We Can't Keep Doing This

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We Can’t Keep Doing This.


Smutty fic - In other words, I’m going to hell and if you read this, I guarantee you’re coming with me.

But I love smut, it’s my favourite thing to write.

Levi X OC

Contains strong swears throughout



Sad? Maybe? If you have a heart.

Maybe become a 2 part one shot... might not... haven’t decided yet



The air left my lungs at the sudden, rough impact of my back being slammed mercilessly into the wall behind me. Instantaneously, my hands gripped the tough, leathery material in front of me, gripping strong, muscular arms through the thick fabric. I swallowed thickly, drawing fresh air into my lungs sharply as I felt his lips latch onto the sensitive skin of my neck. One of his hands found refuge in my hair, gripping it so tightly I thought he might actually rip it out from the roots, while the other squeezed at my side, promising to leave bruises in the morning.

It was always like this with Levi. It was always desperate. Rough. Demanding. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I grit my teeth when I felt him bite at my neck, tongue dragging over the abused flesh before he gave a particularly hard suck and moved, taking my earlobe into his mouth. I shivered. I could feel myself growing wet from his ministrations already, and he had barely touched me. He bit again, though softer this time, eliciting a strained moan from my lips as the hand that was in my hair moved to grab roughly at my chin. His whole hand wrapped around my jawline as he forcefully thrust my head back, not caring that it collided with the wall with a resounding thump. As long as he got better access.

I managed to pry my eyes open for a brief second as I panted for breath. Grabbing his jacket roughly I shoved it off his shoulders with force as he continued to assault my neck with his fiery kisses. I heard the piece of clothing hit the floor and immediately slid my fingers under the straps of his harnesses, pushing them aside before my fingers reached up for his cravat. I heard him chuckle darkly against my neck as my finger slipped inside, giving it a rough tug and allowing it to fall to the floor.

“Somebody is eager today.” His voice made my cunt twitch. His breath ghosting over my ear as he released my face, opting instead to grip tightly at my wrist, pinning it to the wall by my head, taking the other one and pinning it before I had chance to react.

“Fuck you.” I spat, twisting my body as I attempted to overpower him. He just smirked, biting again at my neck as punishment. I gasped, the pain almost unbearable. Almost.

“Hmm, you’d like that wouldn’t you? Tell me again how much you want it.” I moaned. My mind was completely clouded over with lust. He knew exactly how to get to me. And I hated him for it. Releasing my wrists he took a couple of steps back, observing me silently.

“Well?” he asked, his fingers swiftly unbuttoning his shirt. I just stared. It was all I could manage at the moment as my eyes raked over the beautiful man in front of me. His black hair framing his perfect face. Those amazing silver orbs, darkened with emotion as he stared right back at me. Alabaster skin covering tight muscles underneath. The man was a god, no doubt about it.

His fingers toyed with the button of his white uniform trousers before popping it open and my breathing hitched. He was painfully hard. There was no denying he wanted this just as much as I did, if not more. So why tease me about it? Prick.

Without thinking I launched myself off the wall and jumped at Levi, wrapping my legs around his waist and arms around his neck as I locked my lips to his in an intense and passionate kiss. My hand held his face in place as both of his hands locked underneath me, holding me in position. Electricity coursed through my body as my tongue met his, sliding along the thick muscle and tasting him. Delicious. I bit gently at his bottom lip before kissing him roughly again. He groaned into my mouth, squeezing my body tighter to him as he easily held my weight and began walking with me in his arms.

I didn’t care where he was taking me, focused solely on just kissing him. It was rare for me to initiate a kiss from him, and I knew it had taken him by surprise. But I was done with the idle chit chat. I needed him, and I needed him now.

“Levi, take me.” I whispered as I pulled away and looked into his shimmering silver orbs. His eyes narrowed for a second before I heard him kick the door open behind me, crossing the threshold to his bedroom. He kicked the door shut behind him and took another few steps before he threw me, none too carefully on the bed. My body bounced twice before stilling and I growled lightly at him.

“Idiot.” I hissed but he just smirked at me, shrugging off his shirt and reaching towards me. He gripped both my ankles and dragged me across the bed before he leant down over me hair tickling my shoulders as he placed deep kisses along my neck again. I tilted my head back and hummed, relishing in the feeling and allowing him more access to my neck as my hands explored his body for the hundredth time.

I loved the way the muscles in his back flexed as he moved. I loved how he couldn’t stop shivering when my nails grazed so gently along his sensitive sides and stomach. The way his breathing trembled. The way he hissed and threw his head back when I dug into his skin, or pinched his nipples too hard. I loved it all.

