Whore For The Duel

BY : Finnian_Siog
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Disclaimer: I do not own Vinland Saga or any of these characters. No money/profit is being made from this story. I am not the fabulous Makoto Yukimura, nor am I Shuhei Yabuta. I just want to play with Thorfinn for a while.

Thorfinn sat alone and cold on his father’s ship. He’d just lost another duel to Askeladd. Why did he keep losing to the man? Thorfinn wasn’t the incompetent little boy he used to be. He was steadily growing up. He’d fought in many of Askeladd’s battles. He was a good scout for the man. He couldn’t even count how many people he’d killed. When Askeladd told him to do something, he did it. All he wanted in return? The opportunity to duel the man. But why did he keep losing? He was strong now, wasn’t he? Thorfinn wrapped himself more tightly in his thin blanket and let himself sleep.

While Thorfinn slept, Askeladd and his men were camping out on the shore of a small deserted island. The boisterous pirates were telling each other about the woman they’d raped at the last village they pillaged over two months ago. Askeladd took a large bite out of a sheep leg while he listened to one of his men describe the beautiful woman he’d defiled.

“She was a petite thing. Her hair was the color of sunflowers, yellow and down to her shoulders. I caught her by the wrist while she was trying to escape. I’d just set her house on fire, so she was a bit panicked.”

“A bit?” A man to Askeladd’s left asked. “I imagine it was a trifle more than that.” The men both laughed. Askeladd just continued to eat. He was unimpressed by the man’s tale. He’d had many women. They were all the same. Granted, he wouldn’t mind having a woman under him tonight. It was cold and Askeladd hadn’t had a good fuck in a couple of months.

Askeladd smiled when he thought of the last village they robbed. The man had sent Thorfinn to scout out the area like always. The boy was indeed getting stronger. He’d brought him the head of the village leader. Letting the boy follow them might have been the best decision Askeladd had ever made. The kid just did what he was told. He had no fear. Why would he risk one of his men dying when he could leave the hard stuff to the kid? Thorfinn didn’t even want anything from him. He didn’t care for money and he could catch his own food. It was like having a free slave. All he had to do was duel him every now and then. It was a win/win situation.

The man looked down at his leg of lamb. “Where’s the boy?” he asked to the group.

“He’s on his father’s boat. Probably asleep by now,” Bjorn said.

“Has he eaten?”

The man shrugged his shoulders. Askeladd finished his lamb and stood up, grabbing another leg from the fire. He decided to bring a leg to the boy. When he got on the ship he noticed Thorfinn was indeed fast asleep. He was about to wake him up when he noticed just how long the kid’s eyelashes were. The kid was bundled up in his blanket. All he could see was his face from the nose up. His hair was tangled and the boy was shivering in his sleep. Askeladd noticed how feminine Thorfinn looked while asleep.

He heard his men’s words in his head. She was a petite thing. Thorfinn was petite too. He was short for his age and skinny. His face was still round with childhood. It helped to feminize him. Her hair was the color of sunflowers, yellow and down to her shoulders. The description fit Thorfinn well. His blond hair had grown out and was now almost at his shoulders too.

The longer he stared at Thorfinn, the more he began to see the boy differently. Askeladd noticed his cock begin to grow. He was surprised. It had been more than a month since he fucked a woman, but to have such a reaction to the boy? Askeladd walked closer to the sleeping kid. He could see the boy’s breath in the cold air, the rise and fall of his chest. Askeladd got on his knees, put the meat down, and put his large hand in the boy’s hair. It was dirty and ragged, but still soft. It reminded him of his mother the whore. For some reason his erection only grew.

He pulled the thin blanket down, revealing the rest of Thorfinn’s face. The boy’s lips were plump. He wondered if a blowjob would feel the same from a boy as it did from a girl. The boy’s mouth would be warm and wet. Askeladd licked his lips just thinking about it.

