A Pretty, Pretty Princess

BY : Tank2020
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A Pretty, Pretty Princess


First time I’ve ever written something like this, so I might make plenty of mistakes.  This idea popped into my head one morning, “What if Lelouch got kidnapped by a really perverted Noble?”  One thing lead to another, and this came out.  Feel free to send out constructive criticism.  Enjoy!


Why did I agree to this?, grumbled Lelouch as he walked down the street from the store on an errand for the Student Council.  The answer to that was simple, of course: Shirley, the council President had somehow managed to convince the others it was a “good” idea, and Lelouch had just caved in to get them to stop pestering him.  The final nail in the coffin was his sister Nunnally had innocently asked he go along with it.


I can lead armed groups and out-think generals, but I’m powerless against a sweet, little girl, thought Lelouch.  The errand itself wasn’t difficult, merely picking up a few things needed for another of the Pres’ events that she liked to throw on a whim.  Neither was it inconvenient in terms of distance or price, not at all…


...it was the fact he was doing it all in a GIRLS uniform.


Granted it wasn’t as bad as the time Shirley had him all dolled up as a princess from some cheesy medieval fairy tale, but it was pretty close.  His cheeks had been red the entire time from embarrassment, and the skirt felt like it was just barely covering anything.  The really galling thing was the mesmerized looks he felt from men in the store and on the street as he walked past, like he was some goddess of beauty or something.  The worst part was when he had to reach something on a lower shelf and forgot he was wearing a skirt.  That had provided a bit of a show to a few behind him before he quickly remembered and covered up.  He did, however, see the flushed faces of the gentlemen behind him out of the corner of his eye, and that just upped his embarrassment to another level.  Unfortunately, this only emphasized his girlish look even more.


Then on his way out, he was hit on by the cashier who thought he was “the cutest thing to ever walk into the place.”  He used his Geass to make him forget he had ever been in the store, and left.  Thankfully that was the worst of it, Lelouch sighed.  He was several blocks from the school, but he should be back within the hour, then he could change and forget this whole thing EVER HAPPENED.  He had seen his reflection in a window walking past, and he did admit, dressed as he was, he made for a convincing pretty girl, even with little makeup.  He knew he wasn’t as muscular looking as other guys, he was more slender tall…but did Shirley have to keep reminding him of that by DOING THESE THINGS?!


Lelouch just shook his head and kept walking, ignoring the lustful stares he attracted on the way.  He was tempted to use his Geass to get rid of the onlookers, but the squealing of nearby tires interrupted his thoughts.


He began to turn around, but was suddenly grabbed from behind, a towel pressed into his face and dragged into a white van.  He heard someone shouting, “GOGOGOGO!!” and felt the van lurch as it suddenly accelerated.  Lelouch attempted to break free but whatever the towel was soaked with was working too fast, and he felt his strength fall.  “Boy, we sure caught ourselves a looker this time, huh?  Boss might just increase our fee with this catch!” one of the kidnappers shouted as the van peeled down the street away from the school’s direction.  Nunnally, Lelouch thought as he lost consciousness…



…and woke up after what felt hours later in a groggy daze, although he still couldn’t see.  He was on lying on his side, his wrists and ankles bound and his mouth gagged.  They must have blindfolded me before I could see any of them, he thought slowly, his analytical mind struggling to come out of the fog.  After a bit, he could see a little, but only under the blindfold, and not enough for his liking.  What he could see looked like some warehouse with crates and equipment everywhere.  He could also tell he was alone for the moment, but that ended as he heard a door somewhere slam, and angry voices becoming clearer.


“-KING IDIOTS!  Didn’t you think to check BEFORE you got here?!  NO, I don’t care WHAT you thought when you saw him walking down the street, this bitch is obviously a HE!” someone yelled.  Lelouch wasn’t sure if it was one of the kidnappers, or the boss, but the sound of footsteps got closer until they stopped just a few feet in front of him.  Lelouch kept as still as he could, hoping they would still think he was knocked out.

“B-b-b-but he was pretty convincing, right?  I mean, look at him!  I’ve seen some really fem-looking drag queens before, but unless you peeked up the skirt on this…one, you would swear-“.  Whatever the kidnapper was going to say was drowned out by a heavy THWACK and the sound of something hitting the floor.


