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Hikari Horaki was gently sat down in front of her new master.

“So, Hikari… I may call you that, right?”

The raven hared woman in front of her was leaning back, her ample breasts pushed slightly upwards by her arms crossed beneath them.

The girl nodded lifelessly.

“Okay. Now, you’ve been sold to us, as you well know. We will kill you in the most depraved way possible, and sell the footage to the elite rich class. You will be suffering a lot of pain, and as much as we enjoy doing it, we also admit the other side has a right to have at least some compensation. As you requested to days ago, your entire family was eradicated. Your sisters raped and murdered, then raped again, you mother likewise, your father skinned and pulled apart muscle by muscle. I’ve got to say, you handle a knife and a pair of pliers quite well”

The girl was silent.

Misato Katsuragi, a freak of nature and a sadist to the very core of her soul, still had a soft spot for underdogs. Her job fit her, as it dealt with solely these unfortunate creatures and their preparation to their (almost) inevitable deaths.

She uncrossed her arms and laid them on the table.

“Your time is in the next three months. You are quite the fetching little thing, once we’ve cleaned you up and made you nice and pretty, I’m sure you’ll be quite the pearl. Normally, they just scream and cry, you know. It’s okay to be afraid, I understand”

The girl kept her silence.

“All right. You’re gonna be living in a lace of your choosing, from one of these twelve places. I personally recommend you choose this one, since there’s just three others there right now. You will be supplied with everything you need, from food to entertainment to drugs and alcohol if you so desire. As I said, you will be treated to whatever you want before you go, and three months is quite a long time to prepare yourself in”

She fanned the twelve ledgers out, and Hikari watched her as she picked one particular one out.

She looked at the unopened thing and nodded dully.

Misato sighed. Sure it was hard on them. She wasn’t a completely lost soul, not like this girl’s family was, but she liked seeing a wholesome person before her. They very rarely survived, too, sometimes.

“Well, then. I’ll drive you down there then, you’ll get to meet a few rather odd girls, too. I think you might like it there”

She smiled at her, but Hikari simply stared back at her in a dull, lifeless manner.





“Asuka… can you get the door?”

Mari’s voice drifted from the kitchen as Asuka sat on the couch in front of the TV.

“Can’t Rei do it? I’m kinda busy….”

“You know the new girl is coming today, right?”

Asuka’s eyes shot open, then narrowed. “Uhhh yeah! Right, the new girl. Umm…. Just give me a sec…”

She ran off to her room, and opened her closet to snatch the first thing she found. A yellow one-piece dress that she tried to get over her head.

“Asuka? Asuka! I can’t believe you sometimes!”

Mari’s face peeked around the door as the bell went off for the second time. “And your room’s a frickin mess! Jeez, girl, you can be so irresponsible at times!”

Asuka tugged the dress over her head. “Fuck off, I just forgot it okay? I’m okay now!”

She stormed out the room, and Mari caught her arm. “Hey, where’s Rei, anyway?”

Asuka snorted. “Sleeping as usual. I don’t blame her, after what you did to her this morning…”

Mari smiled. “Right. Now go let our guests in, and then let’s all have lunch together!”

Asuka let her hand brush Mari’s ample chest, lingering just long enough to get a nice feel of her boobs, then strode straight to the door and opened it.

“Welcome home!”





Misato left as soon as the girl was sat down. “You know what to do. If there’s any problems, give me a call. And Asuka….”

The girl stood smiling happily as Misato stroked her hair and cheek.

“… you’re looking wonderful today. I’m really glad you could make it”

She gave her a kiss, a deep, tongue-intensive kiss, and left them to their own devices.

Asuka fingered herself as she held the cheek Misato had touched, openly masturbating to the slight annoyance of Mari, who was dishing the table Hikari now sat at.

“You’ll have to excuse that horny bitch; she’s always like that after all she’s been through. My name’s Mari, what’s yours?”

Hikari looked up at her, then down again. No answer.

“Ookay then how about we get some grub in ya, hm? We can always talk later after all. We’ve got all the time in the world to get to know each other”

She flicked a serviette at Asuka. “Hey! Get Rei up”

Asuka squirmed. “j….just a little more….”

