Beastars Mid-Summer Night

BY : LouandRo
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Beastars Midsummers night AU Chapter one our new life


Legoshi stared across the quad at the dining hall, Jack had just come from there and sat down beside him. “So what are you going to do about summer break Legoshi?” Legoshi swallowed hard. “I honestly don’t know, I think I will take the summer job offer from the Library, they need people to help sort and replace books and do repair work on books I was asked by the Head librarian to help after all of my work in Drama club.” Jack nodded then started to smile. “Oh so Haru staying on over the summer to help take care of the garden has nothing to do with your staying here instead of coming with me to enjoy the summer.” Legoshi grimaced at Jack. “I don’t think so Jack, Haru and I have something but were still not sure what that is yet,honest we enjoy each others company our relationship is close but not really sexual.” 

“That’s bullshit and you know it,ever since you saved her from those lions, you and her have been nearly inseparable and Juno told me she would love to get to know you better,yet you totally ignore her, to the point of not even acknowledging her existence when shes tried to talk to you about her feelings about you.” “Jack shut the hell up, I don’t have feelings for Juno, and I never will!” Juno walked up on that statement, her face filled with tears.”Why do you hate me so much Legoshi!?” Legoshi turned to her voice, “I don’t hate you but Haru and I are more then just friends your ok as a friend but your not my type Juno,plain and simple.” Legoshi couldn’t believe the words that had come out of his mouth,where had all of this confidence come from,lately he had discovered a solid core of adult behavior coming out in his whole attitude,and the beast inside no longer came out unless he actually willed it to come out,he could control it,he no longer felt his life was spiralling out of control.

Juno regarded him with a cold look. Then Jack got up and took her hand. “Listen Juno I have something to say,that’s been bothering me for a good while,I know your secret.” Juno turned her full attention on Jack.”What secret do you know Jack?” “The one you try to keep hidden from everyone else, and I am highly attracted to you in the most sexually desirable kind of way,but you have treated me like Legoshi has treated you, you don’t even notice when I say hi,so if you know Legoshi doesn’t want to be with you can you accept me instead?” Juno’s face looked stunned Jacks hand felt warm in hers when he reached out and took it suddenly his whole attitude felt honest. “I...I don’t know Jack are you sure?” Jack leaned in close and whispered something in her ear Legoshi watched Juno’s face turn bright red,and her breathing quickened. “You won’t tell anyone ever please Jack!?” Jack leaned in again and said something else.

Juno’s face lit up and she swallowed hard.”So you really like me Jack?” Jack kissed her then,her face a stunned look of excited bewilderment. Legoshi laughed. “What’s so funny you asshole!?” “What I think is funny, is that all this time you have been chasing after me and you couldn’t see the guy who actually is head over heels in love with you stupid woman.” Juno drew back like she was slapped.”So Jacks leaving for summer break,maybe he could introduce you to his family, since it looks like he really wants to be with you.” Legoshi got up then and headed into the dorm. “Is that true,you’re going to see your family Jack?” “Yep I help my family in the summer,were fishermen have been since forever.” “Was Legoshi right,do you want me to come meet your family?” “I think if were together, my mom will finally see I am grown up,and my dad sure would love to meet a girl I was involved with.” “But that’s just it,we have never been involved it would be a lie.” “Not if we do.” He leaned in and whispered to her again. Juno’s face grew redder than before.”How do you know that?” “Because my uncle delivered those magazines and certain items you ordered from that specialty shop in the city,he picked them up from there and delivered them here, he told me the last time I mentioned liking you to him.” “Jack that’s a very private thing, how do I explain those desires to you?” “Simple, you first admit it.” Jack looked around and saw no one close by.

“Juno I know your into BDSM and you are a sub girl,you want to be dominated and be treated like that.”Her face looked hesitant then she nodded.”I think we could have fun and be honest with each other about your fetishes,mine aren’t as strange as yours but I can enjoy it with you.” “Your not repulsed by it?” “Nope in fact,as fetishes go it’s mild unless of course your into pain and such I wouldn’t enjoy hurting you ever Juno.” Jack reached for her then and held her tight. “So is your dorm empty?” Juno nodded. “So how about we go explore your fetish and have some fun?” The tiny smile on Juno’s face crept to her lips.”You aren’t scared of me then?” Jack laughed and slapped her on the ass. “Not in this lifetime babe.”

Legoshi stood inside the doorway and silently watched the new couple head out across the quad to the women's side dorms. “Hope he knows what he’s getting into she is looking to find a mate,that’s plain as day and if Jack gets involved.” “If Jack gets involved with who Legoshi?” Legoshi’s face turned into a grimace. He turned and stared at the woman who had stolen his heart. Her face had a slight smudge of dirt on it and her hands still wore the gardening gloves she always used. “Haru ah what’s up?” “You promised to come help me prune back the rose bushes today remember, so I came to see if I’d been stood up or not!” Legoshi looked down at his feet.”No I was planning on coming over now in fact but got involved watching Jack getting cozy with Juno,seems he likes her, and wants to do adult stuff with her.”

“So what kind of adult stuff do you think he wants to do with that crazy wolf girl?” “I think Jack wants to have sex with her,and likely that’s exactly what they are going to go do now,they headed for the womens dorms,and with school out for the summer it’s likely empty.” Haru swallowed her mind kept going back to the night they had spent in the hotel together,that night had been terrifying and extremely arousing at the same time,she’d been trying to deny her attraction to Legoshi ever since then,she’d been experiencing day dreams about him,her passions and his becoming one the thoughts were always intensely sexual,she’d tried to put them aside but everytime she saw him,it came back harder.”Legoshi I have to ask you something are you leaving campus or are you staying this summer?” “I planned on staying why?” “Oh no reason I just wanted to know if you would be around for the summer.” “Yep I am taking the summer position offered to me by the librarian she needs people to help with repair on books and getting things sorted over the summer break in time for next semester.”

