Yami's Sleepover

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Disclaimer: You must be 18+ to read this story. I do not own To Love Ru or any of its characters. I also do not make any money/profit while I make this story.

Note: It has been a while since I did One-Shots for To Love Ru since I have been busy with my stories and helping Alvin D-Rod's with his stories. However, when Alvin D-Rod brought this idea to my attention, it was too good for me to turn down. This is a what-if One Shot if Rito and Yami went all the way if their hands were stuck together. And yes, I know this Serino has probably been done to death, but I'm chipping my two cents in.

Also, everyone in this story is going to be older than their original counterparts for obvious reasons. Both Rito & Yami are Nineteen Years Old, and Mikan and Momo are both Eighteen Years Old. So just keep that in mind while reading this One-Shot.

Also, before we get started on this chapter, I would like to thank Alvin D-Rod for helping me put this chapter together. If he didn't bring this idea to my attention, this one-shot wouldn't come to be. So go check out his stories after you are finished reading this chapter.

Also, You must be 18+ to read this story. I do not own To Love Ru or any of its characters. I also do not make any money/profit while I make this story.

Anyways, with no further ado, let's get started on this channel.

Yami's Sleepover:

Rito couldn't believe his luck. Over the last year now, Rito has had to dodge and run away from Yami each time she tried to kill him. But now, the one thing he thought that would never happen, happened, his hand being stuck with Yami's hand. Because of this, Rito had to go everywhere, including the bathroom when Yami had to go, and taking a bath with her. Those events were horrible, but none of those events come close to what he has to do now, and that is sleeping with Yami.

"Yuuki Rito, you can't sleep?" Asked Yami.

"Is it that obvious?" Asked Rito.

Yami looks over at Rito with emotionless expression stays on her face and looks at him, "I guess we can talk about the past." She speaks with a soft tone.

"Wait, say what now?" Asked Rito.

"I wasn't always assassin," Yami tells Rito with a soft tone.

"You weren't?" Asked Rito.

Yami nods at Rito and stays lay there then turns towards the window with her lips open to speaks more, "My original name was Eve and I was named after Tearju."

"Tearju?" Asked Rito.

"Yes she was like a big sister to me or creator for me," Yami tells Rito with a gentle tone.

We see that when Yami stood up, we see that her blue nightgown rose above her amazing bubble-shaped butt, and we see that her white panties we're barley covering her butt, as her butt cheeks were uncovered. Rito was trying really hard not to look at her amazing soft and smooth legs and cute bare feet.
"They told me that she left one day and I don't know where she disappeared to," Yami responds with the rest of the story as Rito got mad at the scientists destroying her life.

"I am so sorry, Yami," said Rito.

Yami lays her head onto his shoulder which Rito was surprised to see Yami doing this and her small breasts pushed against his chest.

"Y-Yami?" Asked Rito.

Yami looks up and leans in then kisses Rito on the lips softly, making Rito to be surprised. Yami pulls away as she says, "I'm sorry, Yuuki Rito... I shouldn't ha-." Yami gets surprised for Rito leans in and kisses her this time.

Yami was surprised by the kiss but slowly gave into the kiss. Yami lays Rito down onto the futon as their hands become unstuck together which they didn't care because they kept kissing one another. Using his left hand, Rito began to rub her breasts, while using the other hand to take off her panties.

"Ecchi... But I want more from you, Rito Yuuki." Yami tells Rito as his hand takes her white panties off then throws them away but he pushed down as she unbuttons her shirt for him to sees her small C cup breasts.

With his hands, he began to her breasts around. Yami moans slightly as her shirt begins sliding off of her shoulders as she was enjoying his touch. Rito then began to suck on her pink nipples. Yami moans more as she strokes Rito's hair comfortably and arches her backside for him to enjoy it.

Yami normally hated perverted things, but she was loving every minute of Rito feeling her up.

Rito begins taking Yami's shirt off and throws it away to makes Yami naked which her hands find Rito's shirt then begins lifting it up to take it off. Now that Rito was now topless, Rito began to lick his way to her belly. Yami moans slightly as she allows Rito to rolls them over which she says, "This feels strange but good at the same time."

Yami then felt something hard and saw that she was sitting on his dent.

Yami begins rubbing his dick up then down with her tight pussy which Rito finds Yami's amazing round butt. She kisses him again. Rito was trying not to moan as Yami was rubbing his dent with her pussy, but it felt too good. Rito places Yami onto the futon and he goes down to her tight pussy as he kisses her clit softly at first. This made Yami moan, as her pussy was sensitive. Rito goes down to kiss and licks her tight pussy next as it was soft and warm. His hands rub her body which Yami moans little more and unknown to them.

In the hallway, Momo and Mikan were spying on them.

"I can't believe what I'm seeing!" Said Mikan.

"Same here but Rito-san is releasing his true beast," Momo tells Mikan with a gentle tone which she was slowly getting turned on.

Meanwhile, Rito noticed how wet Yami's pussy was, so he decided to lick it all while playing with her clit. This made Yami moan loudly. Wives of pleasure were floating in Yami's body, and it was too good for her to hold in her moans. The more Rito rubbed Yami's clit, the more she moaned, and the more she moaned, the more her pussy got wet, and the more her pussy got wet, the more Rito licked it.

Yami was now going crazy, and it felt like Rito kept getting better at this. She could feel her insides and thighs getting tighter, and she felt that she needed to use the bathroom. Her legs and feet were waving around, and her toes were crunching up. Rito smiled behind Yami's bush of pubic hair, he knew she was enjoying it, and knew she was going to reach her limit soon.

