Scent of Strawberries (Classroom of the Elite)

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Disclaimer: I do not own Classroom of the Elite (Yōukoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Kyōshitsu e), nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Before we begin, I'd like to interject that this will only be a one-shot, and that I have no further plans to continue this story afterwards. The history of this story began when the anime for "Classroom of the Elite" first aired back in 2017, and I would joke that the character Ichinose had gotten her points by sleeping around, conflicting with the pure and kind persona she put on. A joke that continued even after it was revealed eventually as to why she had so many points in the light novel, much to the detriment of one of my Discord mates. And now, it eventually evolved into this - a lemon story that I initially had no intention of writing. But fuck it, why not have some fun here?

TL:DR, if characters seem OOC, it's because of Discord fuckery between friends and shouldn't be taken seriously.

The Scent of Strawberries

Ayanokouji Kiyotaka was one to always question reality, and to question his surroundings at all times. Not too long ago, this young man had caught a glimpse at the phone of a well-known girl, somehow holding an unfeasible amount of points. She was the star of Class 1-B; one Ichinose Honami. Everyone in the first year knew of her, and were even friendly with her on some level. It just went to show how charismatic the young girl was, and if she managed to graduate in Class A, she would undoubtedly end up becoming a great politician in the future. However, that did not solve the mystery of her overabundance of points.

Over three million points in the Advanced Nurturing School System, a feat that should have been impossible only a couple of months into the first school year.

Just how had she done it? Ayanokouji asked himself on more than one occasion. Had she managed to find an exploit in the system? No, she couldn't have, as he was sure that such an exploit would have been easily found by others, in which case the school would have cracked down on it faster than what she could have accumulated, and not to mention, they would have taken away her points in the first place.

Was it favors? If that was the case, then what type of favors would she have given to get such a large amount of points? Very few things had come to mind, and all of them seemed more ridiculous than the last. After all, the school would have stepped in to prevent such measures from taking place, but… what if that wasn't the case?

The young boy decided that his best move was to keep an eye on the strangely rich girl over the next few weeks, and see just what it was that granted her so many points.

A few weeks had passed, and yet Ayanokouji had yet to find anything out of place of the ordinary. Investigating the girl between classes and school days, the girl in question had been as kind as ever, helping everyone in need to the best of her abilities, and asking for nothing in return. For a time, he honestly believed that he had been wrong of his suspicion of her, but something in the back of his head continued to nag him that something was indeed wrong.

Done yet unsatisfied with his own research, he had planned to finish the day up and head back to the dorms where a comfortable bed was waiting for him. Coming from the mall on the school grounds, it would take about ten minutes of walking to reach his abode on this strange government territory. Yet, his chance to finally solve this riddle had made itself apparent in the most unexpected of places.


He had unintentionally run into his target rounding a corner at a nearby intersection, where the strawberry-blonde haired girl was knocked onto her bottom. Intending to apologize, Ayanokouji bent down and held out his hand in an attempt of creating a friendly encounter, but something out of the ordinary caught his eye.

With the sun going down, light was scarce. Even with the lighting of the street lamps that had turned on not too long ago, the young boy saw a flower of all things, budding between the legs of the young girl before him. Her legs spread out quite wide, he saw a full glimpse of the most precious place of a woman, all within a split second, before it was finally covered up by the skirt of the girl in question.

"... You saw, didn't you?"

Shocked by the unexpected and surprised by what he had seen, Ayanokouji could only take a moment to realize where he was, and what he was doing. He answered slowly, hoping to not rouse her suspicion.

"... I'm afraid I don't know what you mean."

It seemed to not have the desired effect, however, as the girl smiled at him, seemingly amused by his response.

Finally grabbing his hand, the girl let herself up, refusing to let the boy have a second glance as she continued to cover herself up. Upon standing upright, she leaned into him, surprising him further at the amount of skinship that was being shown so far. Being so close, he became intoxicated with the smell of her shampoo. The scent of strawberries filled his mind.

