Cold cold love.

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Sam was peeling some potatoes at his usual spot near the river with his pokemon.The sun was doing its work, making him break a sweat just sitting on a tree stump and taking his time. It's been a long day and each member of his team deserved a hearty meal, so he was going to make his team's favourite stew.

"Glacey look!", Sam proclaimed. "Me and the guys just got the 6th badge!". Glaceon was looking over the river water, away from the group. She turned around with a disinterested look in her eyes and once again returned to her relaxed curled form. 

Sam, disheartened and worried, returned to his task, shooting small smiles at the team he used to beat the fairy gym leader of the Galar Region. They all have been great partners and essential to his slow but steady rise to the top. However, no matter how much he wanted to keep the happy demeanor up, he knew he couldn't lie to himself any longer. 

You see, Glaceon was Sam's first ever pokemon. Back when he was a wee lad, he'd always sneak outside his small neighbourhood of a "town" and into the wild area. He would never stray far, mostly playing with or watching some of the more innocent small pokemon near the edges of the vast, untamed mini-ecosystem. However, the moment came when he reached the age of 10, and he was a big boy now. He had it in his head that he'd explore a little bit further with the help of his first pokemon that his parents would surely gift him. 

"Mom, can I get a Johto pokemon for my 10th birthday!? I want that little mole cindyqual that goes whoosh and flames come out its back!        He was always eager to outfit his team with the most erruptive and exciting pokemon, the kind that demand your attention, mainly because of the nonstop explosions occuring around them.                                                                                                   "Just wait and see, I'm sure you'll be very pleased with your present, sweetie.", replied his mother reassuringly patting his head. On the day of his birthday, he greedily unwrapped his birthday gift which was obviously just a pokeball. But this one looked different, he thought. It was black and had a yellow pattern on it. "Wow! Is it like a pokeball for electric types? Did you get me a Pikachu? It's like the most popular one!". He jumped off of his chair at the dinner table, excited to show off his first every pokemon to all of his friends at the dinner table. Twirling around and finishing clumsily with the Galar champion's signature pose, he yelled "Pikachu! I CHOOSE YOUUU!"....and then the pokeball just opened. Revealing its empty contents. He felt his eyes swell up with tears and cheeks flush red as his friends laughed at the comic over the top display in front of them. "Honey, we thought it best for you to catch a pokemon you yourself liked, it should be your first task as a real pokemon trainer" his dad grabbed him by the shoulders as he held him in his arms in front of the window facing the wild area, teeming with possibilities. "And this pokeball is special. It isn't any ordinary poor man's ball at all. This here is called an Ultra Ball, it is sure to catch any of the pokemon in the first few patches of grass."

Eager to start on his adventure, Sam left in a hurry, leaving his guests and family with ultra ball in hand. Of course, he didn't have any intention of catching any of the low level pokemon he already familiarised himself with his everyday escapades. He knew how to hide from strong pokemon he didn't care for and he'd spend all night searching for just the right one. He dodged the rare Obstagoon or the scary ghosts near the abandoned tower, until he reached the Lake of Outrage. Despite him feeling lost, the sight of the many powerful pokemon surrounding him left him with a smile reaching all the way to his ears. Unfortunately that smile changed into terror as the small amount of light from the moon got blocked by a massive figure, as he turned around his saw what was possibly the most frightening behemoth he has ever seen. Three pointed crown, blue serpentine body, and a mouth agape as if in constant pain and anger. It was a wild Gyarados.

It flew ominously over the poor young trainer, before making up its mind and charging face first in the direction of the helpless lad. Sam jumped out of the day, however the massive quake and debris from the impact made sure he was left on the ground and helpess once again, reaching for his ultra ball seemed like the only chance of escape, it would buy him time if nothing else, however he was devastated to see it in the nearby debris, smashed to bits. Gyarados now more enraged than before prepared for a move that Sam has never seen, one that he knew he couldn't dodge. A brilliant yellowish light started gathering in Gyarados' enormous mouth, threatening to outshine the combined light from all the stars in the sky. Sam clenched his fists as he knew the end was coming, his first adventure was bound to end on the day it started. Right as he was about to meet his maker, a second light source appeared, faint but different. A brilliant blue. Before he had the time to turn around to see the source of it, Gyarados was struck by a beam much like his own, yet smaller. The air became cold. The previously rampaging behemoth was now writhing in pain as he flew upwards and then into the water in a loud cry with one of its scales falling off of it, frozen solid. The innocent youth finally managed to take a breath and look at the direction of his saviour.

