Pokemon: Muscle Encounter

BY : EeveeWanderer
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                Ash couldn’t explain it. He was eighteen years old and had travelled many of the regions of the PokeNation: Kanto, the Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola among others. He had beaten the gym leaders of all these areas and had even won the Alola championship. He had achieved his dreams and he felt great about it. Ash had captured many pokemon, evolving many of them and training them to great heights. His buddy, Pikachu, was one of his greatest fighters and had learned a few moves along the way as well.

                But, for all his achievements, Ash felt wanting. He felt empty in part of his person. There was a longing that had grown as he had matured. Only in the more recent years it had become almost painful. When he was a pre-teen, the mild aches in his soul were easily ignored, pushed aside by his obsession with pokemon. But as Ash become more a man, the longing grew deeper, and he was unable to put it off effectively.

                Now a teenager and almost a full man, Ash recognized the ache for what it was: romantic loneliness. It was different from just regular loneliness; Ash was constantly surrounded by friends and/or pokemon companions, so he very rarely was truly alone. But never was Ash in the company of a girlfriend: girl friends, yes: girlfriends, no.

                This Ash understood. What Ash didn’t understand was why he didn’t have a girlfriend. Well, not one that lasted. He had been out on dates. His popularity as champion, as well as his boyish charm attracted many suitors (some of them male, even). He had taken a few of the prettier girls up on their offers. A Hoenn-based girl named Carol, with auburn hair and green eyes, had accompanied him on a few diner dates, but her passes at him had fallen flat. Frustrated, and worried that Ash might not have a proper sex-drive, she had left him hanging after the third date. “I’ll call you.” She promised.

                Rita was a dark-skinned girl from Unova who treated Ash to a day of boat-fishing off the Kanto coast. However, her model-like appearance, enhanced by her stylish swimsuit, didn’t seem to make an impact on the Alolan champion. Rita called it off just after the one date.

                Just to test the waters, as it were, Ash had accepted a date from Timothy, a pokemon trainer from Kalos. Timonthy shared Ash’s mania for pokemon, but after two dates, there just wasn’t any spark. Timothy made it a point to explain to Ash that he probably wasn’t the person he was looking for, and probably not the gender either.

                And so, one day, Ash was sitting in his apartment located in Saffron City. He was hanging out on his balcony, looking at the setting sun and petting his best pal Pikachu. Pikachu was enjoying the relaxation after being in so many hectic situations and battles over the years. The electric pokemon was glad that Ash seemed to be settling down and was hoping that the occurrence of battles would slow down. Pikachu loved fighting, but was starting to get tired of the frequency of combat.

                “What should I do, Pikachu?” Ash asked aloud. “I just can’t seem to find anyone to love!”

                “Kachu!” the yellow mouse protested.

                “I don’t mean it like that!” Ash retorted. “I love you, Pikachu. I mean in the sense of a mate.”

                “Pika.” Pikachu concurred, understanding.

                Suddenly, there was a knocking at the door. Instantly, Pikachu leapt off Ash’s lap, and Ash got up, exited the balcony and made his way to the door of his apartment. Wary of any Team Rocket shenanigans, Ash checked the screen he had installed for the apartment, linked up to a door camera.

                In the hallway before Ash’s door stood May Marple, pokemon coordinator. She was about Ash’s age now and had matured also. She was wearing a casual dress of red and had her trademark bandana tied in her hair. May was quite attractive and had a healthy appearance to her. She wasn’t too thin and appeared to have kept a good balanced weight. She smiled a wide broad grin into the camera.

                “Are you gonna let me in, Ketchum?” she churlishly demanded, keeping her smile.

                Releasing the lock, Ash casually opened the door and May strut into the living room. She slowly turned around, taking in the furnishings of Ash’s abode. The apartment was sparsely decorated, with white walls, cream carpets and only a few items of furniture. The only extravagance in the apartment were Ash’s trophies, medals and badges. Some enlarged photos hung from the walls. The photos depicted a few of the gatherings of Ash’s friends and a couple of the events that he had either won or placed highly at, such as the Orange Islands tournament and the Sinnoh championship.

