Trial by Error

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Weatheria: The Thirteenth Month

She swept the Clima-Tact over her head and squealed in happiness as small clouds formed above her. A light, warm drizzle immediately started up and Nami danced in joy. She had perfected the Shower Tempo! Another sweep of her upgraded Clima-Tact, now named the Sorcery Clima-Tact, dispelled the drizzle and the clouds.

Prying the information for the Weather Balls out of Haredas had been relatively easy. Developing her newest and most powerful Clima-Tact yet, without Usopp's help, had been challenging. It was a sleek Bō Staff now, with no protrusions from the dials of Skypiea, and she had done it on her own.



Kuraigana: The Fourteenth Month

Zoro cursed loudly as he almost took a hit on his left side from Mihawk. The man had blinded him in his left eye, some weeks prior, and he was still adjusting to not being able to see from that side. His new inability to not be able to see from his left eye didn't phase the man in the slightest. It made him train the younger swordsman even harder.

"Focus, fool, or I'll blind you completely." Mihawk attacked with Yoru, the Kokutō very nearly grazing his cheek. His left cheek.

Zoro bared his teeth at the World's Greatest Swordsman and gripped Shūsui, one of his own Kokutō, with his left hand. He was so close to mastering his newest sword, which had quite a temper and was much heavier than Yubashiri had been. He sheathed Shūsui and half-crouched, his gaze warily fixed on his mentor. "Ittōryū Iai: Shi Shishi Sonson!!!" He dashed forward as he called out the move, and quickly unsheathed Shūsui with every bit of power he could put into the strike.

Mihawk blocked the blow, which would have outright killed lesser men, and merely looked bored. When Zoro leapt away, looking frustrated, he turned and started walking back up to the castle. "Meditate."



Boin Archipelago: The Fifteenth Month

"Hissatsu Midori Boshi: Impact Wolf!" Usopp fired the Pop Green seed at an over-sized Stag Beetle that guarded the edge of the island and a large wolf's head grew from the bulb shaped like said animal's nose. It charged the beetle in the form of a powerful shockwave and stunned the beetle. Another appeared to take its place, to which Heracles shot Pop Green seeds at it to fend it off.

Usopp darted around the stunned Stag Beetle and fired another Pop Green seed at a third, this one unleashing large Venus Flytrap that wrapped its vines around the Stag Beetle. It was aptly named Devil, and it proceeded to eat the Beetle.



Torino Kingdom: The Sixteenth Month

Chopper sighed and wiped at his brow, his look of extreme concentration never ceasing. This medicinal mixture was temperamental, and as it was his first time making it, it was going to take some time to get it right. He had little else to be working on, his transformations now perfected without the use of the Rumble Ball. All he needed that for was his very last transformation.



Karakuri: The Seventeenth Month

He tinkered with his newest adjustment to himself, upgrades to his arms that were much larger. Franky still had normal sized hands, within these new and larger arms, and they were fully functional. He simply needed to fine tune the arm upgrades.

He had upgraded everything else on himself, and had even made it so he could adjust his hair by pushing down on his nose and holding it for three seconds. Franky had even sewn his skin back on, front and back.

With a final twist of the last few bolts, he examined his handiwork and flexed the arm. Everything was going SUPER!



Somewhere along the Grand Line: The Eighteenth Month

Tone Dial sales were through the roof. His managers were ecstatic about the tour, which would end at Sabaody Archipelago in another six months. Brook hadn't said anything about going back to piracy, but he would tell them when they reached Sabaody.

He had developed his Devil Fruit ability to the extent that he could imbue his shikomizue with the chill of the underworld. Brook was also able to separate his spirit from his skeletal body and travel without it. His managers didn't know that, and he intended to keep it that way.



Rusukaina: The Nineteenth Month

Rayleigh had finished teaching them all he could, and so left Ace and Luffy, at their request, to continue training by themselves on the island. The number of animals that were stronger than them had decreased dramatically. From what the brothers could tell, there was only fifty or so animals that were stronger than them.

As a challenge to themselves, they had decided to split up for a month. Far enough that they would be on their own, but still within each other's Kenbun-shoku Haki range. Ace was better at Kenbun-shoku Haki than Luffy, so his range was much larger, and from what he could deduce it covered the entire island and then some. Luffy's, on the other hand, covered two-thirds of the island.

The younger pirate didn't seem to be worried about their decision to split up for a month. In fact, he seemed to be quite eager to prove himself. Ace was worried though, and a glance at the x-shaped scar on Luffy's chest was a firm reminder of what had happened at Marineford. He had to vow to himself to not constantly monitor his otouto... His saiai.

"Luffy." The teen glanced at him from across the clearing, a puzzled look on his face. "Ah, I..." Ace was suddenly at a loss for words, but Luffy understands what it is he is trying to say. In the span of an eye blink his brother was standing in front of him, a sunny smile on his face.

Luffy didn't say anything. Not this time, and it is clear that there was no need for words. He kissed him instead, chaste and slow to start with, arms wrapped around his neck.