Askeladd had never thought about Thorfinn sexually before, but now that he’d been without for so long…he wondered if he could use the boy to service other needs he had. The boy was a great fighter, did everything he was told. Would he be a good fuck too? Could he get Thorfinn to service him that way? What if he couldn’t? Askeladd supposed he could just refuse to duel him. But what if Thorfinn decided it wasn’t worth it and tried to leave? Askeladd had no doubt that he could overpower the kid and have his way with him. If it really came down to it, he could keep Thorfinn as a sex slave.

Askeladd pulled the blanket completely off the shivering kid and took out his cock. It was fully hard now and begging to be inside Thorfinn’s warm mouth. He paused. The boy would put up a fight. Askeladd got up, found some rope in storage and tied the boy’s wrists together, then tied the rope to the sturdy pole in the center of the ship. The boy would be unable to break free of the mast.

Askeladd kneeled over the boy with one leg on either side of the kid’s head and brought his cock to Thorfinn’s mouth. He rubbed the head of his cock against the plump lips, spreading precum there. Then he thrust forward just the tiniest bit. His cock was slowly going inside the boy’s mouth. It was better than he’d expected. So warm and wet. He heard the boy grunt in his sleep and his tongue licked at the head. It was bliss.

He couldn’t hold back any more. He slowly inserted more and more of himself into Thorfinn’s mouth until he was at the boy’s throat. So far the kid hadn’t woken up, but he knew that if he went any further, it was inevitable. Askeladd put one of his hands on the boy’s top teeth and one on the bottom. He knew the boy would try and bite him. He took a deep breath and breached the boy’s throat in one quick thrust.

Thorfinn’s eyes opened suddenly. He felt something in his throat. Askeladd was above him and his penis was…the boy choked and tried to move away. He tried to bite down. There was nothing he could do. The man held his mouth open and his hands were tied to something. He couldn’t breathe either. The man’s large penis was all the way down his throat. He felt the man’s balls on his chin. He tried to scream, but it was muffled.

Thorfinn felt the man slowly take his penis out of his throat and the boy quickly took in air, before the penis was shoved back down. He saw the man’s lust-filled eyes looking into his. Thorfinn glared back.

Why was Askeladd doing this? He’d never done something like this to him before. The man raped defenseless woman at each village they pillaged, wasn’t that enough? Thorfinn couldn’t understand. It wasn’t like he was a woman. Why would Askeladd want to do this sort of thing with him? It made Thorfinn sick.

Askeladd thrust inside the tight throat faster and faster, for some reason the boy’s glare made him harder. He wanted to get the boy to suck him on his own. He’d hate it, but that was life. If he wanted a duel, he’d have to earn it.

The man was ready to come with those thoughts alone, but he couldn’t. Not yet. He took his cock out of the boy’s mouth and let go of his teeth. Thorfinn clenched his teeth immediately. Then he started yelling at him. Askeladd tuned him out for a while. He was still so hard.

“Boy,” he began. Thorfinn struggled, trying to free his wrists, but still listening. “I’m done with you.” The boy immediately looked at him and stopped struggling. “I won’t allow you back on the ship when we sail off. I’m tired of our constant and pointless duels. You’ll never be able to defeat me in a fight. And I don’t want your assistance anymore. Move on Thorfinn, or I’ll kill you like I did your father.”

Thorfinn stared up at the man. Was he serious? He couldn’t be. Thorfinn needed to keep dueling him. He needed to avenge his father. He had to. It was all he had. Why was the man doing this? “No, why are you doing this? You need me. How many people have I killed? If it weren’t for me-“

“I do not need you. My men are enough. I was fine before you decided to follow us and I’ll be fine when I leave you here. There is nothing you can do that my men can’t. You aren’t useful to me anymore.” Askeladd let the words sink in. The boy was in shock. He waited a little longer before continuing. “The only thing you have is your body. I came out here to give you a shot, see if you really are useless. It turns out you can’t even satisfy me.”

Askeladd made sure to look disappointed. He sighed loudly and put away his still rock-hard cock. He had to do this right or it wouldn’t work. He turned around, no longer looking at the boy and slowly started to walk away. “There is no more reason to let you duel me.” He got to the edge of the ship when he finally heard a small voice come from the kid. He stopped him his tracks.

