Angel Heart - Vol I

BY : William_Gold
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As the red lights were flashing and blurred men rushed through the white room, a shadow of a boy was running towards a different bright light, breathing wearisome of avoiding a terrible fate. He took care of any and all who stood before him easily but was about to be subdued by 14 men carrying electric rods.

They continuously punished him repeatedly before bringing him back to the doctors of the facility and arranged him on the table, strapping and securing him on to it, so that he couldn’t escape.

“Well done, I’ll inform his majesty of your obedience and make sure that your reward is very well earned,” said the commanding officer as they departed.

Crowding around him, each doctor started to talk amongst themselves and thought about what else they must do.

“How’s the subject?” a superior medic said as he entered the room, “He’s stabilized for now and shall be ready for his departure,” 

As the superior walked towards his subject, he placed his hand over him, caressing it until he intertwined it with his hand before quietly whispering.

A moment later

Dan woke up from a train bell that felt like it was ringing continuously, walking off in formal shoes and straightening his black suit to fit the white shirt he’s wearing. Looking around, Dan saw quite a view, a Utopia of women with exciting fronts and quite fine vertical rears that he exhilarated but unfortunately, Tim was on a different journey altogether.

As he approached an empty alley, Tim closed his eyes and breathing the words “Tempus” entering an empty room with dark red lights, approaching a man at a bar table.

“So who's the next contestant I should procure?” Dan asked him before he slid a glass of ale to me.

“Lovely Lucy aka Lucy Heartfilia, born from Jude and Layla Heartfilia…..” Before finishing, Tim was interrupted 

“Wait, isn’t this dame rich?” Darnell remarked with a questioning facial expression.

“Yes…except she ran away as a kid and has been paying her rent by rough trading,” Tim explained briefly preparing a shot.

“Hmm…whose her procurer?” Dan asked as took the cold glass of beer.

“Bora of Prominence, he convinced her into becoming one, since then Ms. Heartfila has been going by Lovely Lucy for years now,” Tim told him being explicit on the detail.

“How much she worth?” Dan asked.

“60 for a bj, 120 for fingering,” Tim said listing all the different things he could do.

“How much in general for her?” Dan said being explicit.

“Oh um, 600 jewels,” Tim answered.

Dan placed his shot glass in reverse and left quickly saying Tempus once more and entering a hotel near him. Quickly moving into his apartment and preparing everything for Ms. Heartfila, conjuring up spells, curses and more so different kinds of spells to help Lucy experience pleasure in a mental and physical state.

At Prominence Peak

Dan was piqued by all the women bewitching the men by using the charms, it was quite a festivity to him. Most of the women were peaked by him as well, entranced by his young appearance and well-made suit, as Dan walked towards the bar, Bora noticed his face and went to greet the young man with a glass of wine.

“Well isn’t this surprise, forgive me for my impolite action in not greeting you with a glass of wine,” he said giving the glass to him.

“Hmm, well I wouldn’t expect you to do so with my attire, I hear the rain coming soon, Boar,” Dan said with a grin before sliding Bora 600 jewels and looking side to side.

“Well I might as well give you some company, what features would you like to see?” Boar asked with interest in what he wanted.

“Lovely Lucy,” 

As Dan went to get a room, Bora went towards Lucy who was dancing in front of a mild thick man. Appearing before Lucy, Bora gave her half of the money and showing her that way he went, telling Lucy to put on the best show.

In the Room

Dan waited patiently for his soon to be a contestant, enjoying a nice glass of champagne in my hand while doing so. As he looked at the room, Dan was dissatisfied by the decor, seeing how they use this room as a way to please Lucy was quite disgusting, before he could put his glass down, a hand as appeared before him to take the cup and set it down.

“Hey baby, you asked for a flick?” Lucy said in a sultry tone as she moved near his face, placing her thumb on his lips.

“ I would love to…..hmmmm, your as beautiful as your reputation, Ms. Heartfilia,” Dan said before Lucy stepped back with a sigh.

“You know who I I’m guessing you want something,” Lucy said with displeasure as she took out the Jewels.

