The Joy of Joy

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(Authors Note) Wow it's been a long time... 20 years in fact. First I'd like to say hello to everyone taking the time to read this. Thank you for your interest (continued or new) in my Story. This Story was created 20 years ago by yours truly. Originally I wanted to just make a really good lemon story involving Mewtwo. I wanted to do something that was just more then some corny basic lemon that had little to no plot and was nothing more then just a quick thrill. At that time there wasn't really much in the way of good lemons that were actually good stories involving Mewtwo. So I set out to do a story with Mewtwo where I could portray him the way that "I" felt like he was. I wanted to stay true to how I thought he was as a character. This story is really old now and certainly shows it age and at some point I think I'd like to go back and make a revised edition. Change up bunch of things here and there to maybe make it an even more decent story without a lot of that lemon stuff exaggerations in it. I have a lot more to say but for now I'll wrap it up here so you can get on to the story (if you've even bothered to read this then thank you.) And let me just thank all of you again for your interest in my story. So without further ado I present to you the 20 year classic "The Joy of Joy". I hope you enjoy it and please leave feedback and let me know what you thought.
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The Joy of Joy.


--It was a calm night... the sun had just set and darkness started to fill the sky. She watched the glass doors close as the last person left. "I guess... that's the last one who will ever be in here..." She looked around. "Not counting myself..." Nurse Joy turned to a computer screen and entered a bunch of numbers on the keypad. The screen flickered and then a message appeared. The message said: [NH PokéCenter Division, Admin. Level. Visual Screen Currently Inoperational.] And then flashing underneath was: [ Voice only! ] "Hello, NH PokéCenter Division, Administration... Sorry about the screen not working, we're still getting things up and running around here. How may I help you?" The voice on the other end was cheery. Nurse Joy spoke softly. "This is Nurse Joy over at the old PokéCenter. It's just past 6p.m. and everything is cleared up. The last person just left. I've got some more cleaning up to do but essentially that's it. This PokéCenter is now officially offline, and control is now transferred to you." She said that last part with some sadness in her voice. "Oh Nurse Joy, it's you. OK. Understood. NH PokéCenter is now officially online. Thank you for your confirmation. All PokéTrainers will be notified around the city. Control is now ours. Thank you Nurse Joy... and we look forward to seeing you on Monday." The screen flickered and went back to the logo display of the Pokécenter. "Yeah... whatever..." Nurse Joy sighed, and flicked a switch under the counter. Outside the PokéCenter light dimmed and shut off. Now only the lights inside remained on...

--She flicked another switch and then a click was heard as the front doors locked. She took her nurse hat off and dropped it on the counter. It was unlike Nurse Joy to feel down, but how could she not? Her PokéCenter was now closed. Permanently... Since the new PokéCenter was built and all in that new huge complex, there was no more need for a small single PokéCenter... so she felt down. Healing Pokémon was her life... she enjoyed helping injured or sick Pokémon... and sure... she still had a job. She was assigned to work at the new center, but with so many other assistants it wouldn't be the same. It wasn't about her job... it was about the feeling of knowing you helped someone... made them feel better. She could still do that, but now… it was different. She would only be a part of a much bigger system. Here... in this center, she was the one who mattered. The one who did all of the helping. She sighed again and walked around the room... this would be the last time she herself would be here... although no one had yet decided what to do with the building, it was no longer a PokéCenter, so what did it matter? This building was considered to far and out of the way from the rest of the city... no one wanted to walk down a dusty old road just to get here when the new PokéCenter was right in the city in the new MegaPark Towers Building. So the new center would be considered a blessing to everyone. What did it matter what happened to this building? Who cared? She cared... She walked around the front of the room, looking at all the chairs and tables... the couches... she saw images of past trainers there... waiting for their Pokémon to be healed. She smiled slightly... then she frowned. She knew in the new center, she probably would hardly ever see the trainers... the new place was so advanced and everything so separate... the waiting room wasn't even close to the place where she and many others would work. <"Damnit..."> She thought to herself. <"Sometimes I think all these newfangled ways to do things aren't so good... why can't people leave things well enough alone..?"> She walked towards the back. She wasn't going to go back to the emergency rooms. No... too many memories there… and she didn't feel like feeling that way again. She walked behind the counter again and kneeled down moving some canisters and other materials aside.

--There was an eerie silence... but Joy was sure she felt someone was in the center with her. <"I thought I locked the doors?"> she said to herself. Instinctively she spoke out. "Sorry... but we're closed... if you have any medical needs please go to the new PokéCenter. It's at the new..." Her words suddenly stopped as she stood up to look at the person. She stood there... silent... looking at what was on the other side of the counter. ~Hello, Nurse Joy.~ The words were not spoken... but she heard them in her mind... She stood there… so still… almost frightened… and then she spoke. "Who..who are you?" her voice was shaken a bit as she stood there behind the counter looking at this strange creature. ~I am not surprised you do not remember me...~ the creature said. She looked at this creature... "Are..are you a Pokémon?" ~You could say that....~ the creature replied. ~But I am no mere ordinary Pokémon.~ Nurse Joy nodded slightly. "I… I've never seen a Pokémon like you... and you can even talk.. well, in my mind, anyway." The Pokémon spoke. "I can talk to you this way as well... if I so wish to." Joy made a shocked sound. "Wow... you can talk out loud too? You sure aren't an ordinary Pokémon," she said and smiled. She was feeling a bit more easy now… after all, this creature was a Pokémon… maybe one unlike she ever saw before... but it was still a Pokémon. She had no reason to be scared anymore... or so she thought. The Pokémon grinned when she smiled. "So... ummm, what are you? Do you have a name? What kind of Pokémon are you?" The Pokémon folded it's arms over its chest, almost human-like. ~I am Mewtwo.~ it simply said. The way it said it... and the name... it seemed all too familiar to her. "Mewtwo...?" She blinked... why did that sound familiar to her? It felt so familiar.. but so far away... like a lost memory... Wait! Hadn't this Pokémon said something about not being surprised she didn't remember it? "So... umm... why are you here? Do you need some help, Mewtwo?" she said softly. The Pokémon nodded, and again spoke into her mind and not out loud. ~Although as you can see I do not need medical help, I do need something... that you can help me with...~ The Pokémon grinned again... wider... its upper fangs showing as it did. Nurse Joy felt something and she shivered as she looked at the grinning Pokémon. "Umm... what is it that I can help you with?" Nurse Joy said, her bright blue eyes looking at him. She honestly wanted to help this Pokémon if she could; she always liked helping if she could. The Pokémon stepped closer to the counter and placed its hands down on it and leaned forward... Joy moved back a little as it got too close... Its soft purple eyes stared into her bright blue ones... Joy stared at them as the Pokémon looked right at her so close and spoke its words into her mind. ~Mate with me...~ Its words were soft in her mind... but sounded serious.