“There is.”

“Askeladd didn’t turn around. “What? Did you say something, boy?” He heard the boy again. This time louder.

“There is. Let me duel you as a reward,” Thorfinn said. His hands were still tied to the mast. He could still taste the man’s penis on his tongue. It had been disgusting. He didn’t want that to happen again, but…

“As a reward for what? Didn’t you hear me? I called you useless.”

“I can still be useful to you.”

“Yeah? How?”

“You said…you said I still had my…my body.” Thorfinn got out. It was hard to say. He was more than embarrassed. He was…he didn’t have a word for how he felt. The act of doing such things, letting the man do such things to him…Thorfinn didn’t even know what sex was until Askeladd’s crew began talking about it, about how they took defenseless woman and rammed their penises…cocks…they called them cocks. They put their cocks inside a woman’s pussey. Thorfinn didn’t know what a pussey was, but it probably meant mouth. Askeladd had put his cock in Thorfinn’s mouth after all. Why would someone even want to do that?

Thorfinn had to admit that Askeladd’s penis was very different from his own. The man’s member had been big. It was long and hard where his was small and soft. Would his penis one day be like that? He wondered.

Thorfinn took a deep breath. “My body. I am not useless. I can satisfy you, like you said. If I let you rape me, you’ll let me duel you, right?

Askeladd finally turned back around and looked at Thorfinn. “Do you even know what the word ‘rape’ means?” He asked.

“It’s when you put your cock inside a pussey,” Thorfinn said. He didn’t want to sound like he didn’t know. He used the words that Askeladd and his crew had used.

Askeladd was taken aback. He’d never heard the boy use such words. Had he learned them from his crew? What else had he learned from them? Had they ever told Thorfinn about the birds and the bees? Askeladd realized they hadn’t. Thorfinn knew nothing about sex. It made Askeladd smile. The boy could be molded. He’d have to teach him. He’d mold Thorfinn into a perfect slut for him and his crew.

Smiling, Askeladd asked if Thorfinn knew what a pussey was.

Thorfinn confidently said, “a mouth.”

Well, he wasn’t entirely wrong. Askeladd walked up to Thorfinn and took out his sword. The boy didn’t flinch. Askeladd cut the rope securing the boy’s wrists. He was free now. Well, free of the rope at least.

Thorfinn was now able to sit up. He looked down at his hands, There were red rope marks, but he wasn’t bleeding or anything.

“You’re wrong,” Askeladd said. Thorfinn looked up at him. “Stand up so I can show you what a pussey is.”

When Thorfinn stood up, Askeladd turned him around and pulled down his pants and loincloth. The man bent him over and spread his cheeks. The man brought a finger to his hole. It all happened quickly.

“This is your pussey,” the man said, rubbing the tip of his finger against the boy’s pucker. “That’s where I’ll be putting my cock.”

“That’s a pussey?” Thorfinn asked.


“I thought it was an asshole.” Thorfinn straightened himself as Askeladd took his finger away from his hole. “So you put your cock in a woman’s asshole?”

“Not quite. Woman have two holes down there,” Askeladd began. “One is an asshole and the other is a pussey…or cunt. Men put their cocks in that hole. But boys like you, if I were to make use of you, I’d be using your asshole as a pussey, understand?”

“But it’s dirty,” Thorfinn said, repulsed.

“That’s why you’re going to clean it for me every day.” Askeladd frowned. “If I even decide you’re useful enough to keep around. I’ll have to try you out first.”

“You’re going to put it in my hole now?”

“If you want to be a whore, you need to call it a pussey or a cunt.”

“A whore?”

“A whore is a person who has sex for compensation. That’s what you want to be right? You’re willing to let me and my crew use your body for sex and in return you want me to duel you, right?”

“Your crew too?”

Askeladd only nodded. “If I decide to agree to this bargain, then I’ll let you duel me for every ten times I or my crew come inside you.”

“Come inside?” Thorfinn had no idea what the man was saying.

