A Rough Arrest

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A Rough Arrest

Something very bad was happening in Celadon city, a Poliwrath had gone out of control all of a sudden. It was punching pokémon, it was punching trainers and it was punching buildings. Many had tried to capture it, in order to add it to their team since it was a powerful pokémon and to stop it from destroying the city. However it didn’t work, it was far more powerful then any of the pokémon that faced it, taking them out in a single attack. Was it a wild pokémon or did it have a weak trainer?

The people of Celadon did not need to worry about this troublemaker as Officer Jenny arrived on the scene with her loyal Growlithe, even if it was at a type disadvantage. She and Growlithe have taken down many difficult pokémon in the past and always got their man.

“Stop right their Poliwrath” she yelled as he started to smash his fist into another building.

The water type pokémon ignored her, she looked down at her Growlithe “Use Flamethrower!”

The flamethrower hit Poliwrath right in the back. The pokémon stopped punching the wall and slowly turned to face Officer Jenny. He didn’t look very happy, he charged towards her with a punching attack, Growlithe got in front of Jenny and took the hit for her, moving slightly backwards.

“Are you alright Growlithe?” Jenny asked, her loyal pokémon barked “Good, use bite attack on that mother fucker!”

Growlithe ran forward and Poliwrath was shocked that Growlithe was still able to move after the punch that he received, Growlithe opened his mouth, showing his sharp teeth to Poliwrath and bit him right in the stomach, the Poliwrath screamed out its name and fell to the floor.

“Good job Officer Jenny” said a man “You saved Celadon city again”

“I’m just doing my job” she said as she walked over to the Poliwrath who had opened his eyes after taking Growlithe’s bite attack. “Poliwrath, you are under arrest for trying to destroy Celadon city” she stated and pulled out handcuffs that she used on the water type.

Police station

Jenny had placed Poliwrath in a cell, she had called several pokémon centers telling the various Nurse Joy’s who worked there that she had arrested a Poliwrath and if its trainer showed up, Joy could send the trainer to the police station to pick up their pokémon, unless it was a wild pokémon. Jenny was sure it had a trainer since it was rare that wild pokémon would enter the city. Sometimes pokémon were forgotten when their trainer started to hump another trainer either in an alleyway or in a room at the pokémon center. Sometimes they swore they believed their pokémon was in their ball until it was too late.

Jenny would hold onto the Poliwrath for a few days. Its trainer might be a handsome man with a large cock that she could fuck with on her desk since it had been weeks since the last time she had sex with a man. Or its trainer could be a cute girl with big boobs and a wet pussy. It had been ever longer since the last time Jenny got to taste pussy on her lips, even if all she had to do was pick up the phone and call the lesbian Nurse Joy over to her house.

Poli Poli

She heard the Poliwrath say through the bars of its cell. Jenny walked over to the cell.

“You don’t like it in there don’t you huh?” she asked, the water type nodded its head. “Well, you got arrested, so I can’t let you out. You’ll have to wait until your trainer shows up”

Poli Poli

“I don’t speak your language” said Jenny as she crossed her arms under her large chest.

Poli Poli

The Poliwrath started to punch the bars of its cell. The Poliwrath was going to hurt its self or break out and hurt her. “Stop that right now. That is the reason that you are in the cell in the first place”

Jenny had taken Growlithe’s pokéball in her hand. She was about to toss it and give Growlithe a command like use Ember. But she stopped in her tracks. She noticed something in the cell with Poliwrath, he was sporting a huge blue penis between his legs. It was larger than any Jenny even saw or took from a male human. Her eyes were glued to the cock that Poliwrath had, it noticed her stare and stopped punching the bars.

“Is that what you are trying to tell me?” she asked him. Poliwrath nodded his head.

“Your very horny?” she asked and Poliwrath nodded his head.

Jenny remembered something she read, it was not recommended to travel to the Seafoam islands during this time of the year because it was the mating season for Poliwag and their evolution line.

“Its your mating season…isn’t it?” Jenny asked, the Poliwrath nodded “And…your trainer he or she hasn’t done a thing to settle your needs?” Poliwrath nodded once again.