                “Nice place, Ash,” May commented, “but I really think you could use the services of a home interior specialist.”

                “Hello to you too, May.” quipped Ash. “Can I ask what brings you round here?”

                May turned to face the champion. She scanned over his form, not having seen him for a couple of years in person. Ash had grown to just above average height, and seemed to have a healthy, athletic build. He was currently clad in just jeans and a t-shirt. Ash had a boyishly handsome face that hadn’t changed much, May noted. Perhaps his features had stretched a little, but there was no mistaking the face if someone hadn’t seen him for eight years.

                “Brock tells me that your master is having girl troubles,” May said, addressing Pikachu, “is that true?”

                “Pi-ka!” Pikachu agreed.

                “Hey!” Ash protested.

                “Ash: is it Misty that’s bothering you?” May asked. “Are you still thinking of her?”

                Ash’s face fell and his eyes dropped for a second. He shored himself up again and faced May.

                “I’m always thinking of her.” Ash stated. “But, it’s been awhile, and I’m sure she’s moved on.”

                “When was the last time you saw her?” May asked.

                “Well, I chatted with her a couple of months ago after I won the Alolan championship. She congratulated me on that, and we had a good talk about it. Before that, we would gab every couple of months or so.”

                May sat down on one of the chairs in the main room. Unbidden, Pikachu leapt onto her lap, nestling into the brown-haired girl. Reflexively, May stroked Pikachu’s head and he cooed in enjoyment.

                “Yes, Ash,” May began to choose her words carefully, “but when did you last actually see her. You know, in person?”

                Ash too sat down at this, choosing the large white sofa. He mulled the question in his head, carefully going through dates and events of the past. He regarded the time that he had visited Brock in Kanto while Ash was travelling in Alola, and just after that when Brock had visited Alola himself. For some reason, Ash had expected to see Misty both times, but for some reason she hadn’t made an appearance.

                “I guess, after the Hoenn tournament,” Ash concluded “when she visited Mom’s house. That’s the last time I saw her. After that, it’s just been brief phone calls.”

                May regarded the black-haired teen on the coach. She noted that Ash’s features had been strained as his brain tried to dig though his memories.

                “Well, Ash,” May started, “Misty has changed. Maybe it’ll put your heart at ease to know she’s not the same girl you knew before. Maybe then, you’ll let go.”

                Ash’s features took on a shocked appearance as he glared at May.

                “But… what… has she been in an accident?!” he managed to blurt out, his words tumbling along the way.

                “No, Ash. She’s fine. Better than fine some might say. But, she’s taken her role as a Gym Leader totally seriously. Too seriously. She’s not the little girl you knew before, or should I say the preteen you knew before.”

                “I don’t care. I want to see her, then!” Ash got up off the sofa and grabbed one of his baseball caps. “Why come here if you’re just trying to dissuade me of something I really hadn’t thought of doing?”

                May sighed at this. She set Pikachu aside and rose.

                “Ash, I was hoping to persuade you and help you without vising her. I was hoping you would just accept it and move on. But, I see, you’re stubborn as ever. Still, I somewhat expected this. I have a rented car downstairs and ready to go.”

                “Then we’re going to see Misty!” Ash exclaimed.


                As Ash grabbed a few items, May made a quick message on her PokeNav.


                The Cerulean Gym hadn’t much changed over the years. The exterior and interior of the gym had been kept clean and colourful by hired crews and one Pokemon Observer roped in by his now girlfriend Daisy. The pools were kept maintained carefully, much to the pleasure and health of the many water-type pokemon who called the gym home. There had been a few additional pokemon added once and a while, with some of them, such as the luvdisc, breeding.

                The one major addition to the Gym was a workout room on the second floor. Misty had added it to help with her training at the age of thirteen. First, padded mats and some lightweights were installed, followed by a rowing machine and an exercise bike. Then, more weights and a treadmill followed. Each quarter year afterwards saw a new machine and more weights added according to Misty’s wishes.

