Ruining a gentleman

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Ruining a gentleman

Hawkmon had always been a complete gentleman, kind, quiet, chivalrous who spoke only with the utmost respect for those who held conversations with and whilst most of the time it was a wonderful personality trait to have it frustrated Yolei to no end once she had hit her sexual awakening

Identifying as a sexual submissive Yolei wanted to sexually please all the men in her life and since losing her virginity she had done so save for one male, Hawkmon, who seemed completely against the idea of sex every time she brought it up prompting Yolei to decide to see just how much it would take to make the Digimon snap and just take her

“So what do you like in a girl Hawkmon?” Yolei asked as she walked into the kitchen finding the Rookie Digimon sat at the table with a cup of coffee and a newspaper, the Hawk Digimon having quickly learned how to use near every appliance in the apartment so that he wouldn’t require help with day to day living

“What a strange question for so early in the morning” the Rookie Level responded looking up from the newspaper 

As he did so he felt his heart nearly stop as he realised that Yolei had walked into the kitchen completely naked save for her glasses, the lavender haired girl opening the cupboards to grab a glass stretching as she did so to reach them, showing off both her tight ass and freshly shaven slit from behind as she pushed herself up onto her toes intentionally reaching for the top shelf to show off as much as possible

Bouncing on her toes to make her ass jiggle a little Yolei made exaggerated noises and moans as she tried to reach the glass at the back of the top shelf giving Hawkmon more and more time to ‘ogle’ her before finally looking over shoulder at him “Hawkmon, could you help me get the top glass?” she asked with a little wiggle of her hips

Gulping loudly Hawkmon put down his mug and hopped off of his chair, starting to pull it towards Yolei to use it as leverage to climb onto the counter when she spoke up “no need for the chair, just climb up me” she suggested wiggling her ass more as she looked back at her Digimon biting her lip as she did so

Hawkmon’s eyes widened at her words as Yolei proceeded to squat down to allow him to climb onto her back, the action only acting to push her ass out to further reveal her tight pristine holes to him making his heart hammer in his chest

Taking another step forward as Yolei wiggled her ass again for him Hawkmon then froze up for several seconds before suddenly turning tail and running in a mad panic, making Yolei titter as she watched him hurry out of the kitchen “almost” she purred as she stood up “just a little more and you’re all mine”

(The next day)

Walking down the upstairs hallway Hawkmon couldn’t get his mind off of what had happened the day before, the image of Yolei’s naked body making his heart hammer and his blood heat up as he tried his best to maintain his composure

“Hawkmon? Can you come help me in here please?”

Hearing Yolei’s voice coming from the bathroom Hawkmon gulped as his constant need to be of assistance overpowered his better judgement “maybe she just wants help with her hair” he told himself as he tentatively headed to the bathroom and opened the door “yes Yolei?”

Having hoped to find her in her bathrobe at least Hawkmon froze as he found Yolei still in the bathtub smiling at him with mock innocence “could you wash my back for me?” she asked as she then turned and knelt up in the bath so that she would be able to reach her if he sat on the edge of the bath, the action causing her ass to rise above the surface of the water, her skin glistening with moisture as she looked back over her shoulder at him

His eyes nearly popping out of his skull as he stared Hawkmon took a moment to compose himself before moving forward to help, climbing up onto the side of the bath he took hold of the soapy sponge “come on, don’t be shy” Yolei smiled as she moved closer to him, loving the audible gulp he let out before letting out a moan as he pressed the sponge to her back and started to rub “oooh that’s nice”

His heart starting to hammer again as he slowly washed Yolei’s back Hawkmon gulped audibly, able to feel just how soft her skin was through the sponge and when the tips of his talons gently grazed against her back as he moved the sponge up and down “that’s it, don’t be so nervous” she encouraged him, pushing back against his hands and parting her hair at the back to reveal more skin to him

