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Serena sat sniffling in the park once again after taking down an enemy the Inner Scouts and Darien had turned on her. Luna and Artemis had joined in as well. Why could she be strong like the others? Why did she have to be so weak?  She was supposed to be the leader and yet she couldn't do much of anything. She always messed up. 

Your wish to become stronger has awakened the ancient Power of Gamer.

Here are some functions that will help you along the way.





Tower Defense


Abyss Auction


Serena sniffled a bit again. She was confused not by what she was reading becasue the word 'Gamer' made her understand that. She loved games so she understood each feature easily enough but she was confused on why she was getting. Because she wanted to be stronger? She'd wanted that for awhile now. She had no right being the leader of the scouts. She was worthless and weak and....


Serena looked up to see Amara bending over her looking at her with concerned eyes. 

"Come on, I'll walk you home." 

Serena nodded and got to her feet she fell into step next to the much taller Amara who was as always dressed as a boy she wondered if Amara was in her boy form right now.  The others may not have noticed but she had. She had noticed times when Amara seemed to switch from a male form to a female form though she'd also noticed that Amara appeared to favor her male form.

"Don't let what they said get to you." Amara said, hands deep in her pockets. "You're doing fine." 

"No, I'm not." Serena said, miserably. 

"Rei got hurt because of me." 

"Rei got hurt because she was being her usual bitchy over confident self." Amara bit out. She glanced down at Serena. "She knows she doesn't have the power to kill the monsters and she hates it. She hates to admit that she weaker than you." 

"She's not." Serena said, softly. "I'm the weakest on the team." 

"If that's what you think you haven't been paying attention." Amara laughed. 

They got to her front gate. 

"SERENA!" Serena and Amara looked to see a frowning Ikuko and Kenji and an interested Sammy. "Is this where you've been?" Kenji demanded. "Sneaking out so you can spend time with a boy?" 

"A-Chan isn't ....." Serena tried. 

"No, no she didn't sneak out to see me." Amara informed walking her to the door. 

"I did sneak out to meet a boy." Serena butted back in. "But not  A-Chan. I snuck out to meet my boyfriend Darien but he's such a jerk we broke up tonight. A-Chan found me crying in the park and brought me home so nothing would happen to me." She turned and bowed to Amara. "Thank you, A-Chan." 

"Anytime." Amara said, amused. "I'll see you around, Serena-chan. Let me know if you need to talk." 

"Yes, thank you." 

With that Amara walked off with a wave. She hated leaving Serena to her parents like this but figured her presence was just making it worse. She smirked at the quick cover story Serena had come up with and the Inner Scouts said she was stupid. 

Serena had to listen to a lecture and loud and long one the was grounded. One for sneaking out and two for dating when she wasn't allowed to. Her father was clearly not pleased with her. 

She finally managed to get to her room. She fell on to her bed with a sigh. 

"Party." She muttered and a pink screen with golden crescent moons floating in the background appeared in front of her. "Sailor Scout List." 

The list appeared they were all on it. She pressed her name and was shocked by what she saw. 





She pressed Training on a whim.

This will make you enter a training program that severly limits your powers and teachs you to be a scout from the very beginning. 

She pressed Deactivate.

Deactivates you as a Sailor Scout all your memories will be erased. 

Her eyes shook. She pressed Training. 

You've entered the Training Program. 

This will trigger randomly. 

She quickly formed the team and put them in the Training Program as well. 

"I hope this works." Serena sighed closing her eyes not even bothering to change. 

She didn't see Luna watching her from her desk. 

Serena Tsukino has invited you to join "Sailor Scouts" would you like to join? 

Rei blinked at the blue screen floating in front of her as she ran up the temple stairs she almost fell. She froze where she was and just stared at it. 

"What does she want now?" Rei wondered holding her left arm. "What is this about?' 

It was clear that she wasn't going to get an answer. 

"Well, alright then." Rei sighed and pressed yes. 

You've joined "Sailor Scouts" 

You now have access to the Scout Training Program. 

Your powers have been limited to properly train you to be the best Scout you can be. 

Follow the Training Program to get stronger. 

You have access to basic functions that will help you along the way. 

She was soon staring at a red screen with the Mars symbol moving in the back ground. 

"She entered me in a Training Program?" Rei asked getting annoyed.

"She better have entered herself as well. Honestly." 

Serena Tsukino has invited you to join "Sailor Scouts" would you like to join Sailor Scouts? 

Amy frowned at the screen as she finished entering her room. What was Serena up to this time? She was really too tired for this. She weighed her options then sighed and chose yes.

You've joined "Sailor Scouts"

You now have Access to the Scout Training Program.

Your powers have been limited to properly train you to be the best Scout you can be. 

Follow the Training Program to get stronger.

You have access to basic functions that will help you along the way. 

Amy was suddenly looking at an ice blue screen with floating Mercurey symbols floating in the background .

"I know this is going to be a bad idea." Amy sighed, shaking her head. "But I'm just too tired to care. I'll figure it out in the morning." 

Serena Tsukino has invited you to join "Sailor Scouts" Would you like to join? 

Mina, Lita, Michelle, Trista and Hotaru quickly joined all too tired to even care at the moment they were given the same information and were soon staring at  Orange, Dark Green,  Aqua, Black, and Purple screens respectivly with their planets floaing in the back ground. 

Amara smiled at the screen as she jumped from building to building towards home. 

"Whatever you ask of me, Serena." She said, and pressed yes. 

She was soon staring at a Navy Blue screen. 

"This should be interesting." 

Where the souls of old Sailor Queens gather

"She chose wisely." Queen Mercury smiled.

"Now we can train them the proper way." Queen Jupiter stated. 

"What was Serenity thinking telling Luna and Artemis not to train them in the Ancient way that we were all trained. " Queen Cosmos wondered. "Well now that be fixed." 

The other Queens nodded and agreed. There were screens floating in front of each of them. They would start as soon as the girls woke up the morning. The fate of everything rested on their shoulders. 

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