Ryoga’s plan

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 Chapter 1



 Ryoga smiled. It wasn’t a necessarily dark smile. Though it should have been based on what he had planned. He had recently come across some clarity potion. Meant to un obscure ones own thoughts. He remembered, remembered conversations he had with his Uncle. He had forgotten because of the panda.  He scowled, he wanted to kill the man who had done so much harm to him and Ranma. But the man was sneaky, and obviously more skilled than he let on.  However, now that they were older, now that Ranma had faced a god and came out on top. The panda didn’t stand a chance.


   Oh he still wanted to ruin Ranma’s happiness. He hadn’t forgotten about all the crap the boy had done. And he now knew how to do it. Before the clarity potion removed the pressure point the panda had used, it was only vague ideas and half remembered dreams. Now that he had mental clarity, he could see how to ruin that happiness. He could see that weakness for what it was. Heck, he didn’t even get lost anymore. Damn fine potion that Amazon sold him. And to think she wanted him laid low also. Which surprised him. 


  “I don’t want to marry Ranma or Mousse. The Old Mummy is so caught up in old traditions she doesn’t care what I feel. Not that I don’t like Ranma as a friend. But the tribe won’t let him go. But they will let her go.” Xan Pu said singly as she let Ryoga know her reasons.


 “So your not the dumb bimbo you play huh? You even speak perfect Japanese. Wow! So you mean to tell me that if Ranma picks being a girl then the tribe will allow her honorary status instead of future husband?” Ryoga asked smiling.


 She nodded at him and composed her thoughts. “The tribe has ways of controlling even powerful males like Ranma. They are hesitant because he defeated Saffron, because if he ever became aware of it, he could easily destroy the tribe. It isn’t become known to Ranma yet, but when one defeats a deity, they absorb that power. Soon no one will be his match. Although whoever finally wins Ranma will benefit also.”


 “What do you mean?” He asked confusedly. “I mean you want Ranma to become a girl full time when he shouts at the heavens constantly about being a guy despite the curse.”


 She smiled wickedly.” Simple, he protest it too much. Between his father’s teachings, and his mothers manliness fetish, not to mention Japanese societal norms. He thinks he has to constantly prove his manliness. If he was truly a man at heart he wouldn’t have to proclaim it so much.”


 “So your saying he is secretly a girl at at heart?” He asked.


“No, only that he is more of a girl than he lets on. I think I’m the only one that saw him sigh with relief when Happosai drank the cure at the wedding. He doesn’t want to cure the curse. Unlike you he actually likes it. Regardless of his protests.”


 “Ohhh, Damn. I really want to give you a hug Shampoo, but I won’t.” Ryoga grinned letting her know he was teasing. “Not only did you cure my curse, but you gave me the clarity potion. Who all else did you give it to? And you never did tell me how someone who ends up with Ranma benefits.” Ryoga aid curiously.


 “Well, Nadoka, Akane, Ukyo, Kuno, and anyone else that Panda man hit with that pressure point. He is so evil to do that to his own child. It makes the victim dumber and makes it easy to manipulate the victim making them open to suggestions. I gave some to Ranma also. His father had been giving him suggestions his entire life. So much so that it’s going to take a shock to undo some of them even with the clarity potion. As far as benefit, who ever Ranma truly loves will be immortal. Someone who absorbs a deity’s manna like that can share it if they have a connection to someone.” Xan Pu said holding up a finger.


  “However, I know you must be thinking, wouldn’t I want that?” She asked Ryoga rhetorically.


 “No, I don’t love him and can’t form a connection anyway. I already absorbed a deity....stupid cat god.”


 Ryoga’s eyes widened. “You mean that cat spirit was  actually a god?” He asked incredulously. 


 “Yes, Ranma thinks he defeated it, but  all he did was free me from marrying it. I tracked it down later and killed it. He won’t resurrect like Saffron either.”


“Damn, I know he was looking for a bride to force her into marriage...but damn that’s harsh.” Ryoga said shocked. 


 She nodded and frowned. “I know, however he was willing to rape his victim. He wouldn’t have changed. Anyway, if you want Akane you have to get Ranma to want to be a girl full time. And by doing so you’ll free me from having to marry someone I don’t love. Then we’ll be even for all the help I gave you.” 


 Ryoga smiled remembering the conversation he had last week with Shampoo. Or Xan Pu. He tried remembering not to call her Shampoo but old habits die hard. Now that he didn’t have a bad sense of direction, or that damn mental fog he was going to track down Ranma and make him pay. He knew he couldn’t defeat the pigtailed martial artists in a fight, but he promised he would ruin his happiness. And he Ryoga Hibiki always keeps his promises.

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