His hands quickly got to work, pushing my straps aside and gripping the hem of my shirt, pulling it over my head carelessly and throwing it to the side somewhere in the dark room. My body was assaulted by just how cold the temperature of the room was and I hissed when he pushed me back down on the bed, my hot skin connecting with the icy sheets. But he didn’t care. With one hand he undid my trousers, grabbing both my trousers and my underwear with both hands and yanking them down as far as they would go with my boots still on. Then he stopped and kneeled down, tugging off my boots, straps and my bunched up trousers and knickers.

I felt oddly exposed like this and made to sit up and grab him, wanting to bring him back to me, but he stopped me. As I sat up his arm shot out, cold hand seizing my throat with such force it literally took my breath away. His eyes fixed on mine. His eyes shone with dark intent. I don’t think I’d ever seen him look so dangerous in all my life.

“Don’t you fucking move.” He all but snarled at me and I felt my heart race. But I wouldn’t surrender so easily. I brought my arm underneath his and with as much force as I could, smacked his arm away with my own. I realised it had worked too late because within a split second, his other hand was gripping my throat again and he brought me closer, leaning up to meet me. He grunted at my action and fisted his other hand in the back of my hair, snapping my head back fiercely.

“I said, don’t. Fucking. Move, brat.” His voice dripping with venom. I could feel tears welling in my closed eyes from the pain. But still my heart raced. Still my arousal grew. I swallowed thickly and attempted to nod my head. He noticed my gesture and released the grip in my hair, forcing me back down onto my back. His fingers dug behind the backs of my knees and he pulled me closer to the edge of the bed.

His soft fingers trailed around to the front of my knees and he forced my legs open, hands now gliding up my thighs. I could barely control my breathing. My heart hammering against my ribcage as I felt my anticipation grow. I needed to feel him inside me so desperately.

“Look at you, soaking wet already. I haven’t even touched you yet.” His finger teased my slit as he spoke to me and my eyes rolled. I sunk my teeth into my bottom lip to avoid any sounds from spilling. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of hearing me whimper from such a basic touch. I heard Levi click his tongue at me disapprovingly.

“Such a filthy little slut, you’re so desperate for my dick right now aren’t you?” his finger glided back down, running backwards and forwards over my dripping wet core. My whole body was burning up. I forced my eyes open to look down at Levi. Our eyes locked and he smirked at me, clearly waiting for a response.

“Levi...” I moaned, trying to convey exactly what I wanted without outright telling him.

“Say it.” He commanded and I felt my pussy twitch from his tone. Fuck. I writhed on the bed, a total mess but I didn’t care. Christ this was unbearable. Levi smirked at my reluctance and instead, lowered his head to my dripping cunt. My eyes widened at the scene in front of me and I shook my head, sitting up to try and grab him. Levi caught each of my wrists in his hands and pinned them to the side, holding them roughly against the mattress as he looked up at me with lust. I tried to close my legs, but with his head and shoulders already in between them there was not much I could do.

This was totally unlike Levi. We had had sex a lot sure, but this... this was uncharted territory.

“Say it.” He whispered. I bit my lip hard.

“Levi, please...” he cocked an eyebrow at me, smirk on his lips as he scoffed. I felt his hot breath against my heated, sensitive skin.

“Please?” he asked incredulously. Almost not believing the word had actually left my mouth. I licked my lips and swallowed. I opened my mouth to say more but Levi cut me off.

“Ok then, brat.” And without any further warning he dragged his tongue over my cunt, grip on my wrists tightening simultaneously to stop me from escaping.

My back arched, head thrown back as a loud moan ripped from my throat. If Levi didn’t have a vice like grip on my wrists I’m sure I would have collapsed back on the bed. Instead he held tight, not allowing me to break away in anyway. His tongue slid around my clit in soft lazy motions, drawing more soft gasps and moans from my lips. I couldn’t deny he looked fucking good like this. On his knees, head in between my legs. What a fucking sight.

Cautiously, he loosened his grip on my wrists, waiting for what I would do, should he be kind enough to let me go. Slowly I tugged one wrist free, his grip on the other tightening in warning as he gave a particularly rough lick to the sensitive bud between my legs.

“Ah!” I cried out, gasping for breath, feeling so lost in pleasure right now that nothing else mattered. I placed my free hand to the back of his head, gently running my fingers through his hair and clenching my fingers into fists, pulling at his hair tenderly. He hummed against my swollen clit, returning to his softer motions as he released my other hand, deciding I could be trusted to behave.

