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Dick gasped and wheezed he wasn't far from the finish line he was going to make it. His vision was bluring. He kept pushing himself he was going to get over that finish line. Pichu looked up at him worried but kept going as well. They were the last ones going across. Dick collapsed just short of the finish line. Pichu tried to get him up but couldn't.

Rain huffed and ran to her brother he put his arm around her shoulders and lifted the best she could. She drug him across the finishline then fell over with her brother in her lap.


Everyone was shocked by her and Dick. Rain was in tears.

"Pichu, Sparky find daddy, Coal or Chase!" Rain ordered. "Go now and hurry!"

The two Pichu ran off and Rain rocked Dick in him in her lap tears falling on him.

"Come on, Dicky hang on." she begged.


Ash, Chase and Coal came running. Chase took Dicky while Ash gave him his inhaler and Coal held Rain trying to comfort her.

"What happened?!" Ash demanded when he got Dicky stable.

"Gym class." Rain sobbed. "We ...were...running...I told Dick not to but he didn't listen to me!" she was having trouble breathing. "He said, he was going to be just as good as everyone else. I'm sorry!"

"It's not your fault." Ash sighed. "Dicky and Pichu know his limitatiions."

Dick was coughing into Chase's chest his face red. Pichu was rubbing his hand. He snapped at Ash.

"Of course I want Dicky to be his best, Pichu but he has limitations." Ash sighed, "You both knew of his breathing problems and yet you still pushed him."

Pichu whimpered.

IT took awhile before Dick was well enough to move. He sat up and shook his head to clear it. Then reached over and rubbed his hand into Rain's head. Rain sniffled and clung to Coal. She gave him a weak smile. Dick forced himself to his feet and stumbled Ash caught him.

"You need to rest, Dicky." Ash said, softly.

"Can't I have to go to class." Dick pushed away from his dad and stumbed again. Ash caught him again. "I'm okay, really. I really need to go to class."

"Dicky calm down you don't have another class for twenty minutes." Chase said, trying to calm his brother. "Come on, you're next class is Pokemon Play class I'll walk you there."

"K." Dick said, leaning into him. "Coal, can I see the Bellosom Breeding Pen?"

"Of course." Coal said, wondering how Dick even knew about that pen he'd just set it up last night. "You have my class today later this afternoon I'll show the whole class."

"K." Dick said, weakly and stumbled as Chase lead him towards the fountain in the middle of the Island.

Ash was busy yelling at the Gym teacher and waving around medical records and Rain was stealing Dick's emergency inhaler as she wasn't allowed in Dick's backpack which was why she hadn't gotten the one he normally carried on him.

Dick sat recovering on the fountain as play class began.

"Okay!" a peppy girl said, "Who here can tell me all the pokemon that evolve from Happiness?"

Dick raised his hand.

"Yes Richard?"

"His name is Dick or Dicky." Rain corrected. "Not Richard!"

"Er...yes, Dick?" she asked again.

"The Alolan Meowth, Azurill, Snom, Cleffa, Null, Budew, Buneary, Chansey, Chilingling, Eevee, Eevee, Eevee, Golbat, Igglybuff, Munchlax, Pichu, Riolu, Togepi, Swadloon, and Woobat." Dick said, weakly. "I'm sure that's all of them."

"You said Eevee three times why?" the teacher asked.

"Eevee during day into Espeon, Eevee during night into Umbreon, and Eevee max friendship Sylveon."

"Very good you're right." the teacher said.

Rain beamed at her big brother.

"To raise happiness and friendship with your pokemon you need to play with them and love them. " The teacher informed. "Today you will play ball your pokemon."

Dick took the ball he was given it was too big for Pichu so he tossed it away and pulled a small one out of his bag and tossed it to Pichu. Pichu caught it and tossed it back. They played this game a lot when Dick got sick so Pichu was used to it. He even liked it. So this was easy for both of them.

"Sparky is bored!" Rain cried. "Sparky wants to run around!"

The teacher sweat dropped she had thought this would be a good first class.

"Now, Rain..."

"I don't have breathing problems like Dick does." Rain protested. "He's the only one of the four us with breathing problems. Sparky and I wanna play chase!"