Ace reciprocated the kiss, his own hands at Luffy's waist as he intensified the lip lock with a light nip. He drew a soft gasp from him, a slightly surprised look in his eyes then teasing mirth as he swipes his tongues across his lips. Ace has tightened his grasp on the teen's waist and pulled him closer so that their bodies were flush against one another. He delved his tongue into Luffy's mouth, the teen tasting sweet and spicy despite the copious amounts of meat he ate.

After what seemed like forever, and a lot of tongue wrestling, they pulled apart. Both panted softly, and Ace could feel the want and need for more. He also saw that Luffy felt the same, and at that moment he looked extremely... No. They couldn't. Not right now at least. Training was their priority and they weren't properly prepared for sex. Sure, it was frustrating as hell, but they could wait.

"Ace~..." Luffy pouted, to which Ace smiled faintly and touched his forehead to Luffy's. The teen wasn't able to put into words what he was feeling, nor did he knew what it was that he was exactly wanting. He wanted more, and it definitely involved Ace.

"We need to finish our training, Lu," Ace whispered, inwardly cursing his brother's naïveté and lack of information. He would have to sit Luffy down one day to explain it to him, and hope that he would understand. "After we leave Rusukaina I'll..." Shit. How was he supposed to word it so that Luffy would comprehend it? "I'll show you what comes after kissing, okay?" Hopefully that would work.

"Okay, Ace."



Baltigo: The Twentieth Month

A gigantic hand slammed the ground where he had just been standing, and a second went to grab him as he leapt into the air. Sabo quickly turned into his slender and agile dragon form to fly from out of the enclosing hand. Robin's Mil Fleur: Gigantesco Mano dispersed in a shower of fading petals while a pair of much smaller arms sprouted from his neck. He quickly activated his Defense Form, the spike-like scales making the arms vanish as he dropped to the ground.

Robin wasn't making things any easier, and she wasn't even able to use Haki. She had also gotten physically stronger, though he could outmatch her in terms of brute strength. Her tactical and strategic cunning was superior, however, and not even Dragon seemed to be able to match it.



Momoiro: The Twenty-First Month

Sanji kicked away another Okama with her flaming left leg. Her Diable Jambe intensified and she kicked a third Okama down. She had collected all of the Attack Cuisine recipes, and was now just surviving as she made her way back to where Ivankov was staying on the island. It would take a while, with all of the Okama still attempting to put her in a dress. She could use her Sky Walk, but then it wouldn't really be much of a challenge.

She had every intention of demanding that the Okama Queen return her back to her original gender, since she did get all of the Attack Cuisine recipes. It hadn't been part of the initial agreement, but she had no intention of returning to her Nakama like this. This was too humiliating for them to ever find out about.



Rusukaina: The Twenty-Second Month

Two months. Three if they counted this one. They would be leaving for Sabaody in two months, to rejoin the rest of the Straw Hats.

Time seemed to have flown, and when Ace thought about it, two years wasn't really anything. It seemed like it, day by day, but in hindsight it wasn't much time. The world might have moved on, but he knew that the One Piece would still be waiting for them, where his father by blood had left it.

"What'cha thinking 'bout, Ace?" Luffy sat down next to him and leaned against his side. His eyes were threatening to close, the young Captain exhausted from the day's training.

"Hm... I wonder..." Ace pulled Luffy onto his lap and wrapped his arms around his brother's waist. "We only have two months, three if we count this one, before we leave." He let his chin rest on Luffy's shoulder, his own eyes closing halfway.

"Mm... When we go to the New World we can visit with Ace's Nakama." Luffy felt Ace stiffen slightly at those words and smiled faintly. "I miss my Nakama, so Ace must really miss his."

"Lu..." Ace felt a weak smile form and he closed his eyes as he pressed the side of his face into Luffy's hair. "I do miss them, but we need to make you Pirate King first. Who knows, we might even meet them on the way." He did want to see them again, but they had time for that whenever. Luffy's dream came first.


"I'll be fine, Luffy. They'll be fine too."



Baltigo: The Twenty-Third Month

Robin lifted a crate of the books that Dragon had given her and started to carry it to the ship that everyone was working on preparing for her and Sabo's departure. Behind her were several more crates of books, following her on the feet that she had bloomed beneath them. If anyone thought it odd, they never said anything, and were all too happy to move aside for her and her small convoy.

Sabo, on the other hand, was sporting quite a lump on his head from his attempt at helping Robin with her books. All he had tried to do was offer to help carry the crates, to which the archaeologist politely declined. When he had insisted... Well, the lump made it quite obvious.



Momoiro: The Twenty-Fourth Month

He. Was. Back. Oh, he was a man again! Sanji had never been happier in his life! Ivankov had changed him back, and was giving him a boat!

No more long hair! No more breasts (as nice as his had been)! And no more... So not going there.

Sanji didn't want to think about the monthly cycle a woman went through, his experience with that absolutely horrifying. And the pain. It was a different kind of pain that caused him to shudder upon remembering.

He was free of all that though!

Behind him, Ivankov watched with a scowl. Inazuma whispered something to the Okama Queen, but Sanji didn't care. Nor did he notice the maniacal spark that appeared in Ivankov's eye.

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