Brandish's Celestial Mage

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Lucy always loved the feeling of her body lying into a bath full of hot water. It was relaxing, so much that she could easily fall asleep. However, tonight was different. Simply because she wasn’t alone, and didn’t have much space to lay down. That was the least of her worries since the woman sitting across her was none other than one of her enemies. Brandish from the Alvarez Kingdom. She should be glad she didn’t attack or try to murder her, but bathing together was strange. Not to mention she was also wearing a headband with cat ears, and a collar with a bell. Lucy felt… dirty. She would have felt even more so if a man ordered, instead of the green haired woman, her to put this on. Still, she felt like this steamy bath wasn’t the only reason the room was so hot. Brandish was a gorgeous woman, and had breasts slightly larger than hers, which made her quite jealous. Her delicate hands and feet, with the black nail polish made her even more attractive. Wait… Why was she thinking like that?!


“W-Why did you come here for?” Lucy asked, trying to sound intimidating.


“I already told you. I just needed a bath to relax a bit,” Brandish answered sternly. “This headband and collar fit you well… Why don’t I wash your back?” She offered as Lucy nodded hesitantly. She didn’t have much of a choice after all.


They got out of the bathtub before Brandish made Lucy sit down on the floor while she washed her back. The blonde girl didn’t know what to do; she had  to find a way to put her out of commission. She was one of the twelve strongest mages of Alvarez, defeating her could help them greatly in the coming war! There was no way she could attack her by surprise in such a place! If only she was washing her back; she could have attacked her while she wasn’t looking. Maybe she could just offer to do the same for her? No, she would be suspicious, wouldn’t she?


Suddenly, she was woken from her thoughts as she felt Brandish embrace her from behind. She widened her eyes in surprise as the green haired woman’s hands travelled across her body, one going down to her thigh while the other one rubbed her belly, before going up to her chest, right under her breasts. Lucy blushed and shuddered as Brandish’s moves were slow and delicate, and caressed her body. Her soft hands making it even better.


“W-What are you doing?!” Lucy asked embarrassingly, turning her head to look at the other woman.


“I decided I wanted to play with you, and I feel it’s going to be very amusing since you look like a virgin, looking all red like this,” Brandish whispered in her ear as she moved her hands again.


“W-What? Don’t talk about m-my private life like that!” Lucy snapped while blushing, before the woman calmed her quickly caressing her right boob. “No! D-don’t touch it!” She shuddered.


“I saw how you looked at me earlier, you naughty girl. I know you want this, you’re already wet. Just, go with the flow, and you’ll soon see how much you can love me,” Brandish replied as he gave a light squeezes to Lucy’s boob while her other hand travelled down to her pussy. Her fingernails first scratched her clit, making the blonde moan against her will, before gently sliding her two middle fingers inside her pussy.


She pinched her nipple with the other hand and bit her ear, making Lucy’s whole body shudder in pleasure.


“W-What is this? Someone else is entering my sacred place, and it’s a woman at that! But… Her finger, her hands feel so good… I can’t think like that! I’m starting to like how she is touching me!” Lucy thought as Brandish kissed her neck, licked, and sucked it, making her body hotter.


Brandish moved her fingers back and forth inside Lucy’s pussy, enjoying her moans as she stopped sucking her neck. The blonde girl looked at her with a red face, before Brandish put her other hand on the right side of her face, keeping her eyes on herself. Then, she brought her face closer and pressed her lips against hers. Lucy widened her eyes as she got her first kiss stolen. No matter how much her heart told her to push Brandish back, she couldn’t. She was bewitched by her soft lips, and fingers playing with her most private place. Suddenly, she felt her tongue forcefully enter her mouth. It was as soft as Lucy’s expected, although she couldn’t think much about it it wriggled and explored every corner of her mouth as it also wrapped around her own tongue. Was kissing supposed to feel that way? Or was Brandish just that good?


A couple of seconds later, not knowing what overcame her, Lucy kissed her back, wrapping her tongue around hers like she did earlier. All Lucy could feel was Brandish’s soft tongue, and warm breath as their tongues were entwined. The blonde had her eyes closed to fully experience what was happening while Brandish squeezed her right boob. She had to hold back a moan not to interrupt their kiss; however, she couldn’t help but  cross her legs while shuddering. Brandish’s fingers were touching really sensitive spots. That was when she couldn’t take it anymore, Lucy broke the kiss, leaving a trail of saliva between their mouths while she panted.


“I-I’m coming!” She moaned as Brandish moved one of her arms around Lucy’s waist before she came, squirting on the green haired woman’s fingers. The blonde grabbed her partner’s arm while a wave of electricity went through her body, filling her with a pleasure she never felt before. When it was finally over, she leaned back on Brandish’s breast, breathless while the other woman pulled her fingers out.


“You liked that, didn’t you? My fingers are covered with your pussy juice,” Brandish said as she put one of her fingers all the way in her mouth, before pulling it out. “And it tastes good. Don’t you want a taste?” She asked before putting her fingers in Lucy’s mouth.


The blonde didn’t know if it was because of exhaustion or because she starved for more pleasure, but he didn’t resist, even if what she was tasting were her own fluids. Brandish continued to move her fingers inside Lucy’s move for several seconds before pulling them out.


“I-I want more,” Lucy blushed, ashamed that she told this to her enemy.


“How shameful. However, asking won’t be enough, my pet,” Brandish replied before moving in front of Lucy. The blonde scoffed at her, not liking being called a pet. Brandish pushed her down, forcing the celestial mage to lied on the floor. Lucy couldn’t say anything more as Brandish sat on her belly, making her very uncomfortable. The dominant woman spread her legs, showing Lucy everything. The Heartfilia blushed, and looked in awe at her pussy. It seemed she was green down there too. Suddenly, the woman put her feet on her face, making Lucy widen her eyes. “I’ll make it simple. You show me you are a good pet and i will please you,’ Brandish said as she pushed her toes in Lucy’s mouth.