--She moved back a little more bumping into the back wall. "Wha…what?" Now her mind raced... fear set in along with many other emotions… but she couldn't have heard it right... right? She spoke again. "W-what did you just say?" Mewtwo stood right where it was. ~You heard me... Mate with me...~ Joy's eyes went wider... she had heard him right the first time. "Bu..but.. but..'re…" she started stuttering out the words. "But you're a..." ~Pokémon?~ Mewtwo finished her sentence. Joy nodded. ~And? Your point?~ Joy just stood there pressed against the back wall. Her eyes looked at Mewtwo; it had stood back and folded its arms over its chest again... her eyes looked up and down it's body... Gee... it was tall... had to be at least 6 feet, she figured... Her eyes looked back up at its... "Well, I mean... I... I... don't know what to say to that..." Her mind shouted back to her <"Yes you do... you know exactly what to say.">. She looked at him. "I mean… of course not! I can't mate with you... I mean... I don't even know... I mean... what sex are you?" ~Male...~ he replied. "But... but then… why don't you go mate with your own kind?" she said with a very shaky voice. ~There are no others of my kind... I am the only one.~ His voice in her mind was calm, deep, and soft. Joy's eyes seemed to soften slightly... her wide eyes not so wide anymore… filled with compassion. "The... only one of your kind? What... what happened to the others?" ~There are no others... there is only me...~ She looked at him, not completely understanding, and he let out a sigh. ~I will let you remember again... perhaps that will help you to understand...~

--He waved his hand in front of her and his eyes glowed a light blue... Joy's eyes clouded over and she felt all the memories flood back into her that had been forgotten. Mewtwo's eyes stopped glowing and he lowered his hand. Joy's eyes returned to normal, and she looked at him. "I... I remember it all..." Mewtwo simply nodded. She went on. "The castle… the battle... the fighting... the clones..." She looked at him again. ~Yes… that was all over a year ago... I purged everyone's mind of those events from that night... but they still retain them... in the far reaches of their minds... locked up... that is how I was able to make you remember again, Joy..~ "You... you took me... you used me..." She felt a sad feeling inside... sad at remembering all this. ~I needed to... your usefulness on Pokémon physiology came in very handy.~ "But... I don't understand... why did you come here? Why did you come to me?" He looked at her with his soft purple eyes. ~Because.. I need to mate... it is something I cannot explain… an urge... a very strong one… I need to mate. And since I have no others of my kind, I came here... to you.~ Joy shook her head but her skin felt flushed slightly. "Why.. why me?" He grinned again. ~Because, Joy... out of everyone I have ever seen or met... you are the most physically attractive of them all.~ Now Joy's cheeks did get red as she blushed. "B-but... h-how.. I mean..." She didn't finish her sentence. She only looked down at the counter, not able to look him in the eyes. ~What do you mean how? It is possible... I told you... I am no ordinary Pokémon, Joy...~ He placed one of his hands on hers. ~Joy.. it is possible...~ She slowly looked up at him, her soft blue eyes meeting his purple ones... she saw that he was being sincere… all he wanted was to mate... and the poor guy was all alone he had no one else to. Her mind screamed at her <"Stop this! He's a Pokémon, for crying out loud! You can't just do it with him! What are you thinking?"> "I..." She looked down again... sad… ~Joy... listen... I have seen humans mate... I watched them... it is possible... we are compatible, Joy...~ ~Let me give you pleasure...~ His hand squeezed hers tightly. Joy felt something inside her shiver when he said those words… but it was a good kind of feeling... she lifted her head again and looked into his soft purple eyes... and spoke softly. "But I... I've never done it before... I've never mated... with anyone." Her voice was so soft. His other hand went to her cheek and softly caressed her face. ~Nor have I... I know how you feel Joy... you want to help… always helping... always helping someone else... always feeling good about it... and wanting to help anyway you can... so help me Joy. Help me... and allow me to give you pleasure as well.~ So many feelings ran through Nurse Joy right then... and she didn't quite understand why... but she nodded her head.

