"For Truth"

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Asuna/OC Pairing.

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This story contains F/F rape, strapon and pegging!

'This' means someone is thinking.

Italics alone means the name of something, i.e. Aincrad. Also a flashback.

Horizontal ruler (a line across the page) means a page break or large timeskip.

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Disclaimer; I do not own the Sword Art Online franchise or any of the characters or ideas involved. This is non-profit-I am not making any money from this.

Aincrad, 2023...

'Damn it! I'm still paralysed! Can't move!'

Yuuki Asuna, aka Asuna the Lightning Flash, uttered foul curses in her mind as she lay bound, trapped, unnatural illumination casting red light on her naked body.

She was shivering. In fear, humiliation and rage. Poorly hiding her terror in this latest sick twist on the Death Game known as Sword Art Online.

The fair-skinned, slender young woman of almost waist length, nearly orange locks, was a pathetic, yet alarming sight; naked (her Knights Of The Blood Oath uniform, items and gear inaccessible to her.

Sword Art Online scanned the users bodies with hyperintuitive solaton scans to perfectly copy a players physical form right down to the milimeter. Such scans on hundreds of volunteers during the design stage created countless unique avatars for players to use via randomised data mixed with original player scans. Asuna was cursing that now, as every part of her, from her bared ass, to her nipples, to her vagina was reproduced for whatever sicko who had captured her to perv over.

She swore she may become a red player before this day was over….

Beating down the humiliation and terror that threatened to swallow her and make a useless sobbing wreck, the young woman forced herself to calmly analyse her situation; She had no weapons, she lay on her side, arms held behind her back.

The ace player had identified her manacles holding her, as used for co-op capture missions (you needed either a 'goal reached' action or for the capturer to deactivate the manacles or to log out of the game to escape the binds.)

Her muffled grumbling reinforced that she was gagged by a cloth of some kind.

She suspected that her gear was probably in the large, thick-looking chest on the other side of the cave reminding the teenager of how she got there…


Clearing monsters on level 10, The Sunshine Forest. The KOTBO had lost track of a newbie to the guild, a clumsy young man mockingly called RedShirt, and Floor 10 was the last place he was seen. Asuna volunteered to go look for the wayward player.

She was tired. Tired of the Death Game. Tired of being put on a pedestal by other trapped players. Tired of being one of the ones who had to keep everyone else's spirits up.

Asuna was not focused on the task. She stabbed and thrust her way through the now-too-low-level-to-threaten-her-monsters with her usually sharp mind on other thoughts. It had recently occurred to the beautiful young woman that IRL, She had recently passed the age where she could be legally married. She remembered her cold and distant father arranging a marriage of convenience to a slimy scumbag, uncaring of Asuna's opinion on the matter.

'So if I wasn't stuck in this nightmare world playing a lunatics game of life and death, I'd be IRL a housewife. Either churning out babies or sitting in the background uselessly waiting for some scrawny man to achieve things. Playing my parents game of life control. So I'm screwed either way.'

Sinking into a moody autopilot, she absently opened a treasure chest, identical to a thousand others she had seen in Aincrad. From the simulated wood and iron erupted a cloud of sparkling purple dust that enveloped the red and white garbed swordswoman.

'Wha?! A trapped chest?!'

This was a special attack she had seen used in the co-op Team Death Battles, where respawn was near instant.

She had collapsed in a paralysed heap face first in the simulated grass. Her blurring vision detected a figure in an all-encompassing black robe, silently appearing from the thick trees. Without a word, the figure tied the paralysed woman up and roughly gagged her. Asuna's attacker had then grabbed her by one shapely leg and dragged the orange/brunette off, presumably through a teleport gate.

She had blacked out into the systems unconsciousness mode while she was being dragged, presumably by a sleep effect on the cloth over and in her mouth…


Back in the present, she looked around the demonic cave she had woken up in. Her honey-brown eyes saw a breathtaking river of flowing magma in the caverns center, with bubbling rivers branching off it. Sprouting from the ceiling, dozens of meters above her head, and walls of blackened rock, there were blood red crystals giving menacing illumination across the subterrainean structure as they brightly glowed crimson. Dagger sharp stalactites erupted from across the floor and the environments temperature felt higher than in most areas of Aincrad Asuna had explored.

'This is Floor 13; the lava level... I came through the floor a while ago, never saw this place though, there were so many environmental hazards and almost no monsters so there was no point to stay or seriously explore…'

A tone perfect reproduction of approaching boot steps echoing on rock snapped Asuna out of her thoughts. Her eyes widened in shock and rage as a familiar cloaked figure stepped into view.

Asuna stood up in terror, seeing an orange marker above the players obscured head.

'Laughing coffin?!'