                The equipment saw great usage, but not thanks to the three original Sensational Sisters. At first, Daisy had shown some interested in working out, especially thanks to her fledgling movie career, but it never developed past a light interest. Violet and Lily vehemently refused to do anything with the room, which Misty was fine with. It had become another place from which she could escape her air-headed siblings.

                That particular day, she was once again in the workout room, continuing her routine that began five years ago, growing as the years passed.

                Outside one of the doors to the workout room, Daisy, Violet and Lily stood worrying.

                “Like, she’s been in there for three hours today!” Violet complained.

                “I know!” Lily agreed. “She’s totally overdoing it again!”

                Daisy just stood, biting her lip. She knew the reason behind Misty’s obsession. Years ago, she had been separated from Ash, and had worked past it. Daisy had seen the stages of denial Misty had gone through. But now, she was sure that Misty had forgotten about Ash, and she was just doing it for herself now. Violet and Lily just wouldn’t understand.

                “Like, Daisy, can’t you get your boyfriend to get her out of there?” Violet asked in her banal tones.

                “It’s not that easy!” Daisy replied. “Misty’s changed. This is kinda her life now.”

                “She totally needs to get laid!” Lily quipped.

                Daisy was about to comment, but her phone blared up. She checked it and saw that she had received a text message. She recognized the sender as May Marple, one of Ash’s friends who had also met Misty a couple of times. Daisy had never met the girl personally but knew from Tracey that May was a trustworthy and reliable girl.

                Daisy quickly sent a text back to the Pokemon coordinator.

                “Like, was that a text from Tracey?” Violet asked.

                “It was from another friend.” Daisy remarked. “She’s bringing Ash here.”

                Violet and Lily looked quizzically at Daisy, who just kept a calm smile on her face. She had a feeling this could change things. And for the better.


                The car trip to Cerulean City had been uneventful largely. Ash had tried to press May for more information about Misty, but May had not relented, only noting that Ash would understand everything when he saw Misty himself. Pikachu spent the entire two-hour car trip in the back seat, belted up securely and fast asleep. The yellow rodent was taking every opportunity to catch some rest. Arceus knew he deserved it.

                Despite the lack of anything interesting happening on the trip, May found it extremely stressful. Between fending off questions, she was torn with her own thoughts on the situation. She had suspected Ash wouldn’t have accepted her initial explanation, but she had hoped he would have. May had recalled Brock telling her that Ash would want to see Misty, but May wished that the simpler outcome would’ve taken place.

                “Wait.” Ash said halfway though the trip. “When did you last see Brock?”

                May steadied herself and prepared her thoughts.

                “Ash,” she started with apprehension, “me and Brock have been dating off and on for about two years now. I’m living with him in Goldenrod City.”

                “But,” Ash protested, “Brock and Olivia…”

                “Yes, he got an earful about that from me, but we got past it. That was during a low period. We made up a couple of months ago. And that’s why we’re concerned about you. We want you to have a happy romantic life.”

                “But with Misty.” Ash commented.

                May didn’t respond to this, and Ash noted the silence. He was still curious about Misty and her supposed changes. The suspense was driving him Zubatty.

                And so, it was mid afternoon when they go to the outskirts of Cerulean City. The inclined road was decorated with colourful flowers and blue light posts. May easily navigated her Kanto built sub compact hired sedan into the winding roads of the charming municipality. Within minutes, May and Ash found themselves looking up at the Dewgong decorated sign of the Cerulean City Gym.

                “Ok, we’re going to do this, Ash,” May said, “but you’re going to want to be ready.”

                “Gah!” Ash exclaimed. “I’m not going to be ready if you keep being so damn cryptic! Just tell me what’s up with Misty!”

                May just looked forlornly towards Ash and shook her head. She reached for Ash’s hand and guided him through the glass doors of the Gym. Pikachu ran behind them. Ash knew the layout of the gym, but wasn’t sure where May was leading him. After climbing a set of stairs, they came to a set of wooden double doors. The three Sensational Sisters were waiting in front of the doors, worryingly looking at them. They turned once they saw the pair of humans approaching them, followed by Pikachu.