They got to the garden and Legoshi helped her trim back the roses,before they put on the huge summer growth like they did every summer. Haru kept glancing at him as he panted in the heat of the day he took his shirt off and tossed it on the fence,that chest made her start day dreaming. *God I can’t get him out of my mind,what am I going to do,can I tell him I feel this strong desire to just push him down and climb on top of him and go crazy.* That thought raced through her mind as she walked slowly up to him. “Uh Legoshi, would you like to come over here this evening later and have dinner with me?” “Uh really? I think maybe I will.” The words had slipped out of his mouth,what the hell was he thinking he’d nearly eaten her twice in fact,and somehow he was totally calm.

“Really you will?” “I said I would,does it sound weird or something?” “No but every time I’ve asked you in the past,you’ve always said some other time Haru.” “So now it’s that time.” He was feeling at total ease, in fact his heart was not even racing like it normally did when he was around her,well except for a tiny bit because he was seriously attracted to her and her scent made his mind reel but not in a prey kind of way anymore,she’d turned into so much more. “Hey Haru can I ask you something?” “Sure what is it?” “That night in the hotel before I well before you nearly got eaten by me, were you excited to be in that bed with me?” Haru looked at him,her eyes glazed over. He was asking a very intimate question and she wasn’t certain of her answer just yet, but her daydreams started playing out what she wanted to do with him in her mind,she had to admit the truth,she couldn’t keep leading him on and then denying the truth to herself.

“Legoshi that’s a very intimate question but you deserve to hear the truth, I wanted to make passionate love to you that night,I wanted us to touch the sky,to feel you inside me ,and hear your breathing as I lay on your chest,but that night passed us by,and we didn’t get to make that happen,but I thought you didn’t find me attractive in that way,what’s changed?” “I find myself thinking about that night all of the time,in Drama club,in classes,when I am eating even when I am sleeping I see you running through my dreams.” “Running away or into your arms?” Legoshi looked down at his feet. “Right into my mouth to be honest but then it transforms and we are laying together making love it’s odd but your scent doesn’t smell like prey anymore to me it just smells an intoxicating odor of love.”

The words had slipped out again. Haru patted his hand.”Listen Legoshi, do you honestly think we can make a relationship work between us?” Haru couldn’t believe what she was saying, maybe a fling with him would be possible but could they become something more,what would people think her being a small creature and him being so large and of the carnivore kind,could they love each other. Could they actually be happy as a couple? “Haru, I am not going to lie to you,I refuse to let myself be denied what I believe strongly in, I want you to be my girlfriend from now on till life takes us from here,and ever after till I die.” Haru ran from him into the gardening shed,she couldn’t breath,the thought of him touching her body the feel of him so close made her desires go through the roof. Her breathing had accelerated,her thoughts reeled in her brain. “Haru, did I say something wrong?” He was standing in the doorway, she couldn’t not look at him. “Legoshi I’m afraid, not of you but of what other people will think of us and say, I’m just a tiny rabbit in this big school a girl who knows what guys like and want and I am unsure what I truly want but it sure wants to be you.” Legoshi smiled, his grin was infectious. “I’m in no hurry, if it’s truly love then it will be there when it happens.” Haru regarded him.What had changed about him? He seemed so much more mature all of a sudden,and he was totally calm,what had happened to that all consuming desire to devour her,she couldn’t sense anything remotely like it anymore,just a solid feeling of need and desire to become something more.”Ok so you say you love me, so lets make honest plans then.” Usually if she said something like this he turned and retreated. “How about dinner my treat tonight then say around 7?” Haru was stunned he’d not only not retreated he’d given her a definite time and date for the evening.

“Ok I’ll see you at 7 then,you better not stand me up!” She ran out of the gardening shed and retreated to the women's dorm,she dashed up the stairs and stopped,her heart pounding she stood for a second to catch her breath. What was she thinking she’d just said yes to a real date with Legoshi and she had just about an hour and a half before he was going to come and get her. She heard noises coming from the doorway behind her then heard what sounded like a groan. She couldn’t resist the sounds she put her eye to the keyhole on the door and was stunned by what she saw. Juno was in leather restraints and being tickled with a long feather her moaning was loud,Haru pulled away the one doing the tickling was Legoshi’s room mate Jack,and he was stark naked in there.

Haru ran to her own room,her mind started replaying the scene she’d just witnessed,and it was her in the restraints being tickled and having wild sexual things done to her. She had to calm down Legoshi would be here soon,she needed to get her brain in order and get dressed for going out,what was she going to wear,her best dress had been ruined that night when those lions had taken her for their disgusting boss to eat,that had been the same night she’d come to grips with the thought she didn’t care if she died anymore but it had also been the night Legoshi had become a fixture in her mind,one that kept getting more intense every time she saw him. Legoshi ran back to the dorm. He’d done it he’d actually asked Haru on a real date. What was he thinking could he control his instinctual urges and overcome his unthinkable desires to eat her,but he felt completely calm,he stood looking in the mirror and smiled. He wasn’t scared,he wasn’t feeling strange or upset he was feeling excited.

