Pokemon short stories

BY : thatguywiththeface
Category: Pokemon > Het - Male/Female
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Disclaimer: Pokemon is owned by Nintendo. I do not own it. I do not make money off of this

Blood was pumping in her ears. Misty was in her apartment above her gym, laying naked on her bed. Ash was pouring oil on her back side. She groaned as Ash started massages her ass. Her boyfriend kneaded her skin, it felt amazing.

She felt a tap on her behind. Following the signal, Misty raised her backside. Ash spread her cheeks. With his finger, he prodded her tart little hole. The oil entered, slicking her walls, so that Ash’s member could enter easily, well easier. He used his free hand, he oiled his erect shaft, prepping himself for their backdoor adventure.

He positioned himself at her entrance. Misty felt him enter, the pressure building. He was slow, at first, letting Misty felt every inch of him enter her. Her body was a mess of sensations. Eyes, rolling in the back of her head. Fists clenched the sheets underneath her. Her toes curling as Ash’s pelvis slammed her ass repeatedly.

It wasn’t long until Ash was cumming, pumping her booty with his warm cum. He pulled himself out falling on his butt. A trail of cum fell out of Misty’s anus.

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