The Rape of Misty

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You watched her from afar, the girl and her friends saving your town from those rocket grunts. The mayor had even offered them permanent residence for what they had done, but they were drifters on a journey.

That made it easier for you. Animals were one thing, as they were suspicious and jumpy, always ready to fight or flight; but tracking humans wasn't difficult. They never think someone is following them, unless they had a reason to suspect as such - and what did they have to fear? The town loved them and thought of them as heroes...

The trek was long, knowing of the village they were heading towards. They seemed quite experienced at this, despite being kids, they could walk quite a ways. They really had no idea you were 50 paces away, as they sometimes just stopped to admire the scenery, but it was going to be dark soon and they had started to setup camp near a stream, a bonus to you in helping cover your sounds, which also reminded you to take a swig from your canteen.

You'd only have to wait a couple hours.

Pushing branches from your face, the scene was peaceful as you approached. All of them out like a light, including the rat.

Even sleeping, she was beautiful, as you watched her hair go through shades of red and orange as the fire crackled, her mouth open, silently breathing.

You had to have her.

Your fingernails became dirty as they sunk into the earth beneath her neon pink sleeping bag. You were careful with no snap movements, lifting her with no strain. What was she? Forty? Fifty pounds? Your neck craned down towards her, as you imagined your lip against her listless features, but kept yourself in check. You'd be doing more than that soon, as you twisted back and carried her like a princess off into the woods, away from the trio's camp site.

You were a little paranoid about being followed, swiveling back once or twice to make sure, but you knew you were in the clear once you had descended into a valley you had mentally picked out as the spot you'd commit the deed. 

You placed her between twin pines, as if she were a sacrifice.

Your sacrifice.

You peeled at the zipper, almost teasingly so. 'Tick, tick, tick' the zipper clicked, as it crawled from tooth to tooth. Fully down one way, you were almost clinical in its removal, as you moved the flap to the side, revealing her young body like she were on a slab in a morgue.

The sudden exposure must have alerted her, as she stirred awake with a girlish and quiet moan.

You had a hold of her face before she could even blink.

"You might not remember me, but I remember you." You felt her pretty lips suck in the palm of your hand as you covered her mouth, as her large and shaking green eyes looked up to you. Misty searched for details, but the darkness kept you obscure. You were just a figure to her. The only thing she could see was that gleam in your eye; like the one you had when you first saw her. "I'm going to release my hand, but just remember: Nobody will hear you."

The moment you let her go, she was all fire and brimstone. "WHAT ARE YOU, CRAZY!? GET OFF ME YOU PERVERT!" Her body bucked, her legs kicked, her arms and hands swiped in several thrashes towards your visages.

Yet she was nothing to you, her arms and legs like matchsticks or twigs, ready to be snapped. Despite her protests, you knew she wanted this; her already short jeans that were proudly displaying those perfectly long legs, and with the way they were rolled up at the cuffs, she exposed even more of her peachy thighs to any strange gawker. Not to mention that light yellow, midriff exposing, tanktop. She was a slutty little girl that needed to be punished.

You raised your hand.

The smack you delivered sent her reeling. You could see how much it stung with the squinting she was doing, as she buried her cheek into the softness of her sleeping bag. Once she had collected herself, her face and head eventually rolled back into place with the motion of an automaton, looking back up at you, and you could see that it had drained all the color from her. 

You smirked.

You unclasped one of her suspender clips before watching it fly back, with Misty reacting to it, her twitchy irises moving back and forth at rapid pace, as it landed in the grass above her head. You pulled on the other now limp noodle of the remaining front suspender before manually throwing it above her other shoulder in an insulting fashion.

Those short shorts of hers lost their tight grip on her lower half, her pair of frilly, pink and white panties cresting at the top, and you begun to slide your hand down her underwear. Her body slithered underneath you, as her thighs began to close, which was her last ditch effort to stop you. You pulled her limbs apart, as you massaged your hand over her stringy thigh, which was like a dolls, as the weightiest thing attached was that red and white sneaker shoe of hers. In fact the only place that had any sort of body fat were those tiny, mosquito bites she called tits.

You pressed your hand against her toned little tummy, which was svelte like a ballerinas, holding her in place with one hand, nearly able to wrap your whole hand around her middle. The entrance was a pair of little fleshy bumps, so tightlipped and fragile feeling, a young flower that could easily be trampled by your cock. She was so smooth... so soft... so pure... you jabbed against it with several tries, before landing a successful barrier bypass that squished. Misty squirmed against you, her chin darting up as you churned her insides. You took it out, a layer of her film now rested past the knuckle on your pinky finger, still warm.

"Please don't, I beg you, I'll do anything else... because there's somebody I'm in love with, so please-" She was mousey now; there was no more fight left in this formerly uppity brat by the sound of it.

You fishhooked her while she spoke, and tossed her pleas aside. "So what?" Acting as a wedge, you had nails bigger than her teeth. Her mouth drooled all over your fingers; her hot breath on your now soggy and cold digits, with a glazed over look in her eyes. You retracted them and watched her wince as you rained kisses on the side of her face, which made you want to kiss her more. "I know you gave your friend wanting eyes, but I hope you did something with him, because I'm gonna be your first time." You reveled in knowing she'd always remember this moment between you and her.

Your kisses gave way to your tongue, as you slimed it along her cheek. It was large and powerful, forcing its way down her mouth with no way for her to fight back. Her jaw wasn't even able to bite down on it. "MmPhmMph-NNNUH-NO!" Her muffled voice faked a retching noise, but it did little to dissuade you. You tasted fear and maybe cherry lipbalm, but not vomit.