“You like how I feel?” the lavender haired girl purred pushing back further before reaching back to take hold of his arms, making him drop the sponge as she then guided his arms around her so that he was cupping her breasts loving how his body stiffened when the weight of her tits rested in his palms “you like how they feel? You could have just grabbed and groped them whenever you wanted, I love it” Yolei stated as she let her eyes flutter closed, enjoying the feeling of his hard talons on the underside of her breasts whilst happily remembering the last time T.K. just tore her shirt open out of nowhere to tit fuck her

Moments later however Yolei felt Hawkmon’s hands leave her chest followed by the sounds of him hurrying out of the room, his nerves having gotten the better of him again making Yolei titter before continuing her bath

(The next day)

“I...I just don’t know what to do” Hawkmon admitted to Veemon and Patamon as the three Rookie’s sat on Davis’s couch watching TV “Yolei keeps...saying things and...parading herself around naked...I just don’t know how much more I can take”

“Personally I don’t see the problem here” Veemon replied “if a girl wanted to sleep with me I’d go for it, I’d be pretty damn happy about it too”

“Of course you would you degenerate” Hawkmon sighed “you don’t have to deal with this, both of your partners are guys”

“So? We’ve both had sex with Kari, me as Angemon obviously” Patamon pointed out “hell Veemon had sex with Yolei just last week”

Hawkmon’s eyes widened at Patamon’s words staring incredulously at Veemon who just shrugged “hey, she wanted it”

“I...can’t believe this, I knew she had...had relations with the others but I didn’t think she would do such things with a Digimon”

“What’s so wrong with that?” Veemon asked with a raised eyebrow “you’re making it sound like we’re filthy or something”

“I didn’t mean that, I just meant...well we’re not human”

“That’s never bothered Yolei or Kari...or Mimi or Sora really” Patamon pointed out “honestly I’d say go for it, you care about Yolei so you’re hardly just using her and she loves you, she just wants to share intimacy with you”

Staying silent for a few moments Hawkmon then stood up to jump off of the couch the three were sitting on “I...I need to think about this” he told them before taking his leave

(Later that night)

Standing on the base of Yolei’s bed Hawkmon felt his heart hammer harder than ever before as he stared upon the sleeping form of his partner, the lavender haired girl sleeping with her covers thrown the floor wearing nothing but an extremely tight t-shirt that barely reached below her ribs leaving her completely naked from the waist down, as if flaunting herself whilst asleep

“Ok, I can do this, she truly wants this, I’m doing what she wants” he told himself as he moved closer to stand between her spread legs, her young pristine slit glistening slightly in the moonlight that filtered through the open window, licking his beak as he then finally let his manhood emerge having suppressed it alongside his urges whenever Yolei would tease him

His cock standing a healthy six throbbing inches it pulsed as it was inched closer to Yolei’s slit, the Digimon gently resting his talons on her thighs to coax her legs open wider before pressing the head of his cock to her cunt, the mere touch of her wet slit sending a blissful shiver up his spine making his entire body shake

Gently rubbing against her slit Hawkmon then took a deep breath before pushing inside, Yolei’s tight yet experienced pussy taking him with utter ease feeling like a snug velvety glove around his cock making the Rookie Digimon nearly cum then and there, the low soft moan Yolei let out in her sleep not helping in the slightest as he resisted the urge to climax so early

“Oh my...good lord…” Hawkmon moaned as his hands went from his partners thighs to her abdomen, feeling how silky smooth her skin was through his feathers as he gently began to thrust his hips, his gentlemanly demeanour preventing him from cursing even in a situation like this

As Hawkmon gently took her in her sleep Yolei continued to softly moan and stir, her body starting to squirm as her toes curled and her pussy squeezed tighter, her eyes slowly opening as Hawkmon thrust in deeper causing his cock head to lightly kiss her g-spot

“Mmphh….mmmmm...fuck...wha?” she slurred as she came to, reaching over to her bedside table to retrieve her glasses, putting them on and looking down to see the small form of her Digimon thrusting into her with a look of pure pleasure on his face “oh my god...finally!” she gasped as she let out a cry of pleasure when his cock pressed against her g-spot again “you’re finally fucking me!” she exclaimed grabbing her top and peeling it up to expose her breasts to Hawkmon “that’s it, fuck me, however you want!”