“Didn’t I just FUCKING say I don’t FUCKING care what you FUCKING thought!?” roared the other guy, who sounded like he was kicking the guy on the floor.  “Now we have someone who we can’t use, and going off the uniform he’s wearing, he’s probably some Noble’s brat who’s noticed his goddamn kid is missing!  HOW. STUPID. CAN. YOU. FUCKING. BE!?” he bellowed, emphasizing each word with a kick.


“What’s all this noise about?” a calmer, stronger voice said.  It sounded like it was behind Lelouch, but he resisted the urge to try and see who the new voice was.  Whoever it was, the guy stopped beating on the poor sap on the floor and walked toward the voice.  “Sir,” he said shakily, “I apologize greatly, but it seems our associates have made a small…mistake…when they brought back the latest catch for his lordship.”  Lelouch could hear the fear and groveling in his voice.  Whoever he was talking to was obviously someone powerful and feared.  “Define ‘mistake,’ Howard”, said the new voice slowly.  “You know my master dislikes mistakes and delays.”


There was an audible gulp from ‘Howard’.  “Well, sir, as you can see…” he trailed off as footsteps got close and stopped just in front of Lelouch, and crouched down.  Lelouch still couldn’t see completely because of the blindfold, but he did see just under it.  He could see expensive looking dress pants and shoes, and judging from what he could see, it was a large, powerfully built man kneeling in front of him.  Lelouch could feel his intense stare over every part of him, than gave out in an involuntary squeak when he felt a large, strong hand grab his crotch and squeeze.  He tried to keep quiet, but he still let out a few muffled grunts and squeaks before he was let go.  The man got up and turned toward ‘Howard’.  “So,” he said slowly, “you kidnapped a boy instead of a girl.”  Lelouch couldn’t see, but he was pretty sure the man was not happy at all when he spoke.


“Well…yes sir,” squeaked Howard in a quiet voice.


The uncomfortable silence dragged on for what seemed like minutes until the other gentleman said, “Well, I can hardly fault your men, even I thought he was a girl before I checked to be sure.”  The gentleman was sounding like he was discussing Lelouch as though he was a used car that had developed a faulty engine.  “But then again, you didn’t hire them for their intelligence, just their speed and…skills.”  Lelouch could hear Howard audibly deflate.  He was beginning to get worried about what lay in store for him.  He was pretty sure they wouldn’t just let him go after they had kidnapped him.  Would they silence him to make sure he couldn’t report them to the police, or…


“Luckily for you,” continued the gentleman, “my master has certain…proclivities which are a secret to all but a few, including myself.  And, unbeknownst to you, he was growing bored with all the ones you’ve provided so far.  But this…this should please him greatly.”  Lelouch heard the man start walking away from him, toward Howard.  “So there’s no need to worry about my master’s displeasure.”  “You…you mean that sir?” said Howard in a shaky, relieved voice.




Lelouch jerked in shock at each gunshot, the sound of something heavy and wet hitting the floor.  “Of course not, you fool, he would’ve done much worse to you than I would,” said the gentleman as he holstered his gun.  Through gritted teeth, he said, “I’m surrounded by idiots.”  With mounting terror, Lelouch heard the man approach him and then crouch down, certain he was going to be next.  “You can stop pretending, boy, I know you’ve been awake this whole time.  Start talking, what’s your name?” he asked as the gag was removed.  Lelouch took a few breaths to steady his wits before answering, “L-Lelouch…Lamperouge…from Ashford A-Academy.”  He couldn’t see the man’s face, but what he said next made it seem like he was smiling.


“Lamperouge, eh?  So then not a high-ranking noble family.  I know all the Nobles from that school, and your name isn’t on that list.  Which means,” he continued, leaning in closer to whisper in Lelouch’s ear, “no one will come looking for you, at least no one we need worry about.”  Hearing that, Lelouch felt his will harden in response.  “You would be wise to release me, sir, unless you want to suffer-“.  Lelouch never finished, as he felt something cold and hard shoved into his mouth.  He instantly knew the man had put a gun in his mouth, and froze in fear.  “You misunderstand, boy.  You have two options facing you.  One, you agree to come with me and start a new life as my master’s…pet.  Or Two,” Lelouch felt and heard the gun cocking, and knew he would die if he refused.  He had one advantage, though: the man didn’t know about his Geass.  So long as he had that, he could find a chance to escape.  “Nod if you agree to my offer, boy,” said the man.