                Daisy was the first to speak.

                “Ah, finally! Thanks for coming you two!”

                She was about to explain further, but her sisters interrupted her.

                “Oh, wow!” Lily gushed. “It’s Ash Ketchum! Wow!”

                “He’s way better looking in person!” Violet cooed. “Hello, Mr. Champion!”

                It the last couple of years, Daisy was becoming tired with her sister’s shallowness: either it was Misty’s emotional distance or from dating Tracey. Daisy clicked with her mouth and tried to refocus the conversation.

                “You two!” she said to her sisters. “May, thanks for bringing Ash here. Ash, maybe you can talk some sense into Misty. She’s too focused. She spends way too much time in this room.”

                “I don’t understand.” Ash professed. “What is this room? I don’t remember it.”

                “This is, like, the workout room.” Lily supplied the answer. “And Misty spends, like, at least four hours a day in there.”

                “It’s like totally disgusting!” Violet added.

                “Ash,” Daisy stated with controlled tone, “Misty’s been taking life too seriously. I think she needs you back. Please talk to her.”

                Ash was more confused than ever (which was saying something). No one was giving him a clear answer, no matter how many questions he asked. He looked over to May, who merely nodded her head slightly. There seemed to be only one thing to do.

                “Fine.” He said resignedly. “If it’s the only way I’ll get some information, I’ll do it. Pikachu, stay out here with May.”

                “Pika.” Croaked Pikachu. He looked to his trainer, wanting to follow, but wishing to respect his orders.

                Ash put his hand on the door of the workout room, and his ears picked up the rhythmic thumping coming from behind it. He thought he made out some grunts. For a second, Ash thought something blue might be happening, but he decided by the reactions of the trio of sisters it was different. He pushed the door in and entered.

                Ash’s eyes took in the artificial lighting of the room and adjusted his eyes. He was assaulted by the sight of various workout machines and weight sets. Some looked new, but many appeared to have been used extensively. The room appeared to be otherwise clean, showing signs that someone kept pains to keep the room neat. A few towels were draped over a set of bars in the center of the room, custom made to act as a towel-horse.

                Ash slowly moved through the room, letting the door swing close behind him. He swore he heard Daisy and May faintly say “good luck.” He made his way to the loud noise coming from the one end of the room. The sound of metal on metal: clanging, followed by grunting. It continued as he made progress, and whomever was making the noise hadn’t acknowledged him, either not sensing him or not caring.

                Moving around an ab machine, Ash got a good view of the individual who was working out in the weight room. It was Misty. But, like May said, she had changed.

                She was currently laid out on a bench press, gripping a steel bar laden with metal weights. Misty was clad in bright workout gear of blue and black: a sport-styled crop top and shorts. A pair of athletic shoes and socks covered her feet. Her orange hair was tied up in a small bun. Misty’s body was covered in sweat, and it was apparent she had been spending some time expending energy while working out. Ash quickly estimated she was benching about seventy kilograms, no small feat.

                But what was more jarring about Misty was the changes in her physique. Even at thirteen, Misty had been a fairly skinny girl. Her swimming had given her some tone, but in the years Ash knew her, Misty hadn’t developed much except for her bosom size. Now at eighteen, Misty was a monster. In the five years she had been spending in the workout room, she had developed an unbelievable body. Her arms and legs had massively pronounced muscles. Her torso was packed with strength and her abdominals looked strong enough to stop a bullet. Misty was not only big in size, but her muscularity was well-toned, with lines and vascularity.

                Ash couldn’t believe it. Misty had apparently become one of the monster bodybuilders he had heard of from regions like Unova and Orre. At some level, Ash knew he was expected to be repulsed. His mother was somewhat traditional, and although she accepted female athletes, she had impressed upon Ash that there were limits to how a woman was allowed to develop her physique. A few of Ash’s friends, Gary and Drew in particular, had also professed a distaste for overdeveloped females. But Ash just wasn’t feeling the loathing for female muscle that others had. In fact…

                “Um, it’s dangerous to do that without a spotter.” Ash stated, managing to form words.

