A push in the right direction

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A push in the right direction

Meiko whimpered softly to herself as she peeked through the slightly opened bathroom door in Tai’s apartment waking the Digidestined of Courage shower, her eyes running along every inch of his toned body before settling on his flaccid six incher hanging between his legs

Her eyes settling on his cock Meiko bit her lip as her heart started to hammer and her cunt started to drip, with it looking so big and heavy flaccid she could only imagine what it would be like hard, the mental image making her pussy clench with need as one hand slowly crept down her body towards her aching core

“It’s even better up close you know”

Gasping at the sound of Mimi’s voice behind her Meiko nearly jumped out of her skin as Mimi covered her mouth with her hand to prevent her from making too much noise “shhhhh, you don’t want him to know that you’ve been spying on him do you?” the brunette purred as she then slowly removed her hand from Meiko’s face “Tai invited me over too and I see you had the same idea of coming early, lucky you getting your first threesome” 

Meiko’s face flushed brighter at Mimi’s words feeling like her heart was going to jump out of her chest “thr...threesome?” she gasped making Mimi titter

“What? Never shared a cock before? Or never had two in you at once?” the brunette asked to which Meiko quickly shook her head “oh girl I’m going to have to slut you up” 

Before Meiko could ask what she meant Mimi took hold of the raven haired girls face and pulled her into a fierce kiss, her eyes widening as Mimi forced her tongue into her mouth with total ease to deepen the kiss to which she quickly relented and melted into the kiss

Humming against Meiko’s mouth Mimi then broke the kiss humming in approval at the arousal addled look the younger girl now had on her face “now watch and learn” she then instructed as she then pulled away and took a step back from Meiko before starting to strip naked

Breathing heavily with arousal Meiko watched as Mimi shed off her clothing shamelessly showing off her curves and perfect tits, cunt and ass before the brunette then placed her finger to her lips telling her to keep silent as she then quietly slipped into the bathroom without Tai hearing her

Biting her lip Meiko returned to hiding behind the door, peeking through to watch as Mimi sauntered naked up to the shower and casually climbed in with Tai, the Digidestined of Courage jumping slightly at her sudden appearance before quickly relaxing as Mimi made her intentions known, the brunette running her fingers down his front as she sank down to squat in front of him, Mimi casting a quick glance and wink in Meiko’s direction which Tai didn’t notice before she wrapped her hands around his cock and started stroking him to full erection

Her eyes widening further at the sight of Tai’s cock growing to full mast Meiko began to drool as she watched Mimi eagerly take his cock into her mouth, taking him to the base with ease as the showers spray ran down her naked body making her skin glisten as his did

“Oh my god” the raven haired girl moaned as she found herself slowly stripping down herself, her clothes joining Mimi’s on the floor as she then started to touch herself, one hand massaging her breasts whilst the other gently rubbed her clit and slit as she watched Mimi start to rapidly bob her head along Tai’s cock, her eyes glued to his fat cock stretching Mimi’s lips as she took Tai’s dick down her throat repeatedly

Working her fingers faster as she watched Tai then take hold of Mimi’s hair to make her suck him faster Meiko then gripped the edge of the door with her other hand to try to balance herself as her legs started to buckle, her pants of pleasure getting steadily louder until she pushed a finger inside her now dripping slit causing her legs to buckle completely making her fall into the bathroom

As she fell into the bathroom Tai and Mimi stopped, Tai staring at the raven haired girl in surprise whilst Mimi pulled his cock from her mouth to titter at Meiko’s sudden entry “I told you to watch and learn, are you that eager already?” she playfully scolded Meiko before sliding open the glass door “well come join us then, you’re already undressed”

Staring at both Tai and Mimi with her heart hammering Meiko bit her lip as her arousal overcame her nerves, nodding as she then quickly rose to her feet to hurry to the shower before just as quickly dropping to her knees next to Mimi, staring so intently at Tai’s cock that she forgot to remove her glasses before they fogged up from the showers spray

Giggling as Meiko’s vision was fogged up Mimi gently removed the raven haired girls glasses and set them aside before taking hold of her head, guiding her forward onto Tai’s cock as Meiko opened her mouth as wide as she could “that’s it, relax your throat, take it all the way down” she encouraged moving one hand around to gently massage Meiko’s throat whilst she fought her gag reflex

