The lady of the digital lake

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The lady of the digital lake

“I can’t believe we haven’t thought of this before” Kari giggled as she and TK stood on the shore of a large lake in the Digital World, both of them stripping naked having planned to go skinny dipping for the first time and since they were in the Digital World there was next to no chance of them getting caught

And if they were caught by a Digimon most of them had no concept of clothing anyway so it didn’t matter either way

“We’ve swam naked in a pool before so this is hardly new” TK pointed out as he dropped his pants and boxers letting his flaccid 7 incher fall free

“Yeah but this time I won’t get chlorine in my eyes if I want to test how long I can hold my breath and go down on you” Kari retorted sticking her tongue out cheekily before turning to head to the water's edge, shaking her ass as she did so making TK’s cock throb and harden as he quickly followed her to the water

As like the first time they touched water in the Digital World it had no temperature or even any sensation to it making Kari and TK feel like they were floating on air as they waded into the lake “god this is still so weird” Kari giggled as she swam out into the middle of the lake with TK close behind, the brunette then letting out a low hum as he caught up to her and embraced her from behind, pulling her close so that she could feel his cock press between her ass cheeks making her moan deeply

“Oooh you perv, going straight my ass?” she purred rolling her hips as best she could in the water to grind back against his hardening cock “you’re lucky I love it so hurry up and ram it in” she then demanded letting out a shrill gasp of pleasure as he did just that, the water still maintaining the property of being a body of moisture adequately lubricating TK’s cock to allow easy entrance into Kari’s tightest hole

Her toes curling as her legs kicked and thrashed in the water Kari let out a strangled keen of bliss as TK reached around to hold her throat, squeezing just right despite the fact that they lacked the need for air in the Digital World, the brunette reaching back to latch onto him for support as he started to thrust into her ass as hard as he could from their ‘floating position’

As TK’s fat cock hammered her insides Kari started to get the creeping feeling that they were being watched but she shrugged it off as a nearby Digimon being attracted to the noise of their fucking, hoping that it was just a Baby or Rookie level as she focused solely on just how good TK’s cock felt in her ass until she felt a pair of soft hands on her thighs

Before she could freak out and stop TK Kari then felt a hot strong tongue on her cunt sending another wave of ecstasy through her system, looking down through the crystal clear water to find that a Ranamon had found them and had decided to join in, the sight of the Digimon’s large red eyes making her heart hammer harder as the Ranamon then winked up at her through the water and took hold of her thighs, holding them open so she could have easier access to her cunt

“Someone’s getting a little heated, enjoying this more than normal?” TK panted as Kari’s ass clenched tighter than normal, the brunette responding her reaching back to cup the back of TK’s head and tilting it down so that he could look down into the water to see the Ranamon now eagerly feasting on her cunt “oh, you made a friend” he growled driving deeper into her ass making her keen louder and roll her head back against his shoulder

As Kari’s body started to shake harder the Ranamon spread her legs wider to press her tongue deeper into her clenching pussy, her tongue reaching the brunette’s sweet spot making her scream out in bliss as her pupils nearly formed into hearts, her body shaking violently in orgasm making the water churn and thrash around them, her ass clenching like a vice around TK’s cock quickly dragging him over the edge with her, the blond grunting as he came full force in her ass flooding her insides with his hot thick load

Continuing to tongue Kari’s quivering pussy the Ranamon then slowly ran her tongue up Kari’s body, pressing it against her nipples making her shudder and purr before pulling the Digidestined of Light into a deep kiss, their tongues eagerly melding and wrestling as TK reached around them both to cup the Digimon’s ass, finding it bigger and fuller than Kari’s as Ranamon moaned and purred into Kari’s mouth

Breaking the kiss the Water Digimon giggled and moaned as TK squeezed and groped her ass “I hope I wasn’t too forward, I don’t get visitors very often” the Digimon breathed “I’m so lucky I have guests that are and free” she continued as Kari moved forward to lick her cheek

“Oh we’ll show you just how free and open we are” Kari husked as TK embraced them both tighter, making the Ranamon gasp as he then pulled them towards the shore

Within a minute of reaching the edge of the water the Ranamon was screaming in ecstasy as TK had her face down ass up on the bank of the lake, his cock buried deep in her fat blue ass whilst Kari worked her dripping slit with her tongue and fingers, giving the Digimon the same treatment she had oh so graciously given her

“Oh Yggdrasil it feels so good!!!” the Ramamon cried as TK showed her no mercy, his thick cock plundering her tightest hole with total ease, her ass cheeks clapping and rippling against his waist as he bottomed out inside of her with every thrust, her pussy clamping down on Kari’s tongue and fingers every time TK’s cock stretched her insides making her toes curl as she dug her fingers into the dirt

Moaning against the Digimons sweet cunt Kari turned around to lie down under her, pulling down on her hips to make her essentially sit on her face to tongue fuck her pussy deeper as TK moved to straddle Kari’s upperbody so he could continue fucking Ranamon’s ass

“Yes that’s so good! I’m gonna...gonna…” Ranamon moaned and gargled before screaming as she came, both holes clenching like vices as she squirted all over Kari’s face, her entire body thrumming and shaking as TK grunted and held still inside of her, flooding her insides with his hot load before pulling out to finish his release all over Ranamon’s ass and Kari’s face

Panting heavily and burbling as she tried to speak making it obvious that she had never cum so hard before, Kari giggling at the sight as she leaned down to kiss her cheek before getting up to get dressed

As the couple dressed themselves they heard Ranamon slowly get her voice back “please...please come visit...visit again soon…” she moaned making Kari reach down and spank her ass

“With a piece of ass like you here we’ll be back every week” the brunette promised to which TK eagerly agreed with, the blond joining her in giving the Digimon’s ass one last spank before they took their leave, leaving the Digimon to rest up and eagerly await their return

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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