The King's Women

BY : Niktoi
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“Ah… Ah… You’re so deep inside me, Luffy!” Nami moaned as she grabbed the bed sheets she was laying on while her captain was holding her thighs, and moving back and forth, making his meat hit her womb with each thrust.


Nami panted as she tried to keep her moans down not to wake the other guys up, who were sleeping in the room beside hers. They had been doing this for days since her sister and her had sex with him. Nami was happy that she could have him all for herself, but it was getting hard to keep it secret. Moreover, handling him wasn’t easy. He wasn’t only strong and well equipped, but he was also a fast-learner. They did it multiple times already, she could see he enjoyed it as much as she did. However, she didn’t even know if he liked her, if it meant anything for him. Did he think she was beautiful? Did he think she smelled good? Did he think she was smart, kind or generous? She didn’t even know anything but her own feelings.


She released another moan as his cock slammed against her womb again, making her body jerk back as her boobs bounced up and down.


“Oh, god… It’s so good! D-Do you like it too, Luffy?” She asked between breaths as Luffy smiled at her.


“Yeah! It’s great!” He snickered while Nami let go of the sheets and placed a hand on his cheek.


“Kiss me, then,” She purred as she brought his face closer, bringing their lips together. He quickly wrapped his tongue around hers, and easily so thanks to his fruit! That always made Nami wonder what could he possibly do more during their time together; she had a good imagination, and what she imagined did turn her on. The orange-haired girl bit her captain’s lips while he sucked her tongue. Suddenly, she felt Luffy’s hands squeeze her boobs, making her moan again as it only added pleasure to her. They separated their lips a couple of seconds later as Luffy groped her breasts while moving his hips back and forth. “Ah! I love it when you play with my tits!” She moaned as his fingers stretched a little bit, holding Nami’s boobs tighter.


Her captain, pushed his head between her tits as he continued squeezing and pressing them together. Nami’s skin was soft, and when he buried his body in hers, he nearly always wanted to stay in this position, almost feeling like he was drowning in a sea of warm silk. He ran his tongue across the small gap between her breasts, making her whole body shudder. Soon enough, a wave of electricity went through her body, nearly making her mind go blank.


“I’m coming!” She cried as she put her arms around Luffy’s head, keeping him close to her as she squirted. Several seconds later, she felt Luffy’s cock throbbing, and quickly understood he was close to coming too. “Pull it out, Luffy. Cover my belly with your cum!” She moaned, refusing to take the risk of getting pregnant. Being used to doing this, Luffy pulled it out fast before shooting his load on her.


At that moment, his hot cum was the only thing she felt as it sprayed on her belly like she wanted. However, she could hardly savor it since she had to catch her breath. She would have taken a shower already because of the sweat covering her body, and the cum on her belly, but she didn’t even have enough strength to stand up.


“Ahhh,” Luffy breathed out in relief. “That was great!”


Nami smiled at how cheerful he was; another part of him she liked.


“Yeah, but we’ve been going at it for an hour! I can’t even feel my legs. No wonder it’s hard to keep it a secret from the others if we take so much time,” Nami said breathlessly as she moved her hand to wipe some of his cum off her body, before bringing her finger to her lips, licking the cum off. “I wish we had a bigger bathroom; we could have taken a shower together that way,” She muttered before blushing. She had hoped Luffy would be as excited as her, but she already knew he was more excited about their arrival to Loguetown, which would be in a few hours.


After Nami gave everyone their tasks, they separated accordingly. Although Luffy was already gone, running to find the scaffold. It was harder than he thought, mainly because the town was bigger than how it looked from the ship, and because there were too many people blocking his field of view. Most of them were from the navy, and were running toward the port. However, as he was running around, he was suddenly pulled in one of the many small alleys of the town. He wondered who or what could have enough strength to easily throw him onto the ground, against a wall. However, he quickly got his answer when he looked up to see a black long-haired woman wearing a cloak, a cowboy hat, a bikini top, and tight capri-length pants.


“Oi, I was going somewhere! What do you want, lady?” Luffy asked as he crossed his legs, still sitting on the ground.


“Don’t you recognise me, Luffy? That’s rude considering how hard you punched me~” The woman chuckled as she dropped the big mace she was holding over her shoulder.


“Punch you? I didn’t punch you! I don’t even who you are!” Luffy replied as he jumped up on his feet before being quickly pushed down again. The woman, wearing heels, stepped on his chest to keep him from moving, even though he could if he wanted to.


“Does the name Alvida ring any bell?” She winked in a seductive way.


“Alvida? Where is she?!” Luffy looked around.


“I am Alvida, idiot!” She shouted in annoyance.