--He smiled at her a warm smile and she smiled back. He motioned for her to come around the counter and she did, walking slowly around to the other side and standing in front of him. She felt strange... she felt scared and worried… but she also felt a burning inside her… a burning desire. She looked up at him, standing right in front of him now... he was tall... He was a light purple in color, with his belly and tail being a darker purple. His skin was dolphin-like in texture. She looked up to him and smiled; he did seem so nice... so sincere... he even let her remember those events. He didn't have to do that, did he? No.. but he did. She felt something in him... that she could trust him. He moved closer to her and leaned his head down, he lifted hers up with his left hand under her chin and leaned in and gently kissed her on her soft lips. Joy closed her eyes and let him... it felt good. His right hand caressed her cheek softly... his three balled fingers massaging her skin felt so good... and she let out a soft moan. God.. it felt good to be touched like this... she had never been touched like this... she had wanted to.. but never had... and now he was making her feel so good. She didn't care that he was a Pokémon... she didn't care... he was making her feel so good right now. He continued to kiss her... when the hand that had been under her chin went down to her shoulder… rubbing at her softly... and then she felt the buttons on the top part of her uniform undoing themselves. At first she was startled and started to move, but then she heard his soft voice in her mind. ~Don't worry Joy.... it's OK…~ She felt calmer just by hearing his voice... she knew it must be him then... undoing her top. The buttons undid themselves and then his hand slid down the front, sliding against her chest... her bra undid itself as well and he threw it to the side. She swallowed hard... this was for real... it was really happening... oh god... what was she thinking.... was she really going to let this happen? When she felt his hand caress and softly squeeze her left breast she answered herself... yes.

--His left hand ran over her now bare chest... squeezing and rubbing her breast. He heard her moan again and moved from the kiss... moving his head lower, and softly kissing her neck. She tilted her head back slightly as he did, exposing her tender neck to him... her eyes where still closed as she felt him hold the back of her neck with his right hand as he began to suck tenderly on her soft neck. She let another moan escape her soft lips... this was insane... he was making her feel so good... she had never felt this way before. She had always cared about helping others... she hardly took the time to think how she felt… Besides… when she helped others she did feel good... just... this was a different kind of feeling... a different kind of good. But was she just going to stand here and let him take her...? She felt his sucking on her neck as he moved lower... and again she answered herself... yes, she was.

--He looked up from kissing her neck and looked at her, her head still tilted back, and smiled. He knew she was enjoying this. ~I am glad you are feeling so good, Joy... It's time you felt good for yourself instead of for others all the time...~ He knew what she did she really loved, and a part of him admired her for that. But she deserved to feel just as good herself as others... she deserved to have someone make her feel good... just as she had to others... even if it wasn't... in the same way. He grinned and moved lower... his tongue licking against her chest. He heard her let out another whimper as he moved his licking down across her left breast... he looked at her nice firm breasts; they weren't overly large... but not too small, either... they where just perfect... at least he thought so. He darted his tongue across her left breast, and licked at her small nipple... it seemed it was already considerably hard. Joy let out a louder moan as she felt his tongue move across her nipple... her nipples where already pointing out and felt hard, like little pebbles. She shuddered under the pleasure he was giving her as she felt him starting to suck on her breast... and, not even thinking about it, just said her next words on desire. "Mewtwo.... take me..."

--He grinned and moved away from his sucking when she said that to him. He liked the way she tasted... her small body... her delicate skin with a slight salty taste to it... she tasted good to him. He looked at her. ~Not yet Joy... I want to taste you first... taste your inner sweetness...~ She opened her eyes when he began to speak... and when he finished saying that she stared at him. "Taste me? What do you mea...." She didn't finish, as he had already started to slide down her small body... Her face went flush... her cheeks reddening when she realized what he had meant. He slid down, bending his knees but still standing on his feet; hunched over… he looked up at her and saw her face was red and blushing; he grinned and looked to her legs. From his position he was able to clearly see up the skirt part of her uniform. Although in fact it was a one-piece uniform it still was like two separate parts: the shirt part and the skirt part. He grinned wider as he saw her small white panties… how many people had seen them? He doubted many had... maybe a few mischievous boys... but not in this manner. He slowly slide up her long slender legs licking as he did... Joy closed her eyes again, not believing this was actually happening. Oh, how she longed to be touched like this. She was 20 and no one had ever touched her like this... She moaned out loud again as she felt him sliding up her legs licking at her inner thighs.

--He moved until his head was underneath her skirt. He moved his head right up to her… he could smell her sweet scent from being this close... it was a nice scent... very feminine… his tail twitched behind him somewhat as he pressed his left hand against her panties, pushing upwards. He heard Joy let out a gasp as she felt him press against her. He rubbed her panties... rubbing her through them... her panties where white... but the material felt very smooth... he bet that it really felt good to her... and he was right. Joy moaned out another whimper as she felt him rub her... she whimpered as she felt her silk panties rub against her. She had loved the way silk felt against her... and had always worn silk panties since she first discovered how they felt... that and velvet. It was the only kind of panties she had. She moaned again... the sound coming out from between her soft lips... and she felt his rubbing... she felt herself get wet a little as some of her juices soaked her panties... she blushed more. He grinned as he felt her wetness and pushed his face against her, licking at her wetness... tasting her through her panties. She let out a moan that almost sounded like something, as she felt him pressing his face against her... and then felt him lick at her... oh god... was this really happening... was she really just going to stand here and let him do this? Was she just going to stand here and let him... taste her? Another moan escaped from her lips as she felt him lick against her panties again… she answered herself again... yes... yes, she was.