Her face flushed, her breath go shallow, and her legs shook with pleasure as she pushed herself over the edge, a soft moan of bliss escaping her tensed mouth and face.

She relaxed, her eyes still closed, her breath now slowing down, and her hand riding the last vestiges of her orgasm out.

Mari sighed. “Man, Freudian at its finest….”

Asuka got up, bowed to Hikari, and smiled. “Welcome, miss. I will now endeavor to rouse our third house member for this extensively prepared meal. Please excuse me”

“…she says as she sucks the juices of her own cunt off her fingers… whoa!”

Hikari had watched in growing surprise what Asuka had done, and he mouth was now wide open in disbelief. The girl had been knocked out of her apathy by the wild, fiery display, and Mari watched her fidget and try to comprehend those actions.

Mari laid a hand on the girls shoulder, and she spun to look at her. “We’re weird. I hope you like weird. Man, I hope you are weird. Now come and help me with the pots, okay?”

Still in shock, Hikari helped Mari carry the two pots and various small dishes to the table. She was even more surprised by the last member, who sat quietly dozing in her seat, her hair still awry from the bed she’d obviously slept in, while Asuka fidgeted around her trying to straighten it out.

Mari guided Hikari to the head of the table and the other two looked up at them. One gaze quite sleepy, the other in open warmth.

“I’d like to welcome you to our home. This is Asuka Langley Sohryu, Rei Ayanami and myself, Mari Makinami. How may we call you?”

Hikari blushed, and in surprise to herself, answered. Maybe it was the food that smelt so incredibly nice, maybe it was the hug Mari was giving her… hell, maybe it was the display Asuka had shown her beforehand. But something deep inside her stirred, rose, swept over her and broke her silence. And, as she sobbed her name out, the warm embrace of three bodies surrounded her, supported her, kept her from falling as she bawled her eyes out. Ten years of painful memories, three months of even worse memories… all broke the dam she had built up around her heart.

She screamed. Her tearful cries that tore her mouth open fell on listening, warm ears. Her body upended itself, and all the poisonous indifferences and ideas were expelled, evicted, released.

And, after an eternity of liberating relief, she finally surfaced again, her face held close to a deep rhythm, soft flesh and wet warmth. Hands around her shoulders, arms around her waist. A head in her chest, one in her neck. Hands stroking her back, tears no from her eyes rolling down her neck. Her face, wet with snot and salty water, her eyes sore and her throat hoarse. And a song, a duet, sung softly and kindly, strengthening her acceptance, soothing her soul and mind. A gentle embrace from a knowing source, and an empathic soul and an understanding nature.

Hikari calmed, slowly. Mari stroked hair. “There, there… we know. It’s been hard for you as well, right? You’ve had to bear so much for so long… and you’ve done things you’re not proud of. And you hate those memories and those feelings and those moments of pain… it’s all right, you’re gonna be okay. You’re gonna be all right. We’ll fix you. We’ll love you. We won’t hurt you like the others did. We’ll make you feel nice and safe and then we’ll make the bad thoughts stop and let you go to sleep in peace of mind. I’m so sorry about your family. I’m so sorry about your life. I’m so sorry that you have to die soon. I hate this world like you do, I hate these fucking people like you do. I’m glad it’ll be over soon, and I’m glad I can do some right before I go. I’m happy to meet you, I’m happy to see you, I’m happy to have you here in my arms as you re now. You’re a kind soul, a good soul, a spark in the sea of darkness, and I want you to know that I will cherish that spark, nurture it, feed it… until it burns brightly, for as long as it can. We love you, Hikari Horaki, we love you so much. And we’ll love you to the day you die

Hikari calmed down completely. Her face was still hot form tears. Her body was shivering. Asuka got up and got a blanket. Then she got a ton of pillows, two duvets and  a small table that she filled with the plates and dishes on the dining table. Hikari was sat upright, covered in a warm blanket, and surrounded by the girls. Rei on her left, Mari on her right, and Asuka in front of her. They held her and snuggled with her, feeding her gently and supporting her as she tried to put her ordeals behind herself. Slowly her tears gave way to a slight smile, and the three girls began to steer her towards cheerfulness, joking among themselves and simply enjoying themselves.