"You've been following me, haven't you, Ayanokouji?"

So she noticed, huh? The boy thought to himself, unsure what to answer with. He could deny it, acting as though that they were all coincidences the times she saw him. Or he could be straight-forward, and tell her the truth. Unfortunately, his mind told him that the latter was the only option, as the former seemed far too ridiculous to pull off.

"... That's right. I'm surprised you'd remember my name. I became interested in you when I saw the points you carry."

"Hmm, is that right? And of course I would remember your name. I could never forget someone as charming as you."

She leaned in closer, her breasts squishing against his chest. No matter how mature he tried to act, no matter of a computer he tried to be, he was still human at heart. He hesitated, unsure what he was feeling, having never really experienced such a thing before as he felt his cheeks become flushed.

"Tell me, Ayanokouji. You're a lot smarter than you put on to be, aren't you?"

The boy swallowed. He was unsure of what he was feeling, but he knew he was becoming nervous. But, he refused to let it show.

"... I have no clue what you're talking about. I'm rather average. If I was smarter, I probably wouldn't have ended up in Class D."

A small laugh escaped the girl's lips, once again amused by the boy. As she leaned on the boy, she made sure that her presence was known. She felt like teasing the poor boy, drawing circles into his shoulder using her finger as she continued to speak to him.

"You said you were investigating me into how I got my points. It's a bit cruel, looking into other people's phones, you know?"

"Typically I'd agree with you. Unfortunately, you had made it easy for me to see that one time."

"A fair point, I suppose. Then tell me, Ayanokouji, how do you think I got my points?"

The boy hesitated for a moment, not sure how to answer. Over the weeks had guessed and guessed but could never come up with a solid conclusion. This girl, who had always seemed friendly and kind. She could easily be the dream woman of any man's dream, and he could not see a fault within her. But, was it all a mask? To hide her true self?

Without giving him time to think and speak, the girl continued.

"You know, Japan's population is falling rapidly."

It was true. With the culture of working hard to get a good job, nearly killing yourself in the process, people were becoming less and less willing to marry and have children. And with women wanting to be more free and wishing to be treated as equals to their male counterparts, there were less women willing to settle down at early stages of life, wishing to pursue a career of their own first. It was a death spiral for the country at large, especially with the elderly now beginning to retire and rely on their already overstressed children to take care of them. It wouldn't take long for the country at large to start pummeling into dangerous numbers as the rest of the world moved forward without the Rising Sun of the East. But…

"I'm afraid I fail to see what that has to do with the current conversation," the boy responded. The girl, however, continued.

"The Advanced Nurturing School prepares Japan's youth for the future; to boldly lead it into the future. But, what if I told you that the school promoted a different, more alternative view of the future in secret, and I was one of the many students here selected to help take part in it…?" She whispered into his ear, ever so gently. The boy's spine tingled in response, sparked by her lustful advances. "... Follow me."

Taking the boy's hand, the girl led him on a brand new journey. He did not know where they were going to go, or where they would end up. However, interested in what he was told, he allowed the girl to lead him to their destination. Perhaps there, he would finally find out the truth of the unnatural accumulation of points.

A world of sin and vices, a den of carnal desires. A secret passage below the mall, down through a hidden tunnel, into a place of intense ecstasy. Those were the only things that he could think of when he saw the foreign world that was known only to a select few within the borders of the Advance Nurturing School. Just what was this place? Bright crimson walls draped with velvet, an alluring rug, the artful taste of nude women and men as patterns on it, accepting one another as lovers welcoming what guests that dared to travel down their corridors. Statues of Venus with open arms, ready to embrace the visitors of her domain lined the sides. The smell of incense filled the air, his body was becoming hotter, and his mind was becoming fuzzy. He felt himself suffocating, and he began to undo his necktie when someone's hand stopped his motions.