She ran. Only to violently and suddenly stop. She looked down and discovered a chain round one dainty ankle, holding her to a stake in the ground.

"Mwwhh yrr ywwoww?" She mumbled around the gag in her mouth, glaring down her attacker.

The hood was dramatically pulled down and Asuna's honey brown eyes widened in shock, her abductor was…

… a girl. A … weird and striking looking one.

Said girl, a teenager perhaps slightly older than Asuna, looked American or European to the captive's eyes. She had tanned, Caucasian skin contrasting gleamingly bright (perhaps dyed) golden hair in what might have once been an intricate hime cut with twin curls on either side of her head and shoulder length bangs- now dishevelled. Like she'd gone through a hurricane and didn't bother fixing her hair afterwards.

Not that she wasn't attractive, her face was strikingly lovely; a beautiful girl on the cusp of becoming a magnificent woman.

Though it was the eyes that drew the bound girl frightfully in; sapphire coloured, almost hypnotically textured orbs that were wide open to the level of mania; reminding Asuna of all too many SAO players who panicked upon realising being trapped in the game and freaked out. Some attacking others, some committing suicide trying to escape.

Forced to look away, she noted the strangers outfit was… odd…

Unlike other female players who generally went for lightweight fabrics to lower weight penalties and improve speed, this teenaged girl wore full armour; like she was a 'tank' player. Which was strange.

Said armour of course, did little to conceal her body shape; surprisingly buff for a woman, yet still curvy enough that no one would call her butch.

Her attire was of loud colours. She wore a pink undershirt, over which armour stylised to a female fantasy form (a breast plate protecting nothing more vital than a players funbags she once heard another player mutter), a leather 'battle-skirt' that somewhat reminded her of Wonder-Woman when she saw it on other players, knee high shinguards and pink boots, unblemished by dirt as the game graphics engine didn't bother to pick up that level of detail.

The figure of Asuna's study fully cast the cloak off and the trapped girl gasped as she saw the kidnappers weapon of choice;

A huge, spiked club, its shaft made of heavy looking wood, covered in studs of iron. Black metal covered both ends of the weapon.

'Is that a fucking Kanabo?!'

Even more horrific than the ghastly weapons appearance was its size; it was attached to the woman's back at a slight angle and was almost as tall as the female holder. SAO's weight mechanics were generous, but Asuna didn't think a woman or many men in real life could even lift such a ludicrous weapon.

A voice, strong, inappropriately warm and full of emotion rang out, making Asuna jump in shock.

"Don't be afraid, Asuna. I've been following you for a while. I wanted to surprise you."

'The voice... SAO's system acts like the Universal Translator from Star Trek... though there are accents, this girls sounds upper class, like someone highly educated and polite. And definitely not Japanese.'


A frown marred the lovely face. Pink gloved hands reached out and yanked down the cloth gagging her 'guest'.


Asuna suddenly remembered she was naked.

The fearsome Lightning Flash cried out in alarm and curled into a foetal position, body red in humiliation, trying to hide her private parts.

Why the hell did a video game scan and copy peoples sexual regions anyway? Did the lunatic Kayaba Akihiko think that people going without sex and masturbation would cause even larger suicides than they'd already suffered and so his… experiment? God fantasy? Would prematurely end?

The girl watched her with a hand over her mouth, holding in childish giggles.

The armour she wore did nothing to conceal the sensual swaying of her hips, almost mesmerising the now trembling Yuuki daughter as her captor sauntered towards her, forcing her back and trapping her against a cavern wall.

Asuna stared into the bottomless, hypnotic blue eyes, mere inches from her own. Almost yelping in alarm as she felt strong arms reach behind Her back and manipulate the prisoners hands and fingers to open a screen window.

"Are you trying to force a dual?! Are you Laughing Coffin?!"

"No, silly. In fact the Coffin idiots have tried to kill me a couple of times. I responded in kind, which is why…"

She gestured at her orange player icon with her head while continuing to adjust Asuna's air window before stepping away.

"See it now?"

Asuna looked to the attackers side; she had just forced a party forming between them; and now both partners data was available. She read the strangers name atop her stats in a now visible air window.


"It means 'truth' in Italian. Wanna know why?"

She leered at the golden brunette over both hands placed before her face, concealing her lower features.

"I want you to let me go! Are you crazy?" Asuna yelled.

Staring at Asuna for a moment. The brighter blonde suddenly turned on her heel and stomped away in a huff, much to Asuna's dumbfounded surprise.

'Well that was unexpected… If she's leaving, this is my chance to escape...'

Her replicated ears picked up sounds of struggling, and Asuna's simulated breath stopped as the blonde-Verita, reappeared. And she wasn't alone.

The disturbing warrior woman held a figure dressed in the distinctive brightly red and white garb of the Knights of the Blood Oath in by his short, black hair.