--He hooked his hands around the sides of her silk panties and slowly started to slide them off her slender hips. He pulled them slowly down and Joy felt her breathing becoming more heavy... feeling herself starting to get excited… that, as well as about a billion other feelings rushed through her... she felt anxious... nervous... a whole bunch of jumbled feelings all mixed together. She placed her hands on Mewtwo's shoulders to keep her balance. Mewtwo, unbothered by that, just continued sliding her panties down her slender legs. He wondered how no human male could see just how sexy Joy was... well... it was their fault, he figured. If they were so blind... then they were fools. He got to her feet and rubbed at her left leg; instinctively Joy raised it and he slid her panties off, and let Joy put her leg down again. Then did the same for the right leg. When they were off completely he threw them to the side... she wouldn't be needing these anytime soon, he thought with a grin, and then slid back up her legs, purposely not looking up. He didn't want to see her delicate treasure... her preciousness… until he was right up to it. Joy, on the other hand, was standing there, eyes closed, breathing heavily... waiting... just waiting... it seemed like forever. She felt so strange... having him slide her panties down like that... standing here... while this Pokémon could see her where no one had before. It made her feel... so different... she felt shy... and worried... and then she felt his tongue lick across her folds and she shuddered and moaned. He licked out at her again... licking across her slit. She was so perfect... just as he thought she would be... so perfect. Hardly any hair.. just a small thin line.. very thin... of soft pink hair.. so perfect. He could not wait any longer, he wanted her now.. but first he wanted to taste her... yes... taste her. So he placed his hands on her hips under her skirt and held her as he thrust his tongue into her... as he did he felt Joy's body convulse a little and then he heard her. "Oh god... Oh... Mewtwo..." He moved his tongue deeper inside her and licked at her, moving it around. ~Yes Joy... feel it... feel it inside you... I want to taste you...~ "Oh... Mewtwo..." She moaned out as she felt his tongue penetrating her. No one had ever gotten to touch her like this before... and certainly no one had ever gotten to touch her down there like this. She leaned forward a little, pressing down on his shoulders... it was a good thing she placed her hands on his shoulders before or she figured she would have fallen over when he entered her like that. Her whole body shuddered with jolts of pleasure... this felt so good... his tongue... it was inside her… it felt so good. She moaned again and again as she felt him probe her with his tongue. Her mind raced… she felt so good... but if anyone passed by... if anyone came here... they would easily be able to see this scene... and what a scene it was. They would see Nurse Joy Standing here with some strange creature, possibly a Pokémon, bent down with its head under her skirt. Her mind raced... but logically, she thought no one would be coming up this way... the center was closed now... permanently… no one would be up this road for any other reason... and her mind knew it. She moaned out again as he moved his tongue around inside her.

--He moved faster now, darting his tongue in rapid motions inside her. He pressed his face closer to her, and as he licked at her more feverishly, his left upper fang pressed against her clit. Joy screamed out loud as she felt it rubbing against her... "Oh god.... Mewtwo..." He moved faster, going as deep as he could, and he thought he felt his tongue hit something but didn't pay much attention to it. His fang rubbed against her again... and again. "Oh Mewtwo... I... I..." He felt her pussy convulse around his tongue... he knew it would be soon. ~Yes Joy... yes... release yourself... let me taste you...~ He licked at her, darting his tongue in as far as he could. "Oh.. Mewtwo..... oh.. oh god... I.. I.." "OH GODDDDDD!" Joy screamed out as her orgasm hit her... her pussy convulsed around his invading tongue and her juices flooded over it. Her silken juices flooded into his open mouth and he swallowed them down, enjoying her taste... he licked at her walls… lapping up all the rest of her juices that he could. Joy's mind felt cloudy... her knees felt shaky... she felt like she was going to fall... but she knew she was being supported by Mewtwo... she had just felt the best feeling of her life... sure she had pleasured herself before... who didn't? But this was so different... so very different.

--He slowly moved from under her skirt and looked up to her. Her face was such a sight to see. Her eyes where still closed... her face flush from her orgasm… her soft pink hair glistening in the lights of the room. She was so beautiful... even if she was a human... she looked so beautiful looking like that just as she did... so relaxed and pleased. He stood up and as he did her arms fell from his shoulders and brushed down his chest as he stood. She opened her eyes and looked at him with a smile on her face. He smiled. ~I'm glad you enjoy that so much, Joy...~ She still smiled at him, her hands lightly playing at his chest. "I did... so much... thank you..." ~You do not have to thank me Joy... I am glad I am able to give you such... pleasure.~ He smiled again. ~And... you taste very good Joy...~ She blushed again... not saying anything, only stroking his chest with her hands. He moved closer to her again... this time embracing her with his arms... rubbing her back slowly as he gently kissed her soft lips again. Her hands up against his chest, she continued to rub his chest slowly. She closed her eyes again as he kissed her. He broke the kiss and she slowly opened her eyes... she looked at his soft purple eyes again, and then she looked down. Her eyes scanned his body and moved back up to his eyes, she spoke softly but her voice was broken... as if she was to shy to speak the words. "You said're a male, right? And that we could... could... but... does that mean you have a... a..." She didn't say the rest... unwanting to or unable to... she just got red in the face and turned from him. He placed a hand under her chin and turned her to face him again. ~Yes Joy... I do have one...~ He smiled at her softly. She smiled back. "But.. where...whe..." He but a balled finger to her lips to silence her ~Sshh... it's OK Joy... it's inside right now... Like other Pokémon... it's inside...~ She nodded... of course it was, why hadn't she realized that? She worked with Pokémon after all... she knew that each Pokémon that was a male had one that hid inside normally. On several occasions, when a Pokémon got overly excited, she had seen one or two. She was a nurse, so it never dawned on her, except perhaps that one time when a Charizard seemed to be in such a horny mood, trying to hump everything around. But they had calmed it down with a needle. She figured she didn't realize that about him because he seemed more human then Pokémon to her. He was right... he was far from any Pokémon she had ever seen.

--She looked up at him with her soft blue eyes... and smiled, feeling so much more closer to him now... after what he did to her... she felt so good. "Well.... how can we change that?" she said with a small very seductive smile. He grinned. ~Well... manual stimulation does just great...~ He wasn't about to tell her it would come out soon enough… if she wanted to help, that was perfectly fine with him. She smiled at him and ran her right hand down from his chest to his belly... "So... just like a human male?" She asked inquisitively. ~Yes...~ He spoke softly... ~For the most part...~ She ran her right hand lower... and lower... until she was softly rubbing it over where it would normally be had it been out. She felt a small bump... and knew it must be right underneath the skin. She didn't even notice the small part where the skin was slightly split... but she did when the head started to emerge. She ran her hand over it, and it twitched under the feeling of her soft skin. Just a little emerged at first... maybe 2 inches... and he looked into her eyes as he felt her touching him. She looked back at him... rubbing over him softly... her left hand still massaging against his chest. Her fingers ran over his emerging shaft and she coiled them around him... he was now at least 5 inches... and reasonably wide. She averted her gaze from his eyes and looked down at his emerging length... she felt it twitch in her hand and smiled at it. It was about 5 inches, she figured… not bad... it was pinkish in color... something like skin color… it seemed more dark pink... maybe even slightly purple... perhaps to because of his own skin color. It did look different... but not all that much different from a human's... just the coloring. She felt herself getting warmer... and felt her wetness between her legs again... God... was she wanting him this bad now? She looked at his slightly twitching length in her hand... her soft fingers wrapped around it... she answered herself... yes... she was.

