To whatever she wanted! “SLAPSLAPSLAP SMACK SLAP SLAP!” overshadowed Ochako’s fresh squeals of deplorable screams of desire as she took the pounding of a lifetime. This overshadowed even their first lovemaking by several large steps, and she was showing it as her face split into a full blown ahegao face. It was guaranteed someone nearby could hear the two fucking at this point, but the blonde didn’t care. “Mine… Mine… Mine…. All… fucking… MINE! MY BEST FRIEND EEEEVER!” And with that final exultant statement, the two women suddenly buckled as their bodies gave way to massive, overwhelming orgasms. The futacock lodged in Ochako throbbed violently as it suddenly exploded with its desires, blowing a massive load directly into the heroine’s womb, whilst Ochako simply felt her legs completely buckle and was incapable of keeping herself standing any further as her nectar spurted around the thick phallus lodged in her love tunnel.
Both fell over, embracing one another, onto a nearby mattress as they enjoyed the post-coital bliss they had given one another, drifting off into a hazy slumber. Uraraka dreamt of deep, warm pleasant experiences, whilst Toga… Toga dreamt of far darker but interesting experiences to come…
Later on that day, Toga was dragging Ochako along by the hand into a deeper part of the rougher side of town. Despite her discomfort, the redhead followed her Mistress with little hesitation into the seedier side of the city, being led to what could only be an abandoned apartment complex or something. “Come oooonnnn Ochako, we gotta get there quickly so we can meet my friend. She will help me with your promise!” Himiko seemed to glow with delight as they rushed into the building. Rough, dark and obvious dilapidated, the young heroine wasn’t quite sure what to make of her surroundings and simply kept quiet whilst following.
Up the stairs they went and down a side passage, they eventually pulled up in front of a door. Knocking on it insistently, the blonde bounced on the heels of her feet in excitement as she waited. The door remained shut for several long moments before a lock could be heard turning and the door opening to reveal a punk-looking gal with C-cup bust, wide hips and flat stomach. Her gaze drifted over the pair of them before reluctantly letting them both into what could only be a tattoo parlor. Staring around at art everywhere on the walls as Toga whispered quietly to the girl, Ochako was taken in by the many pictures and paintings of beautiful women. Each of them was scantily clad, sexy women who made even Ochako look rather plain in her enhanced state, making her suddenly uncertain. Was she good enough for her Mistress?
As if silently answering her question, Himiko clapped her hands together and turned to Uraraka with a wide smile on her face. The goth gal turned and began preparing her instruments, as well as several syringes of liquid on a nearby chem station. “Ochako-chan! Come here, we got things to help make you even sexier then you already are!” Ochako, starting to grow a bit horny again and feeling the subtle cling of insecurity, didn’t hesitate to obey and walk over.
Shoved onto a table, clothes were dragged off as the goth chick pulled out her tattoo machine to begin. Toga, on the other hand, went over to the specially-prepared syringes of subtly-glowing liquid and came back to Uraraka. With efficient movements, she inserted one into Ochako’s asscheek, one into her arm and one into the girl’s neck, whilst the goth chick got to tattooing on her lower back. Licking her lips in anticipation, Toga watched as the redhead squirmed in place on the table, forcing herself to not writhe as changes began occurring in her. Whispering to herself, the blonde rubbed her hands together and watched as the changes took hold. “You’ll be my willing little slut forever… won’t you, Ochako-chan. You said you would…” Down south, her cock grew hard as she watched. “And now, you most certainly will.”
After less then an hour, the goth chick pulled away, wiped down the fresh tattoo, and nodded to Toga with a grunt before walking away into an adjacent room. Slowly but surely, Ochako got off the table to examine herself in the mirror. She… She felt funny. But good. Really, really good. So much so that… Her thoughts were interrupted as she saw herself in the mirror and couldn’t help the squeal of joy despite her fuzzy mind. There she was, in the mirror, looking just as beautiful as the rest of the women in the pictures! Her whole body seemed to have gone through an even more drastic change then her initial one a week ago. Her breasts were now absolutely massive, yet still gravity-defying and with massive nipples that poked through her school uniform shirt. Her hips had grown even wider and her ass far rounder, so much so that it had evolved from a bubblebutt into a juicy ass any MILF would be jealous of. Her lips had grown fatter, her eyes almost glowed with a knew energy, and her waist was almost-unnaturally narrow.
All and all, she barely fit her school uniform, seeing the material straining to contain the sudden increase of curvy, soft flesh that she now possessed. And her whole body just felt so tingly and wonderfully sensual. And there, on her lower back right above her ass, was a tramp-stamp labeled “The Broken Bitch Hero, Uravity” across her entire back. Sliding up behind her, Toga’s eyes glinted with desire as she reached around and ripped Ochako’s clothes open, the strained-buttons of her jacket and shirt popping out easily and allowing her new body to be completely on display. The villainess’ gaze slid over her new pet’s body and she nodded happily. “Yes! You are now perfect!” With a squeal from the pair of them, Himiko suddenly tackled Uraraka.
Legs spread-eagle and no panties to be seen, the glistening pussy awaiting Toga seemed to scream its need as she impaled herself upon Ochako’s love tunnel and began bucking wildly with her futa cock. “Y-You and I-I will b-be together as b-best friends, as p-pet and mistress f-forever and ever! Won’t we, you little slut?” Toga wrapped her arms around her pet, stifling her answer with a deep kiss as she felt the auburn-haired gal slide her legs around her and lock them both together. Loud, squelching noises filled the room as the two lovebirds fell into yet another round of debaucherously delicious fucking. Both of them, brought together by their conflict as heroine and villainess, simply enjoyed the sensation of one another as the screams, groans and moans filled the room and echoed into the abandoned apartment complex. With each thrust, and each moan, the two of them grew closer and closer together in sealing the deal. Ochako, the heroine-turned-submissive-cocksleeve… and Himiko, the futa-goddess whom she would serve.

And forevermore…


… They would be together…


… Forever…


… And ever.

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