Lelouch nodded.


“Good, it’s nice to see that Ashford produces such intelligent children,” said the man as he removed the gun and holstered it.  He then began digging through a bag Lelouch didn’t know as there before.  Feeling bolder, Lelouch commented, “I wasn’t aware your master was bisexual, from the sound of it it seems he prefers girls.”  There was a pregnant pause for a moment or two, and then the man startled Lelouch when he started laughing.  “Forgive me boy but it seems you yet again misunderstood, “commented the man, as Lelouch felt a sharp prick in his neck, then a sensation of something being pushed into his neck.  He started feeling groggy again, as the man lastly said, “but you’ll understand soon enough.” as he fell into blackness again.



Lelouch woke slowly, feeling drunk and heavy at the same time.  He could feel his wrists and ankles were bound still, yet it seemed he was spread-eagle, in an upright position.  He was also still blindfolded, only this time he couldn’t even peek from under the blind.  He felt cold all over, and shivered involuntarily, not sure where he was or what was going on.  He remembered being injected with something before blacking out, and after that nothing.  He knew it was just a matter of time before it was noticed he had awoken, though.  Sure enough…


“Sleep well, my dear?”


Lelouch slowly raised his head, looking for the source of the voice.  It seemed to be coming from a speaker somewhere, but the acoustics of the room he was in made it impossible to determine where.  Lelouch felt himself being raised up a few feet, then stopped in front of what he would guess was a viewing window.  “Ah yes, you are looking better than we could’ve hopped for, the master will be very pleased indeed,” said the voice almost gleefully.  Lelouch could only glare at what he hoped was the speaker.  “What…are you…talking about,” Lelouch demanded in a slurry voice.  “What…have you…done to…me?”


“Oh right I forgot you can’t see yourself with that headgear on.  Hear, have a peek,” said the voice.  In front of his eyes was a brief shower of static, then a clear image of the inside of the room.  It was a white, antiseptic-looking room with a high ceiling and reflective walls.  Lelouch could see himself, held aloft on what looked like some circular frame, his arms and legs secured at the zenith points above his head and below.  The first thing he noticed was the fact he was completely naked, with some form of helmet on his head that covered his eyes and ears.  However, it was the last thing he saw that shocked him.  Though he could never claim to have been greatly well-endowed, Lelouch still felt he had a decent-sized penis. 


Unfortunately, that was now gone, replace by what he could only guess was the female counterpart.  Horrified, he began to tremble, in revulsion or rage he couldn’t decide which.  “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME, YOU BASTARDS?!” screamed Lelouch at what he hoped was the speaker, but there were no apparent windows, cameras or doors that he could see.  All he could see was an emasculated teen, spread-eagle in the air, with a weird football helmet on his head, yelling at is reflection.


“My my, such language and hostility, that simply won’t do.  The master prefers his breeding bitches to be meek and servile.  Oh, but we have ways to make you comply.”  The view of the room was changed, and Lelouch mow saw what looked like a luxurious bedroom somewhere.  He knew it was because of the headset, but it was incredibly convincing, especially when he saw a naked body builder walk in.  Lelouch drew his head back, but while he should have felt revulsion at the sight, he felt a faint flutter in his chest, and warmth on his cheeks, like a girl seeing a man she loved naked for the first time. 

Unbeknownst to Lelouch, his brain had been bombarded with subliminal messages for the past several days, gently warping his male mind to that of a maiden girl’s, to the point where he would act and feel exactly as a girl would.  Also without his knowledge, a mechanical tentacle had appeared in front his face in the actual room he was trapped in, complete with a fleshy attachment that would have made a horse whinny in jealousy.  As the virtual body builder approached Lelouch, so too did the tentacle.  Lelouch did his best to prevent what he knew was coming, but to no avail.  Mech arms  grabbed his head at the same time as the virtual image, then forced him to swallow the large appendage just as the body builder began to force Lelouch to give his first ever blowjob.