"Not yet," a sweet and alluring voice told him as it laughed in an endearing way. "We're almost there."

There? Where? What were these feelings that he was having? A strange new sensation, that had always been repressed inside the White Room. Silly things like love and lust, they were nothing more than distractions from more serious goals, and had long been repressed. And yet, these… these feelings! They coiled around him like a python, squeezing what little sanity he had inside of him out. Was this what they called love?

Sadly, little did the boy know, the air in the corridor that the two traveled down was poisoned with the scent of an aphrodisiac. What sick, twisted, sadistic person would do such a thing? This cult-like venue buried beneath the walkways of the Advanced Nurturing School? That secret lied behind their final obstacle, a cedar door with no handle on it for one to enter with, yet seemingly sturdy enough to withstand even the mightiest of hurricanes.

"Dona Nobis Pacem, Amor Jure Est."

The beauty next to Ayanokouji spoke without fear or hesitation. In that ancient and dead language, the door before them that no one was permitted to pass clicked. The sound of gears grinding and turning, that simple yet sturdy cedar door opened slowly and revealed to the boy a world he had never known. But before the two took a single step to that mysterious and alluring place, the girl spoke once more.

"Beyond this point, you'll no longer know me as Ichinose Honami, Ayanakouji. From now on, you'll only refer to me as Strawberry."

"Straw… Berry…?" He answered slowly, his mind still in a haze.

"That's right. Now come on, you wanted to know how I got those points, didn't you?" She laughed, guiding him beyond the point of no return. Like the devil luring unattended souls into the abyss, soon his too would end up swallowed by the powers of the unknown.

Crossing that barrier, the scent of sweat, perspiration, and other liquids that Ayanokouji was never aware of filled the air. The sound of animalistic moans, mixed with the sweetness of flesh embracing one another assaulted his ears. Just what type of sensual hell was this?

The two ignored what surrounded them as the two took off their shoes and socks, leaving them in a small cupboard off to the side that the girl led him to, as no taintness of the outside world would be allowed in the temple of primal desires. The girl then led the boy to an unoccupied space behind a red sheet made of lace, hiding the faces of the occupants but still showing their truest primitive forms. Inside the space, a large unoccupied bed was neatly set up, dressed in silken red sheets and accompanied by heart-shaped pillows. A bit cliche, but in Venus' den, the only thing that mattered was the warm embrace of opposite sexes.

"Come," she whispered gently into his ear, guiding him onto the large mattress where the two sunk into the fabric. Scented candles lit up inside the space surrounding the bed the moment the two took their place, filling the air with the mixture of vanilla and strawberries. She pushed him onto his back, caressing his cheek with one hand as she dexterously moved her other hand to his neck, pulling on his tie and untying it.

"Ichi… Ichino-"

He tried calling out her name, to make her stop. What was she doing to him? A part of him was afraid, that much was true. But, that fear was overridden by the need to know the unknown. However, as he tried to call out, his mouth was silenced by a strange sensation he had never known of before.

Warm, hot, electrifying. So many words echoed in his mind as the soft and tender lips of the girl before him met his. The sounds of her puckering and sucking on his lips became the only thing that he could hear. The intensity of it was becoming too much for him. So many new things for him to explore, yet he did not know where to go.

Eventually the girl let him go, breaking the intense makeout session to breathe. A string of saliva was all that continued to connect them as she looked into his eyes with a lustful, predatory gaze. "Was that your first?" She asked, and he slowly nodded. A small giggle slipped through her lips, amused once more. "Normally I'd charged 2,000 points for something like that," she stated, sitting up and mounting herself on top of his stomach so that she could tower over him. "But just for you, just for today, I feel like giving you the full course for free. Let this Strawberry take you to heaven tonight."