Lucy frowned, feeling humiliated and disgusted; however, her body wasn’t obeying her anymore. All she wanted was to continue making love with the other woman, and she had to follow this simple order. She sucked on Brandish foot while her tongue travelled between her toes. Lucy brought her hands closer and grabbed one of Brandish’ foot, caressing it. The green haired woman’s skin was smooth, and would surely attract anyone. That annoyed the blonde even more, why was she so perfect?! Was that why she couldn’t stop herself from having sex with her? Lucy didn’t want to think about it anymore, and used her hands to shove Brandish’s foot further inside her mouth. And just as she expected if it was a foot, since it was hers, it wasn’t dirty or anything. The blonde almost felt honored to be able to place her lips upon Brandish’s body.


However, the spriggan had other thoughts as she was glaring down on the heiress. She was disappointed; she thought Lucy would have more resistance, but she quickly fell to her feet. Oh, well, that meant she could she turn her into another fuck slave to enjoy from time to time. It would be easy since she already started obeying her.


Lucy focused her eyes on Brandish’s pussy while her tongue ran across her bare foot. The other woman quickly noticed it and decided it was time to get on the next part. She pulled her saliva covered foot out of Lucy’s mouth and stared at her.


“You showed me you could be a good pet, so I will let you have a taste at my special place,” Brandish said as she showed her pussy to the blonde. The younger girl gulped as she slowly nodded. The green haired woman smirked before moving forward and sitting on Lucy’s face, shoving her pussy in her mouth.


Lucy put her hands on Brandish’s thighs as she pushed her tongue inside her pussy. Just as she expected, the older woman’s pussy tasted sweat, and tempted Lucy even more to eat her out. Brandish bit her lips as she felt Lucy’s soft tongue run across her walls; it seemed that this little mouth of hers was made to serve a pussy. Finally, she couldn’t hold it back anymore, and moaned as she grabbed Lucy’s head, gripping her hair.


“Yes, just like that, my pet… ah,” Brandish moaned as the blonde stared into her eyes while she moved her tongue around the green haired woman’s cunt. This went on for several minutes, during which Brandish didn’t keep her moans down, until a wave of electricity ran through her body. She screamed in pleasure as she came on the blonde’s face. “Have a taste of my fluids,” Brandish purred as her pussy juice dripped from the corners of Lucy’s mouth.


Brandish stood up, finally letting Lucy breathe. The celestial mage was panting on the hot floor of the bathroom while thinking about what she just did. She still had the taste of her enemy’s wet in her mouth while all she could think about was how ashamed and embarrassed she was. Brandish was among the mages who wanted to kill her and her friends, and she let her treat her like a pet! Lucy started standing up to finally counter attack; however, she was thrown back on the floor again. What she saw next made her widen her eyes, and kept her from trying to rise up again. Brandish was now wearing a huge pink strap-on! Before Lucy could even react, Brandish grabbed her ankles and used them to raise her ass in the air, readying herself to fuck her in a piledriver position.


“W-Wait! I-I’m not ready for this! And it’s too big!” Lucy shouted, pleading with her eyes to keep her from carrying on. However, Brandish simply licked her lips as she put the strap-on all the way in, in one push! Lucy screamed with teary eyes as she felt the object stretching her pussy to its limits as it also hit her very womb. “Y-You put it in… It hurts!” Lucy cried as Brandish held her ankles with an even stronger grip. Her impassive expression now changed to a cold and hateful look.


“It does? You poor thing... We’ve played enough, now I’ll have some revenge,” Brandish said.


“R-Revenge? For wha-” Lucy was abruptly interrupted when Brandish slowly moved up and down. Lucy had to grit her teeth in pain as she felt the strap-on hitting the back of her pussy. She had hoped it would stay like this since she started getting used to the pain; however, Brandish moved faster and harder. Each thrust hurt more than the last. And soon enough, all the spriggan mage could hear were Lucy’s screams pleading her to stop; however, she just smirked. She would fuck her cunt until she became her bitch, bring her spirit down until she was a shell of her former self. Without surprise, Lucy’s pussy bled from her thrusts. However, it was only a matter of seconds before Lucy’s screams turned into moans. She hated this! But her body didn’t! “Ah… Ah… More… more… Brandish… ah!” Lucy moaned as her tongue dangled out.


“You really are just a bitch after all,” Brandish licked her lips as she brought Lucy’s knees to the blonde’s head’s sides, before holding lucy’s thighs instead. It made it easier to move her hips harder. The spriggan made each thrust harder than the last ones as Lucy’s moans became a melody to her ears. Brandish couldn’t feel how much power she put into what she was doing; however, the sound of her hips slamming against Lucy’s flesh were enough to draw her a picture.


“Ah… I’m coming… Ah… Brandish!” Lucy screamed as her vision got blurry. She had reached her breaking point, and screamed in pleasure at having her cunt raped by the powerful mage. Her pucy juice flew down to her belly due to her being upside down while Brandish pulled the strap-on out and let go of Lucy’s legs.


“Screaming my name like that… What a naughty little pet,” Brandish smirked. “It’s not over yet, your mind isn’t broken enough. You’ll soon call me “Lady Brandish”. I’m still not tired, so this isn’t over,” The spriggan whispered in Lucy’s ear before forcing her to be on all four.


As the night went on, Cana arrived at Lucy’s house, only to see her serving as a disciplined fuck toy.

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