Tatsumaki - The Fall of Terrible Tornado

BY : Sylar_Rose
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Tatsumaki - The Fall of Terrible Tornado

Tatsumaki opened her eyes while darkness spread all around. She moved her hand over the scarlet bedding. She was alone in her own bedroom, the clock hit four in the morning. With all her body, from the top of her head to the tips of the green painted toenails, she felt what was about to come. She waited for it with a mixture of fear and anticipation. The room filled with a gentle tumble and slimy sounds. Her breath accelerated. She threw away the duvet, revealing a completely naked but surprisingly sexy body. Recently it happened every single night. She did not even bother to put on pajamas anymore so it would not get destroyed. Although Tatsumaki was tiny, she had full, well-shaped hips, round buttocks and charming, small but firm breasts with clearly defined nipples. Her beautiful legs were covered with smooth, delicate skin just like her belly, delicate soles of feet and face.

The girl moaned. First tentacle was already between her legs. She sensed how it twisted impatiently a few centimeters from her crotch. The tip was covered with moist mucus and Tatsumaki started getting wet. She raised her arms above head, relaxed and pouted her lips.

- What are you waiting for, you piece of trash... Fuck me already...

At the same moment, other tentacles grabbed her by her ankles and pulled her thighs up. She was completely defenseless, her two holes exposed to the ceiling and ready for penetration. The waving tentacle on the bedclothes jumped forward. Without any warning, it pushed into the girl's twitching asshole. Tatsumaki gasped but her voice stuck in her throat along with another tentacle, which penetrated her mouth with a great force. Tatsumaki felt the monster spreading her little body from inside. Tentacle in the anus crawled deep into her intestines drawing a bulge on her trembling belly. She was greedily catching air when the second tentacle started a journey to meet the first one from the other side. It slipped deep into the girl's throat, filled her larynx, and then, with a single, smooth movement, it went inside of the girl's stomach. Tatsumaki threw up all the contents gushing like a fountain through her already fully stuffed mouth.

Somehow she could breathe. The creature had a special canal that pumped air into the victims lungs to not kill them with such an all way through penetration. Tatsumaki felt as both tentacles met in her stomach. Then a monster started moving them forward and backward - raping her from inside. In her mind she thanked herself that she had already got used to doing an enema before bedtime. The first time when a creature came at night, it went into her anus and then pushed all the excrement from intestines into her stomach, back through her throat and nose so in the end she vomited her own shit. However, she did not have time to think about it, as the next tentacles were already entwining in her body. She did not need to use her esper power to levitate because the beast had already lifted her up into the air above the bed.

Tatsumaki moaned when two thin needles were pushed into her hard, excited nipples. She felt the hot liquid being injected directly into breasts stimulating the milk tubules to produce liquid. A monster unceremoniously pushed another tentacle into her urethra. Tatsumaki's body embraced a spasmic orgasm. She pissed herself uncontrollably. Her anus pulsed, opening and closing rhythmically. The creature began to penetrate the insides of her breast and her bladder. For a moment she lost consciousness. Slimy tentacles wrapped each of her toes massaging spaces between them and her soft soles. The other tentacles tightened over her wrists as those pounding her started filling the girl's stomach, throat and bladder with thick sperm. This brought her back to consciousness and in her spasms she expelled huge amounts of semen through her mouth and nose.

She was choking on a tentacle inside of her throat. She tried to clear her eyes from tears and the monster's sticky sperm by winking rapidly. The culminating moment has come. A big tentacle opened her narrow, small pussy and pushed deep inside. The arm raping Tatsumaki anally smeared her throat from a stomach and went out through the mouth still penetrated by the other tentacle. She already had two tentacles in her throat, which quickly started to harass its walls from opposite directions. In the meantime, the tentacle the next arm forcibly  penetrated through the entrance of girl's the uterus. Tatsumaki climaxed again, her body was trembling, her bladder filled tightly with a thin tentacle clenched desperately trying to push out the intruder like urine, which had been already released. She hardly maintained consciousness. More tentacles crept up from under the bed. One slipped into the uncovered navel of the girl, and the other split at the ends into four smaller parts. Two of them crawled into the nostrils of her nose and the other two into her ears, braiding her brain and feeding directly on the mental forces of the esper girl. The feeling was incredible. It seemed as she was two Tatsumakis raped in two separate dimensions at the same time.

The tentacle pushing through her uterus also split up. Its ends squeezed through the fallopian tubes providing unearthly pleasure. Nothing hurt her, she felt only delight. When the intruders reached their destination, they pushed out tiny needles that stuck in Tatsumaki's ovaries injecting the same aphrodisiac that kept filling her breasts. She came once again but this time a hot, snow-white milk squirted from her nipples pushing out the tentacles submerged inside of her breast. She was not pregnant, not yet, but already started producing milk. This also gave her an incredible, powerful ecstasy. All in all, she did not know if she was even able to get pregnant with this night monster but she was sure that if she had to give birth to his breed, as long as the aphrodisiac worked the birth would cause another, fabulous orgasm. She didn't care anymore about anything other than pleasure. Her mind felt complete submissiveness, delight and a mad desire of being penetrate even deeper. There were no holes left but she dreamt of having more to be fucked.

The monster filled her with sperm for the last time - from her throat, through her ears, nose, to her fallopian tubes and... melted into the air. She puked out the litres of sperm. The semen flowed out of from everywhere. With trembling leg muscles she rolled out of the bed and, rolled crawling on the floor, she emptied the entire intestine and stomach from the sperm like shitting herself. She no longer controlled her own body. Her anus and vagina were opening up and closing it rhythmically. Tatsumaki trembled on the floor for around an hour. Then she fell back asleep thinking about how she became addicted to being raped by this mysterious monster. Only weak mummings came out of her mouth: Sperm... S-s-sperm... Ugh... I need... Moar...

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