Panting heavily as his pace got steadily faster Hawkmon leaned forward to rest his head on her stomach as his hips moved like they had a mind of their own, Yolei reaching down to rub his back to encourage him to let loose, to use her for his pleasure

With her words and caresses Hawkmon came within moments, his cock pulsing harder as he unloaded deep within the teen sluts eager pussy, each spurt of it making Yolei shiver and purr with bliss as she held the Rookie close “that’s it...cum for’s so warm inside of me” she breathed rubbing his back as he eventually stopped cumming

Panting heavier as his climax ended Hawkmon just remained in place as if unwilling to look up at her “I’m sorry...I couldn’t last...I’m so sorry…” she heard him murmuring bringing a small smile to her lips

“Shhh, no one lasts their first time” she soothed him as she then gently rolled them both over, catching Hawkmon by surprise as she then straddled his waist, pinning him to the bed as she let out another soft moan as the action caused his cock to sink deeper inside of her “all that matters is that you enjoy your first time and I intend to make sure you cum so many times you won’t be able to walk tomorrow” she then stated with a dirty smirk on her lips

With that Yolei balanced her hands on the bed at either side of the Digimon’s head and started to slam her hips up and down, bouncing on Hawkmon’s cock as hard as she could letting out a shameless cry of pleasure as she did so, the rough pace of her riding bringing her to her orgasm within moments of starting as she worked towards making her partner cum as many times as possible

And it didn’t take much to make him cum as within a minute of her riding he was exclaiming as his body was racked with its second climax, further flooding Yolei’s cunt with his thick warm seed only encouraging her to ride harder, her pussy soon overflowing with cum as her hips worked faster and harder whilst she bit down on the hem of her top to keep it up to keep her tits exposed to Hawkmon

“Oh Yolei!” the Digimon cried as Yolei’s pussy kept him hard and overstimulated, feeling like he was constantly cumming as his third load came a couple of minutes later further flooding the lavender haired girls already overly packed cunt

“Oh fuck yes, keep cumming, I want all of your hot cum!” Yolei panted as she then hopped off of his cock and clamped her lips around his cock, sucking hard and bobbing her head so fast that it knocked her glasses askew

Arching his back as Yolei sucked on his cock with amazing levels of force Hawkmon found himself grabbing onto her head before he could stop himself, not that Yolei had any complaint about the action as she moaned at the feeling of his talons latching onto the sides of her head, hard and firm but not enough to cause her pain or discomfort

Humming around his cock Yolei found herself loving how quickly her partner came for her and just how almost non existent his refractory periods were giving her a near constant stream of loads to enjoy, whether they were inside of her or on her

Sucking harder Yolei was swiftly rewarded again with another hot load from the Digimon, the lavender haired girl immediately adoring the taste of his seed as she eagerly gulped it down, her suction barely weakening as she swallowed making sure that he felt nothing but constant pleasure throughout it

Keeping her lips latch around his cock Yolei proceeded to suck on Hawkmon’s dick for another half an hour sucking a good three more loads out of him before he finally started to go soft and his breathing was coming out more ragged than heavy making her decide that she should stop for the night, she could always help him last longer another time

Releasing his cock from her mouth Yolei took a few moments to lick him clean before sitting up, fully pulling her top off to leave herself completely naked before moving to lie down next to him “see, that wasn’t so bad was it?” she tittered as she gently stroked the feathers on his chest “I wish you had done that to me sooner, you felt so good inside of me and your cum is so delicious” she then breathed biting her lip as she watched his softening cock retreat back into his sheath “whenever you want a blowjob just tell me, I’ll always be happy to swallow more of your cum” the lavender girl promised before nuzzling her face to his chest to sleep, Hawkmon following soon afterwards with a much less conservative view on such actions than he had before

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