Then, Mari took Hikari’s hand. “So Hikari. Would you like to marry us?”

The other two smiled one slightly sleepy and another full brightness.

“Marry?” the concept eluded her.

“You know we love you. Would you do us the honor of marrying us all?”

“We’ll be there for each other, as wives. We’ll take care of each other as a family. A real family, this time. Until death do us part”

Asuka’s hand reached out, as well as Rei’s.

Hikari fidgeted. “Uhh…. That means… we’ll be kissing and… stuff… to?”

Asuka lit up like a flare.

“Hell yeah!”

“Um… well, if you don’t mind having such a plain girl as your wife….”¨

“Hikari… you have the most beautiful smile of any of us. Rei’s a close second, but yours is really pretty and honest and so damn cute my heart could burst. “

Mari smiled as well. Rei simply nodded.

“Uh.. well…. I think… I might… um, need to learn a few things…”

“We’ll teach you everything, Hikari”

Hikari felt so incredibly happy that she could die right there and then. Her face flushed a deep red, her fingers unable to rest, her eyes fluttering around the entire room, she stuttered her answer.


Two whoops of joy, and a soft, motherly smile from Rei, answered her acceptance.

“You may now kiss the Bride”

Asuka was upon her, her face close as Hikari’s heart went into overdrive.


Hikari felt the soft warmth of Asuka’s tongue slip against her lips. Begging for entry, she opened her mouth and let the strong muscle twist and turn around her own. It felt nice. Warm.

Asuka parted, and before Hikari could catch her breath, she was entrapped by rei’s lips, gentle nad slowly gauging her partner, before opening and tasting her teeth. Hikari leapt out to join it, and as she did, Rei embraced her tongue with love and safety.

The girl drew away slowly, saliva hanging between the two tongues, looking up at her from slightly below. Her face was gently tuned upwards, and Mari grinned a predatory smile.

She almost sucked Hikari’s mouth dry, it seemed. Her kiss was aggressive, sensual, full of lust. The hungry kiss surprised Hikari as the girl ran a hand up her chest and groped her breasts. It teetered out to a softer, gentler kiss.

“I’m sorry. I like it rough, you know. I’ll try to find a measure you can keep up with, though”

“It’s okay. It was kinda nice..”

Then she noticed it.

“Uhm… Rei? What’s that?”

Rei looked where Hikari was pointing.

“This is my phallus”

“Rei, what did I tell you about referring to your body parts in medical terms?”

“My apologies, Asuka. This is my… ‘Huge fucking cock’… I believe..”

Hikari looked at Mari.

“Oh, Misato didn’t say? Rei’s a Futanari.” Rei stood up and the massive bulge in her dress grew even bigger. She pulled the skirt up to revel it completely. “Her dick’s 42 cm long and her balls rival the mass of an average human brain. She has a vagina, too. What do you think? Pretty awesome, right”

Hikari eyed it nervously.

“Would you like to touch it?”

Rei sat back down, having removed the skirt. Her balls sat loosely in her lap as the massive penis stood twitching against her chest.

Hikari looked at Mari and realized she had no idea how to go about it. Mari smiled. Well, at least she was spared that monstrosity in her family.

“Okay, Hikari, let me show you. All you have to do is stroke it…”

The three others shook with mirth as Hikari stroked it like a cat. “Wha? I’m stroking it, right?”

Asuka took her hand. “It’s not made of glass, you know. Now, try to get your hand around this bit here…”

Hikari’s hand made it about two thirds around the mighty, sheathed crown.

“Okay, now grip it nice and firmly…”

“Uhhh…. How had?”

“Just, you know…. A firm handshake… uh… or like your massaging your boobs”

“Oh… okay…”

Asuka gripped Hikari’s wrist. “Now, you move your hand up and down, like this…”

Hikari shrieked, and let go. “I’m sorry, Rei!”

“It’s fine.” Rei said. “That is supposed to happen. The foreskin is extremely flexible”

“Oh…. Sorry”

She got another grip on it, and Asuka moved it up and down, about 8 cm in each direction. The foreskin peeled open halfway, and Hikari’s fingers met each other as the foreskin was pushed forwards over the tip to crumple and fold at the top.