He threw open his closet and stared inside,damn what was he going to wear,he finally pulled out a sports coat and a matching pair of slacks,the white shirt would go well with them he got dressed,now he sort of felt a bit silly but in a good way. Right at 7pm on the dot he knocked on Haru’s door. She opened it and stared at him. “Legoshi is that you?” Haru looked intensely at him,he was so well dressed,not like his usual scruffy self. “Yep do you like it?” Haru smiled,then caught the scent of men's cologne on him. “Well you certainly clean up well don’t you.” Legoshi stared unabashedly at her.”Wow that pink dress is sure pretty,I like the little white roses on it.” Haru looked down at herself, she’d just thrown on whatever came to hand but it was pretty. “Well thank you kind sir now then where are we going?” “I thought about that coming over, how about we hit that little Chinese shop in town, I got Jacks car for the evening seems he and Juno are going to have a quiet dinner in her room tonight I met him when he came back when I went to get dressed,he loaned me his car so that sound fun?”She nodded this was really happening.

Legoshi opened her door for her she reached for the car radio and tuned in a soft jazz station,it soothed her and she found out Legoshi liked it as well. The drive only took ten minutes then they were at the restaurant a helpful panda seated them.Haru had to admit the choice of restaurant had been very nice she loved Chinese food,they ordered and the evening was going along splendidly. “So I am not sure how I feel about Jack getting with Juno,that woman is a menace.” “Uh if I tell you something do you promise to keep it to yourself?” Legoshi nodded. “So when I went back to the dorm to get dressed,I happened to over hear some noises and being curious of course I happened to glance through the keyhole of a certain girls dorm room, and your friend Jack was stark naked with her naked in leather restraints and being tickled by Jack  it made me feel weird Legoshi excited and disgusted at the same time!” 

Legoshi sat back in his chair and puzzled that one out.”It sounds like she’s into some kinky stuff then Haru, did it look like Jack was having a good time though?” “To be completely honest,it looked like they were both deeply involved in it, I can’t explain it but I can I say this uh I got excited when I saw Jack and Juno doing that.” Truth be told, I found myself fantasizing about it, but with me in the restraints and you in place of Jack, Legoshi I can’t explain how excited I was by those thoughts,am I some kind of fiend for thinking those thoughts?” “Nope, plainly stated your having the same sorts of thoughts I seem to be having every time I look at you now Haru, I can’t help but wonder how it feels to make love to you.” Haru gazed at him,his whole attitude had changed he wasn’t the unsteady guy he’d been just a short time ago,he was confident,forthright and honest about what he wanted and desired and that was her.

“So tell me something, do you think we can be a couple then?” *God she’d come out and just asked him,what the hell was going on why was her pulse racing so hard now?* “To be completely truthful I have to be honest with myself, I know one thing I want to be with you and make love to you Haru,I don’t give two shits what anyone else thinks about us or the fact were a couple,with you in my life,I doubt anyone could deter me from being with the woman I love.” He kept throwing that word around,and it made her feel so good to hear those words coming out of his mouth.”So should we test our resolves then?” “Test our resolves,what would that entail?” “I think we should test this thing and see if it is love,or just a wild infatuation to have some sex.” “What do you propose then?” “I propose we see if we can endure as a couple till midsummers eve, if we can resist the urges then that should be a good test of our resolve,and prove this isn’t infatuation but real love,because that would mean we faced it and love saw us through it.”

“I’ll take your bet,though I have a feeling this test you propose will be the proof of only one thing, we are in love.” Haru had never been in love at least not to her knowledge. “So since it was my suggestion,you get to choose the first test.” Legoshi waited to say anything while the waitress cleared their table,and handed him the check. When they stepped outside he just turned to her in public and picked her up,she was so small in his arms,her heart was thudding in her chest by the excitement his touch brought to her,then his lips came in the smell of his cologne intoxicated her senses,his lips were so warm on hers. The kiss was deeply intimate,his tongue slipped into her mouth even,the thrill of being in public and kissing him this way made her mind start to picture them doing way more before the night passed. Then he just set her down and walked her back to the car. He had just turned off his feelings like a light switch,she could still feel his desires but they were subsumed in his heart now,she felt flustered at first but by the time they were seated in the car she no longer felt it was wrong to kiss in public with him,and it didn’t matter if they had been witnessed by several people,he had done it without breaking into a sweat or feeling withdrawn. She searched her own feelings and discovered she didn’t feel strange at all,and the urge to jump his bones faded,this wasn’t like anything she’d ever experienced before it felt just right in her mind to just enjoy time with him,even if they didn’t have hot sex after that still burning kiss on her lips. “Legoshi I want to really test this, I have enough saved to get off campus housing, and I want us to move in together!”

His mouth hung open at her statement.” Alright if you think we can afford it I’m with you,all the way.” Haru stared at him,who was this guy,he’d become so confident, he wasn’t the Legoshi she used to know anymore. “Ok well lets look at the rentals available to us then when we get back to your place.” “My computer is pretty crap,but I’m sure we can use it to look up rental listings and this is the ideal time with no students around the places are sure to be looking for renters to fill in the places for rent.” They looked through the listings and found a two bedroom duplex just outside of the school grounds it was handy to the train and intercity bus to. “I’ll see you tomorrow Legoshi,we’ll go down first thing and.” “Don’t leave me here alone tonight Haru.” “What?” “Let me explain, Jack told me he’s leaving with Juno early in the morning and he isn’t coming back here tonight, I hate being alone I get lonesome when there’s no one close by, I guess it comes from being an only child.”