Usually during the mating season of a pokémon, there were many places where trainers could gather and let their pokémon roam free for a few days or even weeks so they could mate with other pokémon of their kind. Trainers who had a female of that pokémon usually discovered an egg a few weeks after the mating season.

Jenny understood why Poliwrath had gone crazy, it was his mating season and he needed to have sex. However she had no idea were Poliwag and that evolution line were meeting this year or where the closest one was, even if she knew she wouldn’t be able to bring Poliwrath because he was not her pokémon. The trainer should have known it was the mating season and research where that place was, so that his or her pokémon would be able to mate. It wasn’t a bad thing for trainers too, since many gathered at these places. Usually trainers could and would meet trainers of the opposite sex and end up banging each other in the woods or at a room of the nearest pokémon center.

Jenny knew that she had to do something for this poor pokémon. It took her only a few seconds to discover the best course of action. Poliwrath needed to have sex and Jenny hadn’t had sex for several weeks and Poliwrath had the biggest dick she ever saw. The choice was simple.

“Listen Poliwrath” said Jenny “I’m going to open this cell so that you and I can…um mate. But once your done you have to go back inside. Do you understand?”

The Poliwrath nodded his head, if he got what he needed Jenny saw no reason why he won’t want to return into his cell and if he refused, she had her Growlithe close by.

Officer Jenny unlocked the cell of Poliwrath, he walked out and flexed his muscles in front of her. Maybe that was something male and female Poliwrath did while mating, but he didn’t need to impress Jenny, just the length of his cock was enough for her to be impressed and ready to sleep with him.

Jenny started to unbutton her top and pulled it open to reveal her breast. She unhooked and removed her bra and tossed it to the floor. Her skirt and panties were the next thing to slide down her long legs and she kicked off her heels as she stripped in the police station, she was well aware that the trainer could walk in at any moment, she only hoped that they wouldn’t come so soon, so that she could at least feel Poliwrath inside of her for a little while.

Once Jenny was completely naked, she pushed the papers off her desk and lied down on it. “Come over here and fuck me Poliwrath” she said to him, the pokémon walked over to her desk and hoped on top with her. He flexed his muscles once against then took hold of her hips and slipped inside of her.

“Whoa!” shouted Jenny as her womb was filled with the thick blue cock.

Poli Poli

At the very least Poliwrath seemed to enjoy himself and calm down. Jenny liked it too, she never took a cock of that size inside of her before and it was something else. Poliwrath started to thrust inside of her, it felt so good to finally be doing this again after so long. The added thrill of doing it in a location that was not her home or her lovers’ home and the fact that Poliwrath’s trainer could walk in on them and be very displeased with what he or she saw.

If it was a he, Jenny could make it up by offering a blowjob. If it was a she, Jenny could make it up by offering to lick her pussy. It would be a win-win for Jenny since she enjoyed both those things.

As the Poliwrath fucked her better than any human ever fucked her, he started to flex his muscles. Jenny was sure it was some sort of mating ritual for this pokémon. Once he was done showing her how strong he was, he moved his hands over to her boobs and started to grope them. He was strong and was skilled with his fingers. Moans escaped from Jenny’s mouth as she was touched and fucked better than any other time in her life. She should arrest Poliwrath during their mating season more often.

“Your so good Poliwrath, please destroy me. KO my pussy in one move” she said

His fingers squeezed her nipples and she shouted out in pleasure. He continued to pinch them from time to time and every time that he did this action, it send shockwaves through her body. His hands left her chest as he resumed flexing his muscles for her while they made love to each other. Jenny never had sex with a pokémon before, even if she wanted and had thoughts of fucking her Growlithe, but she never had the guts to do it, but after today and after the fucking she received from Poliwrath, there was no way that she could or would return to human cock…maybe human pussy still had a chance since she had yet to go lesbian with a pokémon, but it was definitely on her to do list.

Poliwrath placed his hands on the side of her stomach and lifted her from her desk. The pokémon was smaller than she was, but a lot stronger. He rolled around so that he was under her and so that Jenny was riding his pokémon pole. Poliwrath placed his hands behind his head and watched Jenny ride him, her tits bouncing up and down as she moved up and down his blue pokémon manhood.