“I think you’ll understand it better if I show you. Now, let’s get started. Take off all your clothing, Thorfinn.”

“Right now? It’s the middle of winter. I’ll freeze.”

“Then leave. I don’t need a whore that doesn’t follow my commands.”

Thorfinn began undressing in front of the man. He noticed Askeladd’s eyes roaming up and down his body with each new article of clothing he took off. When he was completely nude and shivering the man told him to get on his hands and knees. He did. He was on all fours on the dirty wooden boards of his father’s ship.

Thorfinn watched Askeladd tie a rope to a bucket, lower the bucket in the freezing cold water of the shore, then bring it back up. He placed the full bucket of ice-water beside Thorfinn. He watched the man pick up a hollowed-out reed.

“I’ll use this to give you an enema. One of my men was planning on poking holes through it to make a flute of sorts, so you’ll have to pay him back,” Askeladd smiled.


“I’m going to clean you out so I can fuck you,” he said. “Keep your upper body to the ground.”

Thorfinn did as the man said. His backside was now high in the air. The wind was cold, but Thorfinn worried more about the ice-water. Was the man really going to put such cold water inside his hole?”

He watched the man spit on the end of the reed, then spread Thorfinn’s cheeks. The man spit on his hole as well.

“Alright, take a deep breath and push like you’re taking a shit,” Askeladd said.

Thorfinn didn’t understand why, but he did what he was told. He felt the end of the reed at his pucker. As he pushed out, Askeladd pushed the reed in. It hurt, but it was much smaller than the man’s cock. Thorfinn bathed with Askeladd and his crew every Saturday so he’d seen the man’s package. Askeladd’s cock was impressive. It was thick and long and it made Thorfinn wonder if his penis would ever get to be as big. He knew that his father’s had also been big. Almost as big as Bjorn’s. Thorfinn couldn’t even believe a cock as big as Bjorn’s could exist; it was monstrous.

“Alright kid, hold still while I pour in the water.”

Thorfinn suddenly felt ice-cold water rush inside him. He couldn’t help screaming. The water was so cold it hurt. He tried to stay still, but couldn’t. He felt a slap on his right ass cheek.

“Stop moving about, I’m spilling the water everywhere!”

“It’s…cold,” Thorfinn said through clenched teeth.

“Yeah, well you need to get used to it. If I decide to keep you on my ship as a whore, you’ll be doing this everyday by yourself, understand?”

“…yes.” Thorfinn would much rather be used in battle. This was humiliating. Thorfinn tried not to move much as Askeladd poured more water into him, and then more still. By the end, Thorfinn felt full and his stomach was cramping up. It hurt so much.

“Now I’m going to take the reed out. You need to clench up. Don’t let any water spill out. “

“Okay.” Thorfinn felt the reed slide out of his hole and Thorfinn clenched his muscles tight. The man then told him to stand up and release over the side of the ship. Thorfinn got up on shaky legs and walked quickly to the edge of his father’s ship. He unclenched his muscles and the water that had been in his ass was pouring back into the ocean. Askeladd watched the whole thing.

When he was done, Askeladd said he wasn’t clean enough and now it was Thorfinn’s turn. The boy had to give himself an enema. He got on all fours by the bucket, put the reed inside him and slowly poured the water from the bucket in. It was tough to do and he splashed water all over his ass. Askeladd told him when to stop. Thorfinn then took the reed out, clenched up, and released over the side of the ship like he’d done before. The water that was expelled was much cleaner.

“Good,” Askeladd said. “You’re ready to be stretched.”


“I’ll be stretching you with my fingers first. If I just shove my cock inside without preparing you, your cunt will tear.”

Thorfinn tried not to look horrified. He had to be brave. This was his life now. If he wanted a duel with Askeladd this was what he had to do. “Fine.”

“Then come here and get back on all fours.”

Thorfinn got on his hands and knees. Immediately he felt Askeladd’s index finger rub his hole.

