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Lynne could hear the sounds before she reaches the slightly ajar door to her friend's bedroom on feather-light feet, being careful not to be heard by the girl inside. The young Britannian witch knows she should be doing this, peeping in on the girl that she considers her best friend, but Lynne can’t help herself. Ever since Lynne first discovered what the Fuso girl did to herself when she is all alone, she has been drawn to her room like a moth to a flame.

Usually, the Britannian witch would just listen through the door, but today she dares to peek inside through the creak in the door. Lynne’s eyes quickly widen the moment they see what’s inside of the Fuso witch's room.

Yoshika is lying on her bed completely naked, and Lynne’s eyes can’t help but take in her friend's body. The Fuso's girl’s strong arms that are so gentle and warm, her smooth legs which are spread wide open and her small chest that’s cute in its own right, but Lynne finds her eyes drawn to what’s between her friend's legs. Lynne had already seen Yoshika’s crotch while bathing and could help but admire the beautiful hairless flower that was between her friend's legs only now it is wet with the Fuso witch’s arousal, which greatly enhanced the beauty of the flowers.

“Ahhh… Mmm…” Yoshika moans, making the Britannian witch go hot in the face as while as below her waist.

Lynne watches her friends every movement from the way her left-hand squeezes her breast and occasionally pinching her nipples while her right-hand uses her toy to play with her lower lips. The Britannian witch always had wounder what caused the humming sounds she heard mixed into her friend's moan was but now she sees it, and her mouth drops open. Lynne has heard rummers and had a curiosity sparked within her about this toy from how her sister described it, and the heat between her legs only intensifies as she sees her friend use that toy on herself.

“Ahhh…” Hearing Yoshika’s voice Lynne can’t help but feel too hot to be wearing her clothes, but by sheer will, she keeps them on.

The Britannia witch watches her friends head roll back as pulls on her nipple and continues to run the vibrating head of the wand around her clit. Lynne gasps as she sees her friend's hips rock, and the circling of the wand spend up. Lynne licks her lips seeing the sweat start to form on her friend's body as she feels like her clothes really need to go. Unable to resist the urge any longer Lynne throws her nightdress over her head and onto the floor, leaving herself as bare as her friend. The Britannian witch has long since stopped wearing underwear to bed.

“Uhh…” Lynne looks back to her friend as she whines in disappoint.

Lynne sees the wand still buzzing away in, but her friend's hands lay limp at her sides as the Fuso witch takes deep, steady breaths. Baffled, Lynne watches trying to figure out while her friend would deny herself the pleasure of an explosive end as the hands of a toy Lynne remembers her sister telling her never fails to satisfy. While Yoshika continues to calm herself down Lynne can’t help but stare at her friend damp crotch and thighs that are slick with her own juices. Once again Lynne licks her lips only this time she imagines what it would be like to lick up the mess on her friend's thighs.

“Once more,” Yoshika mutters before her hand returns to her chest, slowly teasing her small mounds.

Lynne can’t help but follow her friend's actions as her hands come up to grope her own ample breasts. Lynne bites her lower lips to hold back her moan as she squeezes the flesh of her chest. The Britannian witch has always found her bosom to be a sensitive spot. Lynne watches as the Fuso witch uses her left hand to squeeze her mounds giving each of her breasts equal treatment, and the Britannian girl matches her movements. When Yoshika squeezes her flesh Lynne squeezes when the Fuso girl pinches her nipples the Britannian girl pinches.

“Once more,” Lynne hears her friend repeat to herself before she slowly brings the wand back between her legs.

In an instant Lynne sees her friend’s hips shoot up to press herself against the vibrating toy, and the Fuso witch’s head roll back as a moan escapes her lips. Quickly following her friends lead, Lynne brings her right hand down to her own flower. The Britannian girl finds herself already wet, and her clit begging for attention. The moment Lynne touches her bundle of nerves, she nearly cries out as her body jerks with the wave of pleasure that shoots through her body.

“Ohh!” Lynne struggles not to moan like her friend.

The Britannian girl has never done anything like this before. At home Lynne would have to find a quiet spot away from her family to take care of herself when the need arisen feeling jealous that her big sister got a room to herself. Once at the base, Lynne found herself doing what she wanted while listening to her friend but today she finds herself being lead by someone else as she indulges herself in the act of self-pleasure. Lynne can’t take her eyes off of her friend. What Yoshika does to her chest with her left hand Lynne’s own hand copies, what Yoshika’s uses the toy to do Lynne uses her fingers to imitate.


Yoshika starts to thrust her hips instead of rocking them, and from past experience, Lynne can tell her friend is close once again to finish herself off. Not wanting to finish alone and wishing to join her friend Lynne’s own fingers speed up their movements as they rub her clit. Lynne can taste her blood in her mouth as she struggles to keep quiet and feels herself coming closer to her own end.

But just like before, at the last possible minute, Yoshika pulls the wand away once again, denying herself to climax. Lynne halts her own actions and can’t stop the whine she shares with the Fuso witch.

Inside the room Yoshika hears her friend’s cry of disappointment and sees a pair of blue eyes staring at her through the crake in her door. Yoshika closes her eyes before she lets her friend now she has spotted her and thinks about what to do next with a smile on her lips.

What should Yoshika do next?

  • Give Lynne a show: Yoshika continues to let Lynne watch as she using the wand to bring herself to a satisfying end.
  • It’s only fair that she sees her: Yoshika calls out to Lynne and tells her to use the wand on herself while she watches.
  • Maybe she’s due for a punishment: Yoshika uses the toy to get Lynne off.


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