Getting Ready a Little Late

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Getting Ready a Little Late

Matt was waiting in the living room of Sora’s apartment. They were going to go and meet Tai and his sister Kari who was dating Matt’s brother TK at the local swimming pool. They should already be gone and heading to the pool, but Sora was taking forever to get ready. Matt was getting impatient, it was a hot summer day and he waited all week to go swimming, the low AC in Sora’s apartment didn’t keep him cool. If this continued Tai was going to call him to find out what was taking them so long and start to tease him.

“Are you almost done Sora?” he asked

“Just one more minute Matt” she said from inside her bedroom “I’m almost done”

“I sure hope so” Matt said to himself under his breath so that Sora didn’t hear him. Several seconds later Matt heard the door to Sora’s room open, when he looked up in her direction, his eyes went wide.

Sora was wearing a yellow bikini. It was also very small, it showed a good amount of her breasts. Matt couldn’t say a word; his eyes were glued to Sora’s body.

“What do you think Matt?” she asked

“It’s perfect in every single way” he said, his eyes not leaving her attracting body

“I’ll just put on a shirt and we could head for the pool” said Sora

“What? Your going to wear that to the local pool?” Matt asked, Sora nodded “No way, my girlfriend is not going to wear something like this”

“You just said it was perfect in every single way. Your words Matt, not mine” said Sora

“It is, if I’m the only one around. There will be other guys at the pool Sora and there will also be Tai who has a huge crush on you, he’ll get hard from looking at you for only five seconds and also TK, he might be dating Kari, but he’ll forget about her once he sees you in that”

“So the reason you don’t want me wearing this is because of Tai and TK?” Sora asked

“Exactly” Matt responded

“Okay then, you can help me pick the bikini I’ll wear” said Sora, she unhooked the top and tossed it to the floor and pull the bottom down her legs to the floor. Matt’s eyes got wide once more as he saw Sora naked in front of him for the first time in his life. He never saw her naked before and while he knew his brother and Kari were sexually active, he wasn’t in a rush to have sex with Sora. He wanted her to be ready before they took that step in their relationship, but he was more then ready to bang her.

“Sora…” said Matt in a low voice

Sora blushed slightly “You like what you see Matt” she said, Matt nodded his head “Then how about you show me what you have packing”

“Um…okay” said Matt, he pulled his shirt off over his head, Sora smirked as she checked out the bod of her boyfriend. Matt had a great pair of abs on his body as he worked out at least twice a week. He then pulled his swimming trucks down, revealing to Sora his large member, it only started to grow once he saw her in the nude.

“Your perfect in every single way Matt” she said, she walked over to him and placed a hand on his buff chest, her lips kissing the other side where her hand was pressing against him. Sora kissed more of his chest, slowly moving her body and her mouth down to his navel and heading towards his cock.

Sora found herself on her knees in front of Matt, placing her hands on her boyfriends’ hips, she opened her mouth wide and took his penis into her mouth. Matt moaned as he felt her wet tongue touch his rod, she moved her mouth back and forth along him. It was the first time that she ever took a dick in her mouth, it was her first sexual experience. She had heard from Kari that is was a rush to suck TK’s dick while her parents were in the room next door and while Sora’s mother wasn’t home right now, just getting Matt a blowjob was enough of a thrill for Sora. She was enjoying it to say the least.

“Yes, Sora use your tongue more” said Matt, he wasn’t expecting Sora to do this to him., TK had told him of the times that Kari sucked him, Matt was a little jealous and wanted Sora to do the same to him, but he didn’t know how to ask her. If he only knew that all it took to get her going was to show her his cock, he would have done it much sooner.

Sora moaned along Matt’s length, he took a handful of her hair and guided her mouth along his dick. He closed his eyes and was lost in the joy that went through his body as Sora’s tongue licked him and loved him. He held her head in place, took a small thrust into her throat as he moaned and shot his load down her throat.

Matt kept his cock in her mouth and Sora was forced to swallow what he gave her. Once he was done with his release, he pulled out of her mouth and fell down to the couch that was behind him, Sora coughed on the cum that remained in her mouth, she smiled at Matt.