                Misty finally looked up at Ash, his words bringing her out of the zone. She was momentarily struct by an inner conflict. Her first instinct was to make some sarcastic or insulting comments. Another just wanted to greet her old friend. A silent voice wanted her to gush out towards Ash. To greet him with a hug and a kiss and to rekindle her old feelings.

                Misty decided to ignore option one and to bury option three for now. She set aside the weighted bar and sat up. Her face betrayed her inner feelings despite her control as she looked at Ash with a surprised look and a slight smile. She then stood up.

                “Ash!” she exclaimed. “You finally showed up!”

                Now that she was standing, Ash was able to fully appreciate the changes to Misty. She was now some centimeters shorter than Ash, but what she lost in height difference, she made up for in body build. Her shoulders were wide and strong. Her chest had grown considerably, and there was a good amount of muscle supporting her breasts. The muscles of her chest showed definition, and Ash couldn’t help but stare.       Misty’s arms were also supported by a set of monstrous lat muscles that appeared like the wings of a Manteen.

                Despite this, Misty still had a very female appearance, and her face was very beautiful. Her cheekbones were high and her lips were full. Her sapphire blue eyes still blazed with the lifeforce of a Water pokemon trainer. Misty was looking up at Ash with an intensity that she always had for him.

                Ash received the stare with one of his own. There was an intensity of his own in his eyes, matching the vastness of his Pikachu’s electric reserves. If Ash had lost any of his interest in Misty over the years, it was rekindled in an instant. The spark was well and alive in the burning of his heart. Ash now knew why he wasn’t able to connect with any other person in a passionate way: he was waiting for the women in front of him in her current state.

                “Misty,” Ash had to labour hard to get the words to escape his nervous self, “you’re fantastic!”

                Once again Misty nearly lost control. It took nearly everything she had to keep from pouncing on Ash and having her way with him. Slowly the interest she had lost was beginning to recover. To Misty, Ash was still cute and his nearly adult-self was very appealing. And he appeared to appreciate the work she had put into her body. Misty hadn’t done it for his benefit: her muscle-building routine was for herself, especially to aid in her swimming capacity. But the fact that he was reacting positively was very alluring to her.

                “Five years with only a few calls,” Misty snarked, once again trying to keep hold of her feelings, “and all you have to say is ‘you’re fantastic?!’”

                Misty crossed her arms in front of herself; her arms muscles danced and played under her skin. Ash could only keep staring at the sight. He was hypnotised.

                “Hello? Ash? Are you there?”

                Misty reached up with her right arm and playfully knocked on Ash’s temple. He didn’t register the impact; all he could do was watch Misty’s bicep flex and rise with the motion.

                “Can I feel your muscle?” Ash asked out of the blue.

                Misty was taken aback. Any of the men that dared get close to her were taken aback by her physique. She had all but given hope of finding someone to love at this point and was focusing on her career and training. But now, it was apparent, a man was standing in front of her that wanted her, not only for her body, but also for who she was.

                Misty decided to play along. Why not give the boy she had desired a thrill?

                “How about this one?” Misty asked while flexing her left arm in a classic bicep pose. Her arm muscles swelled up and became striated with power.

                Instantly, Ash’s hands shot out to feel and caress the powerful muscles of Misty. He couldn’t believe the sensations: the hardness of the muscle contrasted with the softness of the flesh covering them. Misty loved it. Her muscles were being appreciated by someone other than herself. They were getting very nice attention, and she melted into Ash’s touch.

                “Ash, do you like me?” Misty asked point blank. “Do you like my muscles?”

                “Yes, Misty.” Ash almost moaned. “I always loved you. Now you’re freaking unbelievable! You’re so hot!”