Askeladd looked at the pink pucker of the kid. It was so innocent, so inviting. It had never been invaded, at least not by anything but a thin reed. He couldn’t wait to be inside. He already knew that he’d agree to the bargain. He made it himself after all. But he had to be clever about all this. He had to make it seem like he didn’t really care if Thorfinn stayed. No. He had to make it seem like Thorfinn was a nuisance. He needed to act like he didn’t want the boy to stay, like he was useless, like he wasn’t even good for this. Not even a good whore. No matter how good it felt inside him, his face had to be unimpressed. He had to make the boy desperate. He wanted Thorfinn to agree to anything.

He’d told Thorfinn ten times. He would get a duel after the tenth time someone came inside him. He wondered if he could get the kid to agree to fifteen or twenty? Or maybe more. Maybe he could extend it as time went on. Thorfinn would only get one duel a month, or every few months. Eventually the boy would be so focused on pleasing him, he might even forget that there ever was a bargain.

He’d teach Thorfinn all he needed to know to be a whore. He knew the boy was a fast learner. Thorfinn had learned how to fight from scratch. If the boy put everything he had into being a whore like he had to being a warrior, then Thorfinn was very promising indeed.

The man licked his finger and brought it back to Thorfinn’s tiny hole. He felt the kid jerk just the littlest bit. He told the kid to push out once more. He felt the hole become looser as he pushed his finger inside. His finger was thicker than the reed had been and he could feel the boy’s tension.

“Keep pushing out. Accept my finger,” he said.

Thorfinn grunted, but did as the man said. He felt Askeladd pull the digit in and out slowly. Every once in a while he would take the finger out only to spit on it and push it back in. It didn’t feel good, but it wasn’t exactly painful either. And Thorfinn knew pain. He had scars all over his body from various battles he’d been forced to fight. He was no stranger to pain, but this was worse.

Having a man put his finger in your hole was humiliating. It was like Thorfinn wasn’t a man anymore, not that he was even old enough to be considered as such, but it was like he was a woman. Like the women that were raped by Askeladd’s crew. Sometimes when he slept he’d be awoken by the screams of a woman being raped. Thorfinn tried to ignore such things and sleep, but that wasn’t possible. He at least didn’t want to let on that it bothered him.

Thorfinn felt the man add a second finger. Thorfinn unwillingly let out a grunt. He felt Askeladd’s other hand sooth his lower back. The boy didn’t need such acts. He bucked the man’s hand off him. He heard Askeladd chuckle behind him.

“So you don’t want to be soothed like a woman, do you?” Askeladd said. “Fine, I’ll stop being so gentle.” The man added another finger. Three fingers coated in his spit entered the boy. Thorfinn grunted again, this time louder. “Does it hurt?”

Thorfinn decided to lie. “No, I barely feel it.” He hoped his panting didn’t give him away. Three of Askeladd’s fingers were inside him and it did hurt. He’s never experienced pain like that before, pain in his hole. No, his cunt. He had to think of his hole as a cunt or pussey now. He had to, just like he had to pretend it didn’t hurt when Askeladd thrusted his fingers harshly inside him. He had to be a whore now. A good whore. A whore that Askeladd would want to keep around. He needed to show he was still useful. He needed his duels. He lived for them.

Askeladd smiled. The boy was trying so hard to impress him. He didn’t want to be thrown away. Little did the kid know that Askeladd would never get rid of such a gem. Thorfinn was the best spoils of war he’d ever gained.

Askeladd stretched the boy’s hole for a while longer before taking all three fingers out and placing his very hard member against the boy’s tight pucker. “Alright Thorfinn, it’s about time I try your hole. Remember to push out.”

Thorfinn felt a wave of apprehension. This was it. The man was going to rape him like he’d done to countless women. He took a deep breath and pushed. He felt the head of the man’s large cock push up against his hole, trying to get in.