“That was fun, wasn’t it?” she asked him

“It sure was” said Matt, he checked his phone and saw he had one missed message from Tai that read Where are you guys?

Matt was about to respond to Tai, telling him they were a little late, however Sora took his phone and tossed it to the table near the couch.

“We aren’t done yet Matt, there is something I wanted to do for a while now and right now is the perfect time to do this” she said to him as she made him lay down on the couch and got on top of him, she took his cock in her hand and guided him to her pussy, going down on him and feeling Matt fill her womb with his thick rod. Sora started to move on top of him, placing her hands on his hard chest.

“Oh Sora” he said

“Yes, Matt fuck me like the whore that I am” she screamed

“Yes Sora…Yes, I will” he told her. He started to move his hips up into her and his hands went for her bouncing tits

“Matt…I love you” Sora screamed as he pulled on her nipples. He brought his mouth to her boobs and started to lick them with his skilled tongue. Sora continued to moan as Matt deliver oral pleasure to her body while he made sweet love to her.

Matt moved his head back down to the couch and looked up at his girlfriend while he fucked her. Sora came down on his chest, her breast pressed against him, Sora and Matt looked at each other and their lips met in the final moments of their first time together.

Matt pushed up into her one final time and moaned into Sora’s mouth as he came inside of her. Sora moaned right back into his mouth as she accepted his seed in her body. They stayed together for a few moments, their lips glued together as they regained their strength after an intense time together.

Sora pushed herself off of Matt and sat on the couch, Matt joined her, they took each other and started to make out once more, Matt was still rock hard while his lips and his tongue kissed Sora and went into her mouth. He was ready for another round.

“Maybe we should get going?” Sora asked

“Maybe we can just skip the pool today” said Matt “I have other things that I want to do”

“Hey, Matt? Sora? Are you guys here?” they suddenly heard Tai said as he walked right into Sora’s living room with TK and Kari following him. The three of them spotted Matt and Sora completely naked. Tai and TK looked at Sora with her huge rack hanging out for them to see while Kari looked at Matt’s large member between his legs.

“Tai! TK! Kari!” shouted Sora

“What are you guys doing naked?” Tai asked “Matt never answered my message so we rushed over to make sure you guys didn’t get attacked by evil Digimon”

“Get out of here Tai” screamed Matt

“I was just being a good friend” Tai replied

“I think Sora and Matt had sex” said TK, his eyes still glued at Sora’s naked chest. Sora noticed his lustful stare and covered her boobs from his gaze, but she blushed thinking about TK, if Matt was that big would TK be the same or would he be bigger?

“We sure did” Matt said, he noticed that Kari was staring down at his cock “You like what you see shrimp?”

“I sure do” said Kari as she licked her lips “TK is a little bigger then you Matt, but I won’t mind getting rammed by that Digimon”

“What?” asked Tai “I don’t see any Digimon around here”

“I’ll explain it to you later Tai” said Kari, she winked at TK

“You two should get ready for the pool” said TK. Matt and Sora nodded. While Matt got his swim trucks back on, Sora headed back to her room to change into a new bikini.

“You know TK” said Kari “Maybe we should hang out more with Matt and Sora. We could maybe swing with them. I saw the way you were looking at Sora’s tits and I know you saw the way I was looking at your brother’s cock”

“You read my mind Kari, I was just going to offer that idea” TK told her with a smile. Matt smiled as well, he heard the stories that TK told him about the wild sex he had with Kari and Matt won’t mind getting some of that action with Tai’s younger sister, according to TK she had quite a mouth on her.

“What is going on here?” asked Tai completely clueless. Kari, TK and Matt just laughed at their clueless friend, soon Sora entered from her room in a new bikini and joined in. Tai found himself starting to laugh too but he didn’t know why.

“We have something to tell you” Matt whispered into Sora’s ear, judging from the sound of his voice, Sora had a feeling she was going to like what he had to tell her. She was right, what she heard from her boyfriend made this day even better than it already was.

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