The machine started slow at first, going only half in, but it was already at the back of Lelouch’s throat.  Horrified, Lelouch could only try to open his mouth as wide as possible, unconsciously licking all around the shaft with his tongue.  Then suddenly, the shaft was forced completely down his throat, to the point the virtual image showed the man’s large balls slapping Lelouch in the face.  He thought he would suffocate from something that large being forced down his gullet, but his gag reflex appeared to be gone completely, as the shaft began to withdraw and proceed to roughly face-fuck Lelouch.


While he knew he should hate what was happening, a small voice inside his head that was absolutely enjoying this was growing louder as it went on, and if he could see what the operator saw, he would have been incredibly aroused as a man: The sight of a boyish-looking girl being roughly taken by an enormous phallus pistoning in and out of her mouth, drool and other fluids messily covering her face and upper torso, the muffled moans and squeaks of the receiver filling the room.  All at once the shaft pulled just far enough out so that a few inches still remained in her mouth, and before she could protest, an enormous ejaculation poured into her mouth.  Her mouth quickly filled with what she realized as cum to her horror, and to keep from drowning gulped it down as fast as she was able.  Still, a large portion spurted out around her lips and poured down her face, to coat her upper body.  After what seemed forever, the shaft exited her mouth, then withdrew back into the floor.  All Lelouch could do was breath, his mind a total blank over what had happened to him.

“Enjoy yourself?  My goodness, halfway through, the arms let go of your head, and you were forcing that cock inside as fast as you could.”  The speaker’s voice snapped Lelouch out of his post-orgasmic bliss.  Raising his head, and speaking through deep breaths, wearily said, “When…I…get out…of here…”  Lelouch was cut off as the speaker chuckled, responding, “But you won’t, and even if you do, you look nothing like your former self, and you certainly didn’t act like it during that…display.  By the time we’re through with you, all you’ll have inside your head will be thought s of sex.” 


The headset was quickly pulled off, giving Lelouch his first actual view of his surroundings in days.  Unfortunately, there was no one to use his Geass on, so escape was still impossible.  More importantly, portions of the floor and walls were sliding open, revealing more mechanical arms and equipment.  To his horror, most seemed to be large needles with reservoirs of liquid, approaching his upper torso, face, rear and legs.  He tried to break free, but the restraints didn’t budge even a micrometer they were so secure.  All at once, the needles poked his chest, butt, and thighs, emptying what felt like gallons of fluid into him, quickly retracting and replaced with what looked like mechanical compressors around his waist and hips, and suction cups around his chest and ass.  Lelouch felt like his waist was collapsing from the pressure, while his hips felt like they were being pulled apart.  He couldn’t help but scream in pain, yet towards the end it felt more pleasurable than painful.


Then he felt suction on his chest and rear, like the world’s strongest vacuum was attached.  He looked down in morbid fascination, to see his chest becoming large and fleshier, as though balloons were inflating inside him.  He felt the same sensation coming from his ass, and a similar yet smaller sensation coming from his thighs. Pulling his eyes from his boobs, he saw that he now had a voluptuous hourglass shape, the kind that would cause traffic accidents and wolf whistles.  All throughout, he felt the voice grow louder about how good it felt, how wonderful it was, and he was rapidly losing his strength to fight back against it.


After what felt like an eternity, the machines let go and retracted back to their lairs, leaving just two hovering around his head.  It seemed to take all his strength to look up at them, only to watch as what looked like another helmet was secured to his head.  The needle was smaller, though it was used more than the others, pricking his cheeks, above his eyebrows, and his lips.  Lastly it left several small pricks along his jaw line and a final one around his Adam’s apple, then retracted back into the floor.  The helmet kept humming away and seemed to be making his head warmer.  Lelouch had trouble keeping track of all that was happening to him, as his senses were being overwhelmed with feelings he’d never experienced before.  Surprisingly, a small part of him was feeling warm and happy, yet that only horrified him more as the frame he was stuck in lowered back to the floor.