She got on to her feet and stood up straight on the bed, completely towering over him. Giving the boy a tease, he could see everything. Even with the mood lighting, a small glimpse of the budding flower beneath her waist was easily seen. The cloth that was normally worn to hide such a beautiful thing was nowhere to be seen, just as he thought from the glimpse he had captured just minutes before. But, the girl helped him to see closer.

She put one hand on her waist, then tugged on the zipper of the school-mandatory skirt. The white piece of cloth with black trim fell to her ankles, and her flower became fully visible for him to see.

He sucked in a breath, mesmerized by the beauty of it. But, even though he was slowly becoming excited and aroused by it, it was only one part of the bundle of greatness that was the beautiful creature known as the human female.

With her crotch now exposed, the girl kicked her skirt away and made her way back down to sitting on top of the boy. Upon her flesh meeting his trousers, she could feel that a small hill had grown from last she sat. A predatory grin graced her lips as she bent down and arched her back, her face close to meeting his once more. Her breasts pressed and squished against his chest, and her hands began to unbuckle his belt.

Soon, with his belt undone, the girl pulled it out of his pants and threw it away, the piece of everyday clothing landing off to the side with a -thud-. The boy, unsure of what was going to happen next, simply laid back and let her do her thing. A part of him knew it was foolish to not intervene, but primal urges and excitement had awoken inside of him. He knew that if he laid still, only greater things would come. Things he would have never once ever dreamed of back in the days of living in the White Room.

With his belt now gone, the girl sat back up and put her hands on the hem of her shirt with crossed arms. With dexterous hands once more, she pulled the shirt upwards and upon pulling it completely off, threw it off to the side like everything else. Now all that remained was the pure white brasserie that hid away her breasts, but even that did not last long. Putting her hands behind her back, she undid the hook, and soon the last piece of clothing was thrown off to the side.

With her body now fully exposed, she wrapped her arms around her stomach, propping up her well-endowed chest for the boy to see. "Do you like what you see?" She asked innocently, but knew the answer before the boy even needed to. The boy swallowed and slowly nodded, staring intently on the small yet adorable nipples that seemed to point outwards with excitement. Hot breath escaped his lips as his heart raced with exhilaration. An infantile urge screamed at him to reach out and nurse on those succulent and desirable teats, but the girl refused it. With another small giggle, she spoke once more. "It's not fair that I'm the only one like this."

Within a matter of seconds, the girl undid the buttons to the boy's uniform, then went on to his undershirt. With great ease she urged him to take the suffocating clothing off and throw it away, all before climbing onto the boy's legs and grabbing hold of the waistband of his pants. But, hoping to continue the fun, the mood was ruined a small bit the moment she exposed the boy.

Pulling down the boy's pants to his thighs, his manhood was finally able to breathe. As the cool air of the room hit his most precious spot, and with the excitement he had never imagined could occur, the boy gripped the sheets of the bed hard and let out a whimpering moan. A fountain of white exploded from his nether regions, and a squeal of surprise and delight erupted from the girl as the hot liquid splashed and landed onto the boy's well-toned stomach and chest. A few more spurts erupted from the boy's volcano before finally managing to calm down, but his volcano did not shrink into a small hill. He let out an exhaustive sigh, reveling in the blissful aftermath of his achievement. But the girl was unamused.

"Mou, that wasn't good Ayanokouji," she pouted. But, not wanting to ruin the fun, the girl finished pulling the boy's pants off his legs before laying down on her stomach. Her breasts were smashed against the boy's manhood, and, wanting to tease the boy a little, the girl nearly kissed him. However, she tortured the poor soul by gently blowing on the sensitive cap, and another pitiful moan escaped the boy's lips. Once again amused by his reaction, the girl believed she had teased him enough, and began her pleasuring techniques.

Moving his hardened manhood to between the valley of her breasts, she pressed her hands against her bosom and began kneading it, squishing the boy's manhood in between, as her mind took in the intoxicating smell of his manliness. Though the pleasure and the pressure on his volcano was becoming heavenly, and with his sensitive tip being tickled by the girl's breathing, the boy struggled to hold back another eruption. These brand new feelings he was having - though he wished to explode once again, that girl's pouting face and upset voice flashing his mind, and something in the back of it told him to hang on. If he were to continue holding on, he would surely crack the secret of this newfound pleasure.