                Misty flushed. The man of her dreams was rekindling the flame of her desires. It had been too long since she had any attention, and she couldn’t hold it back any further. She was still feeling the buzz from her workout. She temporarily removed Ash’s hands and took off her crop top.

                “How about these, Ashton? Do these appeal to you?” Misty declared as she thrust her chest towards him.

                Ash was almost taken aback by Misty’s forwardness, but his libido was starting to steer his actions in full. Ash found his hands caressing Misty’s breasts and the muscle behind them. The feeling both teens felt was causing sparks to ignite in the air. All the sexual tension that had been built up in their travels, then sat upon in their separation, was now being released. Misty moaned in pleasure as she was being attended on by her ideal; the man she wanted.

                “I didn’t build this muscle for you.” Misty managed to pant out through strained teeth.

                “I know.” Ash stated.

                “I love being muscular. It doesn’t matter if men don’t like it.”

                “But I love it, Misty!”

                “Yes… thank you. Let me show you.”

                Misty shoved Ash to the ground. Ash felt the power in her arms as she did it and let himself fall, knowing that Misty was stronger than him, but also wanting it. Fortunately, the matting absorbed the fall. Misty knelt in front of Ash and separated his legs apart, making her way to his groin. At this, Misty noticed the bulge in Ash’s crotch. Apart from a few random erections, Ash hadn’t had a reaction in his penis for a long while. He couldn’t control how he was reacting to Misty, and frankly, he was enjoying it. She was taking control and he found this erotic.

                “Yes, Misty!” Ash gasped. “I’m finally feeling it!”

                Suddenly, the doors to the workout room swung open. Tracey Sketchit, pokemon observer stepped into the room.

                “Hey, guys!” Tracey exclaimed. “I heard you guys were here, and that you were taking some time to OOPS! Well, never mind, I’ll leave you to it.”

                Tracey quickly turned away and made his way outside of the room.

                In other circumstances, this would have dissuaded the teens. But they barely registered Tracey’s presence. Ash and Misty had released their inhibitions finally and weren’t about to stop. Misty unzipped Ash’s fly and her nimble and powerful hands pulled his pants to his ankles, followed quickly by his shorts. Freed from its confines, Ash’s penis stood at attention. Not that Misty had seen many, but she noted that Ash was slightly larger than the average man. Not too long, but certainly thicker than usual. Misty played with her erect nipples as the contemplated her next actions.

                “Misty, please.” Ash begged. He was enjoying taking the submissive role in the relationship.

                “You’re mine, boy!” Misty growled like a predatory Pyroar. She was in control and she loved it.

                Misty lunged onto Ash’s crotch. She peeled back Ash’s foreskin, then enveloped his member in her mouth. She clamped down on the sexual organ with her oral muscles and lightly grazed its surface with her teeth. Misty cycled her head up and down, letting her breath caress the skin of Ash’s penis. Ash spasmed with pleasure. He took advantage of Misty’s position and grabbed her shoulders, enjoying the feeling of her sensual power.

                “Misty, I’m going to…” Ash remarked, but Misty stopped him, interrupting her ministrations.

                “Not yet.” She called. Misty kicked off her shoes and removed her socks. She then climbed up Ash’s body and peeled his t-shirt off, throwing it to the side. Sensually, she dragged her fingers down his torso. He hissed in ecstasy as he felt the heat in his body becoming unbearable.

                “Take off my shorts.” Misty commanded in low tones.

                Ash had no choice; between her power and his passion, he had to obey. With a bit of maneuvering, he managed to pull her shorts past her ankles, rendering her completely naked. Misty stood up, determined to reward Ash with a show. It was an odd perspective, but Misty posed and flexed her muscles for her new boyfriend. Ash couldn’t believe his luck. He was lost in the pleasure of being awash in his newly-discovered fetish.

                Misty forced down her arms and crunched her abs in a most muscular pose. Her arm muscles blossomed out and the veins in her forearms throbbed. Misty’s breasts wobbled on the powerful chest muscles that were perforated with lines. It was too much, and Ash lost hold. A small splurt of semen escaped his penis, messily spraying around Ash’s crotch.