“Legoshi I well I don’t usually stay with someone over night, but eh is this another test to see if we can truly be together?” “Maybe we could call it that.” She looked down at her feet and thought about it for several minutes.”I want you to know if I stay I sleep naked,can you stand to be that close to me nude while I sleep just in the same.” He reached out and hugged her tightly. His arms enfolded her and his breath was warm on her face. “Thank you Haru, I won’t have any night terrors if your with me.” She nodded. “I guess I understand, are you ok with my being nude then?” “Only if you’re ok with me doing the same since Jack isn’t here, I can let myself be myself I have always done the same until I came here, here at school I never feel confident enough to do that in front of the other guys here.”

It was getting late by the time they mutually decided it was bedtime. She slowly undressed watching him do the same,he tossed his clothing in a heap on the chair and just crawled into his bunk,he shut the light as she climbed into Jack’s bunk above him,his breathing was slow and quiet she listened to him for a good hour he had just gone to sleep,he hadn’t questioned her nudity or tried anything he simply wanted them to be themselves with each other,finally she couldn’t take it anymore and climbed down the ladder,his arm was heavy but she finally was able to slip in beside him in bed,his body was so warm she snuck back out and turned the fan on them,it was a quiet one she smiled and silently eased back in beside him. Sleep overcame her and she slept soundly beside him,his arm around her.

“Good morning Haru,did you sleep well?” She looked sheepishly at him he’d been able to get out of the bunk without waking her,and had brought back a delightful breakfast. “Uh so you weren’t bothered by me sleeping next to you,I just couldn’t get to.” His morning kiss had caught her off guard. “I think you can sleep with me anytime Haru I felt your softness pressed against me when I woke up,thank you for comforting me last night,I slept so good knowing you were laying next to me.” “So what did you bring me for breakfast?” “I remembered you liked melon so I got you a plate full, it’s summer green melon hope it’s a kind you like.” Haru smiled and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.”It’s great I love summer green melon.” They sat on the edge of the bed and ate quietly she still hadn’t gotten dressed and he was simply acting normal,she thought about the new arrangement and remembered something.

“Uh Legoshi, I have enough money to make some small furniture purchases but unless you have more funds saved I think we’re going to uh how can I put this mildly, hmm guess it will have to just be truthful I think we will only be able to afford one bed.” She waited for the eruption and turned her head to see him nodding.”I understand but if were ok with being naked together in the same bed here what difference does it make where we sleep together?” She smiled this Legoshi was so different,her attraction to him had increased in the past two days,what had changed him,how had he gone from a self conscious basket of nerves to this guy,who kept surprising her every time she thought she had figured him out he did something to change her mind further towards being in a relationship with him,it was uncanny her heart beat a little faster as she watched him strip out of his clothes and ease back into bed.

“Uh so are we not getting up then?” “I thought we might just have a nice lie in today and maybe watch some anime you have been wanting to binge Samurai sentinels with me since I mentioned the show back last fall,maybe we could do that today.” “So I’d like that but I thought we were going to go look at the duplex today?”He grinned at her. “So  were going to lounge around naked all day and binge watch anime together?” She raised an eyebrow and waited. “That’s the plan reach under the bunk and pull out the box please.” She reached and found the box,she opened it to discover a huge amount of DVDs in it.”First disk is Samurai Sentinels arise the first season is 24 episodes long each is a 26 minute show, the next several hours were spent cuddled in bed watching hard core anime. “So whose your favorite characters in the series Legoshi?” “I love Sunaco and Hideoshi the relationship they have inspires me,they love each other without question and treat each other with respect.”

The next scene was why the series was rated M for mature the squirrel girl Sunaco lay on a bed her body naked except for a head band with her clan symbol on it,Hideoshi the fox boy crept into the room,his ninja stealth allowed him to get very close to Sunaco but Sunaco’s reaction was anything but nice when she noticed him staring at her nude body.”GOTCHA! She’d snatched Hideoshi in face to face close to him and their lips had come together,what happened next could be considered hentai by a lot of people but Haru was amazed by the fact the actors involved were also in the live action version of this anime that had also earned it an adult rating of M and the scene being played out now of wild sex between Sunaco and Hideoshi actually happened exactly the same in the live action.

“Legoshi do you think they are really having sex or is it just movie magic to make us think they are?” Legoshi dug under the bed and came out with an entertainment news magazine Shishi Edowa was married to the Hideoshi main character in real life Jinbo Edowa the interspecies marriage had rocked the movie industry for the last two years,it was rumored that Shishi was indeed pregnant,though rumors being what they were it would be a miracle if that was indeed the case. “I got the magazine just after I first watched the live action series at the time they were still engaged to be married,and Jinbo said they had fallen in love during the filming of the live action series,Shishi was a total hottie from the beginning,her attitude was if you don’t like me then go find another hot girl to ogle.”

“Uh so they actually have an interspecies relationship?” “Yep it’s not unheard of you know,just well I guess not common here,but where they are I guess things are way more open, do you want me to turn it off,is it making you uncomfortable Haru?” “No actually it’s having the opposite effect,it’s really turning me on to know the actors we are watching really make love in real life makes me think our relationship isn’t wrong and it can really succeed,uh maybe you should turn it off now the next scene is really intense if I remember the live action had them.” It was to late the next scene came on Legoshi’s face grew very red,she could feel his heart beating fast in his chest,she glanced up in time to see Shishi or Sunaco moan in orgasmic release,the portrayal had earned her a golden disk award for being most realistic scene in an anime inspired fantasy work.Shishi had been a name she felt inspired by before now but now she glanced at Legoshi and watched as he slowly calmed down.