However, Dan then held his hand on hers to show that she could keep the Jewels as a sign of kindness. Then with his eyes, he used magic to see inside Lucy’s memories and was astonished by how much she could remember.

“Hmmm, your quite intellectual for a facility like this, though I can see why you stay…………...perhaps I can help,” Dan stated with content in his eyes.

“How?” Lucy asked.

“I run a facility like this... only I allow my employees to also enjoy themselves in whatever way they want…..I’ll give you till the day to think about it,” Dan said remarking Lucy’s feelings towards working for Bora.

As he left a note near the table, Dan still felt the hate that Lucy had in her heart, hearing what used to be a child's voice turning into a man screaming, he knew this feeling too well and decided to leave quickly with pace.

Back at his place

Dan was back in his bar, taking a drink to quell the feeling of resentment and hopefully forget about it. Waiting for Lucy, he eventually started to close his eyes and move his head to the music downwards, staring into complete darkness and feeling the hair on his skin erect as he dreamed about something which he hated.

***3 years ago****

There were doctors all around him, performing multiple adjustments to his body while uttering strategic advantages. Dan could feel the tools they used to rip his body apart, the pressure exerted on the knife as it went into his skin and screaming from his lungs to make it.

“We need amplify the sleeping charm on him,” 

“No……...proceed onwards, this man will be our weapon to use against our enemies and our savior to liberate our people,”

“Y-yes sir,”

As the shadow moved towards him, Dan only had thoughts on disdain and hate, screaming in agony, begging for mercy and showing contempt saying one thing.


***Present Day***

After waking up, Dan only comforted his head and removed the wetness from his brows, later, all he wanted to see was his palm cover in his sweat. Deciding ongoing to get a drink from the bar, Dan made his way downstairs but before he could get to the bar, he was met by Lucy who was in a black gown with her hair tied back.

“Hi, about the job, will I have my own choice in things?” she asked with consideration.

“For you and your recipient, in fact, the entire guild will be paying for your expense, however, it is up to you to make it worth it,” Dan told her with a serious look.

“Mmmm, you know I never got to ask you your name?” Lucy said walking towards him with somewhat of an aroused look.

“Dan…...Dan LeSueur, owner of Angel Heart,” he answered, swaying his hand on her cheek.

All Lucy thought about was that touch, she felt his soft smooth skin on hers and wanted it like an addiction, Dan had the same feeling as he presses his thumb on her lips furthermore, let it waves back in place, as he came in for a kiss, Lucy replied thusly, allowing her lips to be taken by his.

Their lips entangled with each other as they felt a sexual lust for toward one another, as they kissed, Dan took off her dress and lied it down on the floor, there he says what Lucy’s body in black lingerie. Lucy then proceeded upstairs showing Dan that he can come with her through hand movements.

With that in mind, Dan slowly took off his black jacket and vest before removing his white shirt to reveal his muscular body and proceeded to welcome Lucy to her new home.

In his room

Dan showed her in before letting himself into the room, walking towards her and swaying his hands on her elbows, enjoying the sound of her groans in pleasure. He then kissed her neck and move towards her shoulder, while doing this, Dan applied his hand on her bra giving it a nice massage furthermore, he also pressed his fingers on her underwear, moving it clockwise.

Lucy only thought of the sensation she felt with his fingers on her womanhood, enjoying the absolute heat his fingers provide.

“No way, this guy……………...he’s completely different……..the way touches me and kisses me …...” Lucy thought to herself before embracing Dan in another kiss.

After the intense showing, Lucy removed the rest of her clothing to reveal her voluptuous hourglass-shaped body, proceeding to his pants and taking them off to show his pelvis.

“Wow, it’s so big and……...warm,” Lucy said after blowing on the head and moving her lips on it.

“Ooooohhhh……….. you're not half bad,” Dan said as he looked towards the ground to see Lucy.

She then moved his big cock into her mouth and sucked it hard, creating a slurpy sound doing it so, Dan moaned enjoying the sweet comfort of his penis in her mouth, he wasn’t surprised at how good she was, considering her use at Boras.