Internally chuckling to herself watching the boy struggle to withstand another orgasm, the strawberry-blonde haired girl took the pleasure up another notch as her succulent lips touched the boy's tip, giving it a tender kiss. She slowly licked and suckled on what remained of his last expenditure with her tongue and paid close attention to the small slit in his helmet, before licking the underside to excite him more, all while continuing to gently knead him with her breasts. When she believed the boy was getting ready to erupt once more, she gracefully and swiftly moved her lips to cover him whole and sucked hard.

With the intensity of newfound pleasure once again, the boy let loose a second time. This time, however, the girl had caught what was released inside her mouth, and kept it there until she could no longer feel the last bit of white liquid escaping from it's chamber. Then, when she believed that the eruption had ended, she continued to suck and vacuum what little remained inside his manhood.

After a few more suckles, the girl believed that she had managed to collect everything that had escaped from the boy. With a mischievous grin, the girl got onto her hands and knees, her breasts swaying left and right as she crawled towards the boy's face. The boy, hazed over from the overload of excitement he was experiencing, looked wearily at the girl who was crawling towards him.

Lining her head up with his, she opened her mouth playfully, showing the boy the plunder she had taken from him. She toyed with the misty liquid, swishing her tongue around as she let out exhilarating moans for the boy to witness. Then, when she believed the boy couldn't get aroused any more than he already was, she closed her mouth and swallowed. With the liquid now entering her gullet, the girl let out a satisfying sigh before showing her mouth to the boy once more, moving her tongue left, right, up, and down, and finally around her lips to show that the liquid was truly gone. She then spoke in a sultry tone, saying only three words.

"Gochisou-sama deshita."

Something far more primal awoke in the boy the moment the girl showed him her pleasuring trick. One last remaining chain tying back his more prehistoric feelings was finally shattered, overriding the repressed feelings of the White Room and finally letting out the primitive animal inside of him. An absolute urge to have her submit enticed him. He wanted to see her squirm and cry out in ecstasy. He would not leave until he fulfilled his goals.

In a single, swift motion, the boy wrapped his arms around the girl who in turn let out an excited squeal and laughter, happy for the boy to take charge. He flipped the tables on the girl, now pushing her onto her back as she continued to giggle in delight before gripping onto her breast and suckling on it like a newborn babe. He sucked and sucked, flicking the nipple with his tongue and gently biting on it as the girl let out sultry moans of her own. He took his other hand and pinched the girl's other nipple, stimulating both teats at once, mustering as many feelings from the girl that he could. But, he felt it unfulfilling.

After playing with the girl and her strawberries for some time, he let go of the girl's nipples and began suckling on her breast, before moving his mouth down towards her abdomen. He licked her skin savoring the taste of her sweat, taking in every bit of sweetness he could. He licked the rim of her belly button, eliciting a giggling laughter from the girl before he explored further south. Never letting her go, he placed his hands on her waist and pushed her legs up with his shoulders. He had finally found the flower he so desperately desired.

Before he indulged in his treasured finding though, he continued his conquest to have his partner submit.

Mildew was evident on the petals of the flower, the girl excited at the events that had unfolded, but it hadn't been enough for the boy. He crept along the folds of her outline with his tongue, taking in whatever taste he could get. He kissed her thighs with intense passion, eliciting another delightful squeal from the girl as she grabbed hold of his head. Having usually been the one who did all the servicing, the girl wished to savor every moment the boy could give her.

