Tatsumaki & Saitama – The Blissful Evening

BY : Sylar_Rose
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Dragon prints: 2002
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Tatsumaki & Saitama – The Blissful Evening

She loved it when he caressed her feet. Tatsumaki slipped a small, delicate hand inside of her already soaked lace panties. At this time, Saitama was touching the space between her toes with his tongue. He massaged the girl's smooth soles and ankles. A black heeled shoe hit the floor when Tatsumaki carefully pushed a finger into her wet crack. Sensing the right moment she pressed on his lips with her green fingernails. A middle toe of the left foot landed in our hero's mouth. She felt the blissful warmth, delightfully moist surface of his tongue. With her floating eyes she looked at Saitama's face. She loved this fool from the bottom of her heart, but she could not tell him about it. Never, ever. Saitama started sucking all the toes of her both feet one by one. Tatsumaki sighed with pleasure, closing her eyelids for a moment and massaging her swollen clitoris. Unexpectedly, Saitama jumped on his even legs. He forcibly turned the girl on her belly.

- Hey, moron... What are you... doing? Don't you think I am gonna let you... Oh...

She broke in half a sentence when every nerve of her body tightened at the hard penis slipping deep into her crotch. She moaned silently. Saitama started to fuck her from behind. His testicles were hitting the buttocks of Tatsumaki. Her thigh muscles trembled, her breath became shallow. First he moved slowly while penetrating her deep. She wanted to feel every millimeter of his cock inside of her small pussy.

- You... You trash... Ah... Ah... Stop it... I will kill you... Ah...

- Shut up, you little brat. You want it. You made me do it yourself. You sucked my penis in the elevator like a vacuum cleaner.

It was true. Before they got to his apartment, she had first jerked him in the dressing room at the grocery store, and then, indeed, she forced him to come in her mouth in the elevator. She wanted so much to feel the taste of Saitama deep in her throat and then in her unsatisfied stomach

- How dare you... Ah... Ah... I am... Ah... The S class hero... Mmm...

Tatsumaki moaned louder and louder when Saitama started to penetrate her quickly and rhythmically. She could no longer hide her lust.

- N-no... I hate you... Ah... You... You fool... Ah... Ah... Ah...

Saitama grabbed Tatsumaki's green hair curls and pulled her head back pounding the girl with more and more power. He spanked her ass.

- Ouch... Oh yes... Harder... Fuck me... Fuck me...

She was moaning and squirming with pleasure feeling the blissful warmth inside of her crotch. Saitama kissed her neck. She was going crazy. She could not pretend anymore, she dreamed so much about it.

- Yes... I'm coming... Fill me up... Ah... Ah... Come inside... Inside of me... Mmm...

Suddenly, the electricity went through her spine from a neck to the crotch. Her whole body exploded with ecstasy. She came. At the same time, Tatsumaki heard Saitama moaning in her ear. She panted as inside of her crack filled with hot, thick sperm. She felt so full, so fulfilled. She stretched her back like a cat, clinging to the man lying on her. She curled her toes, her thighs trembled and her anus pulsed gently. She hid her face in a pillow to hide the flowing tears of joy.

- I love you, silly... - she whispered gently.

- Uh? Did you say something?

- N-nothing... You idiot... Give me a break... Then I'll kill you... For now, I have to... Lay down... For a while...

They fell asleep. Their hands join together. Tatsumaki knew that Saitama snoring so ridiculously right now was the most powerful creature in the universe. She knew that, but she loved him for something completely different. He wasn’t like any other hero. He didn't care about ranks, hierarchies, power or fame. He would easily become the first SS class hero, if he only reported at least one victory of his own but he just did not care. He was simple, sincere, straightforward and people followed him as a friend – not a mighty hero. Totally exact opposite of herself. However, she felt that thanks to him she could find happiness one day and that she never wanted to lose such blissful moments with him.

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