Faithful Charizard

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Faithful Charizard

Delia Ketchum was in her home at Pallet Town waiting for her beautiful son Ash to return home from the Pokémon league. She had watched all his battles on TV and was very proud of how far he got. He did better than his rival Gary Oak. She was sure he would be thrilled by his placement.

He was not. Ash came home in tears.

“What’s the matter Ash?” Delia asked him when she saw how sad her wonderful son was.

“I lost the Pokémon league” Ash whined

“But you did very well” his mother told him

“It was all Charizard’s fault” Ash cried “If that stupid flying lizard would listen to my orders, I would have destroyed Ritchie’s stupid little weak Charmander with ease. It would have taken one attack”

Delia placed her hands on her hips “Ash Ketchum, you cannot win every single battle”

“But mom” Ash started to whine again “Charizard didn’t listen to me and took a nap during the battle. Do you know how humiliating that was for me? Charizard made me look like a fool in front of all of Kanto, or even worst the whole world”

Ash went upstairs to his bedroom. Delia thought about what her son had told her. It was true that the only reason he lost the Pokémon league was because Charizard was sleeping and not because of sleep powder, and it was true that a pokémon should listen to its trainer. An idea came to Delia that would help Ash on his next adventure.

During the night, Delia opened the door to Ash’s room, her son was already snoring away. She looked through his bag and found Charizard’s pokéball. She took it with her and went outside into her yard where she was sure no one would see her. She then released Charizard from the ball.

The orange dragon like pokémon looked around the dark yard, the only light coming from his tail. His head moved back and front and all around as if he was looking for something or someone.

“Ash is not here” said Delia, the pokémon looked in her direction when she spoke “You have been a very bad pokémon Charizard, you need to listen to the orders of your trainer and you made Ash look like a fool. As his mother it is my job to look out for my son”

Charizard just looked at Delia.

“I think we can come to an agreement Charizard” she continued “It would make me really happy if you would listen to my son and help him reach his dreams like his Pikachu does”

Charizard turned his head away from Delia with a huff.

“I need you to listen to Ash, I’m sure I can conceive you” said Delia, Charizard glanced at Delia quickly and did a double take. His eyes were glued to her as she took her top off and her bra followed soon after. The only girl Charizard had seen naked was Misty when Ash and her would have sex during the night, they thought that Charizard (or at the time he was still a Charmander) was sleeping when they started. Delia was much more to Charizard’s taste than the water type trainer. Misty was too wet for this fire type member.

Delia pulled her pants and panties down and kicked them off, she stood in her yard naked in front of her son’s pokémon.

“I will have sex with you Charizard and in return you have to be loyal to my Ash” she said

Charizard’s eyes were glued to her tits.

“Do you agree with my terms?” Delia asked

Charizard nodded his head quickly. He then laid down on the grass on his back, his cock Delia noticed was already hard as a rock and stood tall.

“This might be harder than I thought” Delia said to herself “I haven’t had sex since Ash was born” she approached the pokémon slowly and got on top of him, she wrapped her hand around the hard pokémon member and guided it to her pussy. Charizard slipped inside of her.

“OH!” Delia shouted with wide eyes as she felt Charizard fill her womb with his pokémon manhood. Charizard didn’t allow Delia a second to recover as he started to thrust up into her body right away. The last time he was this turned on was when he saw that sexy female Aerodactyl, he evolved so he could fly and follow her and get laid by her, but Ash got in the way…like usual.

Charizard’s dick was bigger than any Delia ever took before, she never had sex with a pokémon before. Before having Ash, Delia was rather wild. She slept with so many men she lost count and then she ended up pregnant at 18 years old. She had no idea who the father of her son was and she had a feeling she would never know. She didn’t even remember half the men that she got in bed with anymore. She didn’t really mind, she only needed Ash and she loved him so much. She loved him enough to have sex with his lazy pokémon so that it would obey him. She would do anything for her son.

Charizard was in bliss. His mouth was open wide and his eyes were close. His tongue hung out of his mouth, Delia had to wonder, did this pokémon ever get laid before? She didn’t know how Ash caught him; did he have sex before he met Ash? She was sure he didn’t have sex once Ash caught him.

