Warming the cold blooded

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Warming the cold blooded

Izuku shuddered and huddled his arms around himself as he walked down the street towards his and Ochako’s apartment complex, the late winter chills coming in hard and fast as well as having brought a thick snowstorm with them as well

Shivering as the snow storm quickly made it difficult to see Izuku picked up his pace, pulling the collar of his coat up to cover as much of his face as possible as he hurried past the small park that had been built next to his apartment building only just noticing what seemed to be a pile of clothes on the bench

Clothes that moved slightly and not in the way they should have in the wind

Stopping in his tracks Izuku turned back to look at the bundle of clothes, the idea of it being a homeless person struggling to stay warm coming to mind prompting him to act, the Hero gently reaching down to place a hand on the bundle “hello? Are you ok? Do you need help?” he spoke gently not wanting to scare whoever was huddled up

When he got no response he decided to risk moving some of the clothes to check if there was a person at all and it wasn’t just the low visibility playing tricks on him, the Hero gently pulling the top coat to a side to peer inside and what he found sent a chill down his spine worse than the snow did

It was Tsuyu

Long raven hair, large eyes clenched tightly closed, her tongue slightly poking out of her lips as the Frog Hero sat huddled up under her coat desperately trying to stay warm, the sudden snow storm having taken her by far worse surprise than it had Deku

“Oh my god!” he exclaimed promptly jumping into action shedding off his own coat, ignoring the cold as he wrapped his coat around Tsuyu and without a second though picked her up, holding her tight to his chest as he rushed towards his apartment complex to get her out of the cold as quickly as possible, praying he had found her in time to save her from falling into a hibernation coma

Inside their apartment Ururaka was making coffee when the door nearly burst off of its hinges, making the anti-gravity Heroine yelp in surprise and nearly spill her coffee as Deku rushed in cradling Tsuyu “BLANKETS! HOT WATER! RADIATOR! ANYTHING!!!” he exclaimed in a mad panic as he bounced on his heels, his wide eyes darting around the apartment looking for anything that could be used to help whilst his brain went into overdrive trying to think of the best ways to warm up a cold blooded being

“Deku? What’s going on? Calm down!” Ururaka replied before gasping when she noticed Tsuyu cradled in his arms “oh my god what happened?!”

“I just found her like this! She must have gotten caught out in the snowstorm!” Deku explained as he held the Frog Hero tighter

Springing into action Uraraka quickly hurried out of the kitchen to the bathroom to run a hot bath “her clothes must be soaked, take them off so her body temperature can rise easier!” she instructed as she headed to get their thickest set of towels

“Right, ok, just remove her wet clothes and…WAIT WHAT?!” he exclaimed as he clocked on to what his girlfriend had said

“Her clothes are freezing Deku, it’s not perverted when it could save her life!” Uraraka stated shouting from the bathroom “she knows you Deku, she won’t think bad of you for it if it helps her!”

Swallowing thickly Deku nodded, it was the right thing to do, Tsuyu needed to be stripped of her soaking freezing clothing so she could warm up

Carefully setting the Frog Hero down on their couch in the living room Deku steeled himself before undoing her jacket and peeling the wet cold material off of her, throwing it aside as he proceeded to do the same with the rest of her clothing, being as gentle as possible as to both not hurt her and not wake her up too quickly and potentially have her get the wrong idea

Once Tsuyu was naked Deku tried his best to focus solely on her face as he then carefully picked her up to carry her to the bathroom, holding her close as she shivered in his grasp

Hurrying her into the bathroom just as Ochako finished filling the tub Deku gently placed her into it, submerging her up to her neck before resting her head on a towel at the top of the tub “I’ll take it from here Izuku, go put her clothes in the washing machine” Ochako told him, sending him off so that she could watch Tsuyu alone so that it would potentially be a little less awkward when she woke up

(A few minutes later)

Tsuyu slowly began to stir as her body temperature rose enough for her to regain consciousness, the Frog Hero slowly opening her eyes blinking the deep sleep away with a yawn before sitting up, taking a couple of moments for her brain to fully wake up before suddenly realising that she was naked in a hot bath “what the…?”

“Oh good you’re awake!” Ochako beamed as Tsuyu sat up fully

“Ochako, why am I in your bathtub? Kero” the Frog Hero asked showing no shame in her body as she proceeded to stand up to get out of the tub sending Ururaka scrambling to get her a towel

“Deku found you outside in the snow! He brought you here so you wouldn’t freeze to death” she explained as she quickly handed Tsuyu the towel 

“I see…” Tsuyu replied as she took her time in drying off, again showing no shame in her body doing nothing to hide it as she dried her hair causing Uraraka to blush hard and try her best to look in every direction but the Frog Hero’s

When Tsuyu finally finished towelling off and wrapped the towel around herself to cover her nudity Uraraka breathed a sigh of relief only to gasp and freeze up when Tsuyu leaned forward to kiss her out of nowhere, making the Gravity Hero freeze up as Tsuyu held the kiss for several seconds before pulling back “wha...what was that for?” she gasped more shocked than offended by the action

“I wanted to thank you for helping me, it seemed appropriate kero” Tsuyu explained with the same almost blank look on her face she always carried “I should probably thank Deku too” she added as she then walked by Ochako leaving her a little dumbfounded