Asuna recognised him as the missing KOTBO member, dubbed Redshirt.

Also why wasn't he naked?!

"Who is this... man to you?" Verita asked, yanking the slight, but still physically larger male off the floor in a display of inhuman strength.

"Let him go!" Asuna demanded.

Her nemesis placed a black dagger at Sora's throat and the captives heath gauge dropped as the thick weapon was pressed dangerously against his synthesised throat.

"Is he real to you?" A grim line of a mouth asked.

"Yes!" Asuna responded without hesitation.

The line became a smirk;

"Of course he is. This is no game Asuna. This is real. Some people need to be reminded of what's real and what's not. I have a little… tutorial… just for you Asuna. And when I'm done, I'll let you both go unharmed."

She secured the KOTBO member to a nearby stalactite.

"Let him go first."

"So he can call for help? I'm not crazy."

The irregular expression on her face said otherwise.

The blonde gasped in exasperation. She put her hand on her heart.

"Fine. I swear on my mothers (heh) life, I will let you both go unharmed when I'm done."

"You 'swear'? That's not worth anything to me." Asuna spat.

Disappearing so fast, Asuna's shocked mind wondered if it was a Skill, Verita reappeared right in the naked girls face.


Asuna jerked back in shock, only to be stopped by an astonishing feeling on her lower region; part simulated pain, part sexual pleasure.

Honey-brown eyes (beginning to moisten in artificial tears) gazed down, seeing her crotch held within Verita's astounding grip. She forced herself to look at her attackers stats and noticed in fear that the crazy blonde was a level ahead of her, with much higher STR.

"I've masturbated quite a few times in here. It's not the same as IRL. What do you think?"

"You perverted-"

She twisted Asuna's snatch round violently.


The Yuuki maiden had indeed experimented with Aincrad pornography at a recent low point. This wasn't how she did it, and the Yuuki heiress was sure that if the crazed blond did this in real life she'd be in the hospital from having her pussy yanked on like it was some kind of stress relief toy.

As it was, it hurt, but also felt good, like the system couldn't figure out if this was an attack or act of pleasure. Her pain filled eyes confirmed her life bar wasn't going down at least.

"Do you think this is real, Asuna?"

She asked, watching her angelic face as she crudely twisted her prisoners ladyhood about.

"Why are you doing this?! I have people relying on me! People are going to die!"

A gloved finger pressed over Asuna's mouth in a strangely gentle gesture.

"Ssshh! Those people don't deserve you…"

With cruel slowness, Verita eased her hands over Asuna's body, taking in her shape, curves…

"Those people don't know how to reward you…"

Asuna shivered, telling herself that these feelings were false as she felt disturbingly real, cold, gloved fingers, trail and squeeze her shoulders, round her arms, over her breasts, squeezing in and out, thoroughly mauling her digitally recreated body.

"But I do…"


Verita admired the beauty of her catch, while Hazel eyes glared ferociously at her, as though her mere glare could kill.

A nearby mumble reminded her that a comrade was watching her defilement, and she briefly looked at the KOTBO member who looked shame-faced away from her.

Asuna almost screamed; "What are you looking at?!"

Returning her ferocious glare to its true target, Yuuki Asuna, aka the Lightning Flash, uttered obscene and pitiful gasps as her nipples were tugged on by a gloved hand of thick pink combat gloves.

The aggressor sat back on a red crystal outcropping sitting only inches from a flowing lava stream. SAO's physics engines for some reason didn't do 'convection' at least not with lava anyway. She'd come through here clearing the level while leaping over lava flows in an amazing yet totally impossible manner.

She glared at her abductor, demanding with her ferocious golden brown gaze to release her in response she grinned back at her. Asuna jerked back in shock.

'Are those her teeth?!'

The girl had the hugest, whitest teeth she had ever seen, with canines that looked like they could bite through a tree! They had to be plastic replacement to a gum disease or something. Another thing that alarmed Asuna about her smile was how wide it was; it made the Cheshire Cat look modest, a smile that twisted so many facial muscles had to hurt!

Asuna's gaze lowered to avoid the freakish grin. She looked right back at the beaming nutcase angrily when the again twisted on her nipples cruelly.

"Sorry, I have big hands." Verita smirked.

"Then stop groping me then!" Asuna snapped.

The depraved blond stepped behind her, and Asuna ignored her, and the beeping of air windows controls. Instead focusing her perfect gaze on the stunning lava flow only meters in front of her, its light, how it rippled the 'air'…

She felt strong, not at all gentle hands on her shoulders, squeeze in and out of her muscles. It felt wrong... she looked to her side and gawked slightly. Verita's hands... were quite big... a computer glitch maybe? They were still shaped like a woman's, just larger than Asuna's dainty digits and palms...