Delia started to move her body up and down on his manhood. Her tits bounced up and down along with her as she moved. She had forgotten how good it was to have sex. She would pleasure herself every so often in the shower, but nothing could replace a cock. Her times of being with men were over, she didn’t want to explain to Ash who the handsome stranger was at the breakfast table and she had to wonder if every single pokémon had big dicks like this. Maybe she should test out her Mr. Mime and see. Ash would never suspect that she was fucking her Mr. Mime.

“Yes, thrust into me hard Charizard!” shouted Delia, she didn’t worry about anyone hearing her at this hour of the night. Not many people lived in Pallet Town and at this time everyone was in bed sleeping or having sex.

Charizard just grunted and released steam from his nostrils.

Delia raised her hands to her face and moved them along her cheeks until her hands went into her brown hair. She panted and moaned with each and every thrust that Charizard took into her pussy. It had been so long since the last cock she rode this way and she had no idea how she lasted this long without that need. One thing was for sure, she would need dick tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that. Maybe when Ash came home, she could ride some of his pokémon, unless her Mr. Mime was a master under the sheets somehow.

“I need that pokémon semen inside of me!” Delia shouted, she came down over Charizard, her large boobs touching his orange scales. The feeling of her tits on his skin made Charizard sign. He was lucky to have a stupid trainer like Ash who had this super model as a mother, who was willing to fuck her son’s pokémon just so he won’t suck as much as he already did.

Her boobs were mashed against the skin of Charizard, it felt so good to her body. The scales rubbing against her skin, it never felt this good with a man who was human. But maybe it was just because it had been years since she was with a man. But she didn’t know how sex could get better than this. She felt Charizard’s claw touch her skin, he took hold of her hips as he pushed far and deep in her. Delia moaned loudly as the pokémon cock went deep in her pussy. It hurt, but also felt so good. Charizard went deep in her and pulled out and slammed right back in.

The claws on her hips delivered slight pain to her body as they cut her skin open. It hurt only a little and she could easily hide the cuts from Ash and others with her shirt. She knew that Charizard wasn’t hurting her on purpose…at least she hoped he won’t do that.

Delia looked at Charizard’s face and noticed that for once his eyes were wide open and looking at her. She looked into his eyes as he fucked her. She never noticed how beautiful those dragon/lizard eyes were before. She moved her face closer; she closed her eyes as her lips touched Charizard’s mouth and she kissed him, it was the first time Delia kissed someone since she found out that she was going to have a baby. It was also the first time she ever locked lips with a pokémon and she just loved it.

“Yes, Charizard” she moaned slightly as she parted her lips from his and then resumed the kiss that they shared together. She could hear him say something, his name. But she had no idea what he was trying to tell her.

All night long Delia fucked Charizard. She kissed him, rode him like a cowgirl, took him in her ass, sucked him off, jerked him off and ever took him in between her tits. It was a long and exciting night for Delia, one that she would not forget anytime soon. She knew that Charizard enjoyed his evening with her as well.

As the morning sun rose over Pallet Town. Charizard took his final few thrust inside of Delia. Pushing hard and deep in her. He shot his head back, saying his name as he reached his peak and unloaded his load inside of her womb.

“YES! CHARIZARD!” she shouted. She hoped that nobody was awake this early in the morning, maybe only professor Oak was getting ready to go to work at this hour and he lived at his lab.

Delia rolled off of Charizard. He was already starting to get smaller, his cum leaked from her pussy and spilled to the green grass of her yard. She looked at the pokémon laying next to her and he looked back at her. They each went towards the other and shared one last tongue filled kiss before their sex session came to a close.

“Remember Charizard…you have to listen to Ash now” said Delia, Charizard nodded his head.

But he was no fool. Why would he listen to that loser Ash when his mother clearly loved getting fucked by him? He wouldn’t listen to that trainer; he would do whatever he wanted and when Ash would return to Pallet Town and cry to his mother that he lost the Pokémon league again because of Charizard…he knew that Delia would get in bed with him once more to help her son and he would be more than willing to claim her again and pretend that this time he would finally listen to his trainer Ash Ketchum.

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