“Fuck that’s good” Tai groaned as Meiko slowly took his entire length down her throat, not having the best of experience she had to consistently force herself not to gag as Mimi held her head in place for several seconds before letting her pull away to breathe

As Meiko took a breath Mimi leaned back in to continue the blowjob, bobbing her head fluidly along his manhood as Meiko recovered and ducked back in to help how she could, lapping at the side of Tai’s cock every time Mimi pulled back on him, moaning as she felt him throb against her tongue

Cupping the back of both girls heads Tai shuddered in a way that Mimi had learned meant that he was about to cum, the brunette pulling back pulling Meiko with her as she pressed her face to the younger girls face, wrapping a hand around Tai’s cock and starting to stroke it as Meiko got the message and opened her mouth wide like Mimi did, both girls sticking out their tongues as Mimi stroked Tai to release

Moments later Tai came hard with a low breathy groan, Mimi moaning and Meiko gasping as his release hit them hard, coating their faces and covering their outstretched tongues as Mimi’s hand worked faster to coax every drop of Tai’s release from his balls

“Oh my god…” Meiko panted as Tai’s cum streaked across her favour, the warmth and flavour of his seed on her tongue making her cunt clench with arousal as she found herself hungrily swallowing what landed in her mouth “so good…”

“That’s it, good girl, swallow everything he gives you” Mimi encouraged her having swallowed her share of cum first “before you know it you’ll be having the guys blowing loads none stop in no time” she continued kissing the raven haired girl on the cheek making Meiko shudder and purr “get up and bend over for him, I know you want that cock in that tight little pussy”

Nodding eagerly Meiko was quick to comply, rising to her feet as Mimi and Tai shifted to give her room before she turned around and bent over, pressing her hands to the shower wall as her ass and dripping cunt rubbed firmly against Tai’s groin, the feeling of his rock hard cock sending blissful shivers down her spine before her jaw fell slack and her tongue fell out as Tai then guided himself into her dripping cunt pushing balls deep in a single thrust

“Fuck that’s hot” Mimi moaned as Tai started to thrust hard and deep into Meiko from behind, the once shy girl bucking her hips back against him as she started to pant almost as shameless as Mimi would from the sheer pleasure Tai’s cock brought her

Biting her lip as she watched Meiko’s ass clap against Tai’s groin Mimi then slunk back down to her knees to slide underneath them to which Tai’s cock claim Meiko’s cunt, the sight making her touch herself as she watched Tai’s balls beat against Meiko’s clit letting the overflow of the raven haired girls arousal drip down onto her face

“Oh god! Harder! Fuck me harder!” Meiko cried out as her hips desperately bucked back against Tai’s thrusts, her nails scraping down the shower walls as her tits bounced wildly in tandem with his harsh pace, the sheer sensory overload making it impossible for her to think straight as her eyes rolled back in her head giving her the expression of a perfect ahegao

And then she felt Mimi’s tongue on her clit

The moment she felt Mimi’s hot skilled tongue press to her overly sensitive clit she came harder than she had ever done before, falling forward until her face and tits were pressed against the wet tiles of the wall, her pussy spasming like crazy around Tai’s dick as Mimi reached up to play with his balls with her free hand whilst frantically fingering herself with the other, the brunette bringing herself to orgasm a few moments later as she then started to taste the overflow of Tai’s release as Meiko’s spasming pussy dragged him over the edge, all three going through a near simultaneous climax

Pulling back a little to give Meiko a little more room he had to hold her up by her hips as she nearly bent over fully at the waist, showing off just how flexible she was as she hung her head down next to Mimi’s making the brunette titter before leaning in to give her a pseudo upside down kiss making Meiko moan against her lips

“Such a little perv, going from voyeurist to literally folding yourself in half for cock, I’m so proud” she purred as she broke the kiss, continuing to finger herself as she watched Meiko’s body buck and jerk in tandem to Tai’s continued thrusts “just wait until I get you sandwiched between TK and Izzy”

Meiko came again at the sound of that

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