Askeladd pushed. The boy’s sphincter was still too tight. He hadn’t prepared the boy enough, but he couldn’t wait anymore. He was so horny. He needed to feel himself inside the boy now. He pulled back, licked the boy’s hole with his tongue, which made the boy jerk, and then brought his cock back to the boy’s pucker. He had one hand on his cock and the other on Thorfinn’s left hip. The man took a breath before thrusting his cock unapologetically inside the boy so quickly and harshly that the boy screamed. He got past the boy’s sphincter, traumatizing it, and made it all the way to the hilt. Then Askeladd sighed at the glorious feeling of the boy’s inner walls on his cock.

It was bliss just being inside. Thorfinn’s entrance was gripping his cock like a vice and the walls were pressing against him from all sides. It was a very small channel, so small that it hurt a bit, like his cock was being squished inside a tube that was just too small to fit. It was like trying to fit a sausage inside a straw.

He looked down. He could see the boy’s entrance convulsing around him. The sight was enchanting. He looked over at the kid’s face. It was pale and wet with sweat even though it had started to snow. The boy’s mouth was open and his eyes were wide. The boy’s mouth looked very inviting too. It was clear though, that the boy was in shock. Askeladd decided to help him out. And what better way than to fuck him?

The man pulled his cock almost completely out of the kid’s hole, causing Thorfinn to scream once more. The screams the kid made were unlike anything he’d ever heard. He’d heard what woman sounded like when they were raped, but this was different. It was an ear-splitting inhuman screech. I looked down again. Only the head of his cock was inside the boy now. He saw some blood on the shaft. It was dripping onto the wooden boards of the ship. Originally Thors’ ship. He hadn’t meant for the boy to bleed, but it would at least help to lubricate him. He began pushing himself back in.

“No! No stop!” Thorfinn cried. It hurt so much more than any injury he’d ever received. It was like he was being tortured every time the man’s cock moved. “Don’t move! It hurts!” He couldn’t help it. He wanted to prove he could be useful, but he couldn’t do this. He felt tears roll down his cheeks. He’d never be able to avenge his father.

No. How much suffering had he already been through? If he quit now, it would all be in vain. He couldn’t give up. He had to be Askeladd’s whore. He grit his teeth and tried not to think about the cock in his…cunt.

“Don’t move? A whore would say ‘please fuck me harder’,” the man chuckled. “Maybe you aren’t cut out for this, Thorfinn.”

“I am. Please…please fuck me ha-harder.”

“Hm, you don’t sound very genuine. Maybe if you said something like, ‘destroy my cunt with your massive cock’ I might believe you actually want this.”

“D-destroy my cunt with your massive cock,” Thorfinn said in a low voice. The mere thought was ridiculous. Why would anyone want to be destroyed? It hurt so much. Would he even be able to use his ass after this? Would it hurt every time he tried to relieve himself?

“You still don’t sound convincing. I guess you don’t want to be my whor-“

“Please! Please destroy my cunt with your massive cock! Please! Rape me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me so hard! I want to be a whore!” Thorfinn had to make Askeladd want to keep him around. He needed to duel the man again.

“If you insist. I’ll make you the best Viking whore that ever lived. You’ll be fucked by me and my crew all day and night. You’ll be covered in cum. You’ll be drinking cum. You’ll still be a scout, but now you’ll seduce the enemy. You’ll take their guard down. And when the battle is won, you’ll service me and my crew. You are going to crave this feeling, Thorfinn. You won’t be able to live without a cock up your tight cunt.”

“Please!” Thorfinn screamed. He hated the man’s words, but he was so desperate. He didn’t want to be thrown out.

Askeladd thrust his cock back inside the boy’s tight channel again. Thorfinn screamed again. He didn’t give the kid time to rest. He began to thrust in and out at a brutal pace. He could hear the boy’s screams, saw the tears on his face, but his cock felt so good. Askeladd didn’t feel any guilt towards what he was doing. Thorfinn was just a slave he acquired, weather the boy knew it or not. And he finally made good use of him.

After a while, Askeladd felt his balls tighten. The boy’s insides were now wet with blood, making it easier to thrust. He felt himself reach climax. He thrust faster and faster until he felt it. He stilled inside the boy and came. He thrust a few more times, letting the tight walls of Thorfinn’s ass milk him.