When it reached the floor, the helmet finished and retracted back into the ceiling, letting Lelouch’s now longer hair fall to his upper back.  He couldn’t be sure, but he could guess that they way he looked would have given any man in eyesight a raging boner.  It would’ve done the same to him if he still had one.  Without warning, the frame released his arms and legs, letting him fall to the floor.  He stayed there for a few minutes taking time to get used to his new form.  He now had wide, child-bearing hips and luscious thighs to match his large, heart-shaped ass.  Since he was slender and tall before, his transformation gave him an incredibly sexy, ‘all legs’ appeal that contrasted with his voluptuous torso.  His waist could have fit through a basket ball hoop, if he didn’t have such a large bottom, and his breasts were now almost as large as his head, yet the had a perky look to them.  They were also the right amount of firmness and fleshiness to give exhilarating titjobs, and the slightest movement sent waves of motion through them.


However, while he was admiring his body, his face was finishing up it’s transformation.  He caught the last part in the floor’s reflection, seeing what could only be described as a goddess of lust staring back.  His lips had inflated to give him an incredibly sexy pout, while his eyes had narrowed and taken on a sultry ‘come hither’ look to them.  His face had become rounder and softer.  All this made him gasp in surprise, revealing his voice had changed as well.  No longer did he have his recognizable boyish voice, this was a voice that promised unending pleasure and nights filled with carnal acts.  Again the voice in his head was louder, urging him to accept his new role and future.  His will was reaching the breaking point when a new voice came through the speaker.


“Well, I must say, you turned out beyond even what my master could hope for.”  Lelouch recognized that voice, it was the man who had started his whole transformation in the first place.  Now Lelouch’s will for revenge came back with a vengeance, as he stood on unfamiliar legs and glared at what he hoped was the direction of that bastard.  “Laugh all you want, but I will make you sorry when I’m free of this facility and bring the wrath of heaven on your head,” Lelouch declared, although in his pornstar voice it sounded more arousing then foreboding.


“Ah, still possessing that fiery spirit, I see.  As much as that arouses me to no end, my dear, I feel it only fair to apologize for what I must now do to you.  But please understand, this isn’t personal, all I do is for my master.”  Lelouch was put back on guard after hearing that, and began looking around the room, trying to see anything that looked like a door opening, then he could use his Geass to overwhelm his kidnappers and escape.  After that, considering the shape he was in, well, he would figure out something as he went…


Suddenly, another mechanical arm popped out of the floor, with a syringe and fluid reservoir of a brighter color than the others.  This needle injected itself right in Lelouch’s abdomen, just above where his new vaginal lips were, and completely emptied the reservoir into him, all in the span of 10 seconds, before retracting into the floor again.  Lelouch doubled over, almost falling to the floor due to the weight of his new breasts, from the shock of the injection, but seconds later he fell to his knees as it felt like a fire was blazing through his whole body, centered around his vagina and radiating out in waves of heat and arousal.  He felt what seemed like gallons of fluid pour from his now-soaked nethers and puddle under him on the floor.  His brain felt like it was on fore and overloading from the barrage of unfamiliar sensations flooding into him.


He couldn’t form any words, all that came out were howls and moans like those of a wanton creature in heat, begging to be mounted and mated.  After what felt like lifetimes, he collapsed to the floor in a puddle of his own fluids, breathing raggedly from the mental and physical exertion.  “What a showy orgasm, I can see you truly are perfect to be a breeder.”  Some confusion must have shown on Lelouch’s face as the speaker continued, “Yes you heard right, my dear.  This whole process is to prepare you to conceive, carry and give birth to my master’s heirs.  You see, I mentioned he has certain proclivities before.  And though it embarrasses me to say so, nothing gets him harder then the knowledge that the bitch he’s fucking used to be a male.  And seeing how you turned out, I have the feeling you’ll be pregnant before the week is out.  However, I am nothing if not thorough in my job.”


“You see, that injection you received was to increase your sensitivity and fertility tenfold.  I daresay, you might get pregnant even by my master’s dogs knotting inside you at this point.  Ah but don’t worry, my master hasn’t gone down THAT road yet.”  It was all too much for Lelouch, and the light faded from his eyes.



