Love and Killings in Monte Carlo

BY : Victor2K
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Content of the Story: F/F, M/F/F, M/F, oral, anal, facial (in other chapters)

Subject: Speed Racer

Characters involved: Agent Fabio Mancini (OC)/The ‘Stewardess’/Agent ‘X’

Author: Victor2K


Speed Racer – Love and Killings at Monte Carlo




Monte Carlo, Monaco.


Everybody knows it’s the place of the Monaco Grand Prix, the most fabulous and charming car race in Europe and perhaps in the whole globe, Indianapolis and Le Mans hope you can forgive me. At those streets, cars and drivers from all around the world show their skills and elegance driving in the tight streets and corners from the Principality.


When it wasn’t Grand Prix time, regular cars take over the space from racers and the tourists, instead of seeing cars sprint in the streets, enjoyed the casinos, the sightings, the fancy boats at the Mediterranean Sea and had joyful moments at a place which spells tourism 24/7.


But that calm would be soon disturbed. And a story that could become a movie was to happen at the charming streets of the Principality.


It was a early summer day, people walking down the streets, meeting people, shopping, trying their luck at the casinos, enjoy one of the most scenic places in Europe. A day like any other.


Except there was one man who wasn’t much in mood to enjoy any of these.


Wearing green suit, trousers and hat, a middle-aged man with slightly dark blonde hair had himself at a bench, with a newspaper on hand. But he was less interested in the news than in watching with his eyesight over the papers the people around him and paying attention on them, as if there were suspects or persons of interest there.


His eyes took attention to everyone, even kids. To him, everyone there would be a suspect of something, which might be a sign that the man in green suit and fedora hat could be somebody with interests other than just observing people.


But then there was one woman who got the man’s attention. That woman, with a white scarf, sunglasses, white gloves and black dress appeared at his right side and sat in a bench in front of his, but not as closer as he would wish. He noticed the woman, apparently somebody at her 40s or 50s, seemed to wait for somebody else and kept looking at her watch as if she had a booked appointment with whoever it was.


The man watched the woman for about half an hour until another woman with similar outfit and sunglasses, but with a white scarf around her hair and a light gray dress appeared at his sight. And she joined the first lady at the bench as they talked and the one in green suit paid attention to what they did in front of him. He couldn’t get what they talked to each other in the brief time they were there.


Soon, the two left the bench, holding hands. That was a detail that picked much the interest of their observer, as they walked at the boulevard and him following them from a safe distance to not be spotted. Next, a black Jaguar stopped at the street at the end of the way they walked. The two ladies entered the car when the door was open and left. Unfortunately, he could not see the license plate but what he saw was enough…


The next step was to walk until a payphone at a corner closer to where they were. As if it was a ritual, he checked the phone device to certify that it wasn’t bugged or something. When the blonde man with green clothes found out it wasn’t, he dialed to a number.


“Hello? Yes, it’s me. They are here. I know they are here, I could see them here at a boulevard, I certified they are here in Monte Carlo. Yes, they got a black car and went way, could not see the plate. Yes, yes… I got it! Okay, let’s meet tomorrow at that coffee house. I will be there. Okay, waiting for it. See you. Be there”, it was his side of the dialogue during the phone call.





Next morning, there was the blonde man at that coffee house table waiting for the one he would meet. Now, instead of the fedora hat, his head was uncovered but a dark gray suit and trousers was his clothing of choice. A man like him should be always elegantly dressed.


He waited for almost an hour until a dark-brown haired man, seemingly way older than him, around early 50s, with long sideburns and goatee and a maroon suit and hat, approached the coffee shop. Discretely, he waved to the one waiting for him, our ‘hero’ from the first scene.


“Thought you would never arrive in time”, said the blonde man.


“Cut it out, Fabio. You know Monte Carlo in the summer is the craziest thing ever”, replied his mate.