Fulfilled with making her squirm enough as she let out one last satisfied giggle, the boy turned all of his attention to the beautiful rose before him. Without hesitating he dived right in. The girl gave out a surprised gasp before giggling some more, but then it all turned to lustful moans. The boy licked the petals of her flower delicately, licking up any mildew that was secreted. He listened closely to the girl and her breathing, hoping to pick out the area that felt best for her before attacking with all his strength, before eventually finding the small rosebud hidden away by more petals.

With a small nibble and a suckle, he attacked the rosebud without mercy. The girl let out a surprised scream before letting out another sweet serenade for the boy to enjoy. She pressured the boy's head further into her flower, wishing to experience the strange new feeling she had never felt before. All of her previous encounters only wished to indulge in their own sexual relief. That was what she was here for. But this- this was something far more wonderful that she never knew could exist. Nevertheless, that feeling had to eventually fade away, much to her disappointment. It was, however, nothing more than a momentary pause, as the arousal joyfulness began once more soon afterwards.

Believing that the girl was subdued enough for him to commit to his finishing blow, the boy stopped his pleasuring techniques and lined himself up with the girl. His manhood would soon finally realize its fate, his helmet readied at the entrance of the devouring flower. But before he could enter, the girl wrapped her arms around his neck and spoke to him her sweet and sultry tone.

"Do it, Ayanokouji. I want to feel the real you. I want you inside of me."

She pulled the boy in for another kiss, giving him one last bit of service before the final deed was done. With this, he would no longer be a boy, and her secret of not being a girl would be exposed.

She had ascended the stairway to adulthood long ago, in a dark place she wished she could always forget. In some moments, it could be fun, but in most moments, it was nothing more than painful, disgusting, and boring. Customers from the outside world would boast about their prowess, their prestige, their livelihood. It was a great way to make connections for when she eventually escaped this hell. But, more often than not with most cases, they would eventually fail at their achievements, sometimes blaming her for their downfall. It didn't matter though, as in the end, she was always a bit richer than before, and the place known only as 'The Venus Club' would remain a secret to the majority of the student body. The dirty little secret of Tokyo's Advanced Nurturing School System would remain intact, and no one the wiser. But, today was different.

The boy was taken aback at the sudden attack from the girl. He was revolted by the taste of himself that lingered within her mouth, but made no mention of it, as he was sure that she too could taste the strange hint of her flower within his own mouth. Fair was fair, and being upset at her for such a dirty trick was anything but. So, he allowed her to continue her techniques and tried his best to give back, battling her with his own tongue and smacking his lips in brief intervals to breathe.

But as his upper half was occupied with having fun with her upper mouth, the boy began his final mission.

With no warning whatsoever, the boy entered with his entirety in a single thrust. The girl -nay- woman, stopped her engagement with the boy's upper mouth to let out another gasp, surprised at the form that had entered her so quickly. If she had to compare, it was definitely one of the larger ones that had ever entered her, much to her internal delight.

The boy -nay- now man, struggled hard to compose himself as he entered. With the thrills he had given the woman before him just moments ago, and with the sudden thrust of his penetrative companion, an intense pressure surrounded him from all over. A jolt of lightning spread throughout their bodies, and pleasure like they had never experienced before spread from their fingertips down to their toes. The woman let out another gasp and held her breath as she arched her back in intensity. The man was not able to hold on for long, and finally released a third charge inside the warm depths of the woman. The feeling of that warm liquid pouring inside of her made the woman gasp again, clenching her nails into the man's back as she gripped hard onto the pleasure that was wrapping around her mind and flooding her insides. And luckily for her, the man refused to back down.

The man remained hardheaded and wrapped in intense darkness, but he still did not feel as though the woman was truly his. He pulled himself out slowly, getting another moan from the woman below him as he did so. Despite having just discharging moments ago, the youth raging inside of him and the aftereffects of the aphrodisiac compelled him to continue onwards. Ignoring the ripping of his flesh on his back, he grabbed hold of the woman's waist with both his hands and lined himself up again. Then, with great concentration, he entered her once again with a single thrust.

