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The beginning chapter – this one – will not be very descriptor-y. It’ll be vague. It serves more as an introduction before the introduction of the whole story. Or, maybe, every chapter will be vague like this one. Meh. We’ll see

A demon was in her room.

An evil so great and vile it had swallowed her whole. Oh, how she had fought and screamed. But her pleas and woes had quietened to whimpers and pitiful sobs intermixed with horrid moans.

And she had fought, hadn’t she? She had scratched and punched and engaged in behavior wholly unlady-like, hadn’t she?

She hadn’t wanted this.

She hadn’t.

She had fought.

She had fought but it wasn’t enough.

She hadn’t fought enough.

Or, perhaps she hadn’t fought at all.

It was – the demon had taken her, it’s power too much for her. And it had smiled at her. Smiled despicably with glee. Smiled wickedly at her with eyes of base amusement. It had chided her, treated her like an unruly child. But then…

But then…

It was—it was nicerepugnant. It had gently lain her weakened body upon the bed. It carefully unclothed her, treating her with care. Why?


It had been a brute. She didn’t understand. She was confused.

It had caressed her with gentle hands, massaged her weakened body. It touched places –sacred places. Places not meant for anything such as this horrid creature.

She didn’t want – she didn’t. She pleaded against gentlenauseating murmurs as it did…things to her she did not know. Did not want to know.

She was open, the whole of her spread and without a secret to spare.

It knew all of her. They were connected, it had gleefully told her, spearing her with more than words.

It had…done something. Changed her in some fundamental way. Why else would her body respond so? Why else would it go against her wishes?

She shivered. She shook within its hold.

And, when at last it finished, enflaming her with its [putrid] essence, it held her – tender, so tender to itself.

And she was weak, pitiful. An aching, crying mess who, as the darkness encroached upon her, wished it a nightmare from which to wake.

She implored to all who would listen.


And let herself fall.

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