                “Arceus, Misty!” Ash swore. “You’re too sexy. Frig.”

                Misty was a little disappointed that Ash wasn’t able to hold it in, but she didn’t blame him either. Maybe she was being a bit conceited, but she felt extremely sexy and powerful, and Ash was reacting to it in exactly the right way as far as she was concerned.

                Once again, she went down to her knees, but positioned herself above Ash’s mouth.

                “Pleasure me.” Misty demanded. “Show me how sexy you find me.”

                The smart-ass part of Ash wanted to comment that he had done just that with his ejaculation, but the sensible part reminded him that Misty could easily crush his head between her thighs. Another part found that enticing, but the large part of him decided to obey the sexy powerful woman above him.

                Ash began work on Misty’s womanhood. He ran his fingers around the hood of her clitoris and massaged the area surrounding her mound. Ash ran his tongue around her clit and thrust two fingers into her vagina. He rubbed the rounded pads of his fingers around her vaginal wall, paying close attention when he felt her react to the sensations.

                Holy Ho-Oh! Misty thought to herself. How is he doing so well at this?

                “Have you done this before, Ash?” Misty managed to ask through the pleasure waves Ash was causing in her.

                “I’ve done some ready.” He merely replied.

                The doors swung open again, and May appeared in the doorway. However, she was holding one arm over her eyes, attempting to shield herself from what was happening inside the room.

                “Daisy says you have to use a condom!” May exclaimed with disgust. She threw a small coloured packet into the room, and it managed to land nearby the empassioned couple.

                Ash continued his love ministrations on Misty, causing her to buck and shudder. Not only was it having the desired results of pleasing Misty, it was also causing her to become lubricated. Misty was again thanking her luck at finding not only her dream man, but also someone very skilled in giving her pleasure.

                Misty shuddered, and her first orgasm hit. Vaginal juices bursted out onto Ash’s face, but he didn’t show any discomfort. He backed off slightly from Misty and began to lick away the fluids from his face. He then took the opportunity to explore Misty’s body. He ran his hands across Misty’s abdomen, enjoying the feeling of her hard muscles. He then shifted his hands to the underside of her breasts, cupping them with his palms. Misty was almost too sexy for him.

                At that point, Ash’s manhood stirred again. Misty couldn’t believe it, but she had heard that teenage boys were sometimes capable of this. She grabbed the sealed packet from the floor, ripped it open and wrapped its contents on the hardening manhood of Ash. The flexible material stretched to fit the growth of the organ.

                Misty wanted Ash. If what they had just done wasn’t considered sex, she wanted to make sure that there was no doubt that the pair had sex. But that didn’t mean she wanted to get pregnant. Not right away. Misty was sure she did want children eventually, and Ash was going to be the man she was going to get the sperm from; but not now.

                Misty lowered herself onto Ash. She reeled with the pleasure. Misty had lost her hymen in a mishap a few years earlier, so there was no pain now. She enjoyed the sensation of Ash filling her completely and she was still aroused by the attention he had given her clitoris. Misty began rising up and down, riding Ash’s penis. The muscles of her legs flexed and tensed as the continued the motions. Ash felt the powerful cords of her legs brush against his sides and he bucked up against the orange-haired woman.

                Misty gasped out with the waves of bliss that rushed across her body. She closed her eyes and pursed her mouth. Her hands reached out to the back of her head, causing her arm muscles to dance. She undid the tie holding her hair in a bun and allowed it to wildly splay around her head, shoulders and back like an uncontrolled fire. Ash gazed with amazement at this sight. Once again, he just couldn’t believe how sexy Misty was in his eyes. His hands sprung out to her breasts and he fondled her nipples. He loved the feeling of the pert peaks. Ash then ran his hands across her powerful arm muscles with rippled with power.

                “Oh, Arceus!” he exclaimed with the sensation, thrusting into Misty. This caused her to cry out with joy.