Still staring at the odd limbs squeezing and rubbing her (with not-at-all-softness), Asuna barely held in a squeak as she felt the strong hands on her shoulders push her upper body forwards, putting her humiliation inflamed face in the levels custom designed floor. She didn't try to get up.

Staying face down, buried in the volcanic dust, or whatever this environment created, she could smell ash and sulfur. Or what the computer calculated ash and sulfur would smell like.


Her mouth in a shocked 'O', Asuna's head shot up. In a panic she tried to wrestle free of the psychopath groping her from behind when she felt iron hard arms seize perverse holds around her slender avatar form. The large, forceful hands continued their unwanted work; rubbing circles on her flat belly while the other danced around the rim of her digitally reproduced labia.

Asuna squeaked, her red face distorted into a featural dance of shock, fear and pain as large, unnaturally smooth fingers pressed from her stomach, over her hips, into her approximated vagina. Verita wasn't delicate, her uncannily large hands felt like monstrous claws seeking to tear apart her clit as she crudely poked and pressed delicate regions.

Making strange noises around a goblinesque grin, Verita slid her own voluptuous armoured body over Asuna's far more slender, naked frame and the smaller orange-brunette felt both Verita's leathery clothing scraping over her skin and the disconcerting bulges that were her breastplates stabbing into her back. She narrowly forced down headbutting the perverse freak away as she felt Verita's face grossly inhale simulated lungful of her also simulated hair, then lower to nuzzle her face like they were actual sapphic lovers.

Truly humiliated, frightened, and more than a little disgusted, Asuna tried desperately to ignore the sensations the lunatics touch was infecting her with, but it was so new a feeling, she couldn't help herself.

Verita stared at the reflection of Asuna's face, studying her crystals reactions as she poked and prodded and squeezed the beauty's body experimentally.

"You don't remember me do you? I was a solo player who got in over her head on level 2, was about to be killed. You leapt in, saved me. Then walked off not even asking my name. Because you didn't care." She whispered into Asuna's ear.

Asuna turned her head, grimacing as she was eye to eye, nose to nose with the kidnapper and shook her head. Verita followed her shaky in a manner that would have been childish in another situation.

"Wh-what? N-no, I did care, Verita…"

The unaffected blonde reached around and patted her on the face.

"Shh, it's fiiiine that you don't care. I like it. See in the real world, I'm rich. A member of a billionaire family in fact. I've spent my whole life being surrounded by liars and sycophants and parasites and minions and stooges and lackeys and toadies and goons and I. Hate. It! I got into gaming for anonymity. To make… actual bonds. But when the mirror thing caused everyone to revert back to their IRL appearance, I was recognised. I'm… quite distinctive in appearance you probably noticed."

She preened and grinned at her, and Asuna couldn't hold back a wince. Those too white, too large teeth freaked her out!

The Japanese maiden shivered as she felt those monstrous, huge teeth scrape over her cheek, onto and around her earlobe. She squeaked feeling those disturbing dentures crush down on her ear so hard she saw her health gauge drop. Only a minor dip, though she continued shivering in knowledge that death was a real possibility as Verita lewdly licked into her earlobe. Sending her tongue so deep inside her auditory canal, IRL she would be touching her eardrum.

The kneeling KOTBO member felt the lips on her ear become a now familiar grin as she felt Verita's sizeable fingers poke between her legs pull Asuna's vaginal lips apart to expose her inner vulva.

Asuna gulped and shivered, feeling the bulkier built girls' body withdraw across her back, and the grip on her lower-regions tighten alarmingly.

Staring in delight into Asuna's wide-opened pussy, Verita stuck her tongue out and licked the air lewdly to Asuna's shock as her head descended between the Lightning Flash's legs.

Asuna considered mule-kicking Verita in her freaky face, but stomped the thought down. She couldn't risk this psychopath harming Sora. She'd play along… for now.

'It's not real! It's a simulation!'

She began repeating the mantra in her head frantically when she felt what her senses swore was a hot, wet, flailing tongue shoving its way into her vagina. She grit her teeth and focused deeper on her mantra.

Verita laughed in muffled mania as she wiggled her tongue around inside her crush. She wondered if all women in SAO would taste the same, or if Asuna would taste the best.

Maybe she'd convince Asuna to accept other partners in this relationship or she could ask the brunette to eat her out and compare tastes.

Asuna's whole body vibrated at the sensations. Her teeth grit and her wide eyes looked into her crystalline reflection.

'This isn't real.'

She told herself, feeling Verita's hot tongue snaking over her insides.

"N-not real.." She gasped out as she felt the tip of Verita's likely unnaturally smooth tongue brush up against the stretched membrane of her unnaturally reproduced hymen.