Askeladd was tired and breathing heavy when he took out his cock. The boy was breathing heavy too. The boy hadn’t become hard of course. It was much too painful an experience and Askeladd had never touched the boy’s small cock. He looked at the boy’s hole. It was gaping only slightly, which was good. The boy wasn’t ruined. His ass would go back to normal in no time, just as tight as it had been today.

Askeladd watched as he saw a bit of blood and cum leave the boy’s hole. He scooped some of the cum on his fingers and brought them to the boy’s face. “This is cum,” he told Thorfinn.

The boy looked at the liquid. He’s never seen anything like it. It was white, but also pretty clear. It looked sticky. Is that what Askeladd had meant? He would get a duel every ten times the man came inside him. So when the man left this in his cunt? What exactly was it? Was it okay to be inside him? Was it harmful? He couldn’t tell. His cunt hurt so much.

“Lick my fingers clean.”

Thorfinn looked up at the man. Was he serious? He looked like it. Thorfinn sniffed it. The cum didn’t smell good. He tentatively licked a digit. It didn’t taste good either.

“Go on. If you want to be a whore, you’re going to have to drink a lot of cum. That is, if you still want to be a whore. Or have you changed your mind?”

“I want to be a whore,” Thorfinn said. His voice was raspy from screaming. He sucked the two digits into his mouth and licked the man’s fingers clean.

“Good work, Thorfinn. I’ve decided to use you after all. At least for now. I don’t know when I’ll get tired of you.” Askeladd stood up. The snow was really coming down now. He put his cock back in his clothes. He really wanted a beer. Thorfinn was still lying on the ship’s wooden boards, completely nude. He knew the kid was scared to move. His ass must be killing him.

All of a sudden Askeladd heard someone come on the ship. He and Thorfinn both looked to see Bjorn walking toward them.

“I heard screaming,” Bjorn said. “I thought it might be a woman, but that’s impossible. The island is deserted and we didn’t capture any slaves last time. Then the man noticed Thorfinn. He saw the blood and cum seeping from his gaping hole. He was shocked. Why would Askeladd rape Thorfinn? The boy was, well, a boy. He was a kid…and male. And they needed him. Thorfinn was slowly becoming the best warrior they had. Did Askeladd really want to get rid of him? Was he tired of having the kid constantly ask to duel him? He thought Askleadd liked Thorfinn, trusted him, even possibly cared for him a bit.

“Why did you rape Thorfinn?” Bjorn asked.

Askeladd smiled. “Thorfinn’s going to be the crew’s new whore, aren’t you, Thorfinn?”

The boy nodded, not looking anyone in the eye.

“I’ll tell you all about it later, Bjorn. For right now, why don’t you try his mouth? It’s warm and wet. It’ll be pretty fantastic.”

Thorfinn looked up at Bjorn then, remembering the man’s monstrous cock. It wasn’t going to fit in his mouth. The man was too big.

Bjorn looked at the boy’s mouth, at his plump lips. He could feel his cock grow. He wasn’t interested in boys, but if he kept his eyes on his mouth, he saw no difference between Thorfinn and a woman he was about to rape. Was this really okay? Was the boy really going to be their whore? He supposed it was a good thing. The men got antsy when they were on the sea for long periods of time. Thorfinn could relive their stress.

Bjorn licked his lips and took out his cock. He hadn’t had a good blowjob in years. All the woman he raped always tried to bite if he even tried to rape their mouths. Thorfinn wouldn’t do that. He wanted a duel. That must be how Askeladd got him to agree to all this. Bjorn sighed. Thorfinn was so easy to manipulate. Just promise the kid a duel and he’d do just about anything, like a starving tiger jumping through hoops to get its dinner.

Bjorn wondered how far they could go with this. What was the breaking point? When would the boy run away? Bjorn rubbed the boy’s lower lip with his thumb. Well, it didn’t really matter. As long as Askeladd said it was okay, Bjorn had no qualms with it. He brought the head of his cock to the boy’s mouth, not yet touching the kid’s lips. “Lick,” he commanded.



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