The waves of pleasure and the intensity of the pressure inside assaulted all of his senses once more. But he knew that if he were to conquer the giant that was this challenge, he would go to great lengths to defeat the woman. Concentrating on other things in his mind to the best of his ability, the man pulled out slowly once more, before penetrating with all his strength again. Then, he did it again- and again- and again. He began a rhythm to overcome the great challenge before him.

The woman felt wave after wave of intense pleasure penetrate her mind. True screams of ecstasy were let out with each thrust, the man finding all the right spots within her to feel the pleasure she never knew existed. Her mind was becoming fuzzy with delight, and could soon feel her eyes begin to roll into the back of her head as she gleefully drowned in that pleasure, before feeling that rush of liquid inside of her once more.

But the man continued to feel unsatisfied. Like a true animal, he would not leave the woman below him alone until it was absolutely certain she was truly carrying his seed inside of her. Like a dog in heat, he flipped the woman onto her stomach before grabbing hold of her waist once more and pulling her bottom up. With nothing but her flower in his eyes, the man prepared for one final attack.

He climbed over her, lining his small soldier up with her flower, and once again entered with great intensity. The pangs of newfound pleasure filled the woman's mind as the man once again found spots that she had never felt reached, the sound of an elated and ecstatic moan echoed in that small space with each pounding. However, the feeling of pleasure was slowly turning to pain. The intense sparing of the two as their flesh met one another was beginning to take its toll, and somewhere in her mind, the woman knew that she would have to end it soon if she wished to remain inconspicuous among her classmates. But the drowning of pleasure was too much for her, and with weak urges, she allowed the beast that was ravishing her to continue.

The man only had impregnation on his mind, and for some time, he paid no attention to the signs that his body was telling him to stop and slow down. The aches around his manhood grew as he pushed as far as he could with each thrust, no delight or tenderness in the act. And with a few more thrusts- thrust- thrust- thrust-, he penetrated the deepest parts that he could and held there. The feeling of one last explosion made its way down the loading tube of his manhood before finally exiting into the deep recesses of the woman's body.

With an exhaustive and satisfied sigh, the man exited the woman before looking down and smiling at his achievement. White misty liquid slowly oozed out of the woman's flower, and the man felt complete. With one final glance, strawberry-blonde hair, matted down and clinging to skin with sweat filled his vision, before finally collapsing onto the bed. His eyes grew heavy with exhaustion, and the sound of heavy breathing filled the air. Copulation from other rooms was nothing more than a distant background noise as he focused on the woman before him.

He lazily picked one of his arms and wrapped it around the woman's waist and pulled her closer to him, as though a lover would do. The woman was unresponsive, having passed out just moments before from the flooding of pleasure enveloping her and the exhaustive nature of their deeds. He too fell to the sandman, as he finally closed his eyes and allowed his body to recover. The warm embrace of the woman next to him was all he needed to have a good night's rest.

When Ayanokouji awoke, his mind was in a haze. The last twenty-four hours were missing from his mind, along with the events that unfolded with it. He had woken up in his bed back at his dorm, with nothing covering him it seemed. His school clothes along with his belt, socks, and shoes were neatly folded and put next to his bed, and a strange, sticky sensation covered his nether regions, and a stinging sensation irritating his back and soreness around his crotch. Unaware of what had happened, the 'boy' got up from his bed and began to investigate his room, hoping to find some type of clue. With his spartan-like room it was quick and easy to find something out of place.

He walked over to the small table that had come with the room where on it, a small note laid next to a strawberry. A strange placeholder, he had thought to himself as he bent down to pick up the note. Bringing it closer to his face, he made out the strange and unknown handwriting on it, adding much more to his confusion. With no way of telling who was responsible for the strange message, he read the letter out loud to himself, perplexed by it's meaning.

"If you ever wish to have fun again, just remember the words- 'Give us peace, love is law'. Strawberry is waiting for your return…"

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