Love & Death On The Pokemon World

BY : Wendell Urth
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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon or created any of the characters in this story. I have no financial interest, expect no money, etc. for this story. If you are not an adult, scat!

I do not own Pokémon or created any of the characters in this story. I have no financial interest, expect no money, etc. for this story. This was written for my own (perverse) pleasure and I wish to share with adult fans who I hope will appreciate it.  Any resemblances to actual people are coincidental and unintentional. And remember, this story is used for entertainment and not profit. If it is illegal or just plain wrong for you to read something that only ADULTS should read, then go away! I do not condone sex between children and adults.

I am not really a fan of Pokémon, the creatures don’t really come into this story much anyway. I wanted to write about the hidden relationships I thought existed below the surface. An apology, if this offends any fans.

This was a story I wrote a while ago, back in 2014 I think. It begins with Yaoi and then becomes something else entirely. I think it’s the saddest story I’ve tried to write, but it’s my personal favorite. I did a little editing for grammar (still poor) and spelling (little better) but did not make any story changes.

Prologue: Secrets

In spite of being enemies, in spite of whatever conflict happened during the day, sometimes they would meet secretly at night. No code words passed between them during the day’s battle, merely a look. That’s all it took. 

Ash waited until he was sure the others were asleep. Pikachu and the Pokémon were resting in their pokeballs, Brock & Misty in their tents.  The boy waited until the moon was high in the night sky. He was desperately afraid the others would discover his secret. But fear wasn’t enough to keep him from sneaking out of their campsite.

James waited for him in the tall grass. James was patient, knowing the boy would not disappoint him. He hummed a little tune, it helped pass the time. Then Ash was there. James smiled and opened his arms. The boy approached.  He didn’t like being kissed, or at least that’s what he told himself. But it always began with a long passionate kiss, James insisted on it. The moment lasted forever, but was never long enough. James put his hands firmly on the younger boy’s shoulders. Ash resisted or he pretended to, but in the end allowed himself to fall to his knees. James’s hands caressed Ash’s face. His fingers found the boy’s mouth. Ash pretended disgust, but sucked on James’ fingers anyway.

It was quiet in the woods, night sounds of insects, small animal noises. The sound of breathing and the zzzz-zzzzz-zzzzz of James’ zipper being slowly opened by Ash. In the moonlight Ash exposed his lover’s stiffening cock. He had never seen it by daylight, only by the light of the moon and stars. Because what they did was a secret. No one could know.

“Kiss it.”


Ash didn’t need to be told, but it was part of the seduction, part of the ceremony. The game.

Ash gently kissed the tip of James’s dick, his lips lingering on the fleshy tip. James pulled back as Ash’s hungry tongue sought the familiar taste and texture. Just a lick would have been enough…

“Not yet” the young man whispered. Ash hated to be teased which is why James loved doing it.

“You hurt me today, Ash boy.” Ash was silent.

“You embarrassed me in front of the others. So I am not going to be nice to you.”

Ash knew what his lover wanted. He hated James. He hated himself. “Please,” he whispered.

James smiled in the darkness. His cock hovered millimeters from the boy’s waiting lips.

“Please,” Ash whispered again.

The boy’s ragged breath tickled the sensitive skin of James’ erect cock. It danced in front of the boy’s lips, like a snake.  James remained silent.

“Please!” the desperate boy begged.

James smiled and grabbing the boys head, he thrust his hungry cock deep into the boy’s trembling mouth.

A breeze rustled the leaves of a nearby tree as the young man began to fuck his younger lover’s face. There was no gentleness in his thrusts, no love, there was only his need.

Jessie sat on a branch of the tree, watching the scene below with her special Team Rocket night vision goggles. She & James had chosen her hiding place earlier in the day. Jessie could make out every detail of her partner’s love play. The twerps had defeated their plans to steal Pikachu earlier and it gave her a certain satisfaction to watch James make the boy beg to be face fucked mercilessly. And she knew how much pleasure James took from knowing that she was watching him.

Ash was naked now. Jessie knew how much James enjoyed having young boys naked and vulnerable at his feet. James never took off his own clothing. It added to Ash’s humiliation and James’ enjoyment. And hers too. And Jessie had to admit that the twerp had a nice body. Life outdoors agreed with the boy. “Yes’” Jessie thought, “Well developed!”  Jessie couldn’t wait until the day that James finally tired of him. Then she’d get her chance to finish the job breaking him in. “After we get Pikachu, of course!”

The breeze rustled the tall grass near the lovers. Jessie smiled and turned her gaze to a nearby stand of tall grass. As she expected, she saw two figures hiding nearby. She zoomed in and saw the other twerps avidly spying on their friend. Misty’s t shirt lay nearby, Brock’s hands exploring her small tits in the darkness. Using the infrared setting, Jessie could see her small nipples blaze with heat.

“It’s a shame they can’t see Ash as clearly as I can.” Jessie mused. “We really have to arrange letting them find an extra set or two of googles.”

“And she’s such a little cock-tease” the older woman thought with a knowing smile. She was sure that Misty wasn’t fucking either of the twerps and only let Brock feel her up when it was totally dark and Ash wouldn’t know. And she wasn’t giving anything to the boy, letting him think she was so pure. “Maybe James & I can arrange for Ash to find out what she is really like.”

But that wouldn’t happen. The next day, one of them would be dead.

Ash gasped for breath. He hated this part, but didn’t know how to stop it. He felt his lover begin to tremble. James grunted and grabbed at the younger boy’s head. Ash tried to look away.

"No Ashy boy, take it all."

James' hot seed sprayed Ash's throat, choking him, gagging him. At the first sign of distress James pulled back, but not to relieve his lover. Spurting, splashing lines of cum across the boy's cheek, down his nose, and into his eyes.

He looked down at the naked weeping boy at his feet without sympathy and without love. "You bore me," he said and turned away.

Jessie saw the smile on his face, the one James wore when they won a victory. Oh sure, they had failed (again) to capture Pikachu, the boss was going to be mad at them (again), and they would try (again) tomorrow and probably fail (again).

But tonight, they had won...

Oh, this is the part Jessie loved. She could see the anger and shame on the boy's face. He lay naked in the grass, shaking in anger.

"You sooooo want to be loved, don't you Ash boy?" She smiled to herself and set the goggles to close up, the video recording his distress silently. This would be for her and James to share - later.

Ash attacked his erection, slapping his cock, stretching it, punishing it like it had done him some terrible injustice.

Yes, Jessie loved this part. It wasn't masturbation, it was self-abuse. Ash's cry when he came held no joy or pleasure. It was the cry of an animal in pain and misery.

Jessie knew that sound as if it were her own...

She wondered if his cum tasted of shame, of anger and betrayal...

It did.

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