Taking her by her spritely shoulders, she pathetically held onto her shorts all the way, trying to retain an ounce of modesty and dignity before you forced her up against a large trunk, as Misty braced herself in the move, pushing off it; her very slim spaghetti legs barely supporting her; very slim, they lead to an even smaller body. 

You stripped her of that already loose clothing, letting it fall to her ankles. Her last vestige of protection clung to her hips, the cotton candy and white stripes wrapped snugly around her pelvis, the color scheme making her seem even younger, like she was too old to be wearing underwear like that. It had to have been embarrassing for her.

It was going to get worse.

Tugging at each side, your knuckles grazed against her goosebump laden hip bones, before you let go and snapped the elastic, leaving it ruffled up like an artificial bridge of cotton between her thighs. You could now see her ass drenched in cold sweat, and what little moonlight made it through the trees reflected off her in a sheen. Her young pale form was even paler here in a V shape, the lack of a tan highlighting parts of her body.

You dipped your tongue into her peachy colored labia, as you spread what little ass cheeks she had and you came face to face with her pink little asshole and watched it tighten and flex, your nose maybe an inch away. She stiffened up, and you could see her back arch as you lathered up her cunny. There was a metallic taste with a slight tinge of urine to it, either out of fear of you or she had a really long day. You didn't see her bathe in the stream...

She whined and cried in hot spurts, unable to start, unable to stop, the breath always getting caught in her throat. You just laid kisses between each individual cheek, telling her to shush and that it'd be over soon - but you were just prepping her for the next step, as your tongue swirled against her inoffensive tasting, dime sized hole.

Leaving her with a gob of your spit before you stood, you barely could contain yourself as you then pressed your manhood against her starfish, teasing the entrance. "You can't do that! Your thing is too big for that!" She squealed out with a wagging head, which made you want to do it more. Yet you knew she was right, and it'd take quite a bit of patience for you to slip in. You focused deeply, hand on her back and one on her hip, as you drove her heart shaped ass down into your groin, and with every inch you wormed your way in past, she complained. "Hnnngh! Noooo... please... stop!" As you reached the apex of your penetration, Misty was nothing more than shallow breathing and whimpers at this point.

"Ready?" You didn't leave her much time to respond as you punctuated it with a jab into her guts, letting her know how much of you was now inside her before you began fucking her. You watched the repeated motions of watching yourself disappear. She held onto the tree for dear life, her face jammed, rubbing up against gnarled bits that splintered off in chips onto her cheek, looking over her shoulder with a single wet eye, judging you. You reminded her of who was in charge, as you began slapping her globes and leaving them like reddened apples, as she let out a surprised yelp every time you did so. "Hey... I'm doing you a favor little lady..." You grunted. "The other way would damage that pretty young twat of yours."

With the poor girl basically speared on you, you twisted her on your cock. Her knees were now resting above her head, with her thighs at her sides looking a little chubby, as the soles of her red running shoes went slack against your shoulders, and as you renewed your efforts, the rubber scraped with each thrust. Those jade eyes of hers hit the ceiling while gritting her teeth in a furious bite. As you watched her preteen pussy start to gush, your fingers then began to rub her slit, getting them sticky with her juices. She was in love with what you were doing, but would be too proud to admit it - her face and body told the whole story though as you screwed her stupid.

You beat your orgasm into her, watching her neck almost fold as you pinned her in a sandwich between yourself and the aged bark, firing off your load inside her depths as you locked lips with her again for a false kiss that meant nothing. Her cavity felt like it could barely contain your cock and your cum together all at once, as you felt a pressure, but as it turned out, the little slut was just milking your cock with her ring with minute squeezes. You stood like that, holding her up for awhile, letting her feel all of it, a smug look on your face, while she looked dead inside, before you set her back down, leaving her with a wide and gaping hole. Shaking like a leaf, her knees quaking, she collapsed with a slide. You then watched her begin to squirt out your thick cum in bursts, then a slow drool. 

Misty laid in the tall grass, hot tears pouring down her face; a hint of anger like it was her own fault. It was rare she ever thought twice about this journey with Ash - but this was one of those times.

Her eyes searched, catching sight of you putting your pants back on methodically, a satisfied look to it, like you were done for today.

You then stepped over her.

She hadn't noticed before, but the trees extended far into the sky, and from her perspective, you looked like a giant. She wondered if you wanted more from her, but instead, you raised your fist. Misty shut her eyes on reflex. She waited for it, expecting it. Her last moment alive and she was cowering like a little girl.

Then nothing.

When she opened them again, expecting your outline in the sky, you were no longer there.  

Misty was off in a flash. She ran deep into the forest, half of her naked, her shorts tucked to her chest, too scared to even try to put them back on. Her scampering and awkward run uncaring for the sticks and thorns that laid in wait like traps, swiping and slashing across her thighs and knees, amassing red lines all over her nudity.

It was too much for her, as she fell, her legs splintering as she landed dumbly, hips spread, the hot cum from her assailant pouring from her orifice like it was her Staryu's water attack onto the greenery, a burning sensation now flowing as well. She imagined you coming up behind her and re-engaging, which was enough motivation for her to get up and get going again.

It wasn't long till she saw it... her camp... her sanctuary...

Stumbling near the now extinguished fire, she shook Ash. She shook him like her life depended on his waking.

"Whuh? Misty? Is it morning already?" Ash managed to look and sound stupider than usual, but even he could see the look of desperation on her face. "Misty... what's wrong?"

"Ash... please... make love to me." She nearly started bawling, as a cocktail of her blood and your seed trickled down her thigh.

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