– The Sexual Awakening of Isabelle Rostain

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Wandering around the streets of Paris for year (or years, I lost completely the notion of time), I tried to shake up my life and restore my dignity. But it was hard. The only places where I found myself living were the seediest in France, the ones a woman from my origin would never step in her lifetime.


But I did. I did the worse things I had to do to survive in the streets. I only did not rob or commit any violent crime, but other things, like resorting to sell my body as a prostitute; yes I can say I did.


Remembering of that, I confess still gives me shivers that make me almost throw up with disgust of those memories. For now, I refrain to even mention. Maybe sometime I will, but to me, I prefer not to remember about it…


All those years I spent wandering and trying to shake off the bruises and scars the war gave to me. If you knew what I did to at least try to survive, you wouldn’t believe what I have to speak, but I am not ready to dare remembering. I believed I wouldn’t stand a day or more alive, being subject to thinks that I still do not want to remember.


I believed that some force punished me because of what happened with my family. I thought it was a divine punishment because I failed in the mission to save Paris and the people I loved from dying. Days and nights were longer parades of suffering, pain, and sadness.


But they always say there is a light at the end of the tunnel… I never believed in that before Jeanette Lagrange came to my life.


She IS the light at the end of my tunnel. And how did I found it was something out of sheer luck.


A friend of our family, Jacques Riston, found me in the street one day, trying to get whatever things my very paltry money could buy. I tried to run but he recognized me and took me out of the streets to his place, where I found a temporary shelter for a few days. He had moved from Paris to the south, but learned about what happened with my family and decided to help me to recover my life.


“You don’t have to stay in Paris. Here brings you not pleasant feelings. I shall take you with me to Cannes”




“I know somebody who can help you there. Remember Jeannette Lagrange?”


Here is the time where I have to begin talking about my savior and the one who, without doubt, I have to credit (Jacques as well, but her even more) for being alive writing these words. The Lagranges were a family who had a manor closer to ours in Paris and our families were friends and often visited each other.


They had only one daughter, Jeannette. The last memory of hers was when she was about eight or nine years old, before her family moved to the south. Her parents always brought her to play with me and my sister Geneviève, we spending the afternoons at the lawn or our place or hers, running, playing with dolls and making fairytales out of nowhere. Jeanette was a lovely girl, but she always had that resignation of being alone all the time.  Not having a brother or sister quite disappointed her and she always told us how she envied Geneviève and I for having each other.


That, however, never made Jeannette a bitter girl and she was one of the best friends I can deem them the title. I only seen her once or twice since she moved to Cannes with her family, where her father ran the family’s businesses and luckily ran from the chaos Paris became during the invasion.


Mr. Riston managed to send a letter to her and she told she would be gladly welcoming of me there. He then arranged transportation and, without even stop to breathe, we just took the route to Cannes, to where my future would be bright and pleasant. During the trip, Jacques informed me that her parents had died a few years ago and she was lonely at the big house, saying how Jeannette daily lamented the fact she lived alone and needed company. And who else better than another young lady to take care of her?


“I don’t see Jeannette in years. I imagine how she is today”


The breeze of the sea brought me a sensation of peace when we arrived in Cannes. I couldn’t help amazing myself while seeing the city, the beaches, the Mediterranean, the homes, the streets… things I didn’t know that existed even if I lived all my life in Paris, the center of the world. I didn’t know by then why I felt fine when I got there, I guessed maybe because I was happy to finally leave Paris to restart my life.


Finally, we arrived to the Lagrange Manor. The house itself didn’t surprise me, as it looked like my old place, being at a road somewhat far from the coast. Quickly I saw the servants come to me and get my luggage, two men in black jackets and trousers and another who apparently was her butler.


“Miss Rostain?”




“Follow me, please”


I walked behind him, his name Berthold, a man with a little bit of German accent on him and wearing a white wig. A man apparently older than my father was, but his strength while helping the servants while carrying my luggage (Jacques and I managed to buy a few clothes and stuff after he found me) didn’t give him any ‘old man’ looks.


Once inside, two maids, one an overweight older woman with brown hair, which really looked like the one we had in my house, and the other being a slender brunette, were at the door, as they followed me to the room where Jeannette was to wait for her new ‘lady in waiting’.


“Mademoiselle Jeannette, mademoiselle Rostain”


When I was allowed to enter the big living room, she was looking through the window to the road and the city where the hills oversaw. When she turned around to see me, she giggled and smiled to me.


“Isabelle! Look at you! It’s been a while!”

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