“No way! Stop lying!”


“I’m not!” She shook her head to regain her composure. She smiled and licked her lips. “As I was saying, I am Alvida. When you hit me… It was so strong! I felt like a new bond connected us. After this, I kept looking for you until I found a devil fruit and ate it. As you can see, it removed my freckles. Now that I found you, I plan on enjoying my time with you,” She added before taking off her cloak. She moved her foot away, and crouched down to unbutton Luffy’s shirt.


The boy quickly widened his eyes before grinning in understanding.


“I get it! That’s what you wanted!” He chuckled as Alvida raised an eyebrow. He remembered what Nami and Nojiko told him, how some people did it for fun, pleasure or just as an attack. He didn’t know which of the three Alvida planned, but he wasn’t going to lose! His hand shot up fast, and lifted her bikini top, exposing her breasts.


“Oh, my! So daring!” Alvida gasped while blushing. Luffy’s right hand wrapped around her left boob, and squeezed it. It didn’t take long for her nipples to get hard as the boy noticed. “Is my smooth skin to your liking?” She moaned as she sat atop of him, placing her breasts right in front of his face while she ran her fingers across his chest.


Luffy licked the tip of her left nipple, instantly sending a wave of pleasure through Alvida’s body while she petted him. She bit her lips to keep herself from making any moans, unwilling to show him that simply licking her nipples was enough to make her feel good. Suddenly, he sucked on the nipple while he groped her other boob. The feeling of her nipple being in his warm and wet mouth was too much to handle; she let out a small moan before hugging his head, pushing further into her bust. She was proud of her breasts’ size, and hoped he would enjoy them. She felt his strong grip tighten around her boob, squeezing it harder. That’s what she wanted from the moment he hit her. She needed a strong man who had the ability to tame her, someone fit for her. She couldn’t be happier that Luffy accepted her affection.


The boy sucked on her tit like he used to do on Nami’s; however, Alvida’s body felt different. Her skin was smooth, smoother than anything he ever touched, and it made him want to never let go of her body. Even the feeling of his tongue on her skin started making him hard.


“I’m glad you like my breasts, Luffy! I want to know how your tongue feels in my mouth, now,” Alvida purred as he let go of her nipple, making a small *pop* sound. She leaned down and closed the distance between their faces to press their lips together. Unlike her smooth skin, her lips were soft.


As soon as she slightly opened her mouth, their tongues entwined as Luffy pushed his in her mouth. They could feel each other’s hot breath as they exchanged their saliva. The boy quickly noticed the difference Alvida had with Nami, her breath was far from having the same scent, and her lips didn’t taste like tangerines at all; however, it wasn’t a bad thing. It was a good different, and her mouth wasn’t the only thing he focused on. She had a hand placed on his cheek while the other ran through his hair; it made his body shudder. Her fingers were delicate and very feminine. It almost felt like the times Makino petted him when he was only a kid, it was warming.


He decided to use his hands too, and moved them behind her before grabbing her butt, and squeezing it. Alvida jerked in surprise, slightly blushing as she deepened the kiss. It was of great importance to her, a true kiss between lovers was something she’s always dreamed about when she was a little girl. And now, she could finally share all her love with someone. She loved all his being; she wanted him to be rough with her, just like when he punched her. She wanted to be his plaything. But more than anything, she wanted to make him hers. She was already so wet it could be seen through her pants. He surely must have felt it since she was sitting on him. They needed to go further now. And right on cue, she felt something hard grow bigger under her. She broke the kiss, leaving a trail of saliva behind as she licked her lips.


“You are a good kisser, and I see you’ve gotten hard,” Alvida said as she looked down to see the big bulge in his pants. She put her hands on his chest as she started humping on his crotch. She moaned, even though there were two layers of pants between her pussy and his dick, it felt good to have something to rub on her pussy. Luffy looked at her in curiosity, not fully understanding. Then, she stepped back, and knelt down in front of his crotch. “Now, let me see what you’ve been hiding!” She purred as she pulled down his pants. She widened her eyes as they landed on his dick, so hard that it was pointing at the sky. “How come your is so big? Are you using your devil fruit?” Alvida inquired while blushing.


“Um? No, why?” He tilted his head as Alvida started to breath heavily, barely able to control herself.


Alvida leaned towards his manhood, smelling its scent while Luffy could feel her warm breath tingling it. Suddenly, she grabbed her breasts, and wrapped them around his dick. She remained silent as she pressed her boobs together, and moved them up and down. The boy exhaled in pleasure, Nami had already given him plenty of boobjobs, but they never felt like this. Due to her smooth skin, it felt like his cock was going to melt! The boy moaned in a daze state as Alvida’s bust became the only thing he could feel.