“Man…….Lucy your so………...mmmmmm…...fuck your such a slut…” Dan told her as he held her ponytail on his hand and forced her forward.

In mind, Lucy increased her pace and moved her head faster while doing so, she also moved her tongue in a circular motion on his head. Dan then enjoyed the size of how much pleasure he was enjoying.

After a few seconds, Dan reached his climax and went from letting her do what she wants to do what he wanted, forcing her mouth in taking all his cock and moving his hips before releasing much sperm into her mouth. 

As she felt the warm sensation on her mouth, Lucy swallowed every drop. Lucy then got on her legs and hands and showed her dripping womanhood towards Dan. Considering she was still being playful, Dan humored Lucy by using his knob and caressing it around her vulva, causing her to moan slowly.

The extreme pleasure that came from his pelvis head was amazing Lucy not only felt a soft - warm surface but also a weird feeling in her chest like she was enjoying this not only the increase in taste, but as he moved around her, made Lucy feel something she never wanted to experience at these moments, yet the sensation was opened to her and it felt like something she never wanted to stop.

Then closely, Dan leaned on her back while continuing with his pelvis on her womanhood, whispering something in her ear.

“Mmmm…….it feels nice, doesn’t it……...ohhhh……….tell me, Lucy Heartfila, what do you want most……..what gives you that feeling in your body…… make you want to bite on your lips?” Dan said heavily towards her ear, concentrating his breathing on it.

As the question was said, Lucy wanted to answer it but also tried to show her posture of detachment from those emotions, trying her best to not given to the temptation even biting her lip.

“You know you want to……ohhhh, are you getting wet from this…...are you getting wet from my…...long……...soft manhood as it rubs your bottom?” Dan spoke again towards her ear.

Lucy felt like she was falling apart, sweating and blushing on her skin as Dan quicken his speed. Eventually, she couldn’t take it anymore and with that, Lucy shouted as if she was using all her might.

“I want you…….you’ve given me so much……, kindness, so much that other people haven’t, whatever it takes…..I want to feel your skin on mine, plz…….I want you!!!!!!!!” she yelled in response to the question.

Giving her what she wants, Dan rammed his erection straight into her vulva, making Lucy scream out of pure pleasure and leaning her back towards his chest. Lucy felt as if she was filled with such delight, getting what she wanted to have and enjoying the sensation.

Dan then used this position and caressed her boobs before moving his body front to back slowly. It didn’t take long for Lucy to moan as he was doing her, enjoying the feeling and forgetting about all the pain she’s experienced, focusing only on the pleasures that were being given to her.

“Damn……..this feels………….ohhh amazing….. you're ripping me apart,” Lucy said as she groaned hard as Dan played with her.

“Hmmm, pleasure, it feels amazing……’ve experienced pain for so long that enjoyment…….has been waiting for you…….and now…….you have it... but it could stop at any time….” Dan said stopping his movement.

“No... please don't... I want to enjoy this... let me enjoy this... ahhh,” Lucy told him before he hit her with his pelvis straight into her spot.

Wild moaning took over, Lucy then lost herself in a trance thinking of only the sensation she felt as Dan rocketed his knob into her vulva making her lose all sense. After a few minutes though, Lucy felt like she was at her limit.

“Sir, I…..I’m going to…….to,” Lucy struggled with the words as Dan continued.

Before he felt the need to do the same, as they felt each other reaching their climax, Dan thought of the things she was going to do for him, maybe even one day give him the same pleasure she felt. They both released their sperm with such ecstasy, falling into each other’s arms and lying down on the bed.

“Wow…..that was the best sex I’ve ever had,” Lucy said as she laid naked on Dan's bed.

“Hmmm…..yeah it was,” he told her with much satisfaction in his eyes.

“So what now?” Lucy asked

As they slept with each other, Lucy moved close to him and touched his chest, feeling Dan’s heart beating on her hand, though it was different from what she expected, not sensational temptation the opposite - uncontrollable hatred, she then went to sleep and placed his hands around her.

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