Verita froze, looking up at her, mouth still on her crotch, with a look in her eyes that Asuna thought was shock.

She bit down on her crotch harshly then released her mouth. She locked eyes with Asuna's lava crystal mirror reflection as she spoke;

"My mother… was a secretary, who worked for a company my father owned. He had an affair with her… and several other woman actually. She got pregnant, made a deal with my father: He pays her a certain amount of money, and she leaves, never contacts me, and lets my mother in name only pretend to be the one who gave me life. While treating me like vermin my whole life."


Asuna blinked, wondering why this kidnapper was telling her this random story. Now of all times.

"You're like me, you think IRL is a lie. Like me, you lived a lie in your rich, fake family, our image we present to the press and onlookers, our 'friends', colleagues, loyalty… all lies."

Asuna stared at her, blinking, before she could say anything, the unpredictable blonde dived back onto her crotch like a lunging snake seeking to consume her sexual regions hungrily. Her lips and teeth clamped down over her opening. Growling, she stabbed her tongue deeper inside her, invading her in spiral patterns seeking to consume every micron of her artificially synthesised pussy.

She wrapped her arms around Asuna's slender waist, locking her hands together and pulling Asuna back as she shoved her face into the smaller girls rear-end. She forced a smile as her face was smashed against Asuna's just-right ass cheeks, her nose pressing into her scentless digitised asshole.

Asuna reeled from this assault, nearly slamming her forehead against the rock beneath her. She barely held in screams and was panicking from the sensations racing through her body from the voracious assault the lunatic was inflicting on her.

She climaxed; spastically shoving her hips and slender backside into Verita's face as she swallowed her release. If there were any emotionless observers, one might note that the lovesick-looking girls food gauge had risen upon swallowing the others girls sexual release. Instead, Asuna and Verita were both out of their minds in ecstasy and humiliation and RedShirt was battling both shame and arousal.

He hadn't kept his eyes closed during the oral rape of his team mate.

Verita eased her armlock on Asuna's waist. Seconds later, she released her almost bite-like grip on her pussy and removed her tongue very slowly, grinning in joyous victory as she watched Asuna come down.

Asuna was gasping for breath, her face almost tomato red. None of her juices were left ungulped by Verita who lewdly licked her lips at her treat.


Uncaring that they were still being watched by the shameful RedShirt, Verita carefully adjusted her female captive to sit on a rocky formation perfectly shaped (and possibly designed) to seat a person. She stroked the reproduced hair out of Asuna's facial simulation affectionately, her face so close to Asuna's she'd feel her breath if the system picked up on those details.

"Until this game I was dead… a pretty little doll skirting about behind a false guise of family, dignity and purpose. A fake existence in which I did nothing real. Day to day, I merely went through the motions of living as though I was one of those stupid NPC's standing about. I wondered if I was slowly going insane. You're the same, Asuna."

The humiliated captive sat staring up at her, not knowing what to say.

"Also, I told you about my mother. Now you know something about me. Communication."

Hazel eyes blinked in bewilderment. This girls brain worked like a pachinko machine.

"…what do you want from me?!"

"To not be alone."

She sounded so fragile and vulnerable when she said that.

"…you could join a party, a guild…"

"They wouldn't accept…. Me."

She ran a hand across Asuna's pretty features in a gesture that made the orange-brunette's reproduced stomach lurch.

"You are my first true lesbian crush you know. I saw some female actors and thought they were hot… but you… were always more…"

Forcing herself to squash down terror and disgust Asuna spoke in a measured tone;

"Verita. Let me go and we'll talk…"

The kidnapper shook her head.

"You have chains anchoring you to the old world. I'm going to break those chains, give you something special in this world…"

Asuna's eyes shot open as she heard a disturbing sound of… rubber on rubber?

Her tear speckled eyes fearfully turned and she saw the rogue player was stroking a strap-on replica of a human penis attached beneath her battle skirt and above rubber briefs, or perhaps extremely short shorts that lay usually out of sight.

"Pretty isn't it? Courtesy of SAO's near-endless craftsman skill system." She giggled, her sapphire eyes gleaming in anticipation in the demonic lit cave.

She showed more creepy teeth as she squeezed down between the teenagers legs, causing a half scream, half gurgle of head-spinning agony from the debased female.

Asuna found it harder to control her fear as her manacled hands were clasped by the suddenly even more grotesque woman's giant's grip. She whimpered as the heavier girl sat on her ass. The Yuuki maiden writhed in panic, feeling the strap-on bounce across her lower back.

Asuna made sounds of childish sobbing as the larger blonde bent over her, placing her large, heavy palms on her arms, her shin guarded legs on either side of her submissive, naked legs.