And now it’s proper time to know the men we’ve been following so far. Our hero is Fabio Mancini, or I mean, Agent Fabio Mancini. Yes, that man is a agent belonging to a special force within Interpol, where his occupation was take down criminals who specialized themselves in mercenary business, terrorism and violent crime organizations.


Agent Mancini was deployed to Monaco because he heard a two-piece female mercenary organization was about to do a job there. That organization had as members those two women he spotted at the boulevard the day before.


“Well, I know, but this is way it’s good to learn how to drive here”


“Har-har-har… you and your sarcasm… but enough of that, let’s talk about business”


“Unfortunately, the kind of business that I don’t like to talk about, Daniel”


Daniel was Daniel Duguay, his superior at the task force, the one whom he talked on the phone. They were to talk about the subject of those two women, usually known as ‘Agent X’ and ‘The Stewardess’ by the ones who worked to get them. Two of the most ruthless and cunning mercenaries and assassins known to Earth.


The ‘Stewardess’, a light brownhaired woman, was named liked this because of her guise as an ordinary air stewardess, enabling her to travel around the world and perform her jobs without anybody learning about having a lady serving them between ruthless assassinations.


Agent X, a name who is quite common among agents, spies and people of the business, is a darkhaired Asian woman (actually both have Asian origins, as their operational base hails from Hong Kong) and the other member of the duo. She was the ‘skills’ of the pair while Stewardess was the brains, if we could put that way. Agent X was responsible for a number of the jobs they did, mostly at the part of killing their threats and potential hurdles to accomplishing their job. Two ladies who weren’t easy to deal with.


“I know, but this is why we are here. Found anything else about those two?”, Daniel asked.


“Not a single clue. I tried to ask my sources here in Monte Carlo, but no clue about the car or who is there with them”, Fabio said while his hands found a cup of coffee to drink a little.


“I don’t think you should worry about it, mon ami. We did the homework for you”

Daniel took from inside his suit a brown envelope and handed it to his employee. Fabio opened it and saw a quantity of pics of the two ladies arriving to a hotel, and a piece of paper with the name of two hotels.


“Hotel LeFoncier, room 22 and Hotel Bellagio, room 36?”, Agent Mancini asked when reading the names of both places


“Your sources might not inform you, but we wanted to make you a surprise. LeFoncier is the hotel they will be and the other one is where you are staying. You will be there watching what these two will do and discover who they are after and why“, the French policeman said.


“Are you telling me I am going to take my hand as voyeur?”


“The room we put you in is right with clear vision of theirs; both places are in front of each other. There you might see and hear what they are talking about, because we managed to plant a bug at their room and then you might hear everything they talk about what those two are doing here”, Daniel continued to explain as he drank coffee and eat a croissant, as the Italian agent did the same.


“At least we won’t be lagging on intel like the other times”


“At least we know your kind of intel won’t be lagging because of these two”


And there was another reason Agent Fabio Mancini was the one called for such assignment. Due to his Italian charms, he was always called for missions where ladies were involved. A man who knew how to get what he wanted from the ladies and also to give the ladies what they wanted (you know, the s-e-x). Not often when there were criminal women, the gallant native from The Boot, was the one who could do them and get them arrested for their crimes.


“Here you go again…”, Fabio raised his eyebrows and rolled his eyes with the mention from his superior about his love exploits during missions “Come on, I am not this Don Juan you all talk about, I just do what I am told to do”


“Don’t even begin, Fabio… you know you are this hunk people talk about, just see what you did for us all the time you are with Interpol. And I doubt these two won’t fall for a piece like you, even if there are rumors that they are lovers”, Daniel Duguay said, while lighting a cigarette.


“I’ve heard that those two aren’t lesbians, as we can say, ‘full time’. I’ve heard they had some male lovers, but I believe they also were their partners or liaisons who had to be executed to keep their plan in check”


“I guarantee you will get to the bottom of that”


While seeing the contents of the envelop, a bunch of papers with information about their targeted women and so on, an ID card and an Italian passport and documents with his photo and everything. But instead of ‘Fabio Mancini’, they decided to give him a new identity to this case, something not unheard for the blonde mid-aged man.


