Conqueror's paradise

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Please note while some characters are O.C. Characters a large number of the females in this series belong to other series such as final fantasy or marvel. So it will probably be only four or five girls i feature in this story but each one will get several chapters for their training. I will post at the start of each chapter who the girl is and who owns them.

Also note: this story includes a dragon beastman warlord making famous girl's into his personal toys as such these stories contain the following warnings. Rape, Impregnation, Pregnancy, Women being turned into cock hungry slaves, in some rare cases multiple women being used by said main character


I will not go so far as any kind of bodily function play, or gun/knife/ blood play (not condemning anyone who's into this stuff just not my thing.)


Lastly anyone who reads this is free to put their own chapters in the only thing I ask is that you send me your chapter via either messages on here or to I ask this mostly so i can make sure it doesn't conflict with what little lore i have.

With all that outta the way: Let's start the show Joker (exclusive catch phrase of persona 5 my fav jrpg ever and the sole property of atlas as such i do not own any rights to said phrase.)


Conqueror's paradise introduction chapter:


Ravijuri couldn't help smiling as he glared at the video screen in front of him with a glimmer of hope brewing in his mind. After countless weeks of running from those idiotic Galactic Alliance goons he'd finally managed to reach an uninhabited world. Out here on the very edge of space he could begin his experiments on making a paradise unlike any other so long as the good doctor he'd requisitioned actually came through on her promise. Sighing as he pushed a button on his chair there was a little feedback and then a new image appeared one of a blue skinned woman with silver hair and violet eyes working over a table.


“We've arrived doctor is the machine ready?” Ravi as he preferred to be called questioned as the young woman dropped her tool and saluted. Dark blue skin exposed for anyone to see it would have been enough to make just about every creature in the galaxy want her but for the warlord now turned exile she was just a tool. Still if the device proved faulty it wouldn't be the worst idea to keep her around for the more base needs that every male of his species needed to keep under control. Watching as she moved in front of the camera giving him a better view of her exposed breast and pussy the woman giggled at the look on her employer's face.


“Ready whenever you are milord.” She replied as the young woman gave a quick bow her tits jiggling as she moved. Nearly three years ago when he'd first hired the woman he'd explained that in his new paradise there would be no need for clothes and ever since then she'd been naked twenty-four seven. Unlike so many of the other “Geniuses” at her academy she'd been the one who first realized that despite his crass nature and the request he'd made of the young woman it was her only chance of getting the recognition she deserved.


“Good report to the bridge immediately and we can go from there.” Ravi explained as the young woman nodded in response before grabbing a small device on the nearby table. Making sure it was secured on what little clothing she was allowed which in reality was nothing more than a simple belt she made her way over to a small device on the floor. Stepping onto it there was a bright flash and the young woman appeared on the main deck of his ship every part of her body exposed for his lingering gaze.


“So that's our new paradise huh? Well it's got lots of forest and several water location's so I guess it will do.” She replied as the young woman noticed her employer's dark green scales glowing in the somewhat darkened lighting. Males of his species were known to glow in times of great happiness or arousal which considering what they had planned it was most likely both that was currently giving her an impressive light show. Grabbing the small device she placed it on the chair in front of him smiling as he looked it over several times as if it might exploded at any second before finally deciding it was safe for use.


“We'll go planet side and establish a base camp once that's accomplished you can explain how to use it.” Ravi explained as the young woman saluted once again her comfort with the situation almost enviable. Walking over to the shuttle bay he could see the woman enjoyed the idea of going with him to set up base camp understandable considering they had spent the better part of a year on that ship jumping from one star system to another. Boarding the somewhat pathetic looking shuttle the young warlord could already imagine what the planet would feel like under his claws and it was an exciting thought for sure.


“So any ideas on what you're going to do first?” She questioned as the young warlord nodded in reply. During their journey he'd been doing a lot of thinking and he'd decided it was important to get a social structure in place very early so there wouldn't be any questions about where anyone stood. Quick as lightning the warlord had pulled out a metal collar with a leash attached to it and clasped it in place around the scientist's throat. Much to his suprise the woman didn't even resist but instead made a somewhat lusty moan as she felt the cold metal against her skin before he yanked it pulling her down onto her knees.


“Sarellia you've done incredible work and you have my thanks for it but we can't be showing favorites and while you'll never be a lover for me this will make sure that when other men arrive they don't assume you're one of the common girls.” Ravi explained as the young woman gave him a wink saying it was understood they would never be together but if she wished it any man could own her but only if she desired it. After what seemed like an eternity the shuttle finally landed and the young warlord and his servant stepped out from the shuttle and onto the first solid ground either of them had felt in over a year.


“Well hopefully your lordship doesn't mind but I took a few liberties when designing the machine's actual effects so it's first one can be activated right now.” Sarellia replied grabbing the device pushing a button then placing it on the ground in front of them. After several flickers the device sprung to life and what had been mere forest was replaced by a massive pyramid fit for the king of a new paradise. Whistling in amusement the young warlord nodded that it could work before pulling on her leash and walking up the steps with her obediently following behind hoping that it was to his liking since he would ultimately rule this new land. Reaching the main chamber the young warlord couldn't help but start glowing once more as his eyes landed on the massive chair in the main room that would declare him ruler of this new kingdom.


“Maybe we'll have to renegotiate our terms after we've established the paradise so many have dreamed of but always been denied. Until then explain to me how this device of yours works.” Ravi growled his dragon like nature becoming evident as the young warlord's massive wings came out from their position at his back. When she'd first seen those wings countless years ago she'd assumed that every member of his species was that large in the wing department but after doing some research she quickly realized it wasn't the case. Only alphas possessed wings of that magnitude and it was clear to her that she'd chosen her new leader well after he'd torn an officer in two just for calling her an ego maniacal whore.


“Certainly your lordship well as you requested it can show you any number of worlds all teaming with beautiful women just ripe for your plucking. Once you've decided on a woman she will be transported here and the real work can begin.” Sarellia explained as the warlord pushed the button on her device and it sprang to life opening several portals. Watching as the images of beautiful women danced in front of him the young warlord could already see each and every one of them at his feet obediently worshiping his cock. Maybe a few of them would be resistant at first but that didn't matter to him after all what good was it if they all came ready to serve half the fun was making sure they understood their place at his feet as the new king's personal fuck slave. Grinning as he reached out and touched a portal he could feel a warm light spreading around him knowing it was just a matter of time before a new girl arrived just waiting to be enslaved

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