Lelouch came back to the land of the living after what seemed like years.  The first thing he noticed was he wasn’t in the same room, he was in a bedroom.  A VERY luxurious one, as he noticed.  The walls were painted red, and the bed he lay on was quite plush, almost causing him to sink into it.  The bed was an antique master bed, solid oak and easily as wide as a large truck.  Lelouch rolled onto his front, squashing his breasts as a result, as well as the hope it had all been a nightmare.  His body was still sax given form, only now he was wearing lingerie designed to inflame men’s passions.  His Bountiful boobs were wrapped in a see-through bra that exposed the nipples, and his holy of holies covered by the barest of cloths that passed for a thong.  His glorious legs were encased in stockings secured by a garter belt that somehow fit his narrow waist. 


Looking around, he spied a mirror over the bed, showcasing his divine appearance.  It seemed while he was unconscious, someone had applied lipstick, mascara and eye shadow to his face, only enhancing his already goddess-like appearance.  It was at this point she realized she wasn’t alone in the room.  Turning around on the bed, causing her breasts to bobble in the process, she saw what could only be the aforementioned master, sitting in a plush chair and thoroughly enjoying the private show.  Though surprised, she was still able to get a good look at him, and what she saw soaked her panties in arousal.


To say he was well-built would be saying that a dog has four legs.  This man was easily over six feet tall, a body builder’s physique that contrasted with his face.  He had somewhat long hair, yet his face seemed to come out of a romance novel, chiseled features seemingly carved from granite with piercing blue eyes that she found herself drowning in.  The faintest smile was evident on his face, as he slowly rose from the chair to show that he was in fact nude, and with a sudden shock, Lelouch realized where she had seen him before: this was the same individual she had seen on the headset.  Without thinking, she glanced down to his crotch to see that he was indeed as well-endowed as his virtual avatar.

“I am pleased you are as aroused by myself as I am by you, my dear,” said the master as he advanced towards the bed.  Lelouch couldn’t think or act in time as she was straddled and gently forced back towards the head of the bed.  The master proceeded to grope her breasts, kneading them like large doughy loaves and pinching the nipples between his large fingers.  Lelouch could only moan and squeak in reply, her body betraying her as waves of arousal washed over her, causing her breathing to grow ragged and her vagina to moisten considerably.  The master proceeded to suck and nibble on her boobs, eliciting cries of pleasure and causing her to arch her back as the first of many orgasms shock through her body.  As she lay panting on the soaked sheets, the master continued, this time focusing on her womanly core.  Pulling the small thin fabric aside, he inserted two of his large fingers into her hole, causing her eyes to snap open in shock,, a bestial howl of lust erupting from her mouth.


“Good, it seems you are still a maiden where it counts, my dear, although not for long, thankfully.  We have all of tonight to enjoy ourselves.”  Moving lower, he proceeded to suckle and tongue the small opening of his newest capture.  Lelouch thought she couldn’t reach any higher in terms of pleasure.  She was wrong, as she plowed through one orgasm after another as the master thoroughly assaulted her quim, mercilessly exploring her insides.  When she thought he mind would melt from the unending pleasure and arousal, he withdrew his tongue and licked his lips, a smile on his face.  He looked down on her magnificent body g practically glowing from the arousal and exertion he had put her through, he face flushed and breasts rolling as she panted for breath.


“Now my dear it is your turn to get me ready for the main event.  If you would be so kind…” he softly said as he presented his prodigious manhood and held it before her eyes.  Lelouch, in her current state, had no strength to resist the voice in her head that urged her to submit, as she hungrily wrapped his plump lips around the master’s dick, taking him further into her mouth until her chin connected with his fat balls.  She proceeded to bob her head back and forth, licking sand sucking every inch of his member, filling the room with the vulgar sounds of sex.  It was all the master could do not to cum to early, as he wanted to enjoy the experience as long as he could.  The sight of his goddess looking up into his eyes, her face contorted to give a vacuum blowjob, her lipstick smearing all over his cock along with her saliva, drove him to the breaking point.  Inevitably, he gripped the sides of her head and held her down, as his organ pumped load after load of baby batter into her eager mouth, filling her stomach with cum.