“Did that feel as intense as when you caught me that night Legoshi,the night in the quad when you,when you nearly devoured me?” He ignored her and leapt out of bed,he ran to the bathroom and slammed the door. She could hear the shower running.”Are you ok Legoshi?” “I will be as soon as this cold shower makes me calm down enough to talk to you again Haru.” “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you suffer I just wanted to know how intense it felt when you held my tense body next to yours that way for nearly an hour while I listened to your warm breath on my neck, that made me wet, honestly it had me sexually excited to feel you that close.” He opened the bathroom door.”I guess a shower is pretty useless when the woman you love keeps making you go crazy.”

“Do you really think we can do this like Shishi and Jinbo?” “I think we are already like them where it comes to trusting each other I mean look we have been lounging naked alone with each other for hours and neither of us feels even slightly put off,other then my reaction to over stimulation by an amazing performance just now we have been calmly discussing everything stark naked and without as much as a hitch between us.” Haru stared at him,he was right she took his hand.”Do you really think we can lovers Legoshi?” “I have stayed awake many nights thinking about us Haru, were not perfect but we are in love there’s no other explanation for it other than love.” “Well I think I like our chances more and more the longer we talk about our dreams and thoughts, so it’s nearly dinner time what did you want to eat?”

“I kind of want fish tonight, I don’t think your into my choice so what did you want to eat?” “No it’s strange but I think maybe I should try the foods you like when your not around a herbie like me,I know about the black market and and the things that happen there, I can’t say I am not afraid of that place but to be honest once you’re an adult you’ll be there whenever the urge comes over you it’s not something you have evolved to go without.” “Haru I’d never take you there never that place is not for me but fish isn’t black market I can buy it in the open market just your people never go into that section of the market,though I thought I might just order from a specialty restaurant do you honestly want to try fish?” “Yes Legoshi if we are going to be together don’t you think it might be good for us to get to know each others likes, I don’t know if I will like it but I have to honestly give it a try to be fair don’t I?”

Legoshi nodded,he was feeling a bit off about this but he ordered two dinners with spice buns and steamed vegetables the order taker sounded like a stoat, or maybe a minx of some kind she had a lisp in her voice like they did. “Two hot number 5 platers,with sides of steamed veg and spice buns,anything else,oh and I will need your Carnivore id number sir.” Legoshi swallowed and gave her the number, then asked when the driver would be around to deliver the food.”Right 30 minutes I’ll be in the quad of the college,yes thank you.” “Legoshi why did you have to give them a number?” “It’s because the restaurant is in the Black market area,even though I wasn’t ordering from that menu the place does well cater to adults understand?” Haru nodded. “So someone could they could order a... a meat dish from the place you just ordered from?” 

“Yes.” Haru looked down at the floor.”I didn’t know places like that existed, remind me never to go near one please.” Legoshi grinned. “Haru I would never order something like that ever it’s not in me to devour red meat anymore, god the thought of it now after what’s happened between us turns my stomach.” “Legoshi if well if you ever do feel like like eating it please tell me before so I can be nowhere near by I could never watch something like that.” It amazed Haru about the things they were discussing adult things that would never be talked about in mixed company but they were talking openly about with little concern for things,she felt certain he would always be true to his word,that was something he had proven over and over again. “I should get dressed, the food will be here in a few minutes but have you been feeling at ease with our nakedness I feel so free like well like wearing clothes makes society simply treat us all differently?”

Haru smiled.”You just like staring at my sexy body is all admit it!?” “I can’t deny you are sexy,and you turn me on every time you look into my eyes Haru.” Haru grabbed his arm before he left. “I... I have to tell you I get sexually excited by you to Legoshi, I can’t deny it the scent of raw sexual desire it is so thick on you it makes me wet,there I said it god I’m in love with a wolf,and there’s nothing I want to do more then be here with him.” “Hold that thought I’ll be right back.” he stepped out to the quad and paid the driver,taking the bags inside he watched a couple of the small animal students avert their gazes from him as he walked back to his dorm. He went back inside and into his room. “So here we go,your sure you want to do this,you don’t have to.” She grabbed the bag and placed it on the table, the bag contained forks and chop sticks her hands were shaking until she opened the bag and took out the dinners.”I will get through this I am not afraid of this.” Legoshi sat down after striping again. “Here let me get plates at least.” He grabbed two plates from the cabinet and placed them in front of each place. He quickly opened his dinner and scooped it out onto the plate carefully placing the deep fried fish last on top of the rest Haru had followed along with him but she kept glancing down at the long strip of golden fried fish. “Well let’s eat before the food gets cold.” Haru watched Legoshi cut the fish into bite sized pieces then start in,she placed her fork over the fish then resolved to her fate,sliced through it briskly,cutting it into several smaller pieces she thought she could handle. Her fork came up and she took the first bite not knowing what to expect,and amazingly it wasn’t terrible, in fact she took a second piece it wasn’t like anything she’d ever eaten but she actually found it passably edible,she enjoyed the fish then gobbled the steamed veggies finally finishing with the spice bun,the bean curd inside was lightly salty just the way she liked it.

“Legoshi I think I actually like fish, it’s not like anything I have ever eaten but  I don’t know I guess what I am trying to say is if we order food from anywhere, I could eat this.” His smile made her feel warm all over.”I wasn’t sure if you were going to like it or hate it,but I guess I worried for nothing.” Haru nudged him on the arm.”Listen hear that?” “Hear what?” “My heart slowly pounding normally, Legoshi I think were going to succeed at this relationship thing do you mind if I stay again tonight,it feels nice to cuddle up to you at night with the fan on us?” Legoshi sighed and nodded.”I’d be pleased if you did stay, the night terrors I sometimes get seem to stay away when your laying beside me.”  “You know this lounging naked thing actually is fun, I don’t have to worry about if my dress is right or my bra fits the way it should or if well if your dressed either do you think it was like this back in ancient times Legoshi when our ancestors ran wild across the world long before we became the people we are now?”

