The maid of the Lord

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Disclaimer: Fictional story in AOT universe i not owner of aot licence and i didn't earn money with this story some spoiler be carefull

Act 1

Since the attack on the Shingashina Wall, life begins to be difficult for the poor who die of hunger, or are killed by the titans at the Maia wall, the only crime of his people, having lost everything because of the king and his costly war against the titan.

Aine, a 21-year-old, pretty red-haired woman with mid-length hair, being an orphan, her parents died during the attack on the wall of Shingashina when she was a teenager trying to survive as she little while working in an almost empty tavern

One day while cleaning, customers, two businessmen, entered the tavern, she served them food and drink and discreetly listened to their conversation.

"Ah! This Lord Carson anyway, he's not about to starve him "

"No it's safe, he gets rich thanks to the war against titans, he's smart"

"Besides, did you see all her pretty maids? All almost naked, he's lucky! He has one more each time we come! "

"Yes they just had their maid dress, but it covered neither their breasts nor their pussy or their butts, this Carson, he can afford what he wants"

"At least his women are safe from danger and they do not die of hunger"

"You're right, good go we have the road"

The customers left, Aine still thinking about what she had heard, she was poor and was afraid that one day she would not be able to eat because of the tavern going bankrupt, or was she going to sleep?

She took advantage of the absence of the owner of the tavern to leave, the Lord Carson did live far, in Sina wall, his grand mansion was a day of walking, with a little luck she would be there for the next day

The next morning Aine arrived in front of the big portal of the Carson mansion, suddenly the porter who was in a cabin called to him

"Excuse me miss, but it's private property here. What do you want ? "

"Well, I heard that the Lord is looking for maids to maintain his great mansion"

"Ah ah! Yes indeed, to maintain the manor and himself ah ah! Very good to enter miss, I phone Madame de Vouvray, the hostess and maids "

Aine entered the courtyard of the manor, there was a garden as far as the eye could see and the manor was made of brick and old stone, ivy climb on certain parts of the walls, a woman was waiting in the distance, Aine s' approached her.

It was Madame de Vouvray, the mistress of the house, accompanied by two maids who were exactly as the customers had decried them, they had a black maid dress which was open at the breast level with a white band, to make it fit the navel level, the dress had a wide opening on the front leaving pubic hairy maids, at the back there was a ribbon-shaped bow white, the butt, also have an opening that made them visible.
Finally, she had white tights that went up to the thighs had red ballerinas like shoes, they also had a necklace with a medal, their name was written on it

Madame de Vouvray was a pretty, fair-haired, short-haired blond woman, at the same time strict but fair, she wore a long pink dress, she was at the direction of the servants of the Lord. She took the floor

"So it's the young woman who wants to become a servant? "

" Yes Madam "

"Yes Madame de Vouvray!,the respect young girl! "

"Yes, Madame de Vouvray, excuse me"

"Well, are you sure you want to work with us here, we search for vagabonds here, but hardworking women who obey all orders! "

"Yes, Madame de Vouvray"

"Well, let's see that, follow me! "

Aine entered the manor with the lady of the house, the interior was beautiful, the red tapestry which served as a path for the different rooms of the manor, as well as on the stairs, Aine arrived in the office of Madame de Vouvray

"Sit down! "

Aine sat on a chair in front of Madame de Vouvray's desk

"I imagine who you've heard a lot about this place, the way our maids live, about the tasks they have to do"

"Yes, Madame de Vouvray"

"Including ... .the favors of the Lord ... all favors ..."

"Yes, Madame de Vouvray, but I am ready and willing, I want to work especially in this difficult time"

"Well, well, you're hiring, you'd be paying 2 gold and 86 silver coins a month, of course meals and accommodation is offered to you"

"It's a hell of a lot, I accept"

"Hm, now let's get to the rules and your outfit was following me"

Aine followed the mistress again to the locker room, she was given her servant's uniform, she took him in his arms

"So what were you waiting for, we get dressed"

"Uh yes, sorry to Madame de Vouvray"

"Madame will suffice ... and do not forget to give me your clothes and especially your pants, they are prohibited to the maids. "

Aine had put on his uniform, he let appear her big breasts, her pubis with her red hair and small butt very firm and rounded.

"Well now the rules! "

The hostess told him the table with the rules

"I leave you 5 minutes to learn them"

"Good lady"

Aine began to read the rules:

- Rule N ° 1: Mandatory Uniform
- Rule N ° 2: Obey the orders of Madame de Vouvray or the Lord
- Rule N ° 3: The desires of the Lord are orders
- Rule N ° 4: I do not speak who if I am allowed
- Rule N ° 5: Any breach of the rules and severely punished
- Rule N ° 6: No rivalry or competitions with other maids will be tolerated

"Here is your medals with your name, well, follow me"

Aine followed the hostess and fell on a young man, rather frail and shy, but who looked nice, he had short black hair and a butler outfit

"Aine, this is Naoto, a young butler"

"Uh..hello Aine"

"Hello Naoto"

Naoto was embarrassed at the attributes of the young woman, Aine did not care about having her body practically bare unveiled.

"I will introduce you to the Lord, do not forget the rules, do not speak unless the Lord allows you"

" Yes Madam "

The mistress knocked on the Lord's door and Aine went back into his study, it was large and spacious, with large windows, tapestry and large oak desk, on the side of the room, there was a funny furniture with lots of bells that were connected to the various quarters of the servants, each had the name of a maid so that the Lord could call one outside working hours.

"My Lord, here is Aine, a new servant at your disposal"

"Ah, nice and welcome, Aine"

"Delighted Master"

The Lord was rather old, he had gray hair behind and a big mustache, he looked kind

"I'm eager to get to know you Aine,"

"Me too Master"

"Madame de Vouvray make sure that a bell has its name ready for the day! I must let you go about your business I must meet business partners »

"At your orders my Lord it will be done"

The two women come out of the Lord's office

"Just one things Aine"

" Yes Madam ? "

"If ever one day, for various reasons, you have to return to the Lord's office and see that his crotch is free of all clothing, it is because the Lord seeks that his desires be satisfied, by you or another, I hope I do not teach you anything? "

"No madam, I told you I'm motivating! "

"Satisfy all your desires without disobeying and everything will be fine! "

Aine and De Vouvray continued the visit, Aine discover its neighborhoods, which is located under the roof, she shared with other maids despite a very small single room. A bell that was connected at the top of each bed of maids to be called.

She met Eichel, a long-haired black-haired servant with small breasts, Rina, a light-haired long-haired maid with big breasts and rather round shapes, and Soey, a small, slender, very slightly mixed-sex servant. curly black hair and blue-eyed, she had very small pointed breasts and small butt.

"Here is your team working I let you know, they will explain your daily tasks"

Aine began to make acquaintances then began work to keep the entire manor clean.

When the evening came to bed Aine did not regret her choice, at least she was safe and was very well paid. But as soon as he fell asleep, Aine's bell rang

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