After long minutes, Lelouch slowly pulled her mouth off his cock, sucking every inch clean of cum, before it exited with a wet plop.  Her cheeks bulging, she briefly showed the master all the cum she had in her mouth, before swallowing audibly three times.  Looking down in amazement, the master could feel his passion inflamed anew.  Truly this would be the perfect breeding bitch for him.  Leaning down, he planted a deep kiss on her lips.  Lelouch’s eyes grew wide for a few seconds, shocked at the act she was doing with another man, but as it continued she felt her final resistance melt away like a snowball in Arizona, wrapping her arms around the master and pulling him close for a much more passionate kiss.


Reluctantly, the master broke the kiss to look over his lady, her lustful form glistening with sweat, cum and drool, her breasts jiggling slightly from her ragged breathing with flushed cheeks.  He proceeded to straddle her, his manhood insistently prodding her womanly quim, eliciting lustful moans from her.  However, while he would freely admit he was a pervert, he would never take a woman without her say-so, even if the process this one went through made it almost certain she would yield to him, it was the principle of the thing.  “And now, my sweet,” he said while teasing her hole, “it is time to make a decision.  Shall we continue, or do we stop here?  I leave the decision to you.”  Lelouch was flabbergasted at this, his hips bucking to meet the master’s dick every time he prodded her, the need for mating overwhelming her every other thought.  In response, she wrapped her legs and arms around the master, planting a kiss full on his lips and pulling him into her, his member entering her tiny hole and plowing through her hymen, bringing a high pitched squeal from her muffled by their kiss.  Breaking the liplock she had him in, Lelouch purred, “Take me, hard, and make me your bitch…MASTER.”


Needing no further encouragement, the master proceeded to plow his lady like a field in springtime.  The room rang to the moans, grunts and cries of two beings locked in a mating embrace, the wet sounds of sex echoing throughout along with the creaking of the bedsprings.  No longer was Lelouch caring about her past life, her friends, her sister.  All she wanted was to forever be ridden by this champion stallion.  And ridden she was, for hours, his stamina showing no signs of falling.  When He finally felt his release building, he plunged his member as far as it would go, kissing her womb with his cockhead, while at the same time she wrapped her legs as tight around him as she could, relishing the feeling of cum poured into her like a hose.  Both male and female cried out in ecstasy, melting into one another. 


However, as the master was pulling out, she grabbed his waist with her legs and proceeded to straddle on top of him.  “No no, not until I’m full of your spunk and with child, MASTER,” Lelouch hungrily voiced as she proceeded to pump up and down on the cock inside her, the master meeting her thrust for thrust.  She leaned forward, letting him suckle her boobs while cumming inside her.  Taking the initiative, the master flipped her over, taking her from behind like an Alpha wolf with his bitch, ramming her poor pussy mercilessly.  Lelouch was loving every second of it, thrusting back as he thrust forward, driving each other’s arousal to new heights.  At last, with a bestial groan from the master and a lust-filled cry from Lelouch, he emptied his balls completely into her, overflowing her womb and causing some to escape he vagina, pooling on the bed beneath.  Both collapsed on the bed, spent and satiated.



Hours later, with  Lelouch still blissfully asleep, the master called for his page, asking, “Are we sure she has conceived, after just one night?”  The page looked over a device in his hand, softly beeping and chiming, before looking up with a smile on his face and declaring, “Congratulations, master, she is with child.”  The feeling of pride swelled his chest at this news.  Succession was only guaranteed through male heirs, and while he had plenty of daughters, he had never been blessed with a son.  His house was in danger of being eclipsed, even absorbed, by the other Nobles, and he was determined to ensure that his line would be secure.  Still, the irony that his line was secure by changing a male to a female was not lost on him.  But, he would do everything in his power to ensure this new woman was happy with him, and as a Noble from Britannia, that power was considerable.  Walking over to the bed, he stroked her hair, rewarded with a happy smile and sigh from his sleeping goddess.  “What was the name she had before?” he asked.  “Lelouch, I believe Sir.”  Thinking for a moment, he made a decision. 


She shall henceforth be known as Liluko.  Liluko Armstrong.”

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