“I would rather not think about that Haru, to be honest I know my family history it goes back generations back before the conventions were signed,back to when my ancestors were alpha’s and we ran together as a tribal pack.” “Legoshi I’m curious now you never say anything about your family, and now suddenly your telling me things that you think I don’t want to hear,why don’t you let me decide what I don’t want to know before you think I don’t?” Legoshi stared at her honest face and nodded.”Alright then, but you stop me if it gets too scary agreed?” Haru nodded. “Many generations ago, my great ancestor led our tribal pack, this followed a brutal rite of ascension new alpha’s in our tribal pack are chosen by the jaw and the fist, it’s a blood rite combat Haru, a man who puts himself into the tribal circle makes a commitment with his life.”

“Are you saying each man who entered that circle won or...or he died?” “Yes that’s exactly what I meant Haru, can you see now why I don’t like talking about it?” “Legoshi if I tell you something will you accept my word it’s true?” “Why would I ever doubt something you told me Haru?” “Well in the old times male rabbits were just as brutal the colony I came from has a remembrance statue erected to show what males were killed in the springtime madness males of breeding age,they become savages and a lot of times the urges they are overcome by end in the death of one or even both combatants sometimes, if they have torn each other to pieces.” Legoshi stared at her his mouth hanging open.”I didn’t know your people could be that brutal Haru, maybe the ancient people we both came from, were just all savages back before the conventions were made law.” Haru got up and came around the table.”Legoshi can you hold me for a few minutes while we discuss this topic more?” He picked her up and placed her in his lap. “So during the spring madness,which is brought on by the mating urges many males used to kill rivals, it sounds hellish to me but it was the way of life of my people even today during spring each male must take medication to soothe them after the age of 16 years, I once got to see a male who had refused to take the medicine, he was wild eyed and his musk was intensely attractive I...I to be honest even at that young age was highly attracted to that scent it made me feel..feel like I wanted to mate with him,they came and caught him,but to this day I remember how he smelled.”

Legoshi kissed the top of her head. “What was that for?” “That was because I know how stressful what you just told me was, I could feel your heart rate change when you explained how that male made you feel back then.” Haru felt vulnerable but in Legoshi’s lap pressed against his chest she felt at peace to. “Legoshi so we have two weeks before mid summer, do you think we will beat our goal?” “One step at a time love.” Legoshi enfolded her in his arms and held her. Haru’s eyes were round, he had just come out and called her his love. “Legoshi do you think we will be accepted among the students here at school if they know were a couple?” She felt the anger rise inside him then. “If anyone tries to come between us I won’t hold back ever to protect you, I killed lions to rescue the woman I love,no one here can intimidate me ever again, Haru!”

As fast as his anger had come it was soothed away. “Legoshi so if we do become well you know boyfriend and girlfriend ah do you think..ah we could ever take it beyond that?” She squinched her eyes closed tightly here was the true test could they commit themselves to each other,she was trembling now,what would he say,was he going to be there were they a fling or were they in a relationship that would take them into adult life. “Haru I love you,and I want to be with you till the day I die, and nothing in this life not college,not people,and certainly not what society thinks will ever change that.” She turned in his lap and kissed him, She could feel his pulse racing just like hers was doing. “So I can just let the real me out then when were here together, I don’t have to curb my thoughts or put on a mask?” 

“If you do,you’ll make me mad, I love you because you are always just who you want to be, and you never put on a mask to cover what you think other people think.” His arms felt wonderful around her, and his words made her cry. She brushed away the happy tears, and sighed.”I think tomorrow is going to be a great day.” “Well I have to work in the library tomorrow till 2pm but after that we can take the bus together and go see about our new duplex ok?” “Yes I need to go water my plants, do you want to meet for lunch?” “I think I’d like that let’s meet around noon then.” “Ok sounds good now how about we try to get in some of season two uh… you have watched the whole thing haven’t you?” “Nope I kept it unwatched till we could watch it together,that’s why it’s so fun.” “You are so bad! Here I thought you had already watched it,and kept it to watch with me, I loved the live action show so I knew I would love the anime just as much.” They binged most of the second season as Sunaco and Hiedoshi grew deeper in love and fought their way through the imperial forces trying to destroy the magical land they lived in. “I love this series Haru, and it looks like Sunaco and Hideoshi have become close, I have to ask,do they...get married?”

Haru swallowed her mouth felt dry.”Why do you want me to spoil it?” Legoshi smiled,as Haru’s face grew blushed. “You didn’t answer my question,you just dodged pretty well though,what’s got you so excited?” “Third season they get married and have children it leads into the next generation by that!” Those words tumbled out quickly. Her declaration made Legoshi laugh,his laugh made her laugh,they continued to giggle until Legoshi finally tripped over what her fear had been. Suddenly his eyes got round,and he stared directly at her. It was her turn to laugh this time. “So what’s wrong with you now Legoshi?” “Ma...Marr...Marriage. He turned his face away, he had just thought about that question,it was something that was sure to come up, college was a nightmare but so far it hadn’t been unbearable but. He glanced back at Haru,she’d known exactly what he was now thinking.