"Something is coming soon!" Yami moans loud as she felt something going to come out of her. Rito smiles and kept eating her pussy.

Yami grabs her breasts tightly as her juices spray-on Rito's face which she was breathing in then out.

"Did you like that?" Asked Rito.

"Yes, I did," Yami responds back to Rito.

"That's good," said Rito, and gave Yami's pussy a kiss.

Yami releases a small giggle which Rito was surprised for Yami to giggle. Rito then began to rub and tickle her cute feet. Yami giggles more as she releases a warm smile and she gets up then kisses Rito. While they kissed, Rito began to rub her soft squishy butt. Yami moans slightly as she was enjoying his touch. As they kissed, Yami began to take Rito's pants off, revealing his hard dick, which was four inches long and four inches thick. Yami goes over to kiss and licks his headpiece warmly.

"It's so big," said Yami."Yami... That feels amazing." Rito tells Yami and strokes her long blonde hair as both of them hear someone else was moaning but they thought it was their imagination.

But to tell the truth, it was Momo eating Mikan's pussy in the hallway which both Momo and Mikan were naked right now.

"Momo, what has gotten into you?! Asked Mikan, trying her best not to get turned on, but Momo was making it impossible for her.

Momo grabs Milan's breasts and squeezes them a little hard which Momo eats her pussy more, which she knew Mikan was enjoying it.

"Ah! Momo, what if Rito and Yami hear us?" Moaned Mikan.

Momo pulls out of eating Mikan's pussy as she says, "Well they are busy besides your such a cute girl, Mikan-san." Momo leans in and kisses Mikan. Mikan was surprised by the kiss and gives in to it. Momo and Mikan begin making out with each other as Momo gets pushed onto the stairs as Mikan begins kissing then licks Momo's hard nipples.

Meanwhile, Rito was teasing Yami by rubbing his dick on Yami's pussy.

Yami moans slightly as she was enjoying the teasing and she speaks, "Rito, please put it inside of me and I want to know what it feels like."

"Okay," said Rito.

He then shoves his dick in. Yami was going to scream in pain, but Rito stops her by kissing her on the lips. Somehow, Rito kissing her brought her comfort. Yami begins realizing the feelings inside of her heart and it was love. She was in love with Rito. He was her target but she didn't give a damn about it.

"I love you... I love you, Rito!" Yami expresses her true feelings to Rito.

"Really?" Asked Rito.

Yami hides her face away from Rito but he takes her hands away as he strokes her cheek softly and kisses her and he slowly starts thrusting her.

Yami kisses Rito back as his hands stroke her hair then backside and grabs a handful of her incredible bubble butt.

"You're so cute when you get embarrassed," said Rito.

"Rito... Are you telling me the truth." Yami wanted to know it from Rito as she wants him to take her.

"Of course," said Rito.

"Rito, do you love me as I love you?" Yami asks the big question.

"Well, as surprising as this may sound, I do have feelings for you, despite the fact that you keep trying to kill me," said Rito.

Yami felt Rito getting hard inside of her tight pussy which he kisses her again and starts moving in then out of her pussy.

"Shit, you're so tight," said Rito.

Yami moans loudly as she enjoying it, which Rito kisses and sucks her right nipple.

"You have cute nipples Yami," said Rito.

"Thank you, Rito!" Yami moans more as Rito begins moving his dick more into her pussy hard and deep.

"I bet you didn't think something like this wouldn't happen, huh?" Asked Rito.

"No I didn't but I want more please, Rito," Yami tells Rito with a passionate tone that he lays them down with her top of him to ride him.

"Will do," said Rito and began to increase the speed.

Yami moans more as her breasts bounce up then down as she keeps riding his amazingly big dick.

"Oh Rito! I'm going to cum again!" Moaned Yami.

Rito didn't feel like he was going to come again, so he puts Yami into the doggie style to pounds her tight pussy deeper and faster. Yami was moaning loudly as she was surprised that Rito was getting a lot more aggressive.

"Rito! You're being so rough with me! But I still love you no matter what! Ahhh! Oh Gosh!" Yami moans louder as her breasts bounce everywhere.

"You just feel that good Yami," said Rito.

Rito felt like he was going to come soon inside of Yami.

"Yami, I'm going to cum!" Moaned Rito.

"Inside, Rito!" Yami moans loudly as she digs into the futon with her hands.

"Okay," said Rito.

Rito picks Yami then turns her head to makes out with her as he pounds her pussy more.

Meanwhile, in the hallway, Momo and Mikan were rubbing their pussies together as they felt like are about to come too.

"Momo! I'm going to cum!" Moaned Mikan.

"Me too, Mikan-san!" Momo responds back to Mikan, yet they kept rubbing their pussies more together.

Soon, both girls let out a loud moan and came together.

"Mikan-san... That was incredible!" Momo was telling Mikan with a soft tone.

"Y-Yes, it was," said Mikan, catching her breath.

Momo crawls over and kisses Mikan again.

Meanwhile, Yami let out a loud moan and she and Rito came together. Rito and Yami lay down with Yami lays on top of his chest which she felt his hand around her waist.

"Did you like that?" Asked Rito.

"Yes I did and I think I love it when our hands are together," Yami tells Rito with a soft tone.

"I'm glad you liked it," said Rito.

Yami smiles at Rito and falls sleep top of him which he knew he made love with someone who was after his life but he doesn't care because he was going at her side now.

The End!

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