There she stood, at the  opposite end of the lake, looking directly at him. Clad in light blue. Eyes of deep aquamarine, a long flat tail with a diamond shaped patern at the tip. A brilliant deep blue crest on her forehead reminiscent of bangs and hair at the sides with the same beautiful diamond shape at the end of them. And long pointy ears, now alert and pointing at the moon,which itself paled in comparison to the fierce icey aura around her. Sam would never forget this moment. It couldn't have lasted more than a couple seconds yet it felt like an eternity. Her calm yet fierce aura, her icy cold stare, her petite and cute stature, it was as if he was looking at utter majesty, beauty given form. Slowly she stepped on the water, which turned into ice beneath her midnight blue-tipped paws. As she was closing in, Sam could feel the air changing, now with his short breaths visible and the pokemon that saved his life only mere meters away from him, he felt confused, thankful, yet scared. 

He was about to thank his short saviour but right as he drew breath to say a single word, he saw that same frightening yellow light from before, and it was coming from the lake right behind his knight in blue! "Run!" he yelled, taking the mysterious pokemon by surprise, shoving her to the right. Right at that moment a beam, one that was numerous times larger than his little friend's was, shot out of the water, the edge of it hitting Sam's right shoulder. The pain was excruciating, but thankfully nothing was broken thanks to him taking only a tiny part of the attack. He immediately rose to his feet this time, concerned about the icey foxcat that saved him. As he looked at her getting up, the water from the lake erupted to his left, revealing the same Gyarados, coming back more angry than before, its sights set on the boy that started all of this. Seeing the injury that the young boy had sustained, the short fighter rushed onto the water, making ice platforms underneath her and using the same beam as before to hit its back and get its attention. This time however the Gyarados had its guard up and the hit didn't scare it off. It rushed after the small pokemon, breaking every platform it made as it ran away. She could dish out pain but one strike from such a hulking brute would send her packing.

The constant focus she needed to create footing underneath her made it hard to focus on attacking. Everytime she tried to summon one of her attacks, she got interrupted with the need to dodge another smashing charge. Ice beams and Shadow balls were launched again and again, missing her target each time. She couldn't keep this up. Sam knew it. He also knew that if Gyarados was hit again with a powerful move, it wouldn't be able to handle it. The lake had been covered with ice by this point, with broken up chunks everywhere from the fight. The wild rampage kept going on, and it seemed that the cutesy pokemon was cornered. Too tired to keep running, she was at least hoping the boy had made it safely back home. Right as she was about to take the full force of a goliath, the Gyarados grumbled in pain. There was he, Sam, having pierced the monster's tail with a sharp piece of his now shattered ultra ball. "Do it now!" He yelled as a giant wall of blue flesh smacked his body. For Gyarados it was nothing but a small smack, but for Sam it was enough to send him flying. Unfortunately, this small opening was all the small fighter needed. The same aura that Sam had admired before envelloped her figure, the air became thick and hard to breathe in, hail and snow covering the entirety of the lake now. A fierce blizzard covered the area as the Gyarados once again focused on its prey. However he was now too late. Parts of his body started to freeze over, first his tail, thanks to the open wound from Sam's attack. The Gyarados lost its composure and fell on the icey floor still struggling to reach the now domineering lass. The mighty beast had fallen, eyes and mouth wide open as it froze over from the harsh weather, shattering into tiny bits in the air afterwards, leaving no sign of danger. 

The feminine feline didn't have time to celebrate however as there was now no sign of the young lad. He couldn't have walked off with that kind of injury. She dove into the water and swam around to search for him, finally noticing the a small shine from what seemed like metal. She swam towards that faint light, and there he was. Unconcious, still holding the blood stained piece of scrap that was once his present. She tugged him all the way to shore, where he thankfully woke up, vommiting the water out of his lungs. The night was almost over, the sun started to come out. The annasumingly cute pokemon that was now his hero anew closed her eyes and using what looked like magic for young Sam, summoned warm rays of light from the sun, making sure the lad wouldn't die from the freezing cold caused by her attacks. The last thing Sam saw that day was his beautiful saviour, eyes closed, basking in the brilliance of the sun. Before he lost conciousness, he managed to blurt out two last words, "thank you". Shortly after the exhausted warrior laid down by him. Unable to go without rest after such a tiresome struggle. They were both later found by the town's rescue team, hugging and cuddling for warmth still unconcious.

Ever since then, they were best friends, his first pokemon was always by him, never in a pokeball. She refused to get separated from him and he refused to be separated from her. Years of training together and getting badges, pokemon contests, the catpure of new mons. They practically grew up together. This is why Sam was so heartbroken to see his favourite pokemon, possibly the most important being in his life be so distant to him. Sam ate with his team, making sure to bring a bowl of food to Glacey who didn't seem interested in spending time with the rest.

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