--She looked up at him and smiled... "Nice...." She pictured his size and then tried to imagine what it would feel like inside her... hell... the only thing ever inside her had been her fingers and now just recently his tongue... she imagined anything, especially this size, would feel really good. He seemed to pick up off this and smiled. ~Do you mean nice… as in the size?~ She nodded. "It's a nice size..." She paused... "I wonder what it's going to feel like... inside me.." She blushed again, not believing she was actually talking like this. He grinned and chuckled. She looked up at him. "What is it?" "Did I do something wrong?" She moved her hand away from his length, and he looked down at her. ~No.. not at all Joy.. I'm just...~ he paused. ~Well... let's just say if you're impressed now... wait...~ "Huh?" she blinked. He shook his head. ~Just... continue... and you'll see what I mean...~ She blushed again and coiled her fingers around his length, looking down at it. She slowly moved her hand up and down him, stroking his length. As she did he seemed to get bigger... longer. At first she thought she was imagining it, but no... sure enough it was... her eyes widened... she felt it getting harder... it felt so good... her fingers around it. It was hard... but the skin around it was soft. It felt so strange... yet good. She continued running her hand up and down his increasing length and heard him let out a soft moan. ~Oh... Joy...~ His voice in her mind sounded just like a person moaning out loud would... it made her smile and she continued to stroke his length. Her eyes widened... he seemed at least 9 inches now… and was still growing. Her wetness between her legs seemed to ache... oh god... she couldn't wait to feel him in her now... he was so big... and getting bigger...

--She looked up at him and he kissed her... she continued to stroke him.. her delicate fingers wrapped around him as she slid her hand up and down his length. He kissed her very passionately... their tongues danced with each other as his went into her mouth. She wrapped her fingers around him tighter and moved a little faster against his length as he kissed her, feeling his tongue in her mouth. She felt his hand on hers... stopping her.. stopping her from moving up and down his length. She looked into his eyes questioningly as they kissed, and he saw it in her eyes and spoke in her mind to tell her… ~I am ready... and I do not wish you to continue for I might start enjoying it too much...~ He ended his words in her mind as he broke the kiss and grinned. ~If you're ready Joy... so am I.~ Her eyes immediately went to her hand and his length... and her eyes went wide in amazement. He had to be at least 11 inches in length... and pretty thick too.. she had not noticed it but her fingers could not reach around him completely. Her face went flush and very red and she felt her pussy ache... My god... he was huge... she was going to lose her virginity to this huge... spear... Her knees felt weak. He looked down at her. ~Joy? Are you OK?~ He held her with his hands on her hips. She looked up at him with a nod. "Yes... I'm OK." He smiled. "Mewtwo..." ~Yes Joy?~ She smiled at him. "Take me... Please take me now... Make love to me, Mewtwo..." He smiled and kissed her on her cheek. ~Certainly...Joy...~ and with that he lifted her up with his hands still on her hips and placed her on the large counter.

--She lay back on the counter when he placed her there, her top opened and to the side, her pert breasts exposed. He moved closer to her and she thought he would take her just like that... her laying on the counter, him standing leaning over it... but he didn't. He leaned over and took her left hand... licking at it... sucking on her fingers. He noticed her nails were painted such a nice hot pink... like her lips. He moved from her hand and moved down to her left leg licking it slowly, as he moved down to her shoe... he slowly slipped it off... and then the other one as well. He licked at her foot... and her cute toes... noticing her toenails where painted the same hot pink color. He smiled as he sucked on her toes... she looked so beautiful... so soft and delicate... so… so beautiful. She felt her face flush again as he sucked on her toes... it was driving her crazy... it felt so good... she wanted to be touched like this for so long... no one had ever made her feel like he did... like he was right now.. like he was going to soon...