Putting weight on her forearms, she began sensually moving her shapely, still battle skirted hips up and down above her vagina, driving the thick, hard rubber across the naked captives backside, up and down her unprotected simulated spine. The mushroom shaped tip smoothly circled over her facsimile kidneys.

Her mouth in a shape of childish wonder, Verita traced the course the substitute dick took over Asuna's sensual, angelic body.

Verita's lust overcame her, she shoved her incorrectly sized false cock into her crush, forgetting she planned to let the smaller girl adjust.


Despite her mental preparations, Asuna could not hold in a scream of pain and shock. Experiencing a horribly forceful, violent thrust, she now felt her imitation vagina fill past its safe programmed capacity with a surely inhumanly wide, impossibly long, unnaturally hard penis substitute.

Asuna spasmed on the dusty, uncomfortable cave floor, having no experience with the physical assault taking place on and within her now.

With both large hands, the still fantasy clothed warrior woman kidnapper tightened her hold on to her captives thighs and yanked the pain-taut girls body back while shoving her wide hips forwards, thoughtlessly trying to impale the full length of her ludicrous, debased item inside Asuna's gorgeous body.

Through the agony, Asuna saw in the corner of her eye that RedShirt wasn't closing his eyes or turning away from her desecration; in fact he seemed to have a sickening bulge in his bright white pants (though embarrassingly smaller than Verita's freakish phallus).

'I'll kill that dirtbag when I get out of this!' She vowed and noted for later, amazed she could think so clearly.

Asuna was slammed out of her vengeful vows by the shocking aberration viciously pushing forward. Asuna's lovely features radiated agony as she felt the huge, horrible thing Verita had insanely made, inching further up inside her. Her keen senses tracked its inhuman girth stretching her synthesised channel to the point where if her avatar had blood vessels, they surely would have burst, causing life-threatening injury.

Asuna's knees frantically scraped at the dusty cave floor, desperate to get away. She had experienced battle, pain from dozens of digital assaults from beasts and weapons of countless types… but this? Her mind could not endure! Her horror-drowned mind keenly detected and described a list of ridiculous and revolting details all over the grotesque thing invading her; every bulging reproduced vein, the cold as an iron sword temperature, the shocking shape of the mushroom-head thing…

'Why'd the bitch make it this big?!' She managed to think out through the fire of pain and despair.

Asuna didn't know what her inner sex regions looked like; though she felt that things were going to get worse when the cockhead (the size of one of Verita's oddly large fists) bumped into her cervix, trying to force it open to invade her small, facsimile womb.

Verita twisted and wiggled behind the quivering, near sobbing Asuna, trying to force in more of her lovely equipped item, wondering if maybe she made it too big…

'Nah… just not using the right… technique… or angle… or whatever…'

Between thoughtless yanking, shoving and odd wiggling, Verita drove her strap-on cock lancing through Asuna's cervix to finally stop dead and nearly fold in on itself when the mushroom tip thumped into the back of her reproduction womb.

The slightly floppy rubber may as well have been Verita's psychotic-looking Kanebo, given the indescribable pain it caused Asuna as it warped the slender girl's approximated inner organs out of shape, inspiring stifled sounds of pain and bottomless depths of horror in the violated teenager.

Asuna closed her bleary eyes and grit her digitally reconstructed teeth, refusing to surrender to the weak urge to sob uselessly while being dominated and violated by this evil lunatic and unable to save herself. She jumped as said lunatic snaked arms around her tiny waist and gave her yet more hard tugs back. Furiously, she reopened her eyes and looked back at the weird-looking kidnapper in horror and rage, though her mind reeled, unable to make any sense of what was happening to her beyond the fact that she was convinced having such a long, thick, heavy… thing inside her was going to kill her.

Suddenly, Verita eased up on her grasp. Letting the smaller orange-brunette slump forward a little as she drew her repulsive debased equipment partially out of her captive. She thrust back in and began to pump her torturously slowly, just getting herself adjusted to moving about in such a tight space.

This manoeuvre was torture to Asuna, being filled up to the point of having her simulated insides burst, not to mention how sick, infinitely unnatural and twisted it was for another young woman to be doing… this to her…

Verita closed her otherworldly bright eyes and adopted a dreamy look on her face as she seemingly absently fucked the now near-sobbing girl.

"Breathe… just breathe…"

She rolled her head on her shoulders as she changed rhythm to cruelly slow, hypnotic strokes as she twisted Asuna's slender arms up and away from her back harshly.

Changing the careless rolling of her head, the offbeat blonde changed tempo again; putting all of her body weight onto the simulated rubber facsimile cock forcing Asuna's sexual opening open dangerously wide.

Asuna stared ahead, eyes wide, teeth grinding together in agony as it felt like an ogres club was being maliciously shoved into her. She wondered if sex IRL felt like this.