“Alberto Ghinzani?”


“This is the alias you are going to assume for this mission. Alberto Ghinzani, a famous Italian movie producer in search of stars for his new movie”, Mr. Duguay explained the intention.


“Movie producer?”, the agent questioned “I don’t think I do look like one, I am not as eccentric as one of them. And, Daniel, you know you rarely make me portray Italian covers during the missions”


“We are closer to Italy, then we thought we could not afford crazy aliases from distant lands like the other times. You are going to like it, you know how ladies think dating a movie producer can land them a career in cinema”


“Don’t know if these will be the ones for that part, Dan”


“Don’t worry, Fabio. Those two are the perfect women you can use your charms to dismantle their plans. Guys like you quite are the ones ruthless lady assassins fall for”


“If you say so…”


The two men talked, not only about the Stewardess and the Agent X, but about other subjects linked or not to the work because men like them weren’t slaves to their jobs. Next, when they were to leave the coffee house, Daniel passed new instructions to Fabio.


“You can spend the day at the city, play at the casinos and stuff. At 7, a car will pick you up and take you to the hotel. The place is all set and with many of our people there in case you need it. I’ll call you by 9, don’t worry, the phone is bugproof”


“Daniel, don’t sweat about it. You know I never blew a job and won’t do it this time”, Fabio saluted his superior like a soldier does in army to his captain.


“I know you won’t, my dear friend. This is why we trust on you”


With the bill paid, Daniel left the coffee house as Fabio picked the envelope and put inside his suit. Now he had a very dangerous mission to do, but one who could be quite pleasurable if he does it right.




Indeed, the Stewardess and Agent X were lovers. A thing that grew by the need of both women to vent off the pressures of the business that being a criminal and an assassin is. Those pressures and the fact that, most of the time, they were all by themselves, led them to find there was something between them more than their team relationship. But, as it was said before, they weren’t exclusive to each other, bedding some other men and women, mostly just for one night stands or by the things of their job.


In Monaco, they weren’t much after that choice for that moment they arrived, as they were assigned by a very important task the story is going to explain. The two ladies arrived at the LeFoncier Hotel, a smaller three-story place where they got to where it would be their center of operations, Room 22.


When they walked in the room, after doing the check-in (using, of course, fake identities, but about those we are going to talk about later), the two women removed their ‘disguises’. We could see both had similar kind of ‘bobbed style hair’, but Stewardess had a slightly light brown and the Agent was a full black head.


“Thank God, we are here! We thought we would never arrive!”, X said, sighing after putting her luggage, which included her ‘tools’, at the floor.


“I apologize for that”, her older teammate said, while putting her own luggage there as well. “But we needed to chase off police and Interpol. We do not want anybody to mess with what we came to do here”


“By the way, who are we going to take on?”


“Our contractor did not told yet who is the target… those bastards… sometimes I feel bummed by working with them”


“But you know they are like that, too esoteric. The only good part in it is that they are the ones who pay better our deals”


“And now there is a reason for us always to be called by them. But, anyway, I am tired and I need a rest. This trip killed me”


“I know something that can make both of us relax…”


Agent X took her lover in the arms and kissed her before they ‘danced’ and then fell at the bed,  kissing each other… there was something by the Mediterranean which attracted those feelings…


“You know how to make a woman happy”, the Stewardess said with a wicked smile to her lover.


“I bet we’d happier if we didn’t need to kill anybody”, Agent X replied with the same smile.


“But without that, we wouldn’t be happy, my dear”


The two ladies giggled before they kissed and slumbered together in love. We are going to have plenty of time to describe their love making and how Fabio Mancini aka Alberto Ghinzani shall join them in order to save the world…

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