                Ash’s hands reached down to Misty’s hips. He was taken aback, albeit in a good way, by the musculature and power of this part of her anatomy. Ash continued to thrust in Misty as she balanced herself atop Ash’s body.

                Ash didn’t want the encounter to end. This was his first time and it was the best thing he had ever experienced. Misty realized, however, that they were pressing their luck. There were concerned people out in the hallway. Being in control, Misty decided to finish it.

                “Just watch this, Ash!” Misty demanded.

                Ash had her undivided attention for what happened next. Sexily, Misty snaked her arms into the air, one after another. When they reached a crescendo, she slowly arced them from one another, and then mightily bringing them down in a full bicep flex. Her arms pulsed forth with muscle. Her shoulders sprung up and her breasts jutted out proudly. She smiled proudly at the results of her long training.

                “Aaaaaah!” Ash exclaimed.

                Once again, he was unable to control himself, and he ejaculated, thrusting himself into Misty. She cried out in pleasure and pressed down onto him. Ash nearly lost consciousness from the effort. Spent, he dropped against the cool mats. Misty rolled off of Ash and curled up beside him. She reached across him and pulled him into a tight hug.

                “Holy smokes, Misty. You’re too much.”

                Misty was a touch worried about what this meant, but decided to make sure he knew who was in control.

                “Too much for you,” she stated, “but you’re just enough for me. You’re mine, Ketchum. All mine.”

                She leaned in for a kiss which Ash reciprocated. For a couple of minutes, they continued the naked make-out session on the workout mats. But soon, a knocking came on the door, followed by Daisy’s voice:

                “Get dressed, ‘cause we’re coming in!”

                Reluctantly, Ash and Misty cleaned up as best as they could and put back on their clothes.

                “OK, Mother,” Misty sarcastically quipped, “we’re decent.”

                The doors to the weight room opened up, and the trio of sisters, Tracey, Pikachu, and even May came into the room. May was still covering her eyes with her arm.

                “Are they naked?” she asked to no one in particular. “Are they wearing clothes? Someone tell me if I can look!”

                “They’re clothed.” Tracey remarked. “You can put your arm down.”

                May reluctantly removed her arm from her face. She was wearing a worried expression as she took in the room. Misty and Ash were fully clothed, but had an arm around one another and were leaning against each other.

                “Wow, that’s a lot of weights!” she said, as if to ignore the Donphan in the room. Daisy wasn’t having it, though.

                “Did you two really have to do that?” she demanded. “A simple conversation would have done.”

                Ash just smiled at Misty, who returned the grin. Soon, they were in a tight embrace and kissing one another.

                “OK, mission accomplished.” May sputtered. “I’ll let Brock know everything’s ok. I gotta get going.”

                May said goodbye to everyone and quickly drove away towards the Saffron City station.


                Back at Goldenrod City, May made her way back to the apartment she shared with Brock. She found him there, preparing dinner after returning from Pokemon Doctor school.

                “Hi honey!” He greeted her. “How’d it go?”

                May dropped her purse on a table and numbly walked over to Brock. Brock was still taller than May, which suited her fine as she glomped to him. She looked up into his face.

                “Just hug me, please!” May requested.

                Brock wrapped his arms around her and rest his head atop hers. He enjoyed the warmth of his girlfriend and the love she gave him.

                “Didn’t go well?” Brock asked.

                “No, it went great.” May stated flatly. “They went at it like Lopunny. Ash loved how Misty looked, and she fell back in love with him.”

                “So, he didn’t mind that she was all muscly?”

                “It seems that what he really wanted.” May responded while Brock ran his hands soothingly up and down her back.

                “Just promise me one thing, Brock-dear.”

                “What’s that?”

                “Don’t ask me to work out like her.”

                Brock gave a slight chuckle at that.

                “Funny. I was just going to ask you to put on about twenty kilos of muscle!” Brock joked.

                May’s face scrunched up into a scowl, and she pulled back an arm, curling her hand into a fist.


Fade to Black


                “OUCH!” Brock cried out in pain.



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