Demented wide sapphire eyes watched the simulacrum vagina beneath her open and close around the large pink rubber shaft perversely.

Showing precise body control and great sadism, Verita gave no warning before her slow, menacing strokes became a rapid, terrifying high speed assault; in and out so fast the thumping of flesh and creaking of pushed/pressed rubber drowned out the endless lava stream flow and bubbles and even the smothered pleads and cries of the trapped Knight of the Blood Oath.

Her dyed golden hair fell into her face as she cruelly spun her hips around clockwise, twisting the archetype rubber buried in Asuna's vagina round so sharply it threatened to tear her insides (and likely would have if this was the real world where people operated within human limits).

Instead, this was a horrific, digital simulated rape. Verita spent a whole ten minutes, without pause, treating her captives sex hole to an arsenal of punishments;

Smooth, precise motions in and out so precise they were hypnotic (certainly to the chained male who shamefully watched them) and took the trapped Player to a place in her mind that was both horrific… and wonderful? She, and the system couldn't make up their minds.

Quick, sharp, hard thrusts, slamming her hips into her vagina, driving replicated strapon past simulated cervix, and the rubber deep into her womb, crashing against her ridiculously reproduced womb wall, enflaming her whole avatar being in pain. Ruthless and brutal and uncaring in its entrance and exit.

Machine gun style rapid thrusts, not so deep that they felt womb-wounding, but so hard and relentless to Asuna that she wondered if the lunatic bitching her could keep it up for hours. She bet she could.

Said lunatic leaned her body back, hanging on only by one hand on her captives manacles, driving her false dick dangerously deep into her.

The noises Asuna made didn't sound human. Vibrating through foam dribbling from her mouth into the dusty cavern floor as Verita shoved her prosthetic cock as deeply into Asuna as possible in this perverse digital world.

Verita's siege suddenly stopped with no cruel warning.

"This world isn't false Asuna! It's real. Your not caring about my identity, yet seeing enough of my soul to risk your life to save mine. Sensing that I needed and could get strong enough to stand and take you, is real. What we are doing is real! And this love is real!"

'She's fucking nuts! Did the game do this to her? Has she lost people in it?'


A male would have come by now, been spent and been useless by now.

Her cock slipped out of the spasming Asuna.

The blonde lay the tied, murderously furious woman down on down on a rock conveniently flat.

Verita took hold of Asuna's slender legs, wrapping them around her wide hips, and tangling them.

"It's a shame there's no mod for me to experience sensation through the cock I'm fucking you with, huh, Asuna?"

She fingered herself, glimmering blue eyes looking down on at a reddened, pain-filled, beautiful face as she writhed on the stone.

"Let…him…go…" She growled out.

Verita gaped. The blonde's face flickered between multiple expressions; rage, horror… settling on saddened.

"I'm disappointing you… I promise you I'll try harder!"

She pulled back, nearly removing her strapon from Asuna's form, before violently hammering back into her so hard the slender girl slid back on the cavern surface. The look of shock on Asuna's gorgeous face boosted Verita's desire and she began hammering back and forth into her (in her mind, soulmate) in a manic fashion driving her further back on the rocky outcropping until Asuna's rapist followed her, mounting her. Kneeling on the rock and ploughing down deeper into her.

Asuna looked away, in clear distress. Verita grabbed her face, then seized her mouth in a violent kiss, her lips mashing over hers, an avatar tongue lunging over her teeth and wrapping around Asunas's panicked tongue, more like attempting to throttle it than pleasure it.

Verita's manic blue eyes stared into Asuna's fear-filled hazel orbs as the kidnapper continued penetrating both vaginal and oral cavities without pause or blink.

Asuna stared like a mouse staring into the eyes of a cobra feeling both the replicated plastic and avatar tongue revoltingly take advantage. She couldn't think of anything beyond the horror and humiliation of this moment.

The insane blonde though, thought of new torments for her prize. With shocking, bolting movement, she drew backwards, hauling the impaled orange-brunette up with her. The voluptuous blonde stood back on her feet, holding Asuna impaled on her strapon, held by her wrapped legs round Verita's thick thighs and cold, textured gloves gripping smooth, umarked ass.

Asuna cried out as Aincrad's simulated gravity forced her deeper down onto the thick plastic invading her. The Yuuki maiden's own arms were still manacled behind her back and her hands flailed trying to escape.

"The Lightning Flash deserves hardwork!" Verita grunted.

Before Asuna could curse at the lunatic, she felt the breath being violently knocked out of her as the larger blonde began carelessly bouncing the lithe girl up and down using both her huge arm strength and thrusting her developed-looking hips back and forth.

The move hurt Asuna considerably.

Feeling her form nearly clear the cock within her as Verita lifted her up and pulled her hips back , then being driven down with a thud.