"Rain, you're in school you have to do what the teacher says." Dick told her. "Sit down and play catch with Sparky. "

Rain huffed but sat down and began playing ball with Pichu. She and Sparky liked running around not sitting still maybe they should have waited another year.

"I have a question." Rain said, "I'm only nine so if I tapped out this year because I can't sit still yet will I be able to come back next year as an official student?"

"You're nine?" one of the League members asked. "How did you get in this class, child?"

"Hi, I'm Rain Ketchum nice to meet you Miss. Clair I'm a huge fan! It's my dream to one day have a Dragonite just like yours!" Rain said, brightly. "Will you please sign this? It's the article you wrote in Poke Masters Magizine about ..."

Dick's fist smashed into his sister's head and he snatched the magazine.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to go in my room!" He yelled. "and don't you dare take my things again! You idiot you rolled it up! This was a collectors edition!"

Ash arrived just in time to pull an angry Dick away from a crying Rain. He had heard his son yelling from literally a mile away.

"What happened this time?" Ash sighed then listened to the stories. He sighed. "Dicky..."

"It's a collectors edition!" Dick insisted.

"I will get you a new one. " Ash promised, "Rain, you can have this one but stay out of Dick's room and stop taking his stuff. You can't do that anymore he's too old now."

Rain frowned hard. Her brother was too old for her to go in his room now? Maybe she was a little dense and nieve but she didn't understand.

Clair and others talked with Ash who was holding Rain on his hip while Dick pouted and played ball with Pichu. He wondered if his dad could get him another collectors edition and if it would even be the same one. His dad wasn't known for getting things right when it came to him. His dad could remember everything about Chase, Coal and Rain but when it came to him his dad never got anything right. His dad loved his smart kids. Dick wasn't as smart as his siblings so Ash didn't pay as much attention to him.

When class was over Dick stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked off towards his next class. He wondered how long it would be until his dad realized he wasn't there anymore.

The answer was after lunch when Dick walked in to his dad's class.

Ash cursed himself he'd forgotten Dick again. He hated himself once again. He got into the backpack he was carrying and pulled out the magazine.

"Dicky, here you go!" he handed it over. "In prestine condition."

He knew he'd gotten the wrong one when Dicky didn't smile.

"Thanks, dad it's perfect." Dick said.


He put it in his backpack and walked to the edge of the ice rank. He'd known it. This was just normal though he did have to wonder why his father could never remember anything about him why he alwasy treated him diferently.

Ash mentally berated himself as he began matching them up to battle each other on the ice field. As he watched the fights he was happy to see that Dick and Pichu were winning their battles even on the ice field where the non ice types slid around a lot. He swore that he would pay more attention to Dick.

Ash went to Dick's dorm room before dinner that night and got him and Pichu to come with him to the house he was living in on the island.

"Where's Rain?" Dick asked. "I heard you got it so she can come next year."

"Rain is at Coal's he's showing her the Bellosom Breeding area he set up." Ash knew he'd said the wrong thing when Dick sighed. That one sigh told Ash that Dick was very depressed. "Didn't he show you this afternoon when you were in class?"

"No." Dick replied, "He forgot he promised to. He probably thought that he promised Rain so she would quit crying."

Alarm bells were going off in Ash's head.

"Why are you standing in the doorway, Dicky?" Ash wondered turning around and looking at his son. "Take your shoes off and come in. Why don't you watch some Poke Network or something while I get dinner fished up. It shouldn't take too long. "

Dick took his shoes off and found the living room. He sat on the floor not the couch, loveseat or chairs and he didn't turn on the tv at all. Pichu sat happily by his side.

Ash was worried when he found them like that.

"You didn't want to watch tv?" he asked.

"I don't know what to watch." Dick replied. "Rain normally chooses what we watch."

Ash cursed to himself.

"Well, dinner is ready come on." Ash happily lead Dick and Pichu into the kitchen and began getting Dick a plate of food while Raichu got Pichu's food ready. "Dinner with just me and you when was the last time we did that?" Ash beamed at Dick. "come on sit down."

Dick sat in the chair Ash was pointing to and pulled the plate of food to him.

"Never." He answered.

"What?" Ash asked frowning as he sat down.

"Dinner has never just been you and me." Dick explained. "Nothing is just you and me. Rain's always there and Chase and Coal interupt whenever you promise to spend the day with me. "

With that he began to eat.

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