She quickly turned her face away to. “Uh Haru...What if we do become boyfriend and girlfriend?” “Yes...what if we do?” “I...I guess what I want to say.” She shoved her hand over his mouth her eyes were frantic. She inched closer to his face her breathing was fast, she took her hand away. “Did you have something you wanted to say?” Legoshi nodded. “I have something to say,but it can keep until were sure we are what we hope we are together!” Her lips came in then and her kiss was warm and gentle,he pulled her against him, the feelings he was experiencing made him pause,her touch sent a thrill through him. Her soft caress on his chest made him look directly into her eyes.”Haru what if we take it to the next level,to the adult level between man and woman?” The words had come out. He lay there with her warm body pressed against him.

“How do you mean Legoshi?” her lips went to his neck,her voice was softer. He turned to look at her.”If I were standing there with a ring box in my hand, would you think I was insane or say yes?” She drew back her face a welter of emotions. “I don’t know the answer to that yet, Legoshi can we just watch the ending then sleep?” He’d done something stupid again and killed the mood. Her lips came in again though and the soft kisses reassured him,he hadn’t been stupid just a little to fast. They finished the last in the second season and she laughed “Time for bed Legoshi,sleep well.” She turned out the light and they cozied up together,the fan felt so nice,he fell asleep so quickly,she lay there smiling in the darkness,what would she do if he ever asked those fateful words. She smiled and silently nodded yes.

Legoshi lay there his eyes barely open in the darkness he watched her silently nod her head his heart in his chest couldn’t contain the happiness he felt at that second in his life. The morning dawned hotter then the day before, Haru snuck out this morning and grabbed them breakfast,the melon the day before had been so good she brought back another plate for them both, and grabbed some water melon to. “Good morning Legoshi.” His eyes were full of a happy cheer she hadn’t seen more then a couple of times one had been that fateful night. “Is something wrong you certainly look real happy?” He leaned in and grabbed her up,he swung her around,the spin made her dizzy,but he was laughing so hard.”I just feel so alive Haru, like my life is perfect.” “Well I went and got us breakfast this morning, I ran into a couple of students who I had classes with last semester,they asked if we were staying here together in your room,when I told them yes, they actually said they were happy for us, I don’t know how to take what they said.”

“Maybe they are honestly happy for you.” Haru smiled the women here at the college,certainly hadn’t treated her with much respect,but maybe he was right. “Let’s eat, I have to get over to the library in about 45 minutes, I think I need a shower first though.” He quickly ate then headed to the bathroom. The shower was steamy, it looked like he liked his showers hot, Haru slipped in and eased into the shower with him.”Haru?!” She started washing his back,the soap slippery in her hand with suds. “Thank you that feels nice,is it to hot?” “No I like my shower hot,can you..can you wash my back Legoshi?” He turned to face her,his smile lit his face up.”Sure let me.” His wet hands came in and took the cloth from her, his touch felt good, she turned to face him then the water coming down over them both, she thought he would get the idea but he just picked her up and pressed their wet bodies together.

“Legoshi...I felt like well like getting a little intimate don’t you want to?” He shook his head. “No I just want to get this shower,and get to work,now wait that doesn’t mean I don’t feel like being with you Haru just that right now I promised I would do the work I was hired to do, I love you Haru,he kissed her then. She grinned he was such an idiot but she couldn’t fault his work ethic.“So we can pick this up later then?” “Yes,meet you for lunch.” She grinned as he left.”He just is so dense, but I can’t really regret not having some fun in the shower I guess I will have to remember, he is  devoted to his work.” She got dried, and put on her dress, the plants seemed happy to be watered,she spent the rest of the morning watering and cleaning up the gardening area,the potted peach trees were blossoming she smiled and felt a soft breeze touch her face. 

“Haru!” She turned at his yell. “Oh Legoshi is it lunch time already?” He came through the fence and right up to her.”Yep the Librarian said we were done for the day,it’s just to hot,she said she would bring a fan tomorrow so we can work longer.” “Oh a student from the student union committee came by earlier she said she was telling everyone here still at school about the summer festival they are having in town this evening would you like to go tonight?” Legoshi’s face lit up.”That would be amazing but I thought we could grab some lunch first downtown then go look at our new place.” “I’d like that, the festival starts at sun down so we have a while to get things done.” She tossed her gloves on the work bench,then wiped her face. She could smell his scent, she got excited again. Every time he appeared now she felt excited just to be with him.

“So let’s go.” He reached out and took her hand,they walked out to the bus stop in front of the school and headed downtown, Legoshi paid for their tickets and sat next to her. The two bob cats at the back of the bus came forward.”Look, she must be his pet!” Legoshi’s face got angry, Haru turned to the obnoxious bob cats.”Actually he’s my pet,and my pet doesn’t like when you bother me,in fact if you bother me he tends to get very mad,so mad in fact if you look closely you’ll see the scars he’s gotten from killing lions,and if you don’t believe me,then I feel sorry for you he tore their throats out.” The two bob cats immediately ran back to the seats they had left looks of terror on their faces. “Did you have to tell them I killed those lions?” “Yep look back at them now,do you think they wouldn’t have hurt me if they had gotten the chance to get me alone?”

Legoshi turned his face a look of intense hate,then he laughed at them. They made for the bus exit and piled out quickly falling over each other to get away from his laugh. “Legoshi that was just mean.” “So what,they deserved it for being assholes.” “Well I guess they did oh the next stop is ours.” Legoshi pulled the stop cord, and the driver let them off at the next stop. “Wow I like this neighborhood already.” Haru pointed to a nice park there was a large gazebo at its center and it looked like the place was home to a public garden. A push cart vender was calling for noodle bowls another was calling for ice cream, a third was calling for shaved flavored ice. “How about noodle bowls for lunch?” Haru nodded her agreement to that.”Sounds good.” Legoshi stopped the noodle seller and got them each a bowl. They sat in the park under a old spreading oak tree,in the cool shade, they enjoyed their lunch watching kids playing in the public pool.