In this violent position they continued to fuck for several minutes.

Verita turned their bodies so Asuna no longer had to look at the KOTBO member. Verita winked at him, knowing the pervert had been watching them.

Perhaps due to the SAO system, or perhaps actual physical stimulation, both young women approached orgasm. Verita praised the systems stamina mechanic as despite her being quite athletic IRL, she suspected she couldn't hold a chick up and fuck her this hard for so long.

Deciding to work harder, the imbalanced blonde bent her head down and suckled on one of Asuna's breasts, taking the entire avatar mammary gland into her mouth, while groping the other with a clawed gauntlet. She continued fucking Asuna by gripping her ass with her other hand and rocking her hips back and forth, almost see-sawing the slender girl while deeply embedded within her.

While experienced with masturbation, both Asuna and Verita had both wondered why these… anatomical functions were in the game.

Neither wondered as they both received digital world sapphic orgasms; Asuna sprayed around the thick plastic within her, and Verita came within the leather briefs she still wore beneath the strap-on.

"Probably should have taken these off." She gasped, nuzzling Asuna's reddened face.


Bleary, tear-filled eyes dazed into the lava flow before her, trying to drift off to sleep. She had been placed back down on the cave floor, back on her knees with her face in the environmental flooring. Those golden brown however, eyes flew open in horror as she felt slick, fabricated rubber poking into her counterfeit asshole.

The KOTBO member almost blurted out pleads for her kidnapper to not do this… thing that would be grotesque and unnatural even in the real world and with mutual consent. Her fear escalated, her mock heartbeat and unnatural breathing sped up as she felt the sham penis sliding across her simulated buttcheeks.

Verita watched in hugely grinning wonder as she fed Asuna's asshole her huge, long cock in one smooth push.

Placing both palms on Asuna's slender hips, she began thrusting her strapon back and forth inside the light orange haired girls perfectly shaped ass as she lay mumbling loudly and sweetly. She reached under and seized Asuna's clit in her palm.

"I see how much you like this… how much you need this… I saw you again on level 20 after that party you ran with suffered heavy losses on that boss."

She stroked her hair in sickening contrast to her sodomy.

"I know that wasn't your fault."

She cruelly toyed with the entrapped clit as Asuna pleaded with her via mumbles.

Verita squeezed and released on the spot between Asuna's legs as she smoothly pumped her back passage, watching her reflection in lava crystals. Ragged gasping flowed from the trapped female as the pounding continued.

The perverse blonde leaned back, shoving her well-developed legs further forwards as she went on and on.

Like she was a poseable fuckdoll, the obscene blonde forced Asuna into a position she had seen on internet porn; she sat across Asuna's thighs with her knees shoved into her chest, fingers in her feet (tickling), the strapon was twisted down as she spiked/pile drove her agonised victim and stretching her inner walls around dangerously.

She bounced up and down on Asuna's body recklessly, driving bone-crushing force through her thighs, hips, spine and into her anal passage straight-shocking into her intestines (or whatever substitute the digital world had for them). She looked down at her through errant strands of synthetic, dyed golden hair, speaking through her domino white and sized teeth.

"When I was young, a private tutor I had blew up at me saying my daddy bought my grades… and I saw the truth… from then on everything was false. When I scored high on a test, I didn't know if my hard work at studying was responsible or if the teachers were bribed. When I performed well at athletics I didn't know if the other kids were bribed or threatened. Every kind word said to me was suspect. I was all alone even in a room filled to bursting!"

She screamed that last part, close to orgasm.

"But this? Is real? This lust. This need. This pain. This pleasure. Is real!"

She screamed in Asuna's terrified face, sending specks of rapidly vanishing saliva into her honey coloured eyes.

With a jerk, she came a second time, sexual juices erupted inside her leather briefs and she stared into Asuna's golden-brown orbs as though having a revelation.

Her legs buckled and she fell back onto her ass, her thoroughly used fake cock slipping out of Asuna's asshole as she fell. The phallus bounced off her belly as she heaved from exertion, staring up at the ceiling.

An evil grin spread unnaturally wide across her sweat stained face.

"End level one… or that concludes the tutorial… whatever, imma fuck you again, Asuna!"

She began laughing, her demented vocalisations filling the lava cavern in a true demonic fashion…




This story came about due to getting stuck on another story that had too many different viewpoints, so I went with something simpler and more straight forwards.

The female character in the original premise was Asuna (but Yandere crazy) but she became so far removed from the original character that there was no point calling her Asuna, so I went with an OC.

I actually quite like Verita she's so deep into psychosis that she's unnerving to write and read, I don't like doing the same thing over and over or being bland.

This story also tried its hand at the anime gimmick of lengthy life-story monologues during combat (or violent Sapphic sex in this case).

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