“Okay, now keep doing that. Until she gets her precum flowing, you gotta go slowly. You could peel the tip back and suck it, but… that’s for another time, I think.”

“Hikari felt the penis pulse as she stroked the massive shaft, and felt her crotch tingle with delight as the girl in front of her blushed. Asuka let her wrist go and crawled behind Rei, running her hands down past the massive scrotum and gently massaging Rei’s cunt.

“We haven’t done this in days! Make sure to come a whole lot, kay, Rei?”

Mari’s face was next to Hikari’s, and her hand joined in the task, rubbing the middle of the shaft. Warm, clear liquid began to seep out and don the skin, and Mari purred.

“Right. Now go further down with your strokes. That’s it. Until it’s completely free of skin, then all the way back up again. Now speed up a bit. Not too fast yet or it’ll hurt her. Looking good so far. If it starts to hurt your arm change the hand… good handover. Now, remember that the human skin is the largest erogenous zone on anybody… use the free hand to stroke her thighs… her belly and breasts. Nice. Okay, she’s opened her legs now, so get your hands on those nuts. Feel them shift? It’s her body getting all hot and bothered. Feel that smooth skin laced with hot sweat… okay, she’s moaning now. Go faster. Faster! Now she’s fingering herself, go for her breasts! Now grip harder, go faster! Faster! Now get up nice and close… here it comes….!”

Mari leaned over her shoulder, Rei moaning in pure joy as her penis squirted hot, clear fluid from the tip. All of a sudden she wrapped her arm around Asuka’s head and arched her back, pressing her penis into Hikari and staining her clothes in sticky liquid. Then, it erupted. A thick, long streak of cum splashed against Hikari’s face, drenching her and filling her nose and mouth with the pungent taste of sperm. Another followed, this time into Mari’s eager, wide-open mouth, splattering off her cheek and drenching both their hair in cum. Another spurt, longer than before, soaked them both completely until Hikari let the penis go to clear her eyes of hot, thick cum. The next five loads washed over Asuka and Rei, drenching them completely from head to chest in its waxy, shiny coat.

Bathing heavily, covered in cum and overall very satisfied, three others enjoyed the still warm cum on each other. Mari kissed Hikari and began to finger herself, while Asuka did so with Rei. The clothes they all wore were soaked in heat, and her crotch no longer itched but burned with desire, so she stuffed her fingers down her panties and fucked herself hard, the smell and proximity around her driving her over the edge as she came, falling back into the pile of cushions.

Mari grinned. “Looks like she’ll fit right into our little family”

Asuka mumbled into Rei’s neck, while Rei smiled a sweet smile at the newcomer. Mari got up and moved over to lie next to Hikari, who was just getting her breath back. Wrapping her arms around the girl, she pressed her body lightly against Hikari.

“Will you be all right?”

Mari’s questioning voice was soft, calm and filled with concern as she whispered into Hikari’s ear. The girl was dizzy with pleasure, warm all over and feeling really sleepy.

“Mhm” was her only response before she drifted into sleep. A warm, dreamless sleep free of nightmares, something she had not experienced in a very, very long time now.





As Hikari drifted off, Mari kept her in her arms, her lips close to Hikari’s ear, breathing softly with her eyes closed. Asuka and Rei recovered soon after, and the redhead wiped her stiky face in Rei’s chest.

“Maaaan, that meal’s wasting away now. Mari, wanna have some here?”

Mari gently shook her head. “Not now, Asuka. Bring me a duvet”

Rei stood up and headed to her room, returning with her bedding, and with the help of Asuka, the two tucked Mari and Hikari in.

Asuka kissed Mari’s cheek. “Sleep well, princess. Rei, let’s eat, okay? No use us getting all starved and stuff. ‘Specially you, you must have put out at least two liters of cum. You need to replenish your composure….. eh? Eh?”

Rei proved unresponsive.

“Asuka, that was a really lame joke” came muffled from the pile of pillows.

“Oh, shut up, four-Eyes”

Well, here we go again. let me know what you think of this. Thanks for reading!


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