His hands now free, they went to my thighs, forcing them open wider before lifting them and placing them on his shoulders. Then his arms slipped under my legs, resting on top of my hips and he pulled me down, forcing my pussy further onto his waiting mouth. One of his hands gripped the mound of flesh between my legs, forcefully manoeuvring it to expose my clit to him even more and the new sensations made me scream. I let go of his hair and collapsed back onto the mattress, both my hands gripping my own hair as wave after wave of pleasure wracked my body. His lips softly enveloped my clit and he gave a soft suck, making my back arch off the bed and my thighs tighten around his neck. I was so fucking close.

He must have sensed my orgasm was near, because he slipped two fingers into my hot cavern, curling his fingers up and began stroking my g-spot as he continued to suck mercilessly at my clit.

My body gave up and euphoria washed over my whole body. I gripped his bedsheets tightly, arching my back as my whole body convulsed sporadically.

When I felt Levi move away from me I finally opened my eyes. He held my eye contact as he unzipped his trousers, inching them down and revealing his hard cock. He trailed his fingers over the tight flesh, covering himself in the slick moisture of my own juices and hissed slightly. My mouth watered at the breathtakingly sight. Levi certainly knew how to get a reaction from me. He smirked at me.

“I’m not sure you can handle another round, princess.” He teased, glancing at me, his eyes smiling. I bit my lip hard at the rarely used pet name and I sat up and reached for him. He allowed it this time, cupping my face and kissing me passionately as I quickly helped him out of his remaining clothes. I could still taste myself on his lips as his tongue curled around mine.

“Let’s find out.” I gasped and I pulled him closer. He leaned over me, settling in between my legs as he moved to kiss my neck, leaving more angry looking marks in his wake. My hand at his side clenched tightly, eliciting a deep groan from him and I dragged my nails across his beautiful skin. He glared at me, his hand finding it’s way into my hair as he smashed our lips together in a bruising kiss.

I kissed him back, pulling him so close to me. I felt him shift only slightly, and felt his leaking tip press teasingly against my soaked entrance. I pulled away from his lips, needing to get more oxygen into my lungs and he moved to kiss my cheek tenderly.

“You want this?” he whispered against my skin, breath tickling and causing me to shiver as he so gently, so slowly pressed his cock against me. My pussy swallowed the tip of his dick greedily, but it was nowhere near enough. I tried to thrust my hips up to him but his other hand held me firmly in place.

“Tell me.” He whispered again, slowly pulling back away. Fuck, he was such a tease! Such a little shit.

“I want you Levi.” I gasped as I felt his hard cock enter me again. He smirked, nipping playfully at my ear.

“How much? How much do you want me right now?” he slowly sheathed himself inside me and I could tell he was fighting back from just fucking me senseless. His breathing was ragged, his body trembling at the feeling of my hot pussy around his hard cock.

“Levi, please... I need you. Please, fuck me. Make me yours.” I wasn’t thinking straight. My mind still hazy from lust and my previous orgasm. He chucked.

“Good girl.” He groaned and we both felt my cunt tighten from the praise. His smile widened as he cocked an eyebrow at me.

“Sh-shut up! Get on with it.” I spat viciously. Luckily, I didn’t need to tell him twice. Grabbing my right leg he hooked it over his shoulder, his fingers digging into my calf as he held me in place. His other hand released my hair and opted for grabbing my throat. He put so much pressure on my neck, ultimately using that arm to hold his body up so most of his body weight was crushing my windpipe. I gripped his wrist tightly, my other arm locking around his neck. I needed something to hold on to, something to keep me grounded.

He withdrew and thrust back inside with an incomprehensible force. He set a fast and unyielding pace, fucking me with reckless abandon. I cried out, a mix of intense pleasure and unbelievable pain. My eyes closed at the familiar feeling, relishing every single second. Levi’s eyes were trained to my face, watching my every slight movement, drinking in every moan, every slight furrow of my eyebrows, every sharp intake of breath. He gave me his all, not relenting for a second.

I needed more air. I couldn’t take a full breath with his hand wrapped around my neck, especially while he was fucking the life out of me the way he was. I squeezed his wrist quickly and forced my eyes to lock onto his. The emotion running through them was intoxicating. The desire, the need, the love. I squeezed my eyes shut and squeezed his wrist again. He moved this time, releasing my neck and leaning closer, hand now going for the leg that wasn’t practically around his neck and forcing it down, almost ripping my body in two as he forced my legs into unreal positions.

I gasped loudly, panting to fill my lungs with air as I dug my nails into his bicep. He groaned, looking down into my face. His soft black hair hung down, only slightly covering his beautiful eyes. His skin was slick with sweat. He looked absolutely breath-taking.

I bit my lip and looked away, but latched both arms around him, pulling him closer. He immediately locked his lips to mine, his pace on my body never faltering for even a second. Levi was a man of many talents, but this was my personal favourite. I sunk my teeth into his bottom lip violently and he shook above me, dipping his head to place another ferocious bite to my neck. My whole body stiffened and he let out another guttural groan as my walls tightened around him.

