Turn right, stupid

BY : Wendell Urth
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Neon Genesis Evangelion and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Disclaimer: Neon Genesis Evangelion and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.


“Damn it stupid, that’s the third time you’ve kicked me in the head! Are you doing it on purpose or are you just a moron?!?””

“Sorry Asuka.”

Mocking voice “Sorry Asuka, sorry Asuka! Dummkopf!”

“Well, I can’t help it, these pipes are narrow and you keep creeping up on me.”

“Stop making excuses and just keep moving, It’s the next left… Turn left. I said ‘Left’!”

Shinji muttered to himself, at least next corridor seemed pretty wide. He could probably straighten up. He wasn’t sure how long they had been crawling through these pipes and shafts. Asuka had asked him to pass his watch to her early on and of course she fumbled it. Then blamed him. They heard the faint sounds of breaking glass as it crashed down, probably all the way to Terminal Dogma… or Hell. Of course, Asuka’s watch was safe in her locker.

“Damn her anyway!” the boy muttered. “Why are we even here?”

“Arschloch! They have cameras, I told you. Cameras in the changing room, cameras in the lockers. They’re watching me… us… watching us get undressed. Even when they say there are no cameras. I know they’re there.”

Shinji would have shrugged in the tight passageway, if there was room. She wasn’t being paranoid… or at least not unreasonably so. There were cameras, but for every one she thought she found there were probably two or three more she missed. He wondered what she would do if he told her there were cameras hidden in their school, in their apartment, their bedrooms… the bathroom. Besides… anything they deactivated would be replaced in a few hours. If anyone noticed. Shinji had his doubts.

It no longer bothered Shinji. Not much. Nerv could see everything, but did they actually look at everything? At anything? Did they even care? Asuka insisted that photos of her naked were being passed around, but as far as he knew it was all in her imagination. “And why is she thinking about that?” he wondered.

Shinji remembered his first days at NERV. Any, body-modesty he might have had was gone. He was still wearing the hospital gown after the first battle when he was called to Dr. Akagi’s office. “Remove the gown. The underwear too.”

Strangers began coming and going, his hands crossed in front of his genitals, head bowed. No one looked at him, or if they did, no expression. He felt like a piece of meat. He was a piece of meat. Maybe that was OK… as long as they didn’t look at him as a human being… a boy. Naked. Ashamed.

Then Maya Ibuki came in. She smiled at him. She looked at him and he suddenly felt so naked, so exposed before this pretty young woman. She was only a few years older. 10 years? Less? He wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

Dr. Akagi, “Put your hands-on top of your head, Shinji. That’s a good boy, now I want you to thrust your hips forward.” He watched her with horror as she snapped on a pair of rubber gloves, a specimen cup now in one hand.

He heard Maya behind him. More rubber gloves snapping. “Should I use the lubricant, Doctor?

“No Maya, let’s not contaminate the sample.” Smirking, “Relax Shinji, this won’t hurt…much!”

Maya stood close behind him, her breath warm on his neck and reached around. She touched him, her hand encircling him. Squeezing now. Thumb and fingers.

“Oh God!” he didn’t know if he said it out loud.

Dr. Akagi knelt in from of the terrified boy, hands massaging his balls, gently squeezing, holding the plastic cup in front of his dick as Maya increased the rhythm. The feel of rubber gloves. Strong hands. No wasted motions, Maya knew what she was doing.

“Please! Please stop,” he moaned. Dr Akagi & Maya ignored him, picking the pace, faster, faster, harder.

He choked, a couple of squirts, he nearly collapsed.

Shinji Ikari would never forget the feeling of a woman’s hand in rubber gloves… The snapping sound would haunt his dreams. Maya’s breath on the back of his neck…

He’d cried after that first session. Not so much again after the second. How many had it been since then?  No, Shinji no longer had any modesty left about his body.

After the first couple of sessions, it was Maya alone with the rubber gloves, masturbating him… milking him. Making him cum into a plastic cup which was numbered and filed away. His questions about why she was still doing this to him went unanswered. Eventually he stopped asking.

The door was never locked. At any moment someone could walk in… and sometimes strangers did, dropping off memos or samples.

In spite of all that, he began to look forward to these twice weekly sessions.


His reverie was suddenly broken. “Arrrrr” Asuka yelled and began cursing in German. Always a bad sign!

“What?!” he called over her shoulder.

“Quiet stupid! Do you want them to hear us?” Then, “I ripped my dress and I think I cut my leg”

“I wasn’t the one screaming! Are you OK?”

“Oh, what do you care?”

He was tired, hungry, dirty and bruised and all he wanted was to find a way out of these ducts and to go home… with or without the angry paranoid bitch who made his life hell.

He crawled to the next left, made the turn and heard her squawking, she punched him in the back of the head and pointed to the right? “I said next right, right! Ich sagte 'weiter rechts'.”

Shinji wanted to hit her. He had never been so close to violence with her, it was probably a good thing there wasn’t enough room to turn around… or the fact that she could probably beat the crap out of him if she tried.

No use trying to remind her what she had said, he thought. “Left it is” he whispered. There was a narrow air vent about 10 feet ahead. He could see light slanting through the dust he was kicking up. He wanted to sneeze; he wiped his nose on his filthy shirt sleeve. He heard Asuka whisper “Schwein”. He knew what that one meant. So unfair, he’d lost his handkerchief hours ago. In fact, he had given it to her when she demanded it… and she had thrown it away when done with it.

As far as Shinji was concerned, that summed up his relationship with the crazy German bitch. When he was useful, she used him. Then threw him away without an afterthought. God, he hated her… sometimes.

“Verdammte Schlampe. I’ve learned some German too.” He thought it, he just didn’t dare say it.

He looked through the grate, they were nowhere near the changing room, the locker room or any of the rooms that Asuka swore there were cameras. There was a camera here in fact, but it had already been disconnected. The undisturbed dust showed that it whatever had been done to it was old business.

“See stupid, a camera” Asuka whispered. Shinji pointed to the disconnected cable. It didn’t matter to Asuka. She was right, she was always right. Even when she was wrong.

She was wincing. “Let me see your leg.”

“What? Pervert!”

“You said you cut yourself”

It couldn’t have been too bad; she had forgotten about it. He had nothing clean to wipe it with anyway.

They heard voices, they ducked down, though it would probably be impossible to be seen from below. It was a room in a private office suite.  Shinji wasn’t sure if he recognized it, not from overhead, anyway. Asuka’s eyes suddenly went wide.

“Oh, Kaji-san” she whispered. Shinji heard the emotion in her voice.

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