“Hey mister is this cute girl your girlfriend?” Legoshi turned to see three kids, a rabbit kid,a red deer kid and a scruffy looking dog kid the dog kid looked like a girl but she was definitely a tomboy,he laughed. “The fine lady you see sitting next to me is my most dearest friend in this world.” The little dog girl made one of those disgusted noises in her throat eew gross boys are yucky how can you like him,bleh.” Haru started laughing. “You will like boys one day to, I mean look you already have boy friends don’t you?” The girl looked at her two friends,they were both boys she had always been friends with Kenji and Itachi,and recently she had actually started to notice boys more. “So, so what let’s go guys.” The three kids retreated to the garden. “Haru I like this neighborhood to.”

They found the duplex rental office and spoke to the office manager.”Sure we have four rentals open right now.” “We would like to see the one up front near the start of the complex we take public transportation, and attend Cherryton academy.” “Ah college lovers then,you two realize we have a strict policy against coed habitation it’s the same way all over the city for college students,we have been burned in the past by them, if you want to rent a place as a couple then we need proof I will need to see a marriage license,have a nice day.” Haru stared at the water buffalo’s retreating back. “So looks like I have to step up and say what I meant to say yesterday.” “Legoshi?” She turned to him,her heart started pounding,he had gotten down on one knee beside her. “Haru I love you, will you marry me?” Her face looked shocked, her hand came up and grabbed his shoulder.

Her pulse raced in her chest,her breathing came quicker,her face blushed a tear crept down her face. “Yes… yes ok I love you to Legoshi!” Her tears running down she buried her face in his chest. “Then I’ll be right back.” Legoshi went to the managers office he spoke to him again and the man came back out. “I’m sorry Ms I didn’t know you were newly weds looking for a place,we have never had a interspecies couple here, I didn’t realize it took getting a special license to marry, and you were waiting for your papers, follow me.” She just kept her mouth shut and took Legoshi’s hand as they followed the man down to the duplex.”Through here is the master bedroom you have an ensuite bathroom through here.” The walk through had been wonderful Legoshi liked the porch, Haru loved the kitchen,there was even a small fenced in back yard.“I love it Legoshi.” “We’ll take it,we’ll be back tomorrow with our paperwork.”

When they got to the bus stop Legoshi stopped and got down at her level again. “I didn’t want to ever do this but well I have to go to the bank and go into my safe deposit box,come on with me Haru,then we have to go to the courthouse.” Haru grabbed his hand tight. “Legoshi did you really mean what you said this wasn’t some trick to get a place to live you realize.” His kiss was hard and his arms went around her.”All true no lies about that ever.”He crushed her to him,she couldn’t believe what they had just said to each other. Legoshi pulled out his cell. “Tired of waiting on a bus were taking a cab. Legoshi sounded so mature his voice seemed deeper when he spoke to the cab company. “How long? Thank you, ten minutes Haru then we have important things to do.” 

The cab dropped them at the city bank,as they went inside an attendant came out for them. “What can I do for you sir?” Legoshi reached in his pocket, pulled out his wallet and handed the attendant a card. “Follow me sir,right this way.” They went through a locked door into a security room with tables in the middle. The man went to a row of security boxes and opened one,he brought back the large box inside. Legoshi got it open then smiled at Haru. “This was my grandmothers Haru she always said when I found the right woman I would know.” Legoshi put the ring on her finger, she stared at the beautiful gold ring.”Is that a diamond Legoshi?” “Yes I think my grandmother said it was a five carat diamond,set in a gold band,and this one was my grandfathers band.”Legoshi slipped a mans ring on his finger,he turned back to the box and pulled out a large envelop,he opened it and doled out the huge amount of cash into his hand.

“Legoshi that’s a lot of money, are you sure?” “This money is for us Haru, for us to do with for us to be happy and, and take a honeymoon with. My grandfather left this all to me and told me I would know when the time was right to use it,and that time is now for us.” Haru began to cry again. “I guess our resolve got the ultimate test didn’t it?” “I never planned to fail, you are mine Haru I can’t ever deny I have loved you since that first night, the first time I saw you across the quad standing in the darkness by yourself crying.” “So what’s our next move Legoshi?” “Now we go to the courthouse.” He called another cab,soon they were at the local courthouse, the clerk asked them why they were there and Legoshi told him. “Ah marriage ceremonies are court room 2 the fee is 75 I will need to verify your IDs and you will have to sign here and here.” “That’s all just a license fee and our identification?” “Yes sir that’s all that’s legally required to get married.”

He paid the clerk and they signed the license. “Take this with you the judge will fill in the last section and you will be legally married.” Haru reached for his hand,he could feel her shaking. “Last chance to back out Haru.” “Never, I’m to excited to back out of this now!” “Is that why you’re shaking you’re excited?” “Yes you idiot I’m about to get married it’s every girls dream to find the right person and find bliss,silly man.” “I thought it might be fear, but now that I think about it,my hearts beating fast to,Haru I didn’t plan to ask you this way,I wanted it to be romantic like under a full moon with soft music in the background I’m sorry it went like this.” “Don’t be an idiot I love you Legoshi, it doesn’t matter if it’s under the full moon or in a courthouse with a pair of legal witnesses and not surrounded by the people who are our friends.

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