Suddenly, the older woman started licking the tip of his penis, then the underside, before putting half of it in her mouth, all the while moving her breasts. Even though, she sucking only half of his cock, it was already hitting the back of her throat. She moved her head up and down, in sync with the movement of her boobs while still licking the sides of his manhood. She was turned on, and really needed to have it inside her, but she had to make him come with her mouth and chest at least once. His face was worth it. It looked pained, but that was only because he was keeping his moans down.


Only a few seconds passed before she felt his cock throb, and she already knew what it was. She kept her lips firmly around his dick as he shot his load up to her throat. Alvida swallowed as much as she could, but some dripped out of her mouth, down to her tits. When she felt nothing was coming out anymore, she finally let go of his rod to swallow the last bit of cum left in her mouth. It was sticky, but very sweet.


“It tastes so good, my dear! Time to get serious now! I’m so wet already!” Alvida said as she pulled her pants down, showing a good view of her wet pussy. She spread it with two of her fingers, then squatted down toward Luffy’s dick, putting the tip in. Which was enough to make her shudder. Luffy kept a straight face, only wondering how her private place would feel like, since he only ever put his manhood into Nami and Nojiko’s pussies. Without waiting any longer, Alvida descended in one fast move. Thanks to her devil fruit, his cock slipped in easily and quickly, before slamming into hard enough the back of her pussy that a bulge appeared on Alvida’s belly. “Oh, god… my pussy is so stretched out, and you’re crushing my womb! It’s going to be pretty hard to move,” She said as she placed her palms on his chest, before moving up and down slowly at first, to get used to his size.


Luffy grunted as he felt his manhood being pressed inside her because of her tightness. However, it also felt slippery, even more than her breasts! And just like that, he felt like his cock was going to melt completely. The older woman started moving faster as the boy grabbed her butt cheeks. While she moved up and down, and felt his meat slam into her womb with each thrust; he moved his finger up to her butt hole. Only rubbing it at first, before pushing his middle finger all the way in.


“Ah! You want to go to that place, too? You are so bol, my dear! Go on, I cleaned just for you before coming on this island!” Alvida moaned while she felt his finger wriggle inside her, rubbing her walls. However, it was far from over, Luffy’s finger suddenly started stretching and going even farther inside. Alvida gasped as she had her mouth wide open, both in surprise and pleasure. “W-Wait ! You’re going too far! Nobody ever touched me so deep!” She screamed a his finger continued to stretch while wiggling. Alvida panted with a heavy breath as he inserted a second finger.


Noticing she wasn’t moving anymore, Luffy did it instead, and move his hips up and down. Waking Alvida from her trance in the process. Unlike her, he moved hard and fast, making a huge noise every time his hips slammed into her legs. His stretched his left arm and wrapped it around Alvida’s waist, holding her as a bulge on her belly could be seen with each one of his thrust. As for the woman, her eyes were looking up. She was unable to think as her lover’s massive cock was broking her in half, and while his fingers were playing with her insides. She didn’t even have any control over her body as he moved her himself with his arm. However, she was still happy; feeling his warmth was all she wanted. She moved her hands and held onto Luffy’s arm, needing to feel his skin against hers as much as she could. Suddenly, a wave of electricity went through her body.


“I’m coming, Luffy!” She screamed as her body twitched. She almost felt like she was freed when the boy pulled his fingers out; however, his cock was still in. Alvida didn’t even have time to catch her breath that he moved again. Her body tensed, still too sensitive. ‘Ah! Even though… ah… I just came… You continue to… move! I like it… When you are rough with me!” She cried as his other arm went under her breasts, and wrapped around her bust. She couldn’t help but blush as she felt they were truly becoming one. Suddenly, his cock started throbbing, making her widen her eyes in realisation.


“I’m coming!” He said as he shot his load up into her womb. Alvida moaned as she felt his hot cum deep inside her.


“Luffy! I’m being filled up with your seed!” She moaned while he was coming for several seconds. The boy finally pulled his manhood out as cum shot out of her pussy. He gently put her on the ground while she tried to catch her breath. She had her eyes closed, and looked ready to faint. “I didn’t think you would be ready for commitment so early… Not that it bothers me since it’s your children,” She said as she rubbed her belly. She looked around to lay her eyes on Luffy; however, he didn’t seem to be here. She looked in another direction, not here either. Then in another, and another again… “WHERE THE FUCK DID HE Go?!” She screamed in anger as she jumped to her feet, before falling down again, too tired. He took the ‘one time thing’ to a whole new level.

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