“Ok...wait what?!” Ochako then exclaimed, her face flushing harder at the realisation of what the Frog Hero meant rushing out of the bathroom after her

As Tsuyu headed out into the living area she found Deku waiting for her with one of Ochako’s robes “since you and Ochako have different measurements I couldn’t find anything that would fit you until your clothes dried” he explained holding the robe out for Tsuyu expecting her to just take it and go into the next room to put it on in privacy but instead she made his eyes nearly burst out of his head as she proceeded to just drop her towel to stand naked in front of him before taking the robe and just tossing it aside

Opening his mouth to ask what she was doing Deku was caught off guard and silenced as Tsuyu then shot her tongue out to snag him by his shirt and drag him forward, slamming her mouth to his as she grabbed hold of his head making him freeze up just as Ochako ran into the room

Instead of protesting the action and being outraged at the sight of Tsuyu kissing her boyfriend Ochako found her heart starting to hammer in her head and a heat bubble in her gut as she found herself almost enjoying the sight of it, just standing and watching as Tsuyu eventually broke the kiss with the still stunned Deku

“I hope that wasn’t too forward of me” Tsuyu commanded as she held onto Deku’s shirt preventing him from pulling away

“Wha...why?” Deku asked blinking a few times still in shock from her actions

“You guys saved me from freezing to death, I thought it was a good way to say thank you, plus it’s still snowing pretty hard outside so I thought I would have to stay the night” the Frog Hero explained “also body heat is best to keep someone who’s cold blooded warm so it’s probably best I share the bed with you two, I hope you guys don’t mind”

Looking to each other Deku and Ochako found that they couldn’t argue with that logic, it was starting to get late and with how the snow was falling it looked like it wasn’t going to let up any time soon, the couple agreeing to let Tsuyu stay the night with them with the Frog Hero turning down Deku’s offer to sleep on the couch so that she and Ochako could have the bed telling him that more body heat was better for her so eventually the couple found themselves in their bed with Tsuyu snuggled up between them

Whilst initially finding the situation awkward and more than a little embarrassing Ochako soon settled into it, finding that it felt almost like a slumber party more than anything

That was until she felt fingers on her slit making her immediately tense up as a rush of pleasure shot up her spine

Snapping her eyes to Deku glaring at him in a silent question of what the hell he was doing Ochako realised that he was doing the exact thing to her “wait, it’s not you?” she whispered to which he shook his head, both of them then looking to Tsuyu who was looking up at them with a coy smile on her face “what? I thought I was clear in what I meant about sharing the bed” the Frog Hero stated as she fished Deku’s cock out of his pants and slowly worked her fingers faster along Ochako’s slit “it’ll help keep me warm as well”

Looking back to each other Deku and Ochako silented pondered whether to go through with it, neither of them seeming to be against the idea doing nothing to stop Tsuyu as she continued to stroke/rub them “she does have a point, a Hero should do anything possible to help someone” Ochako breathed with an almost eager smile, starting to get wet as Tsuyu then slipped a finger inside of her making her gasp and shudder with pleasure

Nodding in agreement Deku along with Ochako quickly gave into what Tsuyu had wanted, Deku having the small thought that since he had found the Frog Hero so close to his apartment she might have been on her way over, possibly to request the threesome anyway before the snowstorm hit

Keeping under the covers to keep as much warmth on Tsuyu as possible Deku moved on top of her as she used her tongue to fully pull his pants down, her hands going to help guide him to her needy slit whilst her tongue then moved to Ochako, sliding around her waist before starting to tease her pussy making the Gravity Hero moan and bite her lip as she laid on her side next to Tsuyu, watching under the covers as Deku then slowly pushed into the Frog Hero

“Kero, kero…you’re so warm…” Tsuyu moaned as Deku took deep slow strokes into her, her pussy so wet and tight for him as she hooked her legs around his waist to pull him flush to her, loving the feeling of his rock hard muscular body against her lithe softer frame as she worked her tongue faster on Ochako’s pussy, the Gravity Hero reaching between her boyfriend and best friend to gently fondle her breasts, both of them putting their full focus on Tsuyu

With how deep Deku was inside of her and how lovingly warm he was making her feel it didn’t take long for Tsuyu to cum, her toes flexing against his lower back as her body shook in blissful spasms, her tongue tightening around Ochako’s waist and core making her cry out in pleasure as the Frog Hero’s skilled tongue brought her to orgasm within moments of tightening

Squeezing her legs tighter around Izuku’s waist Tsuyu then spun then around so that she was on top, pressing her face to the crook of his neck as she ground her hips down, retracting her tongue to let Ochako move and snuggle closer to them, the brunette wrapping her arms around both of them as she admired the pleasured expressions on Tsuyu’s face whilst her hips worked on near autopilot

With a few more slams of her hips and squeezes of her hot little pussy Deku came hard inside of Tsuyu making her croak in bliss as he filled her completely with his hot seed, warming her to the point that it felt like she could go back out into the snow storm naked and not feel it

“So warm...kero” the Frog Hero sighed as Deku wrapped his arms around both her and Ochako to huddle all three of them together to ensure that Tsuyu was kept at a comfortable temperature throughout the night

The snow storm would proceed to continue for another full day afterwards but Tsuyu couldn’t care, she had a new much better way to stay warm

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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