She is Turned Around(sequel to Turn Right, Stupid)

BY : Wendell Urth
Category: +M to R > Neon Genesis Evangelion
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Neon Genesis Evangelion and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Disclaimer: Neon Genesis Evangelion and all associated characters belong to their respective creators and owners, not me. I receive no compensation whatsoever for this story.

Chapter 1. Misato was slowly going insane.

The pressure & politics at NERV, the Angels, everything about her affair with Kaji was taking its toll. Kaji, he was taking such risks. He was going to destroy himself and send her to hell. It was only a matter of time, she knew.

At home, it had started with small things. Missing jewelry that turned up later where she must have forgotten it. Checks that bounced, bills unpaid because she had transferred funds from one account to another at odd hours (when she was drunk?). Leaving the iron on, ruining her best blouse. Food burned on the stove. Small things mostly… at first.

Her NERV Military ID was found in the trash… “When? When did I put it there? Last night?” No, she was positive it was clipped to her uniform. She checked. Her uniform was gone. She spent half a day looking for it when Asuka told her (rolling her eyes) that the uniform was at the cleaners after she had asked her to take it in.

“What? I didn’t… When…?”

Asuka, with contempt, “I’m not your damn housekeeper! Take you own shit to the cleaners from now on!” and stormed out of the room, offended at being questioned.

Then there was the gun. She was always careful with it, keeping it in the safe in her room, unloaded. Years of training. It was a reflex. Where had it gone!?! Panic. A desperate search for the missing weapon. As an officer of NERV she could be demoted or even dismissed for losing her weapon. It was a Court-martial offense.

Shinji found it under her bed. It was loaded. The safety was off.

Thank God Shinji was there! He was always there to protect her from herself.

She had always been playful with him, playing the (slightly) older reckless sister in their evolving relationship. Teasing him. She had never had any siblings, but always wanted a younger brother and the serious teen fell naturally into a relationship she had always imagined having.

More & more Shinji was becoming the adult in their relationship. Taking care of her, chiding her, scolding her when necessary. It was fun at first, but became more serious over time.

He took over her accounts, paid her bills on time, balanced her checkbook. She didn’t even remember giving him access to her some of the accounts, but she must have, right? And he was doing a better job than she had ever done. She was still careless sometimes, sometimes there was more money in her purse than she remembered having… sometimes less. A couple times none at all.

She had other things to worry about.

Asuka was having the time of her life gaslighting Misato under Shinji’s direction. Hiding the gun was his idea, loading it with the safety off was not.

Taking the red head up to the roof of the apartment, he slapped her hard enough to turn her head around. He could hear her neck pop. “How many times (palm slap), did I tell you (backhand), not to improvise (palm slap)?” With exaggerated patience, “We’re not trying to drive her crazy or make her kill herself. We’re trying to break her. Slowly.”

Asuka whined. Making Misato kill herself was perfectly all right with her, but she didn’t dare disobey Shinji. She could see his point though… and 4 or 5 slaps were usually enough to bring her back in line… at least for a while. She loved making him angry. It always ended so nicely.

Shinji pushed her against the railing. She spread her legs, but that wasn’t going to be good enough this time. He forced her up on one leg, then lifted the other until it was over his shoulder. The sudden stretching hurt, that was OK. His sudden attack on her cunt hurt more. That was better. He fucked her hard and fast and came inside her. Her orgasm tore through her like a knife, just how she liked it.

He turned her, grabbed her by the hips, hoisting her halfway over the railing, her long red hair streamed backwards as she went half way over till she could see the street far below. Blood began to rush to her head.

He held her. “It would be so easy to let you die” he whispered. Long seconds went by before he slowly pulled her back to the roof. She went utterly limp in his arms as he held her. “Don’t make me do it.” A thrill went through her. “He loves me!” she thought. She sank to her knees and gave him the most loving blow job she could. “You’re so good to me,” she said, cum running down her lips joining the puddle under her legs.

Shinji smiled, then had her lick up the puddle.

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