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He is numb, completely and wholly. He doesn't like the feeling, it is unsettling, but he doesn't know what else there is to feel. His brothers are both dead, and there isn't a single damn thing in the entire world that can ever fill the void that they leave in his heart.

When the news had come to him that Ace, the strongest of them, had perished in the War of the Best, as it is now known, off of a bullshit attack from Akainu, he had gone on a rampage that ended in the total annihilation of three small islands. It had taken everything Dragon had to knock him out after one hell of a beating. It had put anything he had gone in the short time he had been around Garp to complete shame.

That was ten years ago.

Two years later, Luffy had finally achieved his goal and dream of becoming the Pirate King. For eight years his younger brother had ruled over the seas, and everyone around the world had been so free and happy. He was so proud of their otōto, and he knew that Ace was proud of him too.

Today is the eight year anniversary of Luffy becoming the Pirate King, and today's news paper shakes the world to its very core. Their otōto, who is so unbelievably strong, is dead. His body had given out on him according to both the doctor of the Mugiwara Kaizoku and the Yonkō Trafalgar Law. Not only that, but the paper goes on to say that Luffy had been depressed for the last few years.

He doesn't even get very far into the front page article, with its blaring headline, when the paper slips from his fingers and an iciness grips his heart. His reaction to Ace's death hadn't been anything like this, or so the others of the Revolutionary Army are pointing out. Dragon, however, seems to be in a similar state, numb to the world and numb to the people around him.

The funeral is today and he is still just as numb, barely functioning and not reacting to a single damn thing. As they near the island where Luffy is being buried he recognizes it as the gravesite for both Newgate Edward and Portgas D. Ace.

There are hundred and hundreds of ships, possibly even several thousand, anchored around the island. They end up having to take a longboat to the shore, where they pass by more and more ships he recognizes. Among them are the Red Force, the Moby Dick II, Trafalgar Law's submarine, Fleet Admiral Smoker's battleship, Admiral Coby's brig sloop, Mihawk's one man vessel, and many more he ships that he can't remember the names for right now.

The shores are crowded with the mourning attendants. People, he realizes, that have been touched in some way by Luffy's carefree and friendly nature. By the beach, amongst a space in the ships, is a massive West Blue Island Whale, it's scarred head decorated with the Mugiwara Kaizoku's Jolly Roger done in Luffy's sloppy handiwork. The whale, he knows to be called Laboon, is crying out in deafening wails, a teary-eyed Crocus standing not too far away in the water on the shore. Near the water's edge are the giants of Elbaf, Dorry the Blue and Brogy the Red, who have postponed their endless duel on the Island of Little Garden.

After the giants are the residents of Drum Island, followed by Nefertari Cobra, his daughter Vivi and son-in-law Kōza, Chaka, Pell, Ingram and Karū. Lurking a little ways away from the Alabasta delegation is Crocodile and Daz Bones, somber expressions on the villains' faces. Next to them, from the Islands of Jaya and Skypiea, are Montblanc Cricket, Mashira, Shōjō, Gan Fall, Conis, Pagaya, Wiper, Laki and Aisa.

Traveling up a path through the crowd, he sees many more faces, too many to name, and at the very top… Garp, Dadan and Makino. Luffy's nakama. Akagami himself.

Shanks is holding an old straw hat in his hands.

Luffy's hat.

Dadan, her hair streaked through with white, notices him first. "S-Sabo!" She starts crying harder and leaves Garp's side to pull him into a hug. He stands there, unsure of what to do and cursing the fact that all he feels is numb. When she finally lets go of him and nudges him towards the grave marker, carved out of the purest white marble that can be found, he stumbles a little.

Luffy's nakama step aside as he approaches and Shanks holds out the straw hat for him to take. He takes it slowly, almost robotically, and gently holds it to his chest. This is Luffy's treasure… Everyone here, aside from the few notable villains, is Luffy's treasure. Even him.

The pain comes on suddenly and he starts screaming for Luffy. Crying for Luffy. He falls to his knees between Luffy and Ace's graves, and it seems to set off a chain reaction of sobs and wails from Luffy's nakama to his friends. Down on the beach, Laboon's cries are still heard over the crowd.

Nothing seems as if it will ever be alright anymore.

The bright and shining beacon in their lives is gone.

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