“I’ll totally need to visit the Seafoam islands soon and catch a young Poliwag” Jenny said

Poli Poli

“I can’t be your trainer” said Jenny “You unfortunately already have one of those”

But as Jenny moved her body up and down on Poliwrath’s pole, she couldn’t lie that she was thinking of asking Poliwrath’s trainer if they were willing to trade him. She would love to have a pokémon like this, he had a good move set, but more important his penis was fine and thick and made her go crazy as he fucked her. Jenny placed her hands on her desk and held on tight as she started to increase her speed on top of Poliwrath. The water type closed his eyes and placed his hands on her hips to steady her as she made love to him. Jenny started to pant as she moved faster and faster and she could hear Poliwrath also saying its name over and over as she moved along his blue length.

“Yes, yes. This feels so good. Cum for me Poliwrath. Fill officer Jenny with your tasty cum. I may be unable to get pregnant with a pokémon egg, but I am worthy of your seed in my pussy” she said, she could hardly believe the words that left her lips, but it felt so good and so right to tell them to this amazing pokémon.

Poli Poli POLI!

Poliwrath shouted loudly. He held her hips tightly and Jenny was worried he might bruise her by accident. Poliwrath pushed his blue dick up in her one last time as he said his name loudly as his cum flooded from his cock and then flooded Jenny’s womb. She grabbed her boobs with her hands and squeezed them hard as she was filled with Poliwrath’s semen.

“POLIWRATH!” she shouted

Jenny rested her body against Poliwrath, her large boobs pushed against his face, Jenny could feel his breath on her tits and it made her feel good. After several moments, Jenny rolled off the pokémon, she was disappointed as the cock came out of her and she felt so empty inside. Jenny was out of breath…she was never out of breath when she had sex with a human, but with a pokémon it was a different story.

Poliwrath hopped off her desk and returned to the cell. Jenny could no longer see his cock from where she was. Poliwrath even closed the cell door behind him. Jenny stayed on her desk naked and out of breath with Poliwrath’s jizz between her legs. She wished that Poliwrath’s trainer would never return for him. She wanted Poliwrath as part of her pokémon team as part of the force.

 Half an hour later

Jenny had gotten back dressed and was at her desk fixing all the papers that she foolish pushed off her desk in the heat of the moment before she and Poliwrath made love to each other. A girl of 18 years old with a nice rack and pink shoulder length hair walked it. She seemed a little nervous.

“Um…Officer Jenny…I heard you arrested a Poliwrath?” asked the girl

“I sure did” said Jenny “Are you the trainer?”

“Yeah, I’m really sorry for the damage he caused. I met this really good-looking guy and we started to make out and take our clothes off. So we went to the pokémon center to have sex. Afterwards when I woke up in bed naked and alone since the rotten jerk ditched me after we did it, I noticed that Poliwrath wasn’t in his pokéball. I was sure he was inside when me and the guy started to kiss” the girl said

“It happens more often then you think” said Jenny with a smile “It is Poliwrath’s mating season, so it might be a good idea to get to a meeting place for his type of pokémon” Jenny crossed her arms under her chest.

“Yeah, I was actually on my way to one” said the girl with the pink hair “There is one being held at the end of Cycling road close to Fuchsia city”

“I see, I’ll need to scan your pokédex in order to be able to release your Poliwrath to you” said Jenny. The girl handed over her pokédex and Jenny scanned it. The girl and her Poliwrath were reunited. She called Poliwrath back to its pokéball.

“Thanks a lot officer Jenny” said the girl as she left the police station.

At least the story had a happy ending since Poliwrath got to have sex to settle his sexual craving and he was reunited with his young and sexy trainer. Jenny at least discovered that pokémon were better in bed than humans were and got the best fucking of her life. She had no idea when she would be able to visit the Seafoam islands and catch and then raise a Poliwag. For now, she’ll settle her sexual needs with her Growlithe, she always wanted to try doggy style anyways and Growlithe would be perfect for the job.

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