--He moved forward and climbed up onto the counter and turned her so she was now vertical with the long counter; they had plenty of room this way. He moved to her on his knees and spread her legs a little more, moving in between them, his large cock hanging down from him. Her eyes just stared at it... she couldn't help but feel this way… in a few moments.. that huge thing would be deep inside her. She shuddered in joy at the thought. He looked at her and smiled. ~Joy... are you ready?~ She looked up to his face, seeing the concern in his eyes... He had asked her... that was so sweet of him. She nodded. "Yes... Mewtwo..." He nodded and held her hand and kissed it. He moved himself closer... and she felt his manhood press against her... she bit her lower lip... waiting... she lay there on her back, looking at him... her legs bent at the knees slightly and spread apart while he was between them. He looked at her and saw her biting her lower lip... she looked so incredible... he couldn't wait anymore... he wanted her... he wanted to be inside her right now. He slowly moved himself closer, the tip of his cock pressing against her folds... and then the tip slid into her. She moaned out as she felt him enter her... even if it was just the tip. "Uuuhhh..." He pushed more of himself into her... sliding into her silken folds... he moaned, feeling her warmth against him. ~Unnggg… Oh, Joy...~ He slid in more until he hit something; when he did she moaned out a little. He stopped, and looked at her. She looked at him and smiled as it seemed he didn't know what it was. True, he might have watched others... but that wouldn't tell him anything about a hymen. She smiled at him. "It's OK.... It's just because it's my first time..." He nodded and looked at her. ~It has to be broken?~ She nodded. ~Will that not hurt?~ She nodded again. "It will.... but only for awhile..." His face changed slightly... a sad look upon it. ~I'm sorry I have to hurt you Joy...~ She shook her head "No... Mewtwo... it's OK... I want this too." He nodded again and moved forward, pressing against her barrier. She winced a little. He pushed against it more... it still did not break. He moved out a little and then moved in harder... it broke... he felt it give under his huge length, and felt himself slide into her deeper with his movement as it gave way. She bit down on her lower lip not wanting to scream... when it broke she wanted to... it stung so much. Tears formed and slide from the corners of her eyes. He moaned when he felt himself slide deeper into her silken walls... she was tight around him... it felt so good. He looked at her and saw tears in her eyes. ~I'm sorry, Joy... I did not want you to feel any pain...~ She shook her head… even though it did hurt and tears where in her eyes she knew it would go away. "It's OK, Mewtwo... it's a pain that always comes with the first time... please... please continue…" He smiled a little in understanding and pushed himself into her more. She moaned feeling him... even against all the pain... she wondered just how much he was inside her now... it felt like he was so deep. He placed his hands against her breast, rubbing them softly and squeezing them gently... then he moved in even deeper. She moaned out again. "Ohhh..." He slowed a bit... and moved himself in slower... she was so tight around him, it was now getting harder to go any further… but he wanted to be inside her… completely. He moved in deeper... and moaned out at the incredible feeling. ~Oh Joy... oh gods... you're so tight... so... so tight..~ "Mew…Mewtwo… you're so big… Oh Mewtwo..." The pain was still there... but it seemed to be fading... or maybe it wasn't; maybe just the pleasure was replacing it. It didn't matter… she felt him inside her now… she wanted this so much now…

--He went as much as he could… he still wasn't in completely... but he didn't want to risk hurting her more... it was already so tight to move against her. He started moving in strides, pulling out somewhat and then sliding back into her. He went slowly at first... letting her tight walls get used to his length and size. She started to whimper to his movements. "Oh, Mewtwo... oh... god... it feels so good..." ~I know, Joy... you feel so good...~ He moved his hands from her breasts and placed them on her waist, just above her hips. He started to move faster now... moving in deep strides every time... wanting to fill her so deep. Her silken walls grabbed at him... and he moaned... ~Oh gods, Joy.... Oh... gods... you feel... so good...~ "Yes Mewtwo... oh god... you feel so good inside me... Oh, Mewtwo..." Her breathing was getting heavier... and with each thrust he started moving into her, her breasts bounced lightly. He started to increase the speed again. Going faster...moving faster inside her... he started pumping his length into her now... going as deep as he could with each stride... and with each few strides being able to go a little further into her. She moaned out again... feeling his cock move into her like that... feeling him impaling her with his huge cock... she shuddered under that thought and feeling again. "Oh... Mewtwo... oh my god.... you're so big… it feels so good..." Her breathing was quicker now... her chest rising and falling quickly... her breasts bouncing with each thrust as he started to move into her harder now... using more force. He moaned again, feeling her silken walls grab at him so tightly... as if trying to hold him inside her... his thrusting increased. He started to pump into her harder... the feeling was so much inside him... he never felt like this before... this was incredible. She moaned out again feeling him sink into her deeper, her walls grabbing at his huge cock. She felt so good... never before had she felt this way... no one ever made her feel this good. Hell, the whole city could be outside watching through the glass doors and windows and she could care less... words could not express what they were both feeling right now.

--She moaned out loud... feeling him pump his length into her faster and harder now… she couldn't help it... his massive cock pounded into her... over and over... it was too much for her. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist... and her small slender frame shook as her orgasm overtook her. She closed her eyes. "Oh Mewtwo... I'm...I'm.. I'M... OHHH!" She screamed out his name as her walls clenched around him harder and she came on his invading cock. "Oh... MEWWWTWOOO!" she screamed out, her eyes closed and such an expression on her face. He looked at her as her pussy convulsed around his length and she screamed out. He moaned as her pussy grabbed at him even tighter… ~Oh Joy... uhh...~ he drove himself in harder... further... almost going all the way in... and then her wetness lubricated him... and he did go all the way in. He moaned out... ~Oh gods, Joy... you're so good... you feel so good.~ Nurse Joy was still enjoying the aftershock of her orgasm... it had been such a big one.. never before had she had one like that. She had pleasured herself many times, and he had given her one before when he used his tongue, but it still wasn't like this. This was totally different... totally amazing. She felt him slam into her harder and go deeper and she only responded with another moan. She placed her hands on his shoulders now, her legs still wrapped around him, holding him closer to her. She opened her eyes and looked at him... his own eyes were closed now... and she smiled. "Oh, Mewtwo... you feel so good..." He opened his eyes and stared at her with his soft purple eyes... ~You feel so good as well Joy...~ he smiled and pushed himself into her again... harder. She moaned and closed her eyes again. She couldn't believe this… here she was on the counter of the PokéCenter… still in her uniform, her breasts exposed, her legs wrapped around this creature as he pumped his massive length into her. What a sight for someone to see... but no one would see it... no one would be down this road. No one would be here.

--She let out another whimpering moan as he moved faster... always using his full length now... with each stride... going so deep into her... shoving all 11 inches into her. Sweat covered his body as he pounded himself into her... pumping his length into her... over and over... her tight silken walls grabbing at him. He felt himself building up... he couldn't help it… it would be soon. ~Oh Joy... oh gods... I'm.... I'm going to...~ "Yes... Yes... Fill me! Fill me with your seed Mewtwo!" He opened his eyes at her words... and she was looking right at him. Her face flustered, her hair all back and wet from the sweating. He leaned closer to her, his hands still on her waist. He softly kissed her on her soft pink colored lips. ~Joy...~ He whispered so softly in her mind... when he broke the kiss he stayed so close... just inches from her lips as he drove his length into her over and over again and again. She looked at him and whispered softly... he was so close to her he felt her warm breath against his own lips. "Fill me Mewtwo... Fill me with your seed." She squeezed her legs around his waist a little tighter and her pussy muscles clenched around his cock even tighter. He could not hold it off any longer... that was it. It sent him over the edge. He shut his eyes closed tight as he drove his length into her all the way to the hilt and screamed out ~Oh Joy... unnggghhh…~ He slammed himself into her, arching his back slightly, lifting his chest away from hers a little as he drove his length into her. His hips jerked and his cock twitched inside her as he exploded deep inside her. Hot streams of cum exploded from his cock and shot into her pussy. She moaned out… her hands still against his shoulders as her small frame shook as he thrust into her and exploded inside her. She looked at his face as he orgasmed, and then she felt his hot seed rush into her... she felt it all over her inner walls... felt it spilling into her virgin womb... she moaned out again. Feeling his hot seed flood into her, his warm seed being the first to ever enter her virgin womb, sent her over the edge and she held tightly onto his shoulders as her small body shook again as she orgasmed again. Her pussy clenched at his huge cock again. "OH MEWTWO..." She screamed out his name as her orgasm overtook her. He continued to thrust into her, pumping more and more cum deep inside her walls. He was moaning out over and over as he shot load after load into her tiny womb. His hips jerked and he thrust into her, spilling more and more of his hot seed into her pussy... it was so much that it started to come out, running down onto the counter... He didn't care.. and neither did she. He just kept thrusting into her... that second orgasm she had when she clenched at his throbbing cock again almost sent him into another orgasm on top of the first one. He continued to slam into her. Joy was breathing heavy and lowered her legs from his hips... she felt so exhausted and dizzy... he just kept pumping his length into her. She lay there on her back, eyes closed, legs bent at her knees as he continued to thrust himself into her. He shoved himself into her over and over again, pounding into her so hard and she just lay there with her eyes closed, her pussy grabbing at him. He placed his hands on her shoulders and moaned out loud, driving his hips forward so hard, thrusting himself all the way into her again and yelling out, released another huge load of cum deep into her silken walls. Joy moaned as she felt more of his hot seed rush into her. She kept her eyes closed and let out another moan feeling him release his seed inside her. His hips jerked as he pumped his huge length into her and shot more and more of his hot, sticky seed into her womb. Then he slowed down a bit, his thrusting not so hard... and his hips jerked inside her again and he moaned... but only a little cum spilled from his cock. He slowed down to an near stop... and then did stop... still inside her. He leaned down and placed his head against her breasts. He was breathing heavily now, and sweat droplets covered his whole body... although he had stopped, his cock inside her still remained hard. Joy, on the other hand, was breathing heavily and felt exhausted... her second orgasm had just died down and she felt him lay his head on her chest. She placed a hand over him, petting him softly... she felt him still hard inside her... and didn't feel him getting any softer.

--She continued to stroke him gently, petting his face. She brushed her hand over his left cheek... and he opened his eyes and then lifted his head from her chest and smiled at her. He moved up a little and gently kissed her on the lips ever so lightly. ~Joy... that... was... so... amazing... so good.~ She smiled at him and nodded lightly. "I know... Thank you, Mewtwo..." He smiled and then kissed her on her lips again, but this time, he pressed against her soft lips firmly. ~You don't have to thank me, Joy… I am glad I can give you pleasure... as you have to me..~ When he broke the kiss he smiled and she smiled back. He was still hard inside her and she felt him as he shifted his position slightly. She looked at him with her beautiful blue eyes and he looked at her with a warm gaze. Calmly he spoke soft words into her mind ~Joy... I am not... finished. I am still able to continue.~ She smiled at him... and then spoke softly. "I know... But... I want to do something... Can I, please?" He looked at her slightly curious as to what she was speaking about and nodded. ~Of course...~ He could tell she wanted to get up so he slowly pulled out from her and moved back a little, letting her move as she wanted. She felt him slide out of her, and when she did, she whimpered softly... he felt so good deep inside her that it felt so different when he slid out. She started to get up in a sitting position. He watched her and when he moved back from her he saw blood on himself. He looked at her, a concerned look on his face. He was about to ask her. ~Joy...~ But before he could finish she had already seen the same thing he saw and looked to him with a smile on her face. "It's OK... Like I said, it's just because it was my first time. Don't worry about it." He nodded and smiled a little. He hoped that she didn't hurt too much. He watched her as she swung her legs over the edge of the counter and pressed herself off with her hands. She hopped off the counter and turned around and faced him. She felt a little funny... almost off balance. She knew it was from everything that happened, being her first time and all. She smiled at him. "Well? Come on... You need to come off of there too." He smiled, still on the counter on his knees. He moved over to the edge of the counter. and pressing one hand against the top of the counter. hopped off and stood next to her. ~What is it exactly you want to do?~ He looked at her with a soft smile... his soft purple eyes scanning her face. She smiled and spoke softly. "You'll see..."

--She moved in front of him and moved close to him... with his back to the counter, he smiled at her when she moved closer and placed her hands against his chest. She slid them down and then started sliding down herself. She lowered herself to her knees and kneeled before him. His 11-inch cock was standing erect right in front of her face. He watched her as she knelt before him and moaned out as she coiled her soft delicate fingers around his length. ~Ohhh... Joy...~ He closed his eyes and leaned back slightly, feeling the counter against him. She tightened her grip around him and started to slowly move up against his length... he moaned again and she smiled. She liked how she was able to make him feel good. He had made her feel so good, and she was so glad she made him feel good too. She moved her hand up his length and then back down again, feeling the slight stickiness around him from her juices and his seed. There was also some trace amount of her blood, but as she stroked him it disappeared. She looked up at him and saw his head tilted back slightly and his eyes closed. She smiled and looked at his huge cock in her hand... and then she leaned in and licked the tip. When he felt her lick the tip his cock twitched a little and he darted his eyes open and looked down at her. She smiled at him and brought her hand down to the base of his cock, squeezing him tighter. He let out a moan and then she licked from the bottom of his shaft all the way up. He moaned out louder... ~Oh... Joy...~ She tasted the stickiness of his cock. As she licked up and down his shaft several times, she kept her hand wrapped around him and held him at the bottom of his shaft. She stopped licking and looked at his cock. She had licked it clean.

--She smiled and looked up at him... he was still watching her. She turned back to his cock and kissed the head very lightly… and then she opened her mouth and slid her mouth over the head of his cock. Keeping her lips closed around him she moved over him more and more... slowly, just the tip at first. He was watching her and when she slid her mouth over him he moaned out and closed his eyes... but he opened them again, still looking at her. He wanted to watch her as she took his cock into her mouth. She slid more of him inside her warm mouth and heard another moan from him. She slowly slid more and more until she felt him at the back of her throat, and then she closed her mouth around his length, pressing her lips tightly against him. ~Oh Joy...~ he softly moaned. He had just watched her slowly take more and more of his length until she had more then half of his length inside her mouth. He moaned at the warmth of her mouth and the feeling of her soft lips pressing tightly against his length. Joy started to slowly move now, bobbing her head against his length. She moved her tongue up and down his shaft inside her mouth and occasionally slid it over the tip. He felt her saliva over him and felt the warmth of her mouth as she started moving against him. His cock twitched slightly inside her mouth, and his hips jerked a little instinctively. He moaned again... he was already so hard.,. it wouldn't be long if she kept this up. She started to move faster now... sliding on him faster, trying to take more of his length with each movement on him. She kept her right hand wrapped around the bottom of his length and moved it a little with her head movements... but she held his cock firmly at the base while she moved her mouth over him. She pressed her soft pink lips harder against his length and felt him twitch in response. ~Oh Joy... uhhhh....~ He placed his hands on her head, holding her head to him. With each movement as he slid into her mouth she felt him hitting the back of her throat now… it hurt a little... but she didn't care... she wanted to please him so much. She started sliding on him faster... licking his length as it slid in and out of her mouth. She moved her head in longer motions now... going just out almost to his tip and then sliding him back in. He moaned out and closed his eyes, feeling he was so close to release. His cock twitched again in her mouth... he was so close... She felt him twitch again and knew he must be close. She reached under his cock with her left hand and rubbed underneath him... right where his testicles would be if he had any that where visibly noticeable. She felt two rather large bumps under the skin and knew that's what they were, so she pressed her palm against that spot and rubbed him there. He moaned out as he felt her rub over that spot... he couldn't take anymore of this... his hips jerked and his cock spasmed and he moaned out. ~Oh Joy... oh... I'm… I'm... going to... I..~ She closed her eyes and pressed her lips as hard as she could around him. That was it... He moaned out loud and bucked his hips forward… his hands held onto her head firmly, just above her ears, as he drove himself into her mouth and yelled out a screaming moan. ~Oh JOY... unnngggghhhhh~ He shot a huge load of his seed into her mouth. She closed her mouth tight around him as she heard him scream out and then she felt him explode... she felt his hot sticky seed shoot out of his cock and into her mouth. The viscous liquid shot out of his cock in thick streams as he pumped more and more of it into her mouth. It hit the back of her throat and filled her mouth completely. She swallowed it, gulping down his seed as he gave it to her. Some of it trickled out the corner of her mouth and down her chin. He held her head tightly, holding her on his cock as he pumped his warm seed into her mouth. And then he felt her swallow his seed. That aroused him so much, that she swallowed all of his seed, that he moaned out loud again and shoved himself into her mouth more, his hips jerking as he explode inside her again releasing another load deep into her mouth. ~Oh JOY...Unnghhhh... Oh YES!! Yesss!~ She felt another huge load of his cum spill from his cock and into her mouth... a lot of it went down her throat from the force as it spewed from his cock. The rest filled her mouth and she swallowed that as well. She swallowed the rest, her lips milking him for all of his seed. She slid her tongue up and down his length tasting him, licking up all the rest of his cum from his length. Finally, when his length began to go soft, she slowly slid him from her mouth and looked up at him. He was looking down at her with his soft purple eyes. She smiled at him and he smiled back.

--He moved his hands from her head to her shoulders, gently resting his hands on top of them. He slowly slid down to his knees and gently kissed her forehead. ~Joy... that was incredible... thank you.~ She smiled and hugged him. "I'm glad you liked it so much..." He wrapped his arms around her as she hugged him and they stayed like that for awhile, embracing each other. He slid from his knees and sat down, his back against the counter he let her rest against him. Her hands were now pressed against his smooth chest as she leaned her body against his. She slowly moved her hands up and down his chest. He smiled and looked down at her and kissed the top of her head. She looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back. She closed her eyes and moved herself a little. She ended up leaning against him. Her legs curled up, almost in the fetal position, on the floor in front of him between his own legs. Her hands rested against his lower chest and belly and she placed her head softly against her hands as a makeshift pillow. He placed his arms just over her waist and held her to him. He looked down at her and smiled, looking at her soft facial features as she started to drift off to sleep as he held her. He watched her until she was asleep… and then with his left hand he gently brushed her cheek... ~Thank you, Joy...~ He leaned his head back against the counter and closed his own eyes. He drifted off to sleep, holding her close to him.


A bunch of the bushes rustled about outside. A slender shadow was seen clearly through the big glass doors.

The shadow seemed to stay still for a few minutes as if looking in at the two sleeping individuals... and then slowly faded away into the night as it moved down the pathway...



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