“Fuck...” he panted and I moaned loudly. Hearing him like this always drove me wild. Seeing him come undone, lose all composure was something I lived for.

“I’m close.” He whispered and I smiled softly. I clung to him as I felt my own orgasm fast approaching.

“Me too... keep going.” I locked my leg around his back, pulling him closer to me and allowing him to thrust as he wanted into me. He gasped but continued moving, completely giving in to the pleasure he was feeling. I reached my peak first, screaming his name into the room, my cunt clenching around him in spasms and a couple of seconds later, he followed.

“Fuck!” he all but bellowed. I felt his cock twitch inside me, his body trembling, seizing up before going completely lax. He panted above me, trying to regain his composure. For a moment, everything stopped. We were both silent, save for our heaving breathing. I felt him pull out of me and immediately collapse by my side, lying on his back, arm draped across his tired eyes. I licked my lips and closed my eyes, waiting for the feeling in my legs to return.

Levi let out a long sigh and I felt his fingers stroke tenderly at my shoulder.

“Are you alright?” he asked, his monotone voice returning. I looked at him. I could see the concern in his eyes, but I brushed it off.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I replied. As if I were responding about the weather. I saw his eyes narrow slightly at my nonchalant answer and I looked away, pulling myself into a sitting position. I stretched, rubbing my neck slightly and regretted it almost instantly. I winced from the pain touching the abused skin had caused. Levi, never missing a thing, moved closer and touched my cheek, pressing so as to get a better look at my neck. I smacked his hand away.

“I said I’m alright.” My tone was firm, but I didn’t look at him. I pushed myself off the bed and reached for my clothes, pulling on my knickers and trousers. The room filled with that uncomfortable silence we both hated. Levi stood suddenly. I didn’t even glance at him as I reached for my shirt, not bothering with the harnesses.

“Are you going to go now?” his voice shook me. I kept my gaze forward as I pulled on my shirt.

“Is there anything else?” I asked, sarcasm dripping from my voice.

“You could stay.” His voice was so soft. So hopeful. I couldn’t stand it. I licked my lips as I pulled on my boots, choosing to try and ignore him. Not that he would have that.

“Illyria.” I sighed and looked over my shoulder at him. He stood by the window, leaning against it, dressed in his trousers but nothing else. His shimmering gun metal eyes pierced so deep into my soul.

“For what?” I asked flippantly. We both knew the answer. We both knew exactly who was at fault here. But neither of us said it. His eyes hardened considerably.

“Are you serious?” he snapped back, voice still even. I scoffed and turned away, fixing my hair quickly before I stood and picked up my harness, heading for the door.

“We can’t keep doing this.” I froze when I heard his voice again. I pressed my lips together and tilted my head back a little in frustration. I looked at him again. His arms folded across his chest, head slightly lowered, but still his eyes met mine without him even having to move. It was as though he were watching me intently the entire time.

can’t keep doing this.” He corrected himself, putting extreme emphasis on the start of his sentence. I knew exactly what he was saying. I knew he was right. He couldn’t keep doing this. To himself. But I’d be damned if I acknowledge the severity of his words. So I gave a small nod.

“Ok. I understand. I’m sure I can get pretty good dick from that Jaeger kid. Just let me know when you want out.” His face showed no emotion whatsoever but I hadn’t expected him to. I hadn’t said it for a reaction after all. I turned my back to him and left the room, striding across his office and to the other door, opening it and stepping out into the corridor without a pause.

It was always like this with Levi. I knew he had developed some sort of feelings for me, especially so during our little trysts. And I knew that over time, those feelings had become stronger, that he wanted more from me than what I gave.

It was incredibly selfish of me to deprive him so coldly. I knew that. He gave me everything I asked for, committing everything to memory so as to always give me exactly what I want. I knew it was cruel to carry on the way I was with him. I knew it would only be a matter of time before he finally cracked and said enough was enough. Maybe that night had finally come. Maybe not. And try as I might, I can’t deny that there is some feeling there that I have for him. But I keep it buried down deep inside. It surfaces only occasionally, usually during our sexual encounters, but it’s locked away again the very next minute.

Because I can’t allow myself to fall for anyone. Not during these desperate times. Not when death is imminent for everybody. Not when letting someone close just means more heartbreak further down the line. It’s just too dangerous.

I know Levi loves me. I just can't care.


Whew... So...

How many of you thought Levi was going to be the cold, callous bastard?


My heart broke for him a little bit I’m not gonna lie.

Read and Review!

Should I make the second part? Thoughts?

Much love


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