I hate parties

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I hate parties

Shoto Todoroki hated parties

Growing up under his father’s oppressive regime of constant training and expectation Shoto was denied nearly everything other children took for granted, the main he felt jealous for missing out on being birthday parties and celebrations in general, the jealousy soon moulding into distaste of parties in general as he matured, most likely as a coping mechanism against the sorrow he felt for missing out on what was supposed to be his special day

Formal event parties were easily the parties he held the most disdain for however as they only reminded him of how his father would drag him, his mother and his siblings to events held in his honor and would then severely punish them for the slightest infractions when they got home

And now he was stood in the corner of the area that was hosting a party in honor of the graduated Class 1-A’s deeds for the city, he had borderline begged Momo to not make him go but since he was one of the most famous and beloved of the class in the citizens eyes he was almost obligated to attend

Taking another sip of his drink Shoto let his eyes wander along the crowds as he tried to remain out of sight himself, watching how the numerous politicians that had attended the event skittered around raining false praises on his old classmates making it obvious that only cared for the money they had saved from prevented damages to the city from the Heroes actions

Rolling his eyes at them Shoto turned his attention to the more important people at the party, smiling softly as he found Izuku and Ochako dancing together on the dance floor, their relationship having risen them to celebrity status almost as much as their work as Pro Heroes did with the biggest questions in magazines at the moment being when Izuku would pop the question and when there would be the chance of a baby possessing both Anti Gravity and One for All as Quirks

Shaking the last thought away as it reminded him too much of how he himself was conceived Shoto finished his drink before heading back to the free bar to get himself another one, he was definitely going to be at least a little drunk to suffer the entire night without trying to leave

“How are you holding up?” he heard Momo ask as he got another drink, his lover giving him a sympathetic look as he filled his glass high

“I hate parties” he replied simply as he turned to face her, taking a sip of his drink whilst resting back against the table “I’m expecting my father to appear any moment and threaten me for embarrassing him and ruining his good name at any moment”

“Shoto it’s ok, he’s not here, you can relax, you can enjoy yourself” Momo tried to soothe him but she knew him well enough that she knew simple words wouldn’t work “come on, let’s go somewhere a little less crowded” she then told him taking his hand to pull him away from the drinks table and threw the crowd towards one of the side corridors of the venue hosting the party, instinctively kicking Mineta out of the way as he once again tried to walk up to flirt with her without missing a beat

Pulling him through the side corridors until the sounds of the party could no longer be heard she pushed him into a little alcove to the side of the hallway before using her Quirk to make a large curtain, holding it up to block the alcove off from view “could you freeze this to the ceiling?” she requested to which he obliged spraying a quick freezing stream from his hand to secure the curtain to the ceiling to fully conceal them from view

As soon as the curtain was secured Momo turned to face Shoto and cupped his face, pulling him into a deep kiss before he could question her feeling him relax near instantly, coaxing back to sit on a small wooden bench that was in the alcove before settling on his lap to deepen their kiss, the Creati Hero intent on taking her lovers mind off of the party and his past experiences with them by any means necessary

As Momo deepened the kiss Shoto settled his hands on her lower back allowing her tongue to delve into his mouth as her hands undid the buttons of his shirt with deft skill, exposing his toned pectoral muscles and defined six pack as she then reached back to undo the clasp of her dress at the back of her neck letting it fall and settle at her waist exposing her breasts to him

Guiding his hands to her chest as she broke the kiss for a moment Momo then sat up on her knees as she reached under her dress, pulling her panties down as she shifted to fully pull them down her long smooth legs before kicking them aside

With her core appropriately bare Momo then returned her lips to Shoto’s as her hands moved down to his pants, working open his belt and zipper before fishing out his hardening manhood, their lips never parting as she then guided him to her core and slowly sank down on him to take him down to the base

Moaning into Shoto’s mouth Momo ran her fingers along his pectorals loving how heat radiated from the left side of his chest making her hand tingle whilst the right side of his chest was soothingly cold making her palm and fingers feel pleasantly almost numb, her hips rolling as she clenched tight around his length gently riding him whilst he massaged her breasts

Breaking the kiss Shoto moved his mouth lower kissing along Momo’s jawline making her moan as his hands firmly squeezed her breasts, his thumbs rubbing her nipples sending shivers down her spine as her right breast was perfectly warmed by his life hand and his right hand brought the right amount of chill to her left breast

“That’s it Shoto, right there” Momo breathed as Shoto moved his mouth lower to kiss along her throat, the heat of his breath making her shiver as her core squeezed tighter, her pace getting steadily faster but not fast enough that it would generate noise not wanting to draw attention to them in case someone else came down that hallway “I’m cumming…” she then moaned as Shoto lowered his mouth again to gently bite her nipple

As Momo’s core clenched tight and rippled rhythmically along his length Shoto wasn’t far behind with his own climax, his hands moving to her waist to hold her in place as he unloaded inside of her, Momo kissing him deeply again to muffle her moans of bliss as he filled her with his seed

Breaking the kiss after a few moments Momo rested her head on Shoto’s shoulder as they both rode out their post climax afterglows, the Creati Hero gently lifting herself off of Shoto’s cock before simply making a new pair of panties rather than putting her arousal damp old ones back on as she then rose from his lap to fix her dress “come on, we should go back, there was a Fire Chief that wanted to thank you personally for when you put out that office building fire last month” she told him to which Shoto just sighed and nodded as he fixed his pants, to him the fire hadn’t been that bad and only needed a minimum effort wave of ice to contain and snuff it out

“Fine” he sighed standing up and moving behind Momo to help her secure the dress clasp back behind her neck “I still hate parties though”

“I know, we’ll go home straight after you talk to the Fire Chief”


“Promise, we’ll see if Izuku and Ochako want to come with us as well and we’ll have drinks at home” Momo promised